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Star Wars TK: Mara Jade vs Leia


Life as a leader of the Rebel Alliance was thrilling. Sure, the risk of death and imprisonment, the massive galactic stakes, and the incredible stress were not exactly good, but Leia had never felt more fulfilled in her life. She had always wanted to go out and make a difference, and here she was, her every move a mockery to the Empire which had proclaimed her downfall. Being one of the Empire’s premier targets, she often had to move from rebel base to base. Tonight she was spending the time at an opulent chateau near the Outer Rim on the planet of Naboo, which would have impressed even if it were not faute de mieux. Leia had always felt a kinship towards the lissom and passionate Queen Apailana, and the feeling had been mutual, as Apailana was a fervent supporter of the Rebel cause.

The Queen had dropped in, without warning, to visit Leia once, while Leia was conducting her regular ‘training sessions’ of her delightfully ticklish captain of guard, Kerry Altira. After taking a moment to digest the scene – Altira spread eagle on a bed as Leia dragged her nails all over Altira’s nyloned feet, the Queen had giggled and politely inquired if she could join the fun, and if perhaps she might get a turn on the bed in a short while.

Going out there fighting the good fight was rewarding and all that, but there was a lot to be said about receiving some downtime too. Han Solo and Chewbacca would be rendezvousing here in a few days time, and they would be setting off for some other gruelling trip before long. Leia had to admit she missed much of her old life in the palaces of Alderaan with her beloved parents, where any propinquity could be easily sated.

It was one reason why she was particularly enjoying her time here, as she sipped a glass of red wine from the chateau’s wine cellars. The wine was redolent, and Leia savoured every drop. Donning the sleek, elegant, white garb she currently wore instead of her regular fatigues or uniforms had just been a bonus.

She reclined on the pink couch, letting herself gently drift off to sleep, unaware of the red shadow that had infiltrated the villa and was skulking towards her…


Mara Jade crept through the ventilation ducts, ever so careful as she knew the slightest movement might trigger the anti-tampering sensors which were standard policy in palaces of this size. She stopped at a good spot, her emerald green eyes closed as she reached out with her mind’s eye to sense the presence of a certain Princess Leia Organa. Mara jade would have liked nothing more than to carve a bloody path to the princess and put an end to this rebellion, right here and now, but she found herself wondering about the nature of this woman who caused Vader and the Emperor so much strife – Mara Jade was nothing if not competitive. Besides, she was not here on imperial business, after all. It was a matter of personal pride.

In any case, the princess seemed to have learned from her mistakes. She was surrounded by an intricate defence system that even Mara Jade with her expert infiltration skills might have trouble breaching. Turrets, mines, poisonous gas traps, hundreds of guards, and battle droids… no expenses were spared when it came to this opulent place, it seemed.

So it seemed Mara Jade must opt for a different approach, one that that was perfect for someone as attuned to the dark side of the Force as she was. She flicked her flame-red hair out of her face as she exhaled deeply and began focusing her powers. She could sense that Leia was asleep, which would make things even easier.

It took a few moments for Mara Jade to conjure up the mental scenario she had in mind. When it came to manipulating dreams, the familiar was simpler, and often more haunting because of it. She recreated the room where Leia was napping in her mind’s eye – the plump, pink recliner, the ornate window with balcony, the polished blue marble floor, and the fragrant houseplants. Now all they needed were a few personal touches… Leia had already slipped out of her high-heeled white boots during her siesta, so that just made it even easier. Ropes binding Leia’s ankles together and then binding the ankles to the wooden bars of the recliner were swiftly added. It was likewise for the wrists. Now that the little details were all out of the way, all Mara Jade needed to do was summon Leia’s consciousness to the scenario she had created, and make her dramatic entrance. Mara Jade smiled a cold, wet smile. Oh, now this would be fun…


Clack, clack, clack.

Leia blinked groggily, as the loud clacking sound, like stones being dropped on a pristine marble floor, suddenly began to rouse her from her comfortable state. She tried to yawn, but found there was something cold and hard jammed in her mouth. She moved her hand to try to remove whatever the thing in her mouth was, but found she could not. They were tied together, and so were her ankles. Leia could feel her heart pounding as she groaned into the gag in her mouth as she tried twisting her body free from her confinements. She could feel that she was on the comfortable couch she had been dozing on, but it had suddenly materialized into a prison, as she felt thick rope binding her to the furniture. The clacking was getting louder, till it stopped just outside and the door was thrown open with a crash.

Leia gasped, and immediately tried to shout at the sight of the strange intruder. It was clear the sound of the clacking had been due to her high heels making contact with the pristine marble floors of the chateau. “Guards! Guards! To me!” Leia tried to cry, desperate for her calls to bring her defenders coming, but the gag prevented the sound from being anything other than a mumble.

“No one will be coming, Princess,” the mysterious woman with the flaming red-hair smiled as she reached down to pull the gag out of Leia's mouth. “It’s just you and me tonight.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Mara Jade, and I’m your worst nightmare…” the red-haired woman said, slowly clacking her way over to Leia’s trapped body. She wore a navy blue sleeveless jump suit with high heeled black boots, with a holster at her hip, and red goggles at her neck. Her skin tight suit accentuated the curves and muscles of her body, and with her high cheekbones, flaming red-hair, and emerald green eyes, she looked positively hawkish. She looked dangerous, in a word.

“How did you get in here? Where are my guards?” Leia demanded, struggling to get free of her ropes, but the bloody things were tied too tightly.

“Oh, those questions don’t matter right now,” Mara Jade said, purring as she hovered over Leia’s trapped, nylon clad feet like a bird of prey. “What matters is you are all mine right now,” the mysterious woman giggled, as she reached out a hand and pulled the Princess’s drink to her slender hands with the Force.

“You’re… a Jedi?” Leia said, her eyes growing wide as she witnessed the woman’s use of the Force.

“I thought you’d be smarter than that, Princess,” Mara Jade laughed, shaking her head. “My training is a lot more thorough than the lies and half-truths that the Jedi dump on their hapless students. I can do things with the Force that you cannot imagine. For instance…” Mara Jade’s cold green eyes suddenly bore into Leia, and Leia suddenly found herself acutely aware of the cool air on her exposed soles, the tight bonds intensifying the sense of helplessness, and the unmistakable presence of this strange, dangerous woman. Adrenaline was coursing through Leia’s body, as she felt every nerve stand on end as the woman pulled out an orange feather from her belt and began lightly stroking Leia’s right foot. Immediately, Leia felt her whole body jolt as that lone feather somehow managed to tickle her more than anything had in her entire life. All her previous brushes with tickling felt like mere games compared to this – what had this woman done to Leia’s mind?

The feather was just lightly dawdling along Leia’s high arch, which naturally, as befits her rank, had been pedicured during her stay here, and it was already causing ticklish tremors to erupt throughout her body. Leia closed her eyes and gnawed on her lower lip, refusing to give the mysterious Mara Jade the satisfaction of laughing, but it was a battle Leia was losing.

Leia’s eyes opened a crack, and she saw that the woman had her back to Leia. She was sipping on the Princess’s iced wine while effortlessly whisking the feather across both nylon clad soles. It was bad enough to be tickle tortured, but to be driven into helpless laughter by someone so flippant was beyond insulting! Leia was too busy being offended that she lost track of the feather as it continued its merry trek across her ticklish soles, so when the wispy feather brushed under the sweet spot at the very centre of her sole, she found herself bursting into girlish giggles.

“Oh, this really is far too easy… at least put up a fight,” the woman mocked, as she continued to drink from Leia’s own glass, still turning her back to the Princess. Somehow she always knew where to flick the feather without watching, as it never missed a spot as it continued to flutter up and down Leia’s soles.

The soft caresses of the feather had always been horrendous for Leia, but somehow she was even more jumpy and sensitive than usual, as Mara Jade continued her absent-minded feathering. It was infuriating how the woman was more pre-occupied with drinking the Princess’s vintage wine than the tickle torture, as she was depressingly good at it. Even without looking, she knew instinctively knew how to hit all the spots that were most unbearable on Leia’s foot. She made sure to cover every spot on Leia’s high, tender arches, on the fleshy balls of her feet, on the royal, painted toes, and in between them during her reconnoitre. It was every spot that was bad for the Princess, and the soft bristles of the feather never let a sweet spot remain neglected for long. This was because the Force gave Mara Jade perspicacity in all things, and detecting hot spots was no different. To Mara Jade, Leia’s feet, or indeed her whole body, were like a map with large crosses indicating where ticklish treasure could be uncovered with a bit of digging.

After giving Leia’s feet a few final feathery kisses, Mara Jade put down her weapon of ticklish doom. “You seem… awfully jumpy, Princess. Are you always this ticklish, or is it just me?” giggled the woman with a purr, which Leia found immensely infuriating. She hated to admit it, but the mysterious Force adept had a point. She was ticklish, and had always been ticklish, but there was something about this woman that just stoked her. Perhaps it was the mischievous, malicious smile that looked like she was toying with Leia’s mind with every word she said, or maybe it was even the Force pulling strings on her behalf, but Leia did undoubtedly feel more… exposed and vulnerable than ever before. Every touch sent shivers, every brush launched tingles throughout her body, and every little tease unleashed electric tendrils of surprise. It was like she could feel every particle of air against her exposed, cool skin. The feather had softened up her foe’s defences, so now Mara Jade brought out the big guns – those wicked fingers of hers. They tapped lightly at Leia’s feet. It was not even truly an attempt to tickle; it was more a light prod, the way one might test bathwater, but Leia found herself recoiling at the touch all the same.

“Now, I generally have my own methods of interrogation, but our spies have learned some very interesting information…” Mara said, with a smile that was predatory. “You’re ticklish, aren’t you? Like some littleeeeeee girl… poor little baby is ticklish?”

“Softer than I would have thought for a rebel leader,” Mara Jade observed, tracing her finger around Leia’s nylon soles, pale, smooth, and with only the faintest wrinkling around the ball. She latched on to the toes of one till it was completely stretched out and gave her fingers an experimental scrape. Immediately, Leia let loose a ripple of melodious laughter. Mara Jade continued, her fingers working all over both stockinged feet as she focused on the spots. Through the keen insight the Force granted her, Mara Jade could see all the spots: The sweet spots that would make Leia’s gasp, the secret spots no one knew about, the dangerous spots that could shred Leia’s mind if they were tormented sufficiently, and, of course, the tender spots that were almost pleasurable, though those spots would get little attention tonight. Mara Jade could see those spots as if they were emblazoned in gold, with the Force as her omniscient muse. She could even see Leia’s temperament; she could see the Princess’s elevated heart rate, the telltale signs of perspiration, and the stubborn refusal to give in to Mara Jade’s probings, though that was wont to change before long. Mara Jade could see that Leia’s defences were cracking, and all she needed was a little bit of pressure. Mara Jade was using Leia’s fear of being tickled against her, overwhelming her sensations with light, sudden touches. She would slash her nails up Leia’s soles, or claw along their insteps suddenly.

“Your feet are certainly ticklish enough for a Princess,” Mara Jade declared with a malevolent smirk, flicking her auburn hair back as she did so. “But it would be irresponsible of me to neglect your other spots, no?”

The fact that Leia’s eyes grew as wide as the Millennium Falcon indicated this was the right move. “Wahahahahait!” she squealed in surprise, as a cold, cruel hand make contact with her left side, squeezing and teasing experimentally. Mara Jade giggled to herself at the Princess’s evident ticklish outrage. Had the Princess honestly believed that she might confine herself to just tickling the royal digits when there was a whole host of other spots to loot?

Leia tossed her head from side to side as if denying what was happening as she felt cold fingers glide gently up and down her ribcage, slipping underneath her clothing to get at the warm flesh beneath. Mara Jade snuck a hand down Leia’s lower back down to her behind, and gave it an experimental stroke. Squealing in shock, Leia reared up, making her back arch in response to the unexpected stimuli. Doing so elongated Leia’s stomach, however, and it made too inviting a target to pass up as the mysterious assailant promptly drilled her fingers into the exposed midsection. She swept her fingers up and down the taut, milky-white stomach like a pendulum, overwhelming Leia’s sensory receptors with a barrage of tickling strokes. Leia’s spluttered with laughter, as she let loose a high-pitched whoop of laughter, her Princess-like demeanour shattered by the expertly-done assault on her ticklish body.

“You know, this is my first time,” Mara Jade said with a chuckle, as her fingers descended lower to visit Leia’s thighs, giving them several sensual squeezes and strokes that did horrible things to Leia’s body that did not bear thinking about. “I’m guess I’m a natural, eh? Or maybe you’re just that ticklish… the poor ticklish Princess… all mine to play with for as long as I want…”

Leia struggled to formulate a witty retort, but Mara Jade’s hands suddenly shot upwards into her armpits, making Leia’s would-be retort disappeared in a snort of intense laughter. The princess writhed fiercely in the tight rope that bound her to the couch, but she just seemed to be rubbing herself raw in the process as opposed to making any meaningful progress. And then Mara Jade’s long, merciless, cool fingers darted upwards to skitter along Leia’s neck and collarbones. Leia tried to clamp her neck down and crush Mara Jade’s fingers, but it was a fruitless endeavour.

The worst part was not the tickling, (for once), but the sadistic, raptorial look on her tormentor, sharp, comely features. All the while during the savage, relentless tickling process, Mara Jade’s voracious green eyes never left the Princess’s face. Every voluntary giggle, desperate squirm, or clenched gesture of frustration Leia showed seemed to make Mara Jade’s features glimmer, almost as she was feasting on the Princess’s suffering. Leia knew the woman was not bluffing when she said she could do this all day – she really could. But then what would happen to Leia? Well, they said negotiation was a bureaucrat’s armour…

“W-wahahahat do youhohoho wahant!” Leia stuttered, almost choking on the words as Mara Jade rapidly poked her sides in what Leia could only describe as a pseudo-martial arts manoeuvre, so swift and on-target were the ticklish prods.

“I want many things, my ticklish Princess,” Mara Jade began, as she slipped a finger underneath Leia’s top and made a ticklish beeline for the sensitive stomach that lay entombed within. “Another glass of wine would hit the spot right now, for instance,” she lifted up a hand while her other hand continued to spider across Leia’s poor tummy. Leia could only sit back and laugh herself silly as she watched the Force at work – the empty glass of wine rose in the air, followed by the bottle, and they both levitated in mid-air as the bottle poured its delicious red liquid into the glass.

“But down to business,” Mara Jade said, as she finished her drink, while her other hand’s index finger corkscrewed horribly in Leia’s belly button. “You have the whole Empire gunning after you… a lot of the higher ups are afraid of you. I’m here to see if there’s any truth to that. So far all I’ve learned is this tummy is quite ticklish,” Mara Jade s******ed mockingly, as she added both hands to launch a frenetic ten-fingered attack on the stomach in question, tickling inexorably till every inch experienced the touch of those remorseless nails.

Mara stopped to let Leia catch her breath. Leia had her head down as she panted and coughed from the ticklish exertions. I’ve beaten her already… this one definitely does not have what it takes to be any rival of mine… she is not even in my league, Mara Jade thought, with a conceited air of self-satisfaction. Mara Jade glanced down at the stocking-clad bare feet of the woman, and wondered if her own feet could possibly be as ticklish. She could not remember the last time she had been tickled, but she would wager she would certainly not fall to pieces the way the brash, headstrong Princess had. To be defeated by something as whimsical as a bit of tickling! Mara Jade could imagine the Emperor, Darth Sidious, laughing his royal head off as he heard the tale of how Mara Jade had bested the Empire’s most consistent thorn in its side. And with such a childish tool like tickling of all things! Mara Jade was mentally preparing her field report when Leia spoke, and she spoke with a firm air of determination that made Mara Jade pause.

“Yes, you’re right… I’m ticklish. That doesn’t mean I’ll bow to you, or any of the Emperor’s lackeys. We will fight you till our last breath, we will fi-”

Leia’s courageous speech was unfortunately interrupted as Mara Jade pulled the toes to Leia’s left foot back to fully exposing her pale arch, and then begins applying slow, steady strokes to the spot that connected the arch to the ball of the foot. Immediately, Leia began to splutter and giggle, though her enchanting brown eyes still blazed with a steely-eyed tenacity that Mara Jade found unsettling.

“You have a lot of bluster for someone with such ticklish arches,” Mara Jade said, trying to push the discomfort from her mind as she ran her slender fingers through the arches in question.

Leia attempted another retort as she writhed in laugher and flopped back and forth on the sofa as Mara Jade’s fingers continued to tease her tender, sensitive skin with her shapely nails.

“W-weehee wohohohon’t…”

“Shall I assume you’re using the royal we? As in ‘we have very ticklish feet indeed’? I never could stand you arrogant monarch types...” Mara Jade said with a chuckle, regaining her composure as she continued her expert tormenting of Leia’s feet. She continued to poke and prod, to see if she could reach the the apogee, apex, and crescendo of Leia’s traumatic tickling experience. She had Princess Leia, darling of the galaxy, and the face of the Rebellion’s feet all to herself, and she was going to fully explore what drove Leia the craziest. Mara Jade would break her, like she did with all her victims.

“I swear, you really do make this too easy for me, Princess,” Mara Jade mocked, as her fingers aimed for the sweet spot that was right in the middle of her high, perfect, stockinged arches. “I’m almost jealous at how soft and smooth these feet of yours are. It must be the perks of being a Princess… they are so soft that my nails just glide straight over them. And i'm sure your sheer nylons are making them extra tickly. But I guess that sucks for you, eh?” Mara Jade smirked, as she continued drilling her nails right in those arches, as Leia’s nyloned feet flapped desperately to shoo Mara Jade’s fingers away.

“Admit it, admit it, admit it… Why won’t you just admit that you are a scared, ticklish girl who is in way over her head,” Mara Jade chided as she worked over both arches with her fingers, making sure to give special attention to Leia’s sweet spot on her arches. Leia tried to use her toes to close around Mara Jade’s fingers, but that just earned her a quick tickling between the toes.

“Admit it… I’m better than you. You know your cause is doomed…’ Mara Jade repeated, tickling even harder.

“NO!” Leia screamed, as with a sudden jolt, Mara Jade found herself thrown out of the dream, and suddenly she was back in the air vent. The change was so sudden that Mara Jade found herself recoiling, and she banged her head in the cramped vents. Immediately, she heard alarms blaring, and the sensation of a hundred minds, alert and aggressive, hunting after the intruder. Mara Jade cursed under her breath as she realized she must have triggered some kind of sensors. She could still feel the strange aftermath in her mind, the odd burst of energy which had erupted from the ticklish Princess. Was she force-sensitive? Mara Jade would have to make further inquiries, but not now. She made a hasty retreat, the Force allowing her to glide through the vent like she was being blasted out of a cannon. With her crimson lightsaber in hand, she quickly carved a new exit, and she was out in the Naboo forests within the minute. As sweat trickled from the exertion of escape, Mara Jade knew this would not be the last time she crossed paths with Princess Leia.

We will meet again, Princess… and I will have the last laugh…