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*Types in...*


*click*... *scrolls*... *play*

"Thank you for tuning in... I'm April O'Neil. This is my husband Vernon Fenwick. We wanted to speak to all of you directly. Our fellow Americans, about what is going on right now... We... have specific knowledge and EVIDENCE that President Don Turtelli is not the man you think he is. He will NOT lower the National Debt... he ONLY wants to fill his own selfish pockets. But... before we get to that... if you're tuning in for the first time... we want to share with you a little history... go ahead Vernon..."

April smiles a small smile... She adjusts her bright yellow dress uncomfortably while Vernon rolls up his white sleeves. He looks up at the ceiling... deep in thought for a prolonged moment. Looking back down he tightens his fist and raises his eyes directly into the camera. His voice is tight and irritated.

"I never thought I would be talking about this publicly. But... against my better judgement... April.. my wife... thinks this will have a direct impact on all Americans faced with the decision to upload their... videos... right now. Vernon looks down and takes Aprils hand for support. She embraces his hand bringing it into her lap, closer to her. He looks at her, narrowing his eyes... but smiles a bit in her direction and begins again.

"27 years ago... April and I met working for Channel 6 News. Now I was a different man back then... A scheming... cheating... no good waste of a Man. Trying to rob her of alll credit and the best stories. But I was 24 at that time. I wanted the GLORY... I wanted it ALL. That is... until that fateful day we were captured by Don Turtelli." Vernon closes his eyes tightly with anger. His jaw strengthens making the muscles in his cheeks twitch.

"I want to say before I begin... I hadn't come to terms yet that I was a Bisexual man... and... it took me even longer to admit this after we escaped. But... it's because of Don Turtelli that I was forced to come to grips with a couple of things about myself. And... he is the reason April and I found each others love."

"But first... here is video evidence of that day. Well... evidence in MY eyes. It is a cartoonists animated rendering. A friend of mine did it for me so I could bring charges against him. A drawn picture only says so much. But he was never brought to justice. Its only 1:03 seconds... and the rest has been lost to time. Also time has messed up the animation itself. And...It certainly doesn't show the hours upon hours we suffered that day... so...here it is.


Vernon now has his hands covering his face. April is rubbing his back reassuring him... gently whispering to him that everything's alright. And that he must continue. For the greater good of America. Finally he puts his hands down and starts again. His eyes are redder now, filled with tears.

"It's really hard for me to watch that video. I haven't seen it since then. But... that day changed me. I ended up quitting my job over it. A year later April and I ran into each other at a grocery store here in London. I was hesitant to even say hello... but... I'm glad I did... And... as we slowly fell in love... I had no choice but to confess to her my deepest held secret. I am a...Tickling Fetishist."

Vernon wiped his tears away and the sweat from his forehead with a hankie. April hands him a cold glass of water to drink and steady his nerves. He takes it gratefully... his hands visibly shaking. He gives the glass back to her and continues on.

"I don't think I need to tell you but I will... what it felt like that day being forced... all at once... to come to terms with my Bisexuality and my tickling fetish... all in ONE DAY. When THAT MAN tied me up... I could smell his cologne... his voice commanding me to talk... and all the while tickling my socked feet... it was a nightmare. I hated him... I STILL hate him. And yet... I... was turned on... No... FORCED to become turned on..."

"And then... He took my blindfold off... I was made to watch as he slowly took off my socks... one at a time... with an evil smile I watched helplessly as he waved that...soft... feather... coming closer and closer to my naked foot. I...became...hard."

"A feather tickling my bare foot was just... so torturous and yet... absolutely incredible. And yet...I was terrified of being found out. I mean... in front of my co worker no less this was all happening. And even worse... I am excruciatingly TICKLISH... if we hadn't escaped when we did... I don't WHAT would have happened. As soon as I got home that night... I... *blushes* jerked off over and over again. I CRIED during each and EVERY orgasm. I was under his sexual spell for months... I couldn't even leave the house. A year later having to confess all of this to April... you can only imagine how long I tried to fight telling her at ALL. Fighting back the urge to tell her how badly I needed to be... tickled."

April put her hand onto his lap as his eyes drooped down. With her other hand she brought in his cheek for a kiss. April smiled at Vernon and turned towards the camera herself.

"When he told me he was into Tickling... I was... yes... taken aback. But... I did my research and together we explored it. I have since found out that I very much enjoy most aspects of tickling. And we have an incredibly erotic sex life together. We are each others Ler's... and lee's." April and Vernon smile at each other brightly... all sadness dissipated. But April turns back darkly to the camera with a fierce intent.

"Here though is the difference of what is going on today. What WE have is CONSENSUAL. What Don Turtelli wants is FORCED. And THAT is WRONG! He is a SADISTIC CRIMINAL who just happens to have a Ticking fetish... and it is up to YOU America NOT to give in to his demands! We CERTAINLY WON'T BE! April and Vernon turn to each other for a deep kiss. When their kiss ends Vernon wipes away his fading tears quickly. He smiles broadly as the weight of his confession leaves his shoulders once and for all.

Suddenly a loud noise of a door slamming open is heard. April and Vernon's heads jerk to the sound and stand up quickly with their legs only being shown now. It appears they are struggling against a few people wearing white suits. Soon we see both April and Vernon sliding back down onto the couch with their mouths held and covered with a cloth. Soon the hands and cloths leave their faces to reveal April and Vernon have been put to sleep. An unknown individual with dark sunglasses sits down in between them... and quickly turns down the computer screen. The livestream ends into blackness.

Phones across America light up with an urgent beeping sound. A text message instructs you to go to Turtelli Net IMMEDIATELY.

Once there... a new video message is waiting for you. *click play*

Melania Trump is sitting cross legged on Don Turtelli's desk in the oval office... naked. She is in the Lotus Position with her ankles tied to her thighs with leather cuffs and chains. Her upturned, naked soles are resting against her thighs. Her arms are tied over her head and back behind her to a metal belt of sorts around her tiny waist. She is also blindfolded.

President Don Turtelli is sitting on one side of her smiling... while a blonde woman in a white bikini and silver sunglasses is sitting on the opposite side. Both have widening smiles... and long, stiff, white feathers held between their fingers.

"HELLO Amerries... thanks for tuning in... haha.... And HEEELLO APRIL and VERNON....! WOW that was dramatical huh? And VERY touching... soooo touching in fact I've been touching MYSELF for the last 15 minutes!" An evil grin takes over his jaw line.

"Thanks to my WORLD WIDE TBI... April and Vernon will be on a plane soon heading directly to ME. You London ticklers REALLY work FAST! Hats off to yas!" The Don takes off his hat briefly before replacing it back on top of his head. "Yeah... see I've known about their location for a WHILE... You should just SEE the stories HE writes for the TMF... MMM...even I blushed... hahaha..."

The Don looks over to the blonde giving her a wink. Together they slowly lower their feathers to Melania's taut, bare soles. Their feathers begin tickling her toes in unison. Tracing over the small but plush toes... she immediately begins laughing. She begins to rock on her ass side to side. Both the Don and the blonde lay their elbows into the tops of her legs to stop the rocking motion. The feather begin quickly tickling at her smooth, taut arches... making her SCREAM with laughter.

"Ha ha haaa... WELL I think we know where our NEXT big check is coming from... but hey TRUMP ...CASH ONLY. I ain't THAT stupid like the courts are. Or else I have NO PROBLEM hanging on to this lil cutie. She'd make me... I mean this great nation of ours a LOTTA cash..."

Turtelli tickles the middle of her left foot even faster than before. Wild tickling strokes and circles force Melania to twist and laugh helplessly. "Speaking of cash... hey Doll go get ready to head out to the Jail. Make sure your feet are niiice and soft for me. I DEMAND perfection for our wonderful, paying audience..."

The blonde stops tickling Melania's toes. She puts down the feather and takes off her silver sunglasses... Quickly she lays them down onto the desk. She looks over at him... watching his feather moving spastically over Melania's ticklish foot for a few moments longer. She gets up then... sprinting around the back of the desk... quickly kneeling to the side of Don. He looks at the camera smiling evilly before he looks down at Doll with a bemused grin... pretending to blink back surprise.

"But... but Don... PLEASE... I... I don't want to be on camera... like that." Her eyes have become huge saucers of a terror filled stare. She places her hands into his knee, one on top of the other... submissively. She looks down passively.

"Dooollll..." The Don amusedly says to her in a sing song voice... He twists his body around completely to face her. He holds up his feather in front of her eyes, bending his waist down closer to her. He lowers his voice down but his voice is still loud enough to be picked up by the recording equipment. "I'M in charge NOW of ya...You're MINE to do WHATEVA I want with! And you're FAR to pretty to not be on camera for my viewing audience. I can't WAIT to show everyone how TICKLISH you are... and I can't WAIT to show everybody what a simple feather can do to a woman... You alone are gonna make me millions... I'm gonna make you cum OVER and OVER to this here featha... I know how much you LOVE being tickled... this is WHY I've waited to tie you down and tickle ya...when I tickle YOU... I'm going to make you so unbelievably ticklish... and make you cum so HARD... well... I want the world to see ME do it. YOU are one of my BEST examples to make people UNDERSTAND how GOOD tickling is...." The Don places the feather against her cheek and drags it softly down around her chin. "How erotic it can be..."

The blonde giggles and swoons for a few moments before registering his words. She sits back in her white high heels and begins to protest again.

"But... Don... I just can't... PLEASE don't make me!" She lays her head down onto his lap. Tears begin to fall. Turtelli raises a finger and motions someone to come over. He points down at her and thumbs the direction he wants her to be taken to.

"Don't worry Doll face... I'M gonna give you the BEST TIME you've EVER had. The most TICKLISH TORTURES of your LIFE! I've been following YOUR posts for a WHILE... I KNOW you're one of MY BIGGEST fans. So... consider this my present back to ya honey... But obviously you don't KNOW whats best for ya... thankfully I DO."

Suddenly a pair of hands take a hold of each of Doll's arms. Picking her up... she tries to fight but quickly a cloth comes out covering her nose and mouth. Soon the fighting slows down and stops altogether. As she begins to droop to the floor a large man in a white suit scoops her up and over onto his shoulder. The Don stands up and says amusedly "You know what to do..." The man walks away and The Don walks over behind Melania. His white gloves come off flying... taking swan dives into the air. Before he begins again tickling her feet...he places his hands on either side of the desk near her ass. From underneath one of her arms he peeks out and speaks intently.

"REMEMBER my Amerries.... the clock is ticking... you now have 15 hours to upload your videos for this FIRST month. I see we already have 3 MILLION submissions. At the stroke of Midnight....Turtelli Net will be up and ready for your viewing pleasure. And I've also now decided that Mrs. April and Vernon Fenwick, and "Captured... Doll" will be my first victims... I MEAN... "tickle pleasure recipients." So... do yourself a fava... upload your videos before my TBI have to come lookin for ya's... Or else just WATCH and see whats in store for ya's if ya don't..."

An angry sneer crosses President Don's face. His hands raise over Melania's upturned feet. He begins wiggling his fingers as he hovers over them...staring directly into the camera. His sneer turns into a lecherous smile as he makes full and direct contact with her extremely ticklish feet. Her surprised scream turns into uncontrollable laughter as he dances his fingers across her taut, restrained soles... He laughs but moans his approval at her reaction. "Mmmmmmm....hahahaHAAAAA..."

"NOOO PLEHEHE AHAHAHAAaAAAA!!!! Her shrieks of protest go unheard as The Don peeks out again from behind and under Melania's arm...

"15 hours... tick... tock... tickle... tickle... tock... HA HAAAA...."

The video ends abruptly. The red UPLOAD link begins again. Lit brightly in red, blinking faster now...

Part 4: http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?279497-President-Don-Turtelli-Part-4-quot-Controlled-Connections-quot

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Awesome, loved it!

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Now this is sounding like a very good TV mini series. Excellent work Doll!

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Vernon of course it would be Vernon

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If I was in this story I Would tickle Vernon like crazy just to torture that pink shirt suspender wearing doof

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I've never felt like I could connect to Vernon like I do right now...the feels...

Oh Doll, you're in for it now. You thought you were safe at the Don's side, but it turns out you're right in the front of the line for tickles. You should have joined my resistance while you had the chance!

love feet
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loved it!
keep going!!!!

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Oh Doll, you're in for it now. You thought you were safe at the Don's side, but it turns out you're right in the front of the line for tickles. You should have joined my resistance while you had the chance!


Doll's a little tied up at the moment... :firedevil Shes REAL busy. But she sends her regards and thanks to all you other nice fellas.

Dude123... Oh is that riiight? A RESISTANCE huh?! LMAO!!!!!!!! Sounds important! Did ya get a badge too from ya Cracka Jack box? Dig deepa... maybe you'll find your spine... go ahead... TRY ME. :firedevil

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Doll's a little tied up at the moment... :firedevil Shes REAL busy. But she sends her regards and thanks to all you other nice fellas.

Dude123... Oh is that riiight? A RESISTANCE huh?! LMAO!!!!!!!! Sounds important! Did ya get a badge too from ya Cracka Jack box? Dig deepa... maybe you'll find your spine... go ahead... TRY ME. :firedevil

Turtelli, you fiend!

Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges! The resistance will...resist you! You may control some of us, but you cannot control all of us! Tickle all the annoying celebrities you want, but that won't convince the people. HUZZAH!

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Turtelli, you fiend!

Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges! The resistance will...resist you! You may control some of us, but you cannot control all of us! Tickle all the annoying celebrities you want, but that won't convince the people. HUZZAH!


Ooooh NOOO! I DISAGREE witcha there dude! People can easily be lead through the soles of their feet... Once America feels the feather gliding under their arches... and through their ticklish toes ...they'll do WHATEVA I tell them.. including YOU.

Why would ya resist me anyway? Wait, I know why... you're TICKLISH!!!! :firedevil Probably EXTREMELY TICKLISH!!!! :firedevil

Now I gave you an ORDER... Don't fight me... just lay back, OBEY, and enjoy being ticklish...

And if that doesn't convince ya... just wait until TONIGHT... Tune in... :firedevil

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I liked this one, very creative :)