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09-30-2016, 10:04 PM
All Over Body Tickling, Sexual, M/f, 6M Gang/f

At 6pm, President Turtelli stepped tiredly inside his black limousine. A Secret Service agent closed the door after him gently. Without having to say a word, the driver knew to leave immediately and where to go. The police motorcade started the line of the Secret Service, TBI, and the Presidents limo moving. Don was told beforehand it would take at least a couple of hours to get to the revamped Jail by automobile. But... he preferred this mode of transportation over flying ANY DAY.

Inside the stretch limousine... He had everything he wanted. Not that this was anything new to him. He'd been driven around in Rolls Royces and limousines since he was a tot. The polished interior mirrors reflected the long but intensely sexual week in his tired, but glittering eyes. Smiling directly at his satisfied ego... he yawned then, stretched, and loosened his tie. Taking his hat off, he threw it across the limo like a frisbee.

Close by a golden mini bar contained his favorite drinks in sparkling, crystal decanters. The falling sun twinkled off of his glass as he poured himself a Scotch. From his inner breast pocket he retrieved his cigar case and his Iphone. He pulled up the first setlist he had made specifically for this trip. He plugged in the surround sound, and pressed play. He sat back against the leather seats and scanned the list over as he took his first sip.

"First We Take Manhattan"- Leonard Cohen
"I'll Never Smile Again"- Frank Sinatra
"Wildest Dreams"- Taylor Swift
"When I love, I love"- Carmen Miranda
"Caruso" Lara Fabian
"Solletico"- Rene Aubry
"Thru And Thru" -Keith Richards
"I Like Dreaming"- Kenny Nolan
"Everybody Knows"-Leonard Cohen
"Chains"- Tina Arena
"You Can Leave Your Hat On"- Joe Cocker
"Weapon" - Matthew Good
"Core 'N Grato"- Dominic Chianese'
"My Way"- Sammy Davis Jr.

As he let himself relax... the music set his shoulders down for the first time all week. Even THIS MUCH fun can be exhausting. Still... his soul began to stir... He tapped his foot to the music...and smiled broadly remembering all that had happened. He turned his head to look out the blackened, one way glass. The streets were practically empty as the 24 hour a day curfew was still in effect. Friday was coming soon though...and he hoped his new "Controllers" would be ready to be shipped out by tomorrow morning. He'd have to check up on that later.

"These people are GOING to be controlled through Tickle Torture... whether they like it or not." The Don thought to himself smugly. The perfection of his plan STILL dazzled him. Words of "Genius"... "The Ultimate Master Tickler", "My Tickle Harem", "Billionaire", "Ler Captain", and... "Grateful Heart" stirred his emotions with pride. He wanted to skip ahead to that particular song on the list. He DID have a "Core 'N Grato". Tickling had been passed down within the mob from Generation to Generation. At least on his Fathers side... and his section of town up in New York. Its how people were handled. That or a punch to the skull. But murder... that was for lame brains who couldn't think outside the box. Those bums DESERVED to be in jail. Tickling information out of someone was an art form. A SKILL that took YEARS to learn. People talked a LOT faster too...

But no one else probably liked Tickling in quite the same way that HE did. Only at night when he was alone... did he feel a little lonely. But so many of his days were filled with torturing his victims... he didn't let it get to him... too much. And besides... he had an entire country to run now.

Instead, he let the music play in the order he originally intended it to. He couldn't let himself become emotional tonight. Too much was at stake. But he did look forward to all of the songs he had chosen.

The corners of his mouth grew a darker shadow of intent as the first song continued to play through. The song that gave him the idea to take the Presidency. He blindly reached over and stroked the blonde tresses of Captured Doll. She was laying down beside him, tied with her wrists behind her, connected directly to her restrained ankles by rope. She had been placed in a pink, silk robe to cover her tiny, white bikini for the ride over. Gagged with one of Don's best ties... she slept peacefully across the leather seat. He turned away from the window and glanced down at her white, Stiletto heels. Meanwhile he cut the end of his Cuban cigar. His eyes went back and forth as he carefully prepared his one of the two cigars he enjoyed every day. With his first inhale... His mind wandered and churned at what was coming tonight. With a long, dark chuckle he turned away from Doll and continued stroking her hair. He continued enjoying his cigar... and the music on a fairly low volume.

Meanwhile April and Vernon were riding in a large emergency helicopter flying across the ocean. Their sleeping eyes were unaware they were now flying over the U.S. And the conversations of the TBI taking place with fervor around them.

"Can you imagine what they're gonna go through? Lucky s.o.b.s! I might not send in my video just to see what happens.."

"Yeah but... Don don't play around man... he's SADISTIC!"

"I know... I know... Hey look the guy may be sadistic but... he knows what he's doing... How long has he been into this? Come on..."

"I don't know about that... I heard from "Kittieclaws" that he doesn't use safe words and he won't stop for ANYTHING! He wouldn't even let her catch her breath... Thats DANGEROUS yo!"

"Yeah well... he's probably learned a LOT since he joined the forum back how long now? Her story is old news.

"I don't know man... I wouldn't trust him. But... we'll be seeing it all TONIGHT!" High 5's went around the plane, one after the other wildly. "Hell yeah... free live streamed tickle torture!! I mean... he's still cool in MY book on that end of things. Free streaming for TMF members...? HE'S THE MAN!! As long as doesn't kill anyone... hahaha!"

"Oooh...I almost forgot Captured Doll is there... I can't WAIT to see her get tickled... I hope he lets us watch in person... Think he will?"

"Doubt it... but who knows?"

"I SO wanna wake these 2 up and get the party started early..."

"Better not... I'm not losing THIS sweet of a job! Don wants to Ler them himself so... hands off man... sorry! But HEY Meghan Fox and Shannon Tweed are still there I bet... remember?"

"Oh yeah... true!"

April fought the urge to grimace. She had to keep on pretending she was asleep within her seat. "Thank goodness they didn't put enough chloroform on those cloths" She thought to herself. She kept her breathing at an even pace... listening to every word spoken.

Time passed...

Back in the limousine... the driver told President Don through the intercom they soon would be arriving at their destination. Captured Doll only then began to stir. Her sleepy eyes took in her surroundings. It took her a couple of minutes to realize she was in the same limo she had been picked up in last week. The first dinner with Don. Doll smiled at the memory until she realized she was tied up. Don felt her stirring as he too awoke from his short nap. He checked his watch and asked the driver where they were. The driver repeated the information for him. Don sat up and fixed his tie. Then he got up to retrieve his hat from across the limousine. When he turned back around, he saw Doll staring back at him with passivity and fear.

Instead of returning to his seat, He got down on one knee before Doll and pulled her entire body over and across the seat. He made room for himself on the opposite side of her, now sitting beside her restrained ankles. He pushed her over onto her stomach and laid her legs against his arm. He placed one of his hands onto her ankles... while he focused his eyes ... waiting for her to look at him. Her head laid itself back down to be able to see behind her. With his eyes... he scanned hers... searching for something. She felt naked suddenly and wanted to close her eyes desperately. But she didn't dare to. Instead she tried to smile over the gag.

"Doll... I went through your phone today... and I learned something about you. You're a stand up gal!" He smiled kindly towards her. "I just hope... you stay that way..." He let get of her ankle and placed his fingers onto her outstretched palms and stroked them slowly down to her finger tips. "I mean... Men can be quite persuasive... especially ones trying to start a RESISTANCE. Know what I mean...?" He reached back up to her legs and slid his fingers down one of her legs.

The intimate gesture of touching her hand filled her with feelings of warmth and complicity to whatever he wanted from her. She knew and remembered what he was talking about though. But she only had a moment to remember the unsettling conversation that took place within the comments section the previous evening. She thought rapidly to remember if she had written something wrong. Or could be CONCEIVED as wrong. As her mind scanned the conversation... she felt his his fingers slide down one of her legs. They were light enough to tickle... but heavy enough to remind her that... the tickling he COULD put her through might be far more extreme than she had ever imagined. She didn't know him well enough yet to know one way or the other. Or even what she herself could handle. He took away his tie from her mouth and under her chin with one hand. She trembled as his fingers moved and trickled lightly over her ass... "Don... hehehe... I would NEVER BETRAY YOU!!! NEVER!!! hehehehaHA....PLEASE... DON'T put me on camera... PLEASE... I beg of you!!!"

"BUT SWEETHEART...we're gonna have a LOT of FUN tonight you and I..." He began to trace a singular finger down the back of her thigh. He slowed his tickling touch down the further he went down her leg. Doll wanted to sit up and move away from his tickles... To explain better how she felt about him. How much she respected him. But was held in place by the ropes and his hand again on her ankle. Her giggles began to rise. It's as if he knew her most ticklish spots already. "If you're a REAL GOOD GIRL for me tonight... I'll make you my own PERSONNAL tickling slave... would you like that?" Don moved his finger all the way up the back of her bent calves to the back of her foot... sliding it across the side of her high heel... Down under to the top of the high heels edge by her toes. He wiggled his finger along the edge back and forth. Doll began to giggle loudly now, flexing her foot. The light tickling was so acute, she moaned through her giggles and nodded yes frantically.

"Good... then you just do what I tell ya honey... And ANY future comments or mail you get that defy MY orders... you just send them directly to ME. Understand... my... TICKLISH little Doll...?" He circled her ankles pointedly with his finger tips. "And trust me... you're gonna look BEAUTIFUL on camera... all you have to do... is OBEY ME..." He back tracked his hand...wiggling his fingers again along the base of her toes. Then he began streaming light tickles down the top of her foot. The tickling made Doll squee and giggle like crazy! Trying to move was something she just couldn't do much of. And this hog tie position made her completely vulnerable.

With his left hand Don slowly moved under her silken, pink robe... His pervasive, sensual touch matched the lightness of his previous tickling. Her white bikini bottoms became warmer as the heat of his finger tips made her pussy respond to him. He lightly tickled and traced the outline of her pussy making her sigh and moan with anticipation of cumming to those strong, Masterful hands. He gripped her ankle tightly as a reminder to her. He owned her now. But owning her completely would come later... She blushed rapidly as her mix of giggles and excitement forced her to get more and more turned on.

"See... I know how much you want to be a good girl for me... just do EVERYTHING I tell you tonight...and I'll make ALL of your tickling dreams come true..." Doll breathily moaned, seduced by his words. She could feel an orgasm begging to be brought closer to the surface the more he tickled her there. Her breathing and back became arched...her legs shook with chills of excitement. He smiled down at her knowingly and stopped tickling her then. He replacing his tie back into her mouth. Giving her a gentle pat on her ass... he sat back and caressed her legs just as the limousine came to a complete and final stop.

Back in the helicopter... the pilot announced they were only an 1 1/2 away from their destination. Vernon awoke to the loud voice and immediately began to try and get out of his handcuffs from behind his back. April heard him struggling and desperately wanted to tell him to stop. She finally opened her eyes and sat forward trying to get his attention. She finally had to awkwardly kick at his legs with her own to grab his attention. He looked at her over his gag with amazement and confusion. A voice from the front of the helicopter turned both of their heads forward.

"Hello there..."

All eyes in the helicopter were now completely focused on April and Vernon. Like wolves they leaned in closer to them... baring teeth within their wicked smiles. "Sounds like you two have a VERY...LONG, and VERY...TICKLISH night ahead of you..."

Vernon and April looked at each other with confusion. Spinning thoughts wildly ran across their eyes. They leaned back into their seats far more alert now and wary.

"You know April... the TMF... I mean... the TBI... well... we're all BIG FANS of yours... we listen to your podcast ALL the time. You just have THE MOST... DELIGHTFUL LAUGH..."

Another voice spoke up " Come on guys... we can't touch them remember?"

"Oh please... Don isn't gonna find out unless YOU tell him..." The man turned back to April with a lascivious grin. The voice of common sense turned back around in his seat throwing his hands up.

"Just for a minute man... that's all..." He spoke unusually casually as he stretched out his arms and hands. He began inching his 2 forefingers bouncing them up and down in April's direction. Like the flu this motion alone caught on around the helicopter. 4 pairs of hands were mimicking the motion now with matching smiles. There were 2 TBI Interrogators directly behind April and Vernon as well. They moved in closer to April unbeknownst to her. They hovered over her ears and neck for a moment waiting for the others to surround her. Their hard ons were becoming visible beneath their white pants suits. Once the four were comfortably in place... they inched there fingers closer and closer. April's mouth dropped realizing what was about to happen. She struggled against her handcuffs and ropes coiled around her ankles. Vernon yelled for them to stop. Quickly one of the TBI behind and closest to him took out the cloth and chloroform again... With a quick splash the cloth was replaced over his face. His yelling and struggling slowed down rapidly as his senses submitted to the chemicals he was forced to breath in. Soon he was out cold.

"I think its time for April's... preview..."

The 12 fingers dashed at Aprils body. The TBI wiggled their singular fingers into her dress making sliding dents as she began to scream hysterically. The 2 men behind her invaded the edges of her ears and neck. In front of her... fingers slid into the creases of her armpits wiggling madly. Her ribs were counted one by one as the other devious, crawling fingers danced up and down her sides. Her laughter became uncontrollable as she struggled to speak. A voice from up front spoke out loudly.

"Hey GUYS..."

The words went unheard as the 12 fingers found new, sensitive spots to tickle. Her body writhed and twisted around in her seat as the fingers found their way under her knees and around her breasts from behind her.

"NOOAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!" AAAAHEHEEHAAAAAA NO NOOO PLEEEASAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! April tried to buck them off but her seat belt kept her in place.

"HEY GUYS..." The voice from the front of the helicopter spoke louder this time. Still unheard... the fingers poked and drilled her from all angles. The TBI members who were wearing their silver sunglasses reflected happy, learing smiles back and forth to each other. Suddenly the helicopter vibrated with heavy footsteps pounding over toward the band of ticklers. Just as a hand began to inch up her leg under her dress..The sunglasses quickly reflected a hand with the chemically induced cloth taking hold over Aprils face. The tickling fingers slowed down as her laughter began to fall away. Soon like Vernon, April re engaged into the darkness of sleep.

"HEEEY MAAAN!!! What did you do THAT for???

"BECAUSE I KNOW YOU GUYS TOO WELL. One minute will turn into an hour. And I am NOT losing my job for you guys. You already had 5 minutes with her... its ENOUGH now..."

The Ticklers grumbled and mumbled their disapproval. They went back to their seats with "ruffled feathers".

Each of the TBI turned to their phones for the rest of the flight. At some point they each brought up Turtelli.Net. The red, blinking light was flashing fast as it now stated:

"4 Hours to SHOWTIME! Upload NOW before it's too late..."

Part 5: http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?279572-President-Don-Turtelli-Part-5-Winding-The-Doll-(No-actual-tickling)

10-01-2016, 12:30 AM
Doll, don't make a deal with the devil! Turtelli only wants to rule the world, and he'll do anything to do it. The resistance will fight on! We love tickling, but not being forced to produce it for the Don, who might I add seems woefully unprepared to be President.

TURTELLI! We are the anonymous masses that cannot be silenced! I appreciate your tickling skills, and it seems like Doll really enjoys the treatment, but we won't give in to your demands.

10-01-2016, 06:46 AM

From President Don Turtelli

WE? WHO'S WE??? I don't see NOBODY around here helping you. I AIN'T GOT TIME for YOU YA PUNK!!! But just WAIT till I get my hands on ya...ohhhhhh I''ll having you singing like a bird. haha... but you STILL have time...

THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING!!!!:firedevil:firedevil:firedevil:firedevi l

10-01-2016, 09:39 PM
Mr Don If I may ask

I request a little tickle session with Vernon
Of course as long as it does not interfere with your plans

10-01-2016, 10:47 PM
From President Don Turtelli

Well Mr. Cool, I normally would ya know but this guy here... I got intense and prolonged plans for him...

If plans change I'll send ya a mail though! In the mean time... anyone else in your area is fair game if they don't upload their videos. Then its up to you to to do a little recording and tickling of your OWN. Do a good enough job and I'll see what I can do about some time with Vernon... :firedevil

10-02-2016, 01:18 AM

From President Don Turtelli

WE? WHO'S WE??? I don't see NOBODY around here helping you. I AIN'T GOT TIME for YOU YA PUNK!!! But just WAIT till I get my hands on ya...ohhhhhh I''ll having you singing like a bird. haha... but you STILL have time...

THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING!!!!:firedevil:firedevil:firedevil:firedevi l

You always seem to FIND time for me, Turtelli. We'll see what happens when my resistance meets your unreasonable demands!

10-02-2016, 07:27 AM
From President Don Turtelli

Well Mr. Cool, I normally would ya know but this guy here... I got intense and prolonged plans for him...

If plans change I'll send ya a mail though! In the mean time... anyone else in your area is fair game if they don't upload their videos. Then its up to you to to do a little recording and tickling of your OWN. Do a good enough job and I'll see what I can do about some time with Vernon... :firedevil

I will not let you down