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East Coast Time: MIDNIGHT.

TurtelliNet.com came to life. Red Velvet Curtains covered the screen. An announcer's voice took over the eyes and ears of America... and around the WORLD.

"Ladies & Gentleman... The time is Midnight... Please be advised... if you have not uploaded your personal tickling video... please wait now to do so after this broadcast. To avoid being officially interrogated by the TBI... please watch and wait for further instructions after the broadcast. This Live Stream is sponsored by "Verizon Wireless: "We've got you covered."

"This Live Stream is rated XXX for mature adult themes and graphic scenes of tickle torture. Anyone between the ages of 18-65 MUST WATCH. Viewer Discretion is completely UNADVISED."


*Cue canned/ recorded applause and whistles* 2 buxom red heads in royal blue bikinis opened the curtains with flashy, white smiles. The curtains unveil President Don standing in front of the mirror. With April & Vernon behind him he takes a long bow. His smile is large, warm and inviting. He stretches out his arms basking in the applause. A message trailed across the screen stating that his tuxedo and red tie were done by Gucci. His slicked back hair shined under the led lights.


"Ladies & Gentleman... WELCOME to TurtelliNet.com! Where ALL of your NEW DREAMS of TORTURE are about to come true! I am President Don Turtelli as you all know... *cue more wild canned applause* A sneer crept into his smile..."I am also your Captain... steering you away from the ROCKS of your MISERABLE LIVES. Joining me tonight is a very SPECIAL and LOVELY Woman... the ever so sexy and... TICKLISH... "DOLL". *cue applause and wolf whistles*.

Doll was kneeling in her stocks. Her high heels were still on... and her wrists were now free from each other but restrained by her metal cuffs now on long chains. Her diamond leash had been removed. Her arms lay frozen at her sides. She smiled tightly into the mirror and gave a semi flutter of a wave as she had been instructed to. Don joined in the canned applause with his own loud claps and whistles. He then turned around to face the cameras.

"AND... meet tonights CRIMINALS! April O' Neil... and Vernon Fenwick!" *cue canned boos and hisses* Don did a double thumbs down as he shook his head from side to side. April and Vernon looked at each other wide eyed and fearful.

"AMERICA... there has been a miscommunication going on in this country for a long, LONG time. But I am going to FIX THAT. I am going to relieve you of your taxes, your stress... your hate... your RAGE. The despicable crimes we see day in and day out. That's OVER NOW. As long as you can put your TRUST in ME. For the next 6 months... this world... will become a DIFFERENT WORLD. And if you don't agree... if you DON'T SEE RESULTS... I will step DOWN as President. I will impeach MYSELF. But all I ask... is for 6 months to prove that THIS PROGRAM WORKS." *cue wild applause*

"You all need an outlet for these feelings you bottle up inside ya's. Those feelings that result in the heinous crimes being done. The hateful comments online alone is making people SICK... and SCARED. Resulting in depression... and less productivity!" *cue canned sadness and awww's*

"So... before you tonight here... stands ... well... KNEELS HAHAHA... 3 people... 2... who are THIEVES and LIARS... And one... who has no control over herself. Or it could be said... she has TOO MUCH control... She's a SHY woman... who bottles up her desires. Her fetish is what controls her down deep... But... rather than just let them go and ACT on them... she suppresses them. Just like rage controls all of YOU. She has the opposite problem... she's far too NICE. She acts out her desires through writing... and THIS is EXACTLY the kind of girl you could STEP ON. Take ADVANTAGE of. And she'll ACCEPT IT!!

*cue sad reactions*

"Most of YOU take out your rage in different ways. Road rage... a middle finger... hateful comments on celebrities pages. On your friends and family! I could use a million examples. But not HER... she's sweet... oh yes... but overall... she's a DOORMAT. Oh America... tsk tsk tsk. I speak to you now from my peaceful, relaxed, dark HEART. There is a more SOPHISTICATED and HEALTHIER way to get what you want outta life! Let me guide that rage." He balled up his fists tightly. "That hate. That shyness... with a more "hands on approach". He uncurled his fists and made a rainbow in the air. "THIS I call... "Turtelli's Domino Effect". Soon... your all going to become little, walking, bouncy balls of SUNSHINE."

"Right now though... no matter how long it takes... I'm going to ask the very SHY Doll to make these 2 people ADMIT that what they said about me were LIES. That they INTENTIONALLY LIED. And through DOLL... She is... well... my best example of the WEAKER America." Doll's mouth had long dropped open... practically onto the floor.

"Now... through Tickling... THIS is the BETTER approach to get what you want. And to fulfill your desires. The results WILL speak for themselves. Go ahead my Amerries. Take your pants and skirts off... and ENJOY WATCHING their TORTURE. And imagine Doll akin to a fresh pot of cold water. She will soon BOIL OVER... and it WILL EXCITE YA'S! So... I will now turn on the stove. He smiled deeply... knowingly. "Watch... and LEARN..."

Don stepped to the side and walked back towards Doll. She shook with fear... her eyes became like a deer caught in the headlights. He briefly glanced at her but pulled his eyes forward coldly.

The beautiful red headed assistants took a place on either side of Doll and Don. They each showed 2 long, white feathers with pointed tips in their hands. They posed like they were on a game show... showcasing the prizes. Then they each placed their feathers in standing pen holders on a little side desk near Don and skittered away.

April struggled to see behind her. She saw the potent sexual mix of eye candy and PERCEIVED POWER. She hoped America wouldn't fall for such a sleazy and OBVIOUS trap.

Don walked up to Doll and unhooked her thong on one side. His white, pristine, gloves worked carefully and slowly focusing his attention acutely to the details. Not once did he look into her eyes. She began to whisper..."Don... Don please... don't do this... I'm too scared... you're humiliating me!" He ignored her. He walked around to her other side... releasing the last hook. Leaving her very naked... her pink diamond pasties were now the only apparel covering her. She blushed brightly. She looked down to hide her face and eyes. And then... she felt one of her silver high heels being taken away from her. She looked back up into the mirror to see Don staring back at her with a darkening smile. He threw her heel off to the side. A leather seat was rolled over to him from off camera. He moved away from her and sat down in front of the stocks. Her upturned feet were chest level to him. Leaning back, he intertwined his fingers together. His mind secretly wandered for a moment, collecting his thoughts. All of his facial expressions became muted. Calm... but cold and unflinching. He looked straight ahead. Past the mirror and cameras. As if he was looking at something miles away.

"Doll... how do you feel about April and Vernon?

Doll who had been shaking... stiffened suddenly. She tried to think. But was just too scared. Don unmoving, waited for her answer patiently over his clasped hands. Finally, she spoke. Her voice wavering. "I... I... don't know... I don't... know them. But...I... like... them. They're... p... pretty... n... nice".

Without moving an inch... Don responded "Doll... that's NOT what you told ME in the HALLWAY..."

"But... but I..."

"Doll... tell America what you REALLY think... don't be SHY. Americans prefer honesty... I PREFER... HONESTY." Don's hands remained clasped as he listened. His eyes were focused straight ahead.... waiting for her next response.

"I... I'm NOT lying... I...DO... like... them... Well but... I mean..."

He sighed... visibly becoming annoyed... Keeping his eyes forward... he reached only with his arm and over to the side table and picked up his white, immaculate tickling feather. Staying completely still... he raised it on his bent elbow resting on the arm of the chair. Showing it to her in the mirror in between her legs. His face turned darker....Those cold grey eyes frozen into ice. He smiled icily. He slowly shook his head as he raised his eyes up at Doll.

Doll's eyes widened at seeing his hand grasping the feather in the mirror. His reflection was horrifying suddenly to her. She tried to move... to run... but she wasn't going ANYWHERE. Instead she stammered out a fast response.

"I mean... I... I've heard their podcast before... they SEEM nice... I didn't KNOW who you were talking about! But I'm not saying your..." Don cut her off...

"Doll... you said you TRUSTED me... you SAID you BELIEVED me... And now... your BACK PEDDLING? Were you LYING to me? Are you LYING to the WORLD right now? Lying.... my dear is BENEATH YOU. You were VERY angry at them just 15 minutes ago... Even though... YES... you DIDN'T know it was them that had robbed me... or LIED to me. How can you still LIKE people like THAT? You've had now 15 minutes to contemplate these people kneeling directly in FRONT of you... to adjust your feelings ACCORDINGLY. And NOW that you KNOW IT WAS THEM... you're gonna kneel there yourself and tell ME you LIKE THEM?! I don't believe you... YOUR LYING."

Don only moved his eyes down at Doll's left foot. "She is hiding her TRUE feelings... squashing her emotions to not hurt THEIR feelings. It's a MASK Ladies and Gentleman. So... she HAS to PAY the PENALTY for LYING..." He raised his eyes forward. "DOLL... I WANT... the TRUTH. And NOW... I'M GOING to TICKLE TORTURE YOU to GET IT. HER OWN FETISH MIND YOU. NO PAIN... NO SCARS... ONLY... TICKLING. IF I CAN'T TRUST YOU DOLL. WHY SHOULD ANYONE TRUST YOU".

Doll emotions broke completely. Tears started to stream down her face. Silence filled the room. Don let her cry for a full five minutes. Finally with a flick of his feather one of the buxom red heads came over and wiped her tears for her.

Then... An overhead camera zoomed in from Don's left side behind them. To the viewers multiple angles could be clicked on from home. Don leaned over slowly... he lowered the tip of his feather to the arch of her trembling, bare foot. He slowly began tickling the middle of her arch...back and forth. Teasing it lightly. The foot stopped shivering from the ticklish shock. Her toes stretched back unintentionally from the nerves being hit with such a light yet strong tickling feeling. Doll's tears slowed down... she grimaced. Her face began to contort... trying not to laugh. She tried to control her chest... the giggles were forming deep inside her. She puckered her lips inwardly and began trying to speak closing her eyes tightly without laughing.

" Oh Don NO... not... there... don't... hehehehe don't hehe tickle me there... NOT THERE... I'll tell you hehehe.."

"Then... TELL the TRUTH Doll... He retraced his tickling feather back and forth. Tracing... flicking... wiggling... Tracing... flicking... wiggling... Tickling the lines of her smooth, ticklish skin.

"Don stop... PLEASE... I can't... hehehe... not on... hahahaHEHE... camera... no... not there... heheheHAHA..."

"Then tell ME the TRUTH... what do you think about April... and Vernon's lies... and stealing..."

As he traced and tickled her soft, ticklish foot... her desire to be forced into being tickled began to take hold... but she tried to control her voice and the giggling to speak further.

"HEHEHE...YES... I WAS mad..."

"OH... so... you're NOT MAD ANYMORE huh..?"

"hehehahahehe!!!! Doll covered her mouth. But she let go quickly. "No I AM... they... hehehe... should... oh no no hahaha... mmmmm... PAY.... haha hehehehe!!!

"GOOD GIRL... Now THAT wasn't so hard... was it? Don reached for his other feather and raised his arm. He reached under her legs and began softly tickling the hood of her clit. "Don.. oh no... on no... pleasehehehease..." She closed her eyes again... The feather tickling at her clit began deepening her arousal. Her legs were so open and vulnerable to his feather. Just what she had imagined for so long...

He stealthily tickling at her clit... making the feather skim over the hood back and forth. While he wiggled the tip of his feather over her ticklish, restrained, foot. She began to moan and giggle simultaneously. "Then... don't you think they DESERVE to be TICKLE TORTURED Doll? After EVERYTHING they've put ME through?" They're NOT good people Doll... they're BAD..." His eyes captured the feather in his reflection. It almost seemed like lightening was flashing across grey skies. He tickled at each of her toes now... the feather striking time and time again. Her ticklish foot became paralyzed against the wicked tickle torture.

"I hehehehaha... I GUESS so... hehe...HAHAHA!!!!"

"NO... NO GUESSING... NO ASSUMING... JUST THE TRUTH!" Don put down the feather from between her legs... and quickly removed her other heel "STOP OVER THINKING THE TRUTH!!"

As he kept one feather wiggling up and down her left foot... with his other hand Don reached underneath her toes tickling them... but pressed on the diamond of her toe ring. Unseen... a needle suddenly pricked her. Through her laughter Doll exclaimed a merry "hehe OUCH hehehehaha... and just continued on laughing wildly. A chemical was released into her blood stream. Judgement slowly faded away... and her arousal became higher. Don reclaimed his feather and went straight back between her legs with it... tickling again at her clit slowly. Then lightly tracing back over the lips.. back and forth. Doll's mind became a fog. She became relaxed... uncaring. Selfish within her own tickling desires.

She looked around dreamily overwhelmed by passion. Her already pink tearful eyes became a brighter, glowing pink. She began massaging her breasts as she felt his feather come down over and over against her ticklish toes. Her laughter became a mix of heavy breathing and hysterical laughter. Then she looked down wanting to watch the feather tickle her. But as her eyes lowered... she saw the 2 pairs of bare feet in front of her... Her breathing then stopped completely until a FLASH of a chill went up her spine. Her head went back. Her arms threw themselves out to her sides making the chains taut to their limits. "OooohahahHAHA... YES... they DESERVE to be HAHAHA... TORTURED... NO HAHAHAHeheHAHAA... MERCY!!!

Now in unison Don tickled up and down her arches faster. Quickly making the feathers dance and fall up under toes... stroking... teasing... TICKLING. But he went back and forth to softly wiggling his feathers across her feet... to back to just one foot and her clit simultaneously. "YES Doll...let yourself GO! You do WHATEVER you want now... The truth will PREVAIL won't it DOLL? Tickle... tickle... TICKLE! Don laughed cruelly WITH her.

"Mmmmmmm YESSSSS!! Oh those words... It struck her clit as the feather drove the words in deeper. The tickling tips of his feathers was driving Doll crazy. Her feet were becoming even more ticklish now... And her mind was crazily becoming focused solely on the bare feet trapped before her. She looked back down... Her laughter was wild... enjoying Don's tickle taunts and tickle teasing. Her "Captain" KNEW what she needed... He was getting her closer and closer cumming... She closed her eyes and swiveled her hips. "Don't Doll... you need to begin their tickle torture... make me happy by doing what pleases you...and make them TALK". Don nodded to the TBI. They ripped away the duck tape from April's and Vernon's mouths painfully.

Logic had completely left Doll's mind as she got more and more turned on. Through her continuous laughter... the soft, ticklish looking, upturned feet in front of her... Her eyes turned into a tunnel vision of tickle torture. The more her own feet were tickled... the more she became overwhelmed with the desire to tickle the feet in front of her... She no longer even knew where she was... all she knew was that she wanted to cum... tickling THOSE FEET. And somewhere in her thoughts she heard begging and pleading not to be tickled. "Begging? Oh but I LOoooOVE when people beg me not to tickle them. THAT just makes me want to tickle their feet even MORE." Her mind had now completely turned sadistic. She began reaching out towards their bare feet. One of Vernon's... and one of Aprils... She instinctively began wiggling her fingers... her pink nails... in their direction.

"That's right Doll... tickle their feet...make them tell us EVERYTHING..." Don wickedly smiled as he began tickling Dolls ticklish arches and clit even faster now. "If you make them talk... I'll let you cum..." Doll's laughter became MANIACAL.

Off stage 2 TBI Interrogators were talking to each other. Eyes glued to the unfolding scene before them.

"Did you see what just happened there man"?


"That toe ring Doll's wearing... He just pressed the diamond on it... The others rings will work with the new app Verizon created. Hers was the first one made so hers only works when the diamond is pressed. There's a needle inside the ring... and when it pierces the skin... it releases a drug into the system. Its like weed and alcohol combined. It impairs your judgement... but it also forces the person to become more turned on. It's like Viagra but it relaxes you. And the brain shuts down reasoning... and actually makes the person more sensitive by proxy. The person essentially becomes more aroused. And only focused on what their desires are. He's calling it "Tickle X". But... she seems... WAY MORE intense than normal. It lasts for up to 2 hours. It can be released daily through the app as long as you put in the persons social security number. And since it only requires a pin drop... the rings can last for up to a full year of use. AND it has a GPS locator... pretty good huh for just a little toe ring..."


"So... "The Tickler's" going to brain wash everyone into loving Tickle Torture. And Turtelli Net will be the only site available for porn."

"He's an evil GENUIS"!

"Yes he IS. I'm FINALLY going to be able to tickle my wife..."

Don was becoming THRILLED. Doll was doing exactly as he had known she would. He skillfully tickled her foot and listened to her sweet amd crazed laughter... He loved hearing the sadism overtaking her. He hated to turn her over now to the TBI... but... this WAS a world wide broadcast... and he had to finish making his point. He turned around and with a wave the 2 TBI Interrogators from off camera came running. Don handed them his feathers. He whispered... "Whatever you do... DON'T let her cum..." They nodded to him in agreement. One sat in the chair and pulled out a bottle of oil. He rubbed it into her left foot quickly. Then renewed tickling her right foot with the feather, while tickling her other foot with his quick, tickling finger tips. The other TBI Interrogator crouched down and raised his feather back to Doll's pussy and began teasing her. Tickling at it... making her shudder with the need... the desire to cum to the tickling feather. She didn't notice Don suddenly beside her. He whispered into her ear... "Tickle them GOOD... they're EXTREMELY TICKLISH..." He caressed her cheek. She looked up at Don with her now glazed PINK cast of her eyes. She laughed wickedly as she returned her eyes solely on the feet in front of her. She had been turned into a tickling menace. THAT is who she really was in her sexual dreams. An unstoppable, tickling MONSTER.

Don was walking away from her now towards Vernon. Doll's nails hovered over their feet ready to tickle them MADLY. Her teeth were bared as she laughed hysterically. Her toes wiggled and flexed. All her senses on GO! Don took a feather from a TBI woman off camera and whispered something to her. As she walked away she pulled out another feather from her suit's breast pocket. She went over to April's side.

Don turned around and faced a horrified Vernon. Don laughed sadistically and said... "Well, well, well... what do we have here...? Oh I KNOW..." Don leaned in close to Vernon's ear so only he could hear him... "A RAT!"

He leaned back, twirling his feather between his fingers as he continued laughing evilly. Vernon wanted to pass out desperately. And his hard on was obvious. He could feel the heat and slight breeze of Doll's finger tips as they waved over his restrained, ticklish foot. She looked absolutely POSSESSED. April watched helplessly, knowing they and all of America were now in BIG TROUBLE.

*cue Verizon commercial*

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This is becoming a masterpiece Doll. well done!

10-05-2016, 02:39 PM
This is becoming a masterpiece Doll. well done!

Thank you SO MUCH!! You really made my day. :)

10-05-2016, 02:52 PM
Thank you SO MUCH!! You really made my day. :)

IM waiting for the audio version!

10-05-2016, 03:05 PM
IM waiting for the audio version!

Oh I wish I could... that would be so great... but there's no way I would attempt reading Don's words. I hear them so clearly in my mind I think doing an audio would take away from that. I woulden't have enough minutes away. I think a movie though be KILLER! hahaha :) (Seriously... omg...)

10-05-2016, 04:01 PM
Oh I wish I could... that would be so great... but there's no way I would attempt reading Don's words. I hear them so clearly in my mind I think doing an audio would take away from that. I woulden't have enough minutes away. I think a movie though be KILLER! hahaha :) (Seriously... omg...)

I wish I had a mic because I do a damn good Don voice hell I once did a bumper as the Don
Obviously it was not a big role ( all I did was say I hate those turtles) and they only were able to air the bumper when those episodes played
But technically I can can say I voiced don

10-05-2016, 04:01 PM
I would show you the bumper but due to time it has been lost

10-05-2016, 04:23 PM
WOW!!!!! OMG thats so cool!!! :D

Well... you could download a free recorder (app store) and upload it to soundcloud... :)

10-05-2016, 04:27 PM
WOW!!!!! OMG thats so cool!!! :D

Well... you could download a free recorder (app store) and upload it to soundcloud... :)

Thanks I might just do that

10-05-2016, 04:29 PM
Thanks I might just do that

You should!!! I would so listen!!!!! :)