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10-06-2016, 10:22 PM
Not a ton of tickling in this, more sex. But just something that came to mind about my current lil crush. Hope you like, and as always feedback is welcome and encouraged

Nastia’s very bad day

I’d been working as Nastia Liuken’s asst for about 6 mos as she was on her dancing/gymnastic tour. There was a lot of logistic coordination/support and friendship that was involved. The girl worked tirelessly with the most positive attitude I’d ever seen. She basically inspired me every day. So when I went into her dressing room in Des Moines I was stunned. She was curled up on the couch in fetal position, crying almost wailing. I was unsure what to do. “Nastia what the hell happened” She didn’t even know I was there. I had to ask her twice. She finally noticed my appearance.

“Sorry, what’s on the schedule for today” she turned and tried to put on the brave face. “Fuck the schedule, what the hell happened that made you react that way” I responded. “Oh it was nothing” she tried to avoid. “Bullshit, we’ve known each other for 6 months and know you. That was not you. If you don’t want to talk about it, fine. But don’t tell me it was nothing” I said with genuine concern and affection. “Fuck you” she mumbled. “Ok, fine, You’re supposed to be on stage for dress rehearsal in 10 minutes do you want me to make some excuses?” again I asked sincerely. “Fuck you” she mumbled again. So I went to the sound stage trying to come up with reasonable reasons she might be late. As the stage manager was commanding everyone in their places I started to step to talk to him. And then Nastia bounded in. “Sorry Im late” she said smiling and then sent me daggers thru her eyes.

Rehearsal went fine and quickly. And Nastia was fine and left quickly. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw and what would put her in that state. But it wasn’t my place to ask anymore than I knew. The show went great and Nastia had an aggression and passion that was above her normal level. When the show was over I was supposed to get her costume. I waited a few minutes and then knocked on her trailer door. “ Nastia, its me Rick” I announced. No response” Nastia I need you costume back for the next performance” still no response. So cautiously I ventured into her trailer.

She was back on the couch crying, deeply, hysterically, in an almost primal fashion. she was in a tee shirt and black panties. I didn’t know what to do. “Nas, sorry what do you need” Stupidest question on earth but it was I’ll I had at that point. “I need a fucking sniper and an STD test” she mumbled from the couch. “What” I asked awkwardly. “just get the fuck out” she again mumbled. So I started to leave. “No wait” she turned around and sat up on the couch. “I owe you an apology. I’ve been taking my shit out on you for 2 days and you’ve been nothing but supportive. I’ve needed that and appreciate that. Talk me thru whats up” so I sat on the couch and she explained.

So I started to lay out the schedule for the next couple days and she stopped me in mid sentence. “ I can’t deal we’ll have to do this later” and she rolled up in her fetal position and started to cry hard again. I didn’t know what to do so I just started to rub her back. After about 5 minutes she turned to me and grabbed on to me with a death grip. She cried into my shoulder and shuddered. I just held her wondering what in the hell could make this strong, positive, focused, beautiful girl so upset. She finally calmed down and returned to her fetal position. “Honey, you know you’re important to me. What can I do?”
“Can you just stay here for a while” she mumbled again. “Of course” and I started to rub her back again. Over the intercom came "Nastia can you come to the stage please." "Nas, I've got this" so I left. But wasn't happy about it.

The woman was drop dead gorgeous, athletic duh, sensitive and relentlessly positive. So this was an astounding set of circumstances. More were to come. When I got back she had finally stopped crying and sat up. “I know you’re curious about all this shit but I don’t know if I can talk about it” she said looking me in the eyes for the first time. “It’s just so hard and all fucked up and I can’t really believe it’s happened to me” and she paused and took a deep breath. “Matt has been having an affair the whole time we’ve been together and the whore he’s been with called me and told me about it. The wedding is SOOOOOOO fucking off” and she stared me down as she talked. I was stunned beyond words. They always seemed like the perfect couple. The effort to say it took a toll and she fell into my arms again. No crying just emotional exhaustion.

She pulled herself together, as she always did and asked me “ So whats on for the afternoon?” “Well actually you have a couple of hours without nothing so just relax. I know there’s nothing I can do to make you feel better about this shit, but do you need anything?” She took a moment before answering. “There is one thing you can do to make me feel better” she said. “Anything” I replied having no idea what was coming next.

“FUCK ME STUPID RIGHT NOW” she demanded. “What” I blammered” “You heard me. You’ve wanted to fuck me since we first met. Now’s your chance don’t blow it. Or I might” and she grabbed my bulge thru my pants and started to rub. “you said we’ve got a couple of free hours. Make me walk funny or were u just being another lying sack of shit tease with a dick?” I was still too stunned to do anything. Then she helped. She launched herself at me and attacked my mouth. It was hungry and angry but it brought me into the moment. I don’t know why I reacted this way but I threw her back on the couch and commanded “Alright bitch I will fuck you’re brains out but you’ve got to earn it. Strip for me and make me want it” The evil smile on her face told me I was on the right track. She stood up and walk a few paces away from me and turned her back to me.

She was wearing dancer shit. Leggings, red sports bra kinda thing and footies. She bent over making sure I could she every curve of her amazing ass and took off each footie slowly. Then she stood back up and removed her top. The sight was amazing and I almost lost it right there. Then she slowly and sensually rolled her leggings down and when she got to her knees she bent back over to remove the rest and show me her glorious pussy. When she was totally naked she turned around and said “You’re turn” I was to stunned, again, to think. “you do it” I mumbled. She took no time to rip my clothes off and took no time to take my throbbing dick in her mouth. On her knees she sucked me like a gold medalist. Every time I was about to cum she stopped and kissed elsewhere. “Bitch” I said. “You know it” she replied with a snark.

She went back to work on my guy. I moaned “ if you want me to make you walk funny you’re not helping your cause” cuz once again I was on the edge. She knew and stopped. “What you’re a one trick pony, rookie.” She snarked. “ I need to get into girls cuz they know what we want” she mock complained. So I picked her up and kissed her hard. And she kissed back hard. Our tongues battled. Our teeth bit. Our desire fueled the battle. I finally threw her back on the couch and sat on top of her. “I know what you love and I know what you hate” and the look of terror filled her eyes. And I started to tickle her. I’d seen some of the crew goose her sides and some of the backup dancers tickle her a little harder. Her laughter was intoxicating and her nipples always strained thru whatever she was wearing. “NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO” she screamed. “Yes” I whispered.

I started on the ribs and her laughter was still like a drug. This time 10x better cuz she was naked. Watching her wiggle and try to escape was better than any Viagra know to man. Then I moved to her pits. And now she started to buck up and down. Which I didn’t mind a bit. Nastia’s breasts were magnificent but her nipples and aeroli were dark, large and sensitive. So I moved my tickling to them. And her response changed. Laughter yes, but more guttural and moaning. When I started to suck on her breast she just whisper “FUCK” and it was wonderful. So I started kissing down her body with one goal in mind.

When I got to the wonderous V she spread her legs wider. I lapped her up like a dog who hadn’t had water in a week. She shuddered, she moaned, she cussed, she grabbed my head and forced it deeper into her, she arched her back, and then said “oh my fucking gawd” and came like a water fountain on my face. I felt a sense of great pride but my jog wasn’t over. It took my Nastia cover face and kissed her again. And she licked herself of me. “That was amazing” she breathed. “Not done yet” and I positioned my dick right outside her. When I pushed my head in she moaned “Gawddamn” and I decided to tease a little. So it just moved back and forth. The look in her eyes was both torture and delight.

“Please” was all she said and I rammed all of me into her wetness. We quickly found a tempo and it was amazing. She put both her legs above my shoulders and I just continued to pound her. She grabbed me around the neck and held on. “Shit…….Fuck…..pound my pussy like Matt never did…………” and I understood what that meant. So I got rougher.
I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “You liking this bitch?” I taunted. “Fuck you” she angrily complained. “I’m fucking you you’re just laying there” I taunted. She responded by driving her hips into me and I knew we were both close. “you bastard” she yelled as she came and slammed her vagina on my dick. But I wasn’t done yet. As she layed there and shuddered. I pulled out and put my dick right by her face. “Here’s what you really want” and it took about 3 strokes to cover her face with jizz. And she smiled.
She licked off what she could and then kissed my dick. “Hold me” she asked tenderly. And I did. A few minutes later we shared a shower and did round two. As we got out of the shower there was a knock on the trailer door. “Nastia, we need you on stage now”

She kissed my still erect member and whispered “I need YOU when I get back. Don’t go anywhere” She threw on her dancer attire, turned and look and my still erect penis and blew it, not me, a kiss and left the trailer. And I tried to think about what might happen when she got back.