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This is a story I commission through a fellow TMF member. He is very reasonably priced and extremely gracious and friendly to work with.
TheGerbilSystem wrote this. He's a great guy!

Selena Gomez was tired. Well, why wouldn’t she be? A long day of publicity for her latest project. A semi-long evening of socializing afterwards. When she got back to her house at around 11:00pm, she was beat. She brushed her teeth, took off her clothes, hit the lights, and then collapsed on top of her bed, wearing only a bra and panties.
About four hours later, she woke up. The first thing she noticed was her limbs, which were stretched out so her body was making an X-shape. They were also, suddenly, paralyzed. She tried to move her arms, but nothing. Same with her legs. Realizing her predicament, she tried to scream, but her mouth wouldn’t open; it felt like her lips had been sealed together. Wondering if there was any part of her body that could move, she lifted her head up, and almost fainted when she saw what was in her room.
Robbers. Psycho robbers, wearing glow-in-the-dark alien masks; green skin with beady, pupil-less purple eyes, and they had somehow pinned her down to her bed. Not being able to move, Selena figured she didn’t have a whole lot of options besides laying there and waiting for them to do . . . well, whatever they planned to do. Considering her immobility, the most she could hope for is that they would just take her stuff and leave.
All of the sudden, she felt something tracing circles on her foot. Something a lot like human finger, but wetter, somehow. Softer. Whatever it was, it tickled like CRAZY, and Selena would’ve burst out laughing if her mouth would open. Of course, it couldn’t, so she was limited to banging her head against the bed and jerking her leg all over the place (to the limited extent it could move).
“Oh, she’s perfect. This is the most ticklish one we’ve had yet,” she heard. Funny thing was, she didn’t hear it out loud. It was a strange voice inside her head.
“Wait, hold on. Let’s check the rest of her body first.” Again, she only heard it inside her head. But before she could figure out what was going on with her brain, she felt more of those almost-human hands on her skin. But this time, they were everywhere. One on each underarm, one inside each thigh, two on her stomach, and two on her ribs. All of them started tickling her at once. Selena was on the verge of losing it within five seconds. Just one of those hands tickling her was enough to drive her crazy. She had been insanely ticklish all of her life; she even tried to avoid raising her arms public so no one would be tempted to take a shot at her exposed upper body. So eight hands – eight! – wiggling all over her was enough to make her black out after a couple minutes.
The tickling didn’t last a couple minutes, though. In fact, it only lasted about twenty seconds, after which Selena heard another internal voice, this one saying “Okay, yeah, you were right. We’re never gonna top her. Knock her out and get her on board.”
And then, two of those soft finger-type things pressed down on her forehead. That’s the last thing Selena remembered before she woke up in an entirely different place.
Of course, she didn’t know what exactly that different place was. Or where, for that matter. The room wasn’t exactly offering any clues. Nothing but bare white walls, save a door in the northwest and northeast corners. There was also a small table to her left; the top was covered with a blanket.
After looking over the environment, Selena took stock of her own situation. She was still wearing only her bra and panties, in almost the exact same position she’d been in on her bed, except now her arms were stretched out so they were over the top of her head. The surface she was lying on had also changed. Instead of a soft mattress, she found herself on top of a metal table that vaguely reminded her of the doctor’s office. And, of course, her arms and legs were still almost completely immobilized. But, much to her surprise, she discovered that she could open her mouth again.
“Hello?” she yelled, with a desperate tinge to her voice. “Hello? Is anybody here?”
About thirty seconds later, from the northwest entrance, in walked four . . . well, what exactly were they? Selena recognized the alien masks from earlier, but their bodies . . . did they make costumes that realistic now? Even Selena, as an actress, had never seen such realistic alien costumes. They were all still human-sized, about six feet tall, but the color (light green, just like the masks) and texture (vaguely reptilian) was unmistakably alien-like.
One of the “aliens” came up to her. His (she assumed it was a male) mouth didn’t move, but once again, she heard a voice inside her head, one that was obviously coming from him.
“Hi. So, let’s rip this Band-Aid off quick. You’ve been kidnapped by aliens. We’re currently hovering just outside earth’s atmosphere. The reason you can’t move is because we’ve strapped you to that table with invisible energy bonds. Any questions so far?” Selena just stared at him, so he continued.
“Fantastic! Moving on. No, we cannot talk. Yes, we can communicate with you telepathically. My birth name is extremely difficult to pronounce, so you can call me Pavel. My friends, you can call Katya, Dmitri, and Zennergon-9,” he said, pointing them out individually. “We’re big fans of the Eastern bloc up here. Well, except Z-9. Fervent nationalist. Refuses to go by anything other than his birth name. Once again, any questions?”
Despite her present vulnerability, Selena wasn’t having it with this guy. “Oh, that’s bullshit! If you’re going to rip me out of my own bed and kidnap me, the least you can do is tell me what’s really going on, and how you’re talking without moving your mouth!”
The guy didn’t say anything back. Instead, he nodded towards Dmitri, who walked to the northeast corner of the roof and opened the door. Outside there was only blackness, and somewhere off in the distance, a pale blue sphere that looked an awful lot like earth.
Selena looked at Pavel, eyes big as beach balls. Pavel just shrugged.
“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!” she screamed. “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!” And so she continued for about five minutes, slowly coming to grips with the facts that: 1) aliens were real; and 2) they had decided to take her an unfathomable distance away from her home. After that, she calmed down a bit, enough that Pavel felt comfortable communicating with her.
“Look,” he said. “We’re not going to hurt you. All we’re going to do is perform some completely non-painful testing on you. After that, there’s a very good chance we’ll bring you back to your home.”
“T-t-t-testing?” Selena stammered. “What k-k-kind of testing?”
“Well, here’s the basic situation. You’ve been equipped with what we’re calling a sensitivity-enhancer. It’s the red bracelet looking thing on your right arm.” Selena glanced towards her wrist. Sure enough, there was a red bracelet looking thing there.
“They’re exactly what they sound like,” continued Pavel. “They amplify your body’s sensitivity by a factor of one thousand. Very handy to have around if you need to forcibly take over the earth one day. Only problem is, we haven’t tested them on a human yet. That’s where you come in.”
“And how exactly are you gonna test it without hurting me?” asked Selena.
“We’re going to run a sensitivity exam and compare it with the baseline we took in your bedroom.”
“Excuse me?”
“I’m sorry. That was overly technical. Essentially, we’re going to tickle torture you.”
Selena felt her heart stop beating. She started sweating immediately; the mere threat of tickle torture was enough to make her panic.
“No! No! You can’t do that! I won’t be able to take it!”
“Um, yes, we can,” said Pavel. “It’s of the utmost scientific importance.”
“I don’t care about your stupid science! I can’t take being tickled! Let me out! Let me out let me out let me OUT!”
“Here’s the exact procedure,” Pavel said, ignoring her. “Katya, would you be so kind?”
Katya walked over to the table on Selena’s left and pulled the blanket off. Selena could make out a feather duster and a pair of gloves, but wasn’t sure about anything else.
“Our baseline test indicated that, while your whole body is off-the-charts ticklish, you’re most ticklish on your stomach and ribs. Therefore, that’s where our testing will focus on.”
“NO!” screamed Selena. “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY STOMACH!”
“As you can see, we’ve assembled a number of tools to assist us in this endeavor.” Pavel held up a feather. “Our intelligence indicates that this is the least useful tickle tool. Less effective than even just using your hands. We’ll start with this and build up to more effective tools from there.”
Selena wanted to cry. “You’ll start with that?”
“We can skip it if you’d like to go directly to the more effective techniques.”
“No! Don’t do any techniques! Don’t tickle me at all!”
“Okay, I’m officially annoyed by the complaining,” said Pavel. “What’s your damage? It’s just tickling. It’s not like we’re waterboarding you.”
“That’s the point, stupid! It’s not just tickling for me. I can’t even stand it when someone pokes me in the ribs. If you seriously run all these tests with this sensitivity thing it’s going to kill me.”
Pavel rolled his eyes. “It’s not going to kill you. Now if you don’t shut up and stop whining, I’ll triple the test in length, and add in an hour each of foot tickling and armpit tickling. Understand?”
Selena immediately clammed up. That much tickling actually might kill her.
“After the feather, we’ll use these gloves, which simulate the touch of a human hand,” said Pavel, after he’d walked back to the table. “Then we’ll begin to incorporate the feather duster, the paintbrush, and the toothbrush, not necessarily in that order. Finally,” – he grabbed a jar of what looked like Skittles – “we’ll use these guys, which we don’t have an official name for yet. How does that sound?”
Having seen the contents of the test, Selena immediately forgot about Pavel’s “No complaining” edict. Screw that rule. If they actually went through with the test like they said they were going to, she really didn’t have much to lose.
“Okay, I am BEGGING you not to do any of that that. Listen, I’m very well-connected on earth. I can get you money, jewelry, more test subjects. Is that what you want? I can find you ten girls just as hot as I am to tickle if you let me go.”
Pavel shook his head. “No, I think we’re all pretty satisfied with you as our test subject. Let the testing begin!”
On that cue, Katya and Dmitri began to walk over to Selena, each holding a bright blue feather. Z9 and Pavel grabbed clipboards to take notes on the results. Selena, in a last-ditch effort to avoid the tickling, started screaming again.
“PLEASE DON’T! PLEASE DON’T! I’LL DO ANYTHING! I’LL BE YOUR SLAVE! I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT, JUST DON’T-,” Dmitri quieted her by putting his hand over her mouth. Then she heard the countdown from Pavel. “All right. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Tickle!”
The first attack came from Katya, who ever so slightly drew the feather’s quill over the skin just above Selena’s belly button. It really wasn’t much; without the enhancer, even someone as ticklish as Selena wouldn’t have given it a big reaction. But, of course, she was wearing the enhancer. And the feather made it feel like the world’s best tickler had started running her fingers across her stomach.
But the test wasn’t over, of course. This was the beginning of the beginning. Katya and Dmitri started tickling like they meant it, putting more pressure on their movements as they dragged their feathers all over her ribcage and abdomen.
“GUYS IT WORKS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAH I’M HAHAHAHAHA SERI- HAHAHAAHAHAAHAH.” Selena couldn’t even finish the sentence because it tickled so badly. The two feathers alone felt almost as ticklish as the brief gang-tickling the aliens had done before they kidnapped her.
Suddenly, Katya turned her feather over and began using the shaft end to tickle. She started drawing big, lazy circles from the bottom of Selena’s ribcage to just below her belly, mixing in lots of quick scribbles on her abdomen. Dmitri, meanwhile, kept at it with the feather strokes, going up and down the length of her stomach and ribs at a leisurely pace, making sure that every inch of the area between her waistline and breasts got a proper tickling. The different but equally-ticklish sensations Selena was feeling – the softness of the quill combined with the delicate poking of the shaft – nearly drove Selena insane.
Dmitri and Katya looked back at Pavel, although neither stopped tickling Selena while they waited for his answer.
“Yeah, I think that’s enough for now. Clearly the enhancer works with this technique.”
“Actually, don’t stop,” said Pavel. “I don’t want any fluctuations in her physical state while me and Z9 prepare. Keep tickling her until we’re ready.”
So they did. Katya and Dmitri continued to work Selena over with feathers while Pavel and Z9 put their gloves on. Because they were technically on break from testing, they ventured away from her stomach area, with Dmitri feathering her underarms and Katya doing the same to her legs. Although it wasn’t quite as bad as the testing, it still tickled insanely.
“HAHAHAHAAHAHA NOT THERE! NOT THERE!” she screamed as Katya worked over her inner thighs and Dmitri used the quill in her right underarm. She was relieved when Pavel and Z9 handed them their clipboards and got ready to take their turns. Whatever these magic-human-feeling-gloves were, she didn’t think there was any way they could be worse than the feathers. But that was before Pavel poked her in the stomach.
“HAHAHAAHAAH NOOOO!!!!!” Somehow that one little touch was the most ticklish feeling Selena had felt in her whole life.
Pavel couldn’t help but smile. “Is it really that bad?” he asked, continuing to poke her. Selena, of course, couldn’t answer, as she was way too busy laughing her head off. “Z9, come now! Test her ribs!” Z9 complied. Suddenly, Selena regretted asking for no more feathers. In fact, she would trade two hours of feathers for thirty seconds of hand tickling.
When they said the gloves felt like a human hand, it was technically true, but not really the whole story. It felt like the softest human hand ever created, with nails just long to tickle like crazy, but not so long as to hinder efficiency of movement. Basically, the perfect tickling hands. Considering that even the worst tickling hands were still enough to make Selena burst out laughing with the slightest touch, the gloves made her feel like she would literally explode with laughter.
“But we don’t know if it works with all hand movements yet,” said Pavel. Suddenly, he stopped spider-tickling and began squeezing her sides and stomach.
“How can you say that already? I just started! You would make an awful scientist, Ms. Gomez. Just pathetic.”
Selena would’ve said something smart back to him, but she really couldn’t, considering how much the stomach squeezing tickled. And that wasn’t even taking into account Z9, whose rib tickling felt like the equivalent of ten humans. But as ticklish at that felt, it hardly even compared to what he did next.
Slowly, he put his gloved hand at the very top of her rib cage and pressed down on top of her skin, wiggling it around. Selena thought she knew what he was doing but was afraid to ask until he repeated the same movements on the next rib below.
Z9 smiled. “Better believe it.”
And what it was. While the spider-tickling was awful, the squeezing and the rib counting reminded her way much of how she used to get tickled when she was a little kid. Her sisters squeezing her sides to make her laugh during family dinners; her friends holding her down on the playground and counting her ribs until she cried. The testing was enough to make all the memories come back, and somehow, it all made her feel even more ticklish than before.
“HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAA PLEAHAHAAHAHASE!” she wailed. Tears were starting to come out of her eyes at an alarming rate. “I CAN’T TAHAHAHAKE IT HAAHAHAHAHAAHA! IT’S TOO MUCH! LET ME GO HAHAHAAHAHA!”
They didn’t stop, of course. At least not right away. But after a few more minutes of counting and squeezing, followed by a couple more minutes of spider-tickling, Pavel was convinced that he had more than enough data regarding the gloves.

“Okay! Next phase!” he yelled, continuing his assault on Selena’s stomach. A few seconds later, Katya and Dmitri returned to the table. Katya was holding a paintbrush, while Dmitri wielded a toothbrush.
“OH COME OHHAHAHAHAN! YOU’VE GAHAHAHAAT TO BE KIDDING ME! YOUR DUMB BRACELT WORKS. IT’S OBVI- AHHHHHH!” Her last sentence was cut off by Pavel wiggling a finger into her belly button.
“Scientists are thorough, Selena!” he pontificated, making her scream bloody murder as he wiggled his fingers up and down her abdomen. “We must test the effectiveness of this bracelet through every possible method! Paintbrushes and toothbrushes are two of the most potent tickling devices there are! What kind of researchers would we be if we ignored their effects on someone as ticklish as you are?” With that, he gave her one final poke to the stomach before he left the room with Z9 and let Katya and Dmitri take back over. Interestingly, he grabbed the jar full of Skittles-looking things on his way out.
In a way, Selena could see why Pavel had specifically chosen Dmitri and Katya to conduct the portions of the test involving special tools. Their dexterity, their efficiency of movement was remarkable. Selena felt like both brushes were all over every inch of her stomach at once.
“NOHOHOHOHOHHOHOH!” she shrieked, just after Katya started to “paint” on the top of her stomach. Her short, rapid strokes were driving her crazy. “STAHAHAHAAHAP IT!”
“Stop what? This?” asked Katya, suddenly brushing down towards her waistline.
“Okay,” Katya said, flipping the paintbrush to Dmitri. “I can go help prepare the last phase of testing.”
That phrase – “last phase of testing” – horrified Selena, but she couldn’t ask Katya what exactly it meant because Dmitri was driving her into hysterics. It was if holding both brushes somehow improved his skills as a tickler. First, he made her gasp by rubbing the toothbrush all over her ribs. Then he brought the paintbrush back in, using it on her stomach the same way Katya had. But it was when he used both of them on her stomach – the paintbrush on her sides, and the toothbrush around her belly button – that she really began to lose it.
“NO MORE! IT’S OVER! GAHAHAHAAHAHAHD STAHAHAHAHAAHP! IT TICKLES TOO MUCH! YOU PROVED YOUR POINT! I’M HAHAAHAHAA TICKLISH! STOP OR I’M GOING TO P- HAHAHAHAHAHA!” By this point, between the combination of the sweat and the tears and bucking her head all over the place, Selena’s hair was sticking to her face, meaning she couldn’t even see where the tickling was coming from. Not being able to have even the slight protection she got from being able to anticipate Dmitri’s movements made her feel more vulnerable and ticklish than ever.
Luckily for her, Dmitri’s testing was finished relatively quickly. He was replaced by Z9 only, who told Dmitri that he needed to go help Katya and Pavel with preparing the last phase. Z9 then grabbed the feather duster and used it to torment Selena’s whole upper body.
Selena had thought just the two feathers were bad earlier, and she was right, but they were paradise compared to a whole army of feathers. She didn’t know the exact definition of “sensory overload”, but she was positive she was experiencing it was Z9 tickled her.
“We never said that. We just moved onto the next phase of testing,” said Z9, moving the duster up to her ribs. “Maybe next we can test you to see if there’s a correlation between ticklishness and stupidity.”
“Are you sure?” Z9 moved the duster back to her stomach, and, just to really drive her insane, used his free hand to start squeezing her side.
“Well, to be honest, we’ve already gotten the results we need from this tool. This part is just for fun.”
Z9 gasped. “Did you just curse at me?” he asked. “We don’t deal very well with uncooperative test subjects. You must be disciplined.” He dropped the feather duster, and, to Selena’s abject horror, began blowing raspberries into her stomach.
“AHAHAHAHAAHAAHAAAH!” she shrieked. Raspberries were another one that drove her crazy when she was little. “NOT THAT! NOT HAHAHAHAAHAAH THAT! I’M SORRY I HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAH HAHAHAHAHAHA-,” And then Selena collapsed into silent laughter while Z9 continued to torture her until Pavel, Katya, and Dmitri walked back in, with Pavel holding the Skittles jar.
“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Z. What have we said about going off protocol?” asked Pavel.
Z9 put his head down. “That it’s bad and I should feel bad.”
“Goddamn right. Now back away from the table so we can administer the last phase.”
Selena was obviously a complete mess by this point. Moisture covered every inch of her body. She must have cried and sweated out half her body weight in water. But she was not yet numb yet; far from it. Every nerve in her body felt, raw, exposed, and incredibly sensitive. And she knew enough to know that, whatever this last phase was, she had reason to be very afraid of it.
“What are y-y-you going to do t-t-t-o me now?” she asked.
Pavel smiled. “So the things in this jar? To you, they probably look like candy. But what they actually are . . . well, like I said, we’re still working on a name. Branding is important. But we invented them especially for situations like this. Essentially, they’re tiny little bugs.”
“BUGS?!?!” Selena screamed. Even after all the tickling she had gone through, she couldn’t even begin to imagine how much it would tickle to have hundreds of little bugs crawling over her body.
“Right. Now, they’re not actually bugs – don’t bite, don’t sting, nothing like that – but they move like them. And what we’ve done is, we’ve specifically bred them to simulate the tools we’ve used on you already. Some of them have legs that feel like human fingers; some like feathers; some like brushes. Pretty cool, right?”
At first, Selena just stared at Pavel, praying that he would tell her this was some kind of cruel joke and that testing had finished. When he didn’t, she absolutely flipped out.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” she shrieked, jerking at her bonds, trying desperately to break free. “YOU CAN’T DO THAT! YOU CAN’T DO THAT! THE BUGS WON’T STOP! THEY DON’T KNOW IT’S TESTING! THEY’RE JUST GOING TO KEEP GOING!”
“Will they ever,” said Pavel. And then, he slowly begin to empty the jar over Selena. It only took a couple of them crawling over her stomach for her to realize that this last phase would probably be the death of her. Every single bug felt like a touch from any one of the aliens. So, one “finger bug” was the equivalent of Pavel tickling her with his whole hand, one “feather bug” was the equivalent of Katya dragging a feather across her stomach, and so on. And the worst part was, there were thousands of these things crawling all over every inch of her body. Her stomach, her ribs, her underarms, her legs, her feet, even her neck and in between her toes.
“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed, still trying to break free from the restraints, her whole body jiggling as she strained against them. “AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA! HAHAHAHAHAAHA PLEASE GET THEM AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA OFF HAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAAHA!”
The aliens just stood there, dutifully taking notes.
“I’M SERIHAHAAHAHAAHAAHAHA THEY’RE GONNA HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA-,” And that’s the last thing she was able to say that was close to resembling a full sentence. The bugs just tickled way too much for her to even think, or, for that matter, try to break free of her bonds. She had no choice but to just lay there at they crawled over every inch of her tight, ticklish body.
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH HAHAHAHAHAAHAAH AHAHAHAAHA HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH thwack.” Pavel looked up from his clipboard to see what the sudden sound had been. It only took him a couple seconds of investigation to figure it out. It was the sound of Selena’s head hitting the table. After all of the protestations, all of the begging, her body had finally given up. She had officially blacked out.
When Selena woke up, the bugs were off of her, but everything else was still the same. As in, still strapped to the table; still in her underwear; still not able to move; still wearing the sensitivity enhancer. This time, she didn’t have to call to see if anyone was there, as Pavel, Katya, and Dmitri were standing over her.
“Is the- is the testing over?” she asked.
“Yes,” said Pavel. “You were a most excellent subject. With all the data you gave us, we are now able to fully understand the effectiveness of the sensitivity enhancer.”
“That’s great,” said Selena sarcastically. “Are you going to let me go now?”
“Um, well, no,” said Pavel.
Her eyes almost bugged out of her head. “No?!?!?!!? What the fuck do you mean, no?”
“Well, um, basically, science aside, we all just had way too much fun tickling you to let you go. So we’re gonna keep you around awhile. Consider yourself, like, I don’t know. Like an X-Box or something.”
“Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! You’re just going to keep me here so you can tickle me whenever you want?”
“Right on. Nailed it, Gomez. I guess you’re not as dumb as Z9 said you were. And hey, speaking of Z9-,” Pavel cupped his hands around his mouth “Hey, Z, you ready for liftoff?”
“Yes sir!”
“Lift us off, then!”
A few moments later, the ship took off, setting sail for God knows where. Pavel exchanged mischevious looks with Dmitri and Katya.
“So, are you all ready for a little road trip fun?” he asked. Both of them smiled and nodded.
“Perfect,” said Pavel. All three of them raised their hands to reveal they were wearing the gloves from earlier. “5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Tickle!”
Then, before Selena could even beg for them not to, Pavel started squeezing her stomach, just like before; Katya dug into both her underarms; and Dmitri went to the end of the table and spider-tickled both her feet.
“HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA NO HAHAHAHAAHA! NOT THIS AGAIHAHAHAHAHAHAN!” she shrieked, as the ship zoomed off into space, where nobody was able to hear her scream.

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