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10-13-2016, 06:29 PM
I have a job that requires a layover. We use the same hotel all the time. I get there around the same time every stay. The same cute girl is always on duty when I get there. I happened to notice one day that she wears flip-flops to work. Got me to thinking how much I would love to tickle her feet. So I started plotting ways to accomplish my goal. I finally succeeded!!! I checked in and went up to my room. I loosened the cable on the tv just enough where it wasn't working. I called the front desk and told her that the tv has no picture. She said that the maintenance guy was busy and wouldn't be up for an hour or so. I explained to her that there was a show I really wanted to watch, so she told me that she would be up in a few minutes.

After about 3 minutes there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and there she stood, flip-flops and all. I invited her in and she went to work on the tv. She tried different buttons on the remote. Then she walked over and stood beside the tv and looked down behind it. She said, "I think it is the connection down here, but I don't know if I can reach it". She reached down and said I can't reach it yet. Then she tried reaching a bit further and as she did that her foot came off the floor and was up about waist high. I did not hesitate, I slipped off the flip-flop and went to work tickling her bare foot. She shrieked and pulled away. I told her I was sorry but there was something on her foot. She asked if I got it and I said almost. She held her foot up and I started tickling her foot again!! She just held it there and was biting her lip. I asked, What's wrong, are you ticklish?? She said, "only on my feet". I continued tickling her foot until I had a bulging hardon. She saw that and said, Looks like somebody really enjoys tickling.
She walked over and layed on the bed on her tummy and said, maybe you should check the other one. So I did. And now I was tickling both of her bare feet at the same time. My boner was pulsating now and so I pulled it out of my pants and she grabbed hold and gave me the best blow job I have ever had. I still use the same hotel and she still wears flip-flops and I am plotting another tickle session with her!!!

10-14-2016, 09:27 AM
Quite a fine short story! :feets:

10-14-2016, 11:03 AM
is this real or a fantasy?