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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Been a while since I've posted a story. This one is rather twisted and old school by its design, though hopefully hits the right notes given it's trappings. It features art by the tremendously talented and the recently retired Briel7 (http://briel7.deviantart.com). Bex/Rebecca Love is the creation of the awesomely skilled and amazing KingRiek (http://kingriek.deviantart.com). The Twins were inspired by the ever talented Bandito (”http://thebandito.deviantart.com”).

The Thousandth Cut
by Meangry

Rebecca Love didn't know where she was, and with the thick fog of lust dominating every fiber of her being, who could blame her? It had been weeks since she'd been snatched, grabbed in the middle of what had been just another boring night at the same boring clubs with the same boring people as always, her movements made haggard as she stumbled out into the early morning street, her limbs barely able to put up a fight when the blurry figures popped out of a van and tossed her in quickly after immobilizing her.

She should've been more careful who she accepted free drinks from.

You never knew who could be targeting you.

When she came to, they were there. 'The Twins', as she'd referred to them as. They were near identical, with impossible figures and full chests, their slender waists flaring out to wondrously curvy hips. They were clad in nursing outfits, accentuating the figures just as well as the cocktail dresses they'd worn mere hours before, when they'd made their move and spiked her drink. Their skin was tanned, and from what Bex could tell, the only way she could tell them apart was by the color of their bunned hair; one raven haired, the other blonde. The blonde introduced herself as Keri, all while the other stood there, her eyes surveying the bondage for potential weak points, making sure their 'patient' couldn't escape. “You'll have to forgive my sister Teri here, she's not one for talking. She's affectionate in her own special way, though.” Keri's words dripped with a mirthful malice, and soon enough Bex found out exactly what it took to get Teri to open her mouth.

She grew to fear every time that happened.

“You're feeling unwell.” Keri told her, matter of factly. “But don't worry, my special little Becky. We've got a special treatment plan that will surely make you better.” Her smile was wide, filled to the brim with foreboding. “For a goth girl, you sure are a cutie. Don't worry, we're going to know everything about each other very soon.”

The first week was nothing but pampered affections and soothing massages mixed in with exploratory tickling, weird measurements and notes being taken by one as the other surveyed and tried to learn sensitivities, to find the secrets littered about her nerve endings. Bex couldn't help but enjoy the spa treatments, the lavish pedicures, the way they took their time to massage every bit of tension she'd ever felt inside her body.

Indeed, the Twins teased and tenderized her into oblivion. Then, the game began. Keri brandished the term Death By A Thousand Cuts so casually at first. “You're quite to delicious little thing, aren't you, Becky?” Keri taunted, “Such a delightfully sensitive little Hellraiser. A little tickle torturer. We've heard all about you. And you always get what you want, don't you? Right that moment? No patience. We know your type very well.” They'd restrained her to a twisted gynecology exam table, her waist strapped down to the seat, padded ankle cuff stirrups holding her ankles in place and spreading her legs wide. She was naked, save the straitjacket they'd forced her into, her breasts exposed and pushed upward thanks to the tight strapping of her arms just underneath. “We're going to tickle you, Becky. Worse than you've ever been tickled before. But that's not all. No...you little torturess, this treatment is designed for girls like you. To show them the very depths of want, of need. We're going to take advantage of you. We've learned so much about your body already, and we're going to make it betray you. Such a ticklish little thing...we're going to take you to the very edge of climax, over and over and over and over again, until you lose count, until you know nothing else but our tickles and just how bad you want to cum.”

“But we'll be keeping count.” Teri broke her silence, licking her lips before taking a seat at Bex's left foot.

“Oh yes, Becky.” Keri sauntered over, sight unseen, her words wrapping around her ears and making her heart pump with absolute terror. “You'll cum. Eventually. But when, and how, well...”

Bex's eyes shot wide as Keri brandished a fude brush before her eyes, its tip pointed and its bristles tight and compact. She quickly moved it lower down her stomach, inside her inner thighs, showcasing just how devastating it could be across the smooth and gorgeous lips of Bex's pussy and clit with the most casual of caustic strokes. It was like it was made specifically to tickle her there unlike anything else in the world could.

“Each edge is a cut. And once you get to a thousand...well...that's when we'll drive you truly mad.”

At first, the Twins were maddening. Bex had little stamina for an outright ticklish assault, and as her heart pumped and her nerves screamed out in ticklish agony, Keri's brush took her to the edge again and again, all as Teri's fingers skittered across her helpless soles. She thought this was the worst she would endure.

She'd pray to go back to those simpler times.

Minutes became hours became days. Like the most ardent workers, the Twins were never late, and were always eager to continue their treatments. For a time, it was as if they were being casually and cruelly soft on purpose. There was no chance of escape. Her energy was constantly sapped dealing with the overwhelming tickling and constant ticklish denials, and the Twins were nothing if not skilled with how they bound her and kept her held tight.

Indeed, she lost count of how many times she had come close to cumming. It was like a cruel joke, getting her so close, using nothing but the tickling. It was wrecking havoc on her, and for a time, she put up a fight, trying her damnedest to not utterly give in to the Twins. She got angry, violently fighting at her binds, screaming how she was going to ruin them when she got out.

Then, the bondage changed. Stocks. Racks. Elaborate ties. Sometimes, they'd remove and isolate parts of her. “I think today is a breast kind of day, don't you think, Teri?” Keri would glower, showing off a myriad of toys and tools they would use to drive her to the ends of her sanity. Those days were the longest, she thought, because they specifically aimed to tickle her without using a bit of their patented sexual teasing, which had moved between various different tickly brushes to different vibrators, to the knowing pressures of their own fingers, mouths, and tongues.

A cocktail of stimulants and aphrodisiacs changed everything. Changed her perception. It was like they were inside her, reprogramming her, finding her seams and ripping her apart only to stitch her back together as their little tickle toy. Edges weren't just coming from focused sexual torture anymore; the very act of being tickled fueled edges, making her **** ache and drool in pools of ultimate betrayal.

Together, the Twins were insatiable in their lust for driving her mad, but individually, they were almost more terrifying because of their methods and special focused skills.

Teri rarely spoke, instead concentrating on the task at hand. She was focused on Bex's feet, her touch cutting with clinical precision. It was as though she was a savant, finding unbelievable ways to draw the ticklish sensations from all over Bex's hyper sensitive and helpless foot, be it arch or heel or ball or toes. Teri would have a clipboard nearby, jotting down notes as if she was performing some unseen experiment, hypotheses meted out and verified or debunked with her myriad of tools used protractedly on her foot's most sensitized places. It was her tongue, though, that was the most deadly. Whether it stroked up her arches in lapping affections, or was wrapped around the stems of her toes and teasing their bulbs, Teri's tongue became a thing of nightmares.

Except when Bex was sleeping, her dreams often filled with ruinous desire to have that evil tongue break her and force out the most intense orgasms from her cresting aching **** all over that tickling devil in hot bursts.

Those spikes in nightly arousal were compounded by Keri's ardent love of pussy tickling. Keri was a constant after hours visitor, spending many a night at Bex's bedside, fondling and teasing and tickling the soft folds of her lips and clit as she slept, never giving her the relief of climax.

Of course, her affections were never added to Bex's 'cut' count.

If Teri was known for her silent focus, Keri more than made up for that stoicism with her devious playfulness. She toyed with her, always drenched in sinister intentions. Her voice was like rich satin, flirts made velvet and burrowing deep inside her heart. She spun stories of seduction specifically playing on Bex's wants and needs, making her binds all the more unbearable. Her kisses were legendary. Her promises of what she'd lavish upon Bex when she was 'cured' made the poor goth's eyes roll and her toes curl. Keri's hands and fingers were at home all over Bex's upperbody, from her underarms, her stomach, her sides, her ribs, her hips. Her breasts and collarbone were specific favorites of hers, and she knew how to use their sensitivity to maximum effect, leaving Bex cresting, yet never merciful enough to provoke the bliss of orgasm.

Bex's stubborn refusal to give in melted had long since melted to helplessness. And from there? Like peeling an onion, the Twins dug deeper and deeper, driving Bex past the point of madness, their tickles, their brushes, their devious fondles and kisses, all drawing her closer and closer to the most intense orgasm comprehendable, and after weeks, after months, it could come at any moment. Bex guffawed, laughing as the drool poured from her lips and her eyes went wild, all as Keri's brush found her nipple and her words once again dominated her very soul, all as Teri, with her damn tongue, licked up her arch as fervently as if it was the flank of Bex's ****. Her sex was so far beyond need that her lust was flooding all over the seat and onto the floor in a puddle.

The edge. She'd grown to hate the edge. But in this edge came Teri, grabbing a fude brush herself, and using it to stroke the lips of her pussy. She could feel Keri's breath on the nape of her neck, marking territory before her lips would sink down onto it like the most benevolent lover.

They weren't stopping.

Bex's wail, her moan, caked with ticklish agony, burst out as she threw her head back, her ribs forcing air out as small sounds escaped between her cries.

Her entire body contracted, hot thick cum coming from her, uncontrollable, utterly conquered, mindless, helpless, ensnared, enslaved. What relief! What agonizing bliss! Nothing could ever compare to this. Nothing.

But they didn't stop. Their brushes kept tickling her ****, now more sensitive than it was before. Her entire body was consumed with fire. The Twins weren't stopping.

“Coochie coochie coo...we're gonna tickle every drop of cum from naughty little you!”

Bex's mind snapped.

The games had just begun.


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Very nice.

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Now this is tickle torture! Orgasm denial and a loving attention to detail from skilled, voracious and insatiable tickle torturers. I like the way you describe Bex being torn apart at the seams and reconstructed as their tickle toy. They turn her into what they want her to be and her pleasure and fulfillment is almost a footnote where they are concerned.

The art didn't hurt either.

Poor Bex. Long may her torment continue! :firedevil

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An excellent plot line and an even better delivery. You seem to have a way with words; able to blur the line between real and not real perfectly. I find myself commending you for your actual penmanship rather than that which was written, which was also excellent and where this all began. By far my longest post of all time and I think it is well deserved. Bravo