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10-21-2016, 09:16 AM
Teasing is a Wife's Prerogative Part 3
By SlaverTickler
F/M, Bondage, Non Consent, Tease & Denial

Lucy smiled at her husband's reaction's to her gentle stoking of the back of his thigh, as she simultaneously scratched his armpit. It was true that a she had promised never to tickle him again. It was a promise she'd regretted from the second she'd made it. It was just too much fun to make James wiggle, and squeal with just the slightest touch, especially since she wasn't ticklish and there was no way for him to get even. Before the promise, the shaply Latina would pray to find her (then) boyfriend in deliciously compromised position, then pounce on him and tickle him senseless. James hated it, partly because he was so sensitive, the other reason being that her lack of ticklishness.

On their wedding night James aloud himself to be bound to the bed in their hotel room, and Lucy tickled him at her pleasure for 24 Hours. The idea being that it would be the last time she wouldn't do it ever again. Lucy reluctantly (& regretfully) agreed, and when to town on her helpless new groom. Not just tickling him, but doing every pleasurable thing you could imagine to his helpless body. Lucy was very skilled sexually, and her Latin passions often got the better of her once her engine was revved up. Poor James was kept on the edge of climax for the full 24 hours, and still kept begging for and hour longer as his wife would stroke his member ever so softly, stopping before he could finish. The passion in their love making never subsided, but obviously Lucy had missed tickling her husband, and now he felt this long weekend was going to make his wedding seem merciful.

Lucy rolled on top of her bound stud, whipping back her long black locks, and glaring down at her husband with hungry eyes' as she straddled his waist. Long fingernails ran up and down the helpless man's sides causing him to spasm like he was being given little electric shocks. Still thinking this was all a game-gone-wrong, James fought the edge to simply buck his wife off, as he was afraid he might hurt her. However he couldn't help jerking and twisting violently, causing his fat cock to slap against her ass.

"Please... babe... stop it... You promised you wouldn't.... AH-HAHAHAHAHA..." pleaded James desperate for a breath.

"That's another thing we'll have to work on, you will never call me babe again, and in this room you'll call me... Mistress Destiny, yeah I like that." instructed Mistress Destiny as her finger tips pressed onto her captives ribs, "Do you understand slave?!" she asked in a firm tone.


Lucy stopped her tickling, but it was only a momentary respite, her intentions were to educate her husband as to his new station, not kill him. He hadn't yet declared his beautiful Penis as her property, Thus proving they had much to do. Thankfully it was a long weekend, and they had both agreed to take the latter part of the week off. There by she had a full 9 days to educate him, and educated he would become, enlightened in a woman power over men, no matter how long it took.

To be continued...

10-21-2016, 10:56 AM
I know these are short spots but I hope you are enjoying them.

10-23-2016, 07:55 AM
I know these are short spots but I hope you are enjoying them.
I am enjoying this story, but I honestly believe it would be better if you posted it in chunks of about 5,000 words.

10-23-2016, 11:09 AM
I am enjoying this story, but I honestly believe it would be better if you posted it in chunks of about 5,000 words.

Yeah, I'm trying to get something started with another Lynda Carter fantasy, a Kardashian's "Sophie's Choice" type story featuring Kris Jenner and all of her daughters.I would really like to do something ongoing, a series. I've been thinking about a Celebrity Underground tickle war, but I am having a tough time find to write.