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The Laughing Professor - Part 1

Margaret Standley angrily threw the last semester's GPA summary into the
OUT basket on her dark oakwood desk. Her unadorned lips set in a prim line
of clear dissatisfaction, she fumed at her inability to motivate two of her
students to achieve passing grades. As the best English Composition
professor at State, she felt it her own personal failing.

Worse yet, the Dean of Women had just recently called Margaret to her
office. Fuming and ranting at the top of her lungs, the Dean had insomuch as
demanded that Margaret fail these two students in particular. "A divisive
influence" she had said. Although the English Comp professor tended to agree
with the Dean on that score, she railed at having academic decisions made for
her by an administrator. Particularly when it involved her students.

Resettling her overly-large glasses on the bridge of her nose, she punched
the intercom to her right. "Alice", she said testily, "schedule Misses
Averly and Gorsham for an appointment with me at 5:00 PM this evening if you
would please." A tinny response satisfied her query and she stood to brood.

Pacing back and forth across the richly carpeted office, her low heeled
flats made a "shoofing" noise as she moved. Margaret was tall and thin, with
dark brown hair pulled tightly back into a severe bun. A starched cotton
blouse and nondescript black slacks did little to make her appear feminine.
Such was not her desire. Many considered her an over-aged spinster when in
fact she just passed her 35th birthday. It wasn't as if Margaret did not
possess the desires of a mature, voluptuous woman. She did, only they lay
buried deep beneath a cold exterior committed to academic excellence and

Actually, Margaret had the body and beauty of a Penthouse Pet; she had
long, thick brown hair and stood 6 foot even in her stockinged feet. But her
timidness and severe manner prevented her from realizing how beautiful she
really was. Still simmering, she sat once again in the overstuffed
leather chair behind her desk.

Margaret was raised in the world of Academia, her father having been
President of this very college and her mother the Dean of Women. Her
upbringing would be considered sterile by some, but her academic education
was the best that money could buy. It made no difference to her that she had
learned little about life and love in general. She had learned that the only
thing that mattered in life was success; this is what drove her.

It was this drive to succeed, and have her students succeed as well, that
stoked the frustration she was currently feeling.

"Perhaps the threat of expulsion might motivate those two" she thought
idly, hoping to find some excuse to thwart the wishes of the Dean of Women.
Certainly her continuous stream of threats and extra work assignments had not
done the trick.

What actually incensed her was the subconscious jealousy and envy she felt
for the two. Alicia Averly and Bernadette Gorsham were stunningly beautiful
blondes who made no secret of their promiscuous escapades. Carousing in a
fashion Margaret could never imagine in her wildest fantasies, the two
reveled in their sexual freedom to the exclusion of all else; most
significantly, their college studies. This, undoubtedly, was the "divisive
influence" to which the Dean had referred.

"A good spanking is what those strumpets need - Parading around in their
tight shorts and halter tops - Blatantly exposing their bodies for all to
see. Well, those two will change their tune when I'm done with them", she
thought with supreme assurance. She was certain her stern manner and firm
hand would finally drive the point home.

"Well that's done it !" Bernadette shouted as she slammed the door to
their dorm room. "Summoned to the Old Hag's office at 5 can only mean one
thing - she's gonna kick us outta here on our ass !" More furious with
herself than the college, she sank dejectedly onto her bed.

"Ohhhh, I wouldn't be too sure" Alicia said with a sly smile.

"How can you just sit there smiling, and calmly accept the fact that we
have to explain to our parents, who might I remind you are financing our
matriculation, that we've been canned !!!" Bernadette fumed. "I knew that
meeting she had with the Dean had something to do with us !"

With the grace of a hunting cat, Alicia unfolded her legs from her chair
and rose gracefully to cross the room.

"I'm quite sure Ole Refrigerator Drawers will be more than happy to
reconsider the failing grades she has initially given us" Alicia said smugly
as she sat next to Bernadette. "If they can't fail us in English Comp, they
can't kick us out !"

"And just how can you be so sure ?"

"Welll, some inside information I happened upon reveals a slight chink in
the old war-horse's armor. I knew it would be useful someday. Now, here's
what we do...." Alicia said as she whispered conspiratorially into her
roommate's ear. Bernadette's face showed surprise first then changed to one
of devilish humor.

"Come in !" Margaret said in a commanding voice, responding to the knock
on her office door. Her secretary, Alice, had long since gone for the day
and she was forced to conduct business without her assistance.

As Alicia and Bernadette entered her office, a stern "Sit down" verbally
directed them to the two chairs that faced the large oak desk. Nonchalantly,
they glided across the room and alighted in the chairs as if they were

Margaret's hazel eyes burned sternly as she appraised first one student
then the other. "Look at them !" she thought to herself, "shorts so short
they should be called G strings and those halter tops ! Why their breasts
are showing right through them ! Why bother wearing anything at all ?" she
asked herself incredulously.

"I suppose you two know why you're here" Margaret began severely as way of

"Noooo, not really" Alicia replied sweetly; a smirk pasted impudently
across her face. "Please, do tell us" Bernadette prodded with the same
insolent expression.

A pink flush colored Margaret's cheeks as she tried to contain her anger
at such blatant arrogance. How these two could continue to flaunt her
authority and superior knowledge when faced with expulsion was totally beyond
her comprehension.

control of her objectivity in the face of her student's capricious attitudes.

Alicia laughed inside at having made the normally reserved professor
lose her temper so quickly. "Perhaps" she thought, "We'll make you lose
control again very quickly!"

Alicia turned to grin smugly at her friend and returned a look of
haughtiness towards the professor. "Ohhhh, I don't think so" she began.
"I'm quite sure you'll reconsider the erroneous marks you've given us".

Stunned and fuming at the remark, Margaret stormed from behind her desk to
tower over the still smiling blonde, her last vestiges of control having
slipped away. "There is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING ! that could convince me
to change your marks and keep you in this institution !"

Rising in slow confidence, Alicia moved to come face to face with
Margaret. Momentarily taken aback by the blonde's advance, she unconsciously
retreated a few steps backward towards her desk.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that Margaret", Alicia said, stressing the
woman's first name with blatant disrespect as she continued to move towards

Flustered and disoriented, Margaret felt behind her with both hands, found
the edge of her desk, and scuttled around behind it. The Dean had been
right; these two were a bad influence. Suddenly fearing a physical attack
from her student, she kept her eyes locked on Alicia's ice-blue orbs as the
blonde slowly continued around behind the desk; stalking her.

"Now... now that's quite enough young lady..." she stammered, "...I want
you out of here....OUT OF HERE !!!...DO YOU UNDERSTAND ???" she screamed in
an attempt to defusethe situation.

Her attention riveted on Alicia, the professor was unaware that Bernadette
had circled the desk and was skulking up behind her.

"Nooo, we're not going anywhere you sexless spinster..."Alicia spat,
"...you're going to sit down right now and change that GPA ! Do YOU
understand ?" the blonde said maliciously.

Stung by the insult, and spurred on by a rising fear, Margaret raised her
right hand, preparing to slap the insolent blonde into some semblance of

As soon as Margaret's arm was raised, Alicia's hands shot in like a
striking snake, her long fingernails darting against the brunette's sides in
a brief tickling attack !

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!" Margaret squealed reflexively. She jumped back as
if she'd been electrocuted, only to feel Bernadette's fingers repeat the
attack from behind !

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!" she squealed once more. Like a scared bird, her
head swiveled quickly from blonde to blonde as she tried to back herself into
the corner for a more defensive position.

The student's unexpected attack had sent a jolt of uncontrolled terror up
Margaret's spine. Not only had no one ever dared touch her in such a
fashion, she had never experienced the sudden rush of unexplained fear that
threatened to constrict her throat.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!! are we a bit ticklish ?" Alicia crooned in evil

Margaret's brown eyes grew nearly as big as her oversized glasses as they
filled with growing horror. Not since she was a Freshman in college had
anyone known how uncontrollably ticklish she was ! She had never pondered
the fact that being ticklish could be corrupted by someone and used as a
weapon. Now, only frantic thoughts of escape dominated her conscious

"NO... NO !!! Most certainly NOT !" lied Margaret. "Now you two just
leave and we'll forget this whole thing happened" she tried desperately.

On Alicia's brief nod of a command, each girl grabbed one of Margaret's
wrists, and slammed the scared professor back into the corner of her office.
Dazed as her head hit against the wall, she was unable to defend against what

Alicia and Bernadette used their free hands to play a ticklish sonata up
and down the professor's unprotected sides !

"HEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!" the brunette giggled uncontrollably as
the two blondes evilly tickled her ribs !


Wave after wave of titillating stimulation cascaded from her ribs to the
pit of her stomach; her diaphragm convulsed like a taught drumhead and pushed
up against her lungs. Uncontrollable, tummy-wrenching squeals and giggles
exploded from her lips and robbed her of breath. Feebly, she danced and
pranced like a drunk ballerina. Each touch and prod of a long fingernail
against her ribs felt first like a knife, then like a teasing, loving caress.
Margaret squirmed from side to side in a violent attempt to avoid their
devilish attack ! Her glasses skewed crazily on her nose and wisps of brown
hair began to escape the tight bun at the back of her head. Trapped in the
corner and giggling helplessly, she was unable to pull herself free nor
escape their clutches ! The professor was laughing and screaming so hard
that she couldn't even plead for them to stop their nefarious assault !

Alicia and Bernadette smiled with wicked splendor. They had the haughty
woman right where they wanted her; helplessly ticklish and under their power.
As they continued to tickle her ribcage, each blonde would pluck and pull at
Margaret's white cotton blouse. A shirttail would spring out here and a
button would pop open there, until soon it was hanging completely open.

The remaining snippets of conscious thought that remained to the brunette
realized in horror that not only did they intend to tickle her into
submission, they intended to complete the humiliation by stealing her clothes
and undressing her in her own office !

Both blondes were perversely pleased that their cold, spinsterish
professor wore a lacy black bra that trapped a pair of creamy white, melon-
sized breasts; they continued to tickle the woman's now bare midriff and
watched them jiggle and shake with delight.

Nearly breathless, and weak beyond any self-defense, Margaret weakly
slumped to the carpet, laughing hysterically all the while.


In a feeble attempt to escape their titillating torture, the brunette
sprawled helplessly on the thick shag rag and tried to drag herself away from
the corner. Her glasses fell to the floor and her long dark hair spilled
unkempt about her shoulders. As soon as she'd crawled as far as Alicia
wanted, the blonde straddled the woman and sat on the small of her back.

Alicia pulled the woman's blouse up over her shoulders and used it like a
hood to blind her victim. Now exposed, Margaret's back was an easy target
for the blonde's teasing, raking fingernails. They found every ticklish
niche and had no difficulty releasing the clasp that secured the professor's
bra. Ineffectively, the brunette tried to shield herself by pulling her arms
in to her sides. Squirming violently from side to side, she felt the sudden
release of pressure about her chest and realized her bra had been undone !

Bernadette pursued her own agenda while Alicia had the professor so
laughingly occupied. Laying herself across Margaret's calves, she easily
wrapped her arm around and trapped the squirming woman's legs beneath her.
With unmasked delight, she contemplated the pair of shoes before her and
delicately plucked at one with her free hand. A soft, white heel first
popped into view and it wasn't long before the brunette's squirming and
wriggling let the shoe drop off to the floor. Bernadette repeated her
playful assault on Margaret's left shoe and exposed two wriggling bare feet;
helpless before her.

Margaret hated the constrictive feeling that wearing shoes produced and
was constantly in the habit of kicking them off under her desk. She rarely
went barefoot outside of her house and always paid special attention to her
feet with lotions and creams. As a result, Bernadette saw a pair of long
bare soles, smooth and baby-soft, seeming to beg for her touch.

Delicately, the blonde traced one fingernail up, down, and around
Margaret's bare foot. The result was immediate and predictable.

It wasn't bad enough that the professor was already convulsed in laughter
from Alicia's rib-tickling; now she screamed and squealed with renewed energy
as her incredibly ticklish feet were attacked. The feeling was so intensely
debilitating that her laughter soon subsided to breathless gasps and her
squirming became a vibrating, shaking helplessness.

Alicia saw that Bernadette's foot-tickling had the poor professor
completely defenseless and used the opportunity to peel the now damp and limp
cotton blouse across her shoulders and down over her arms. Tossing the
blouse aside, the blonde then pulled Margaret's arms up above her head,
tugged and yanked at the lacy black bra, then sent it sailing across the

She couldn't resist the urge to teasingly dance her fingernails along the
sides of the helpless woman's large, firm breasts. They alternately
squooshed against the carpet and jiggled in the air as Margaret feebly rolled
from side to side.

Conscious thought had long ago fled from Margaret's brain. What remained
was raw, animal reaction as wave after wave of titillation washed over and
engulfed her. Her very ticklish soles transmitted jolts of unwanted
happiness up the backs of her legs, through the small of her back, and into
her vibrating tummy. The sensations her breasts radiated made her nipples
stiffen into hard nubbins and forced a warm, sensuous glow down into her
loins as they rubbed against the shag carpet. Resistance was a thing of the
past as her weakened body now only reacted to the pleasant torture the girls
were inflicting upon her.

Alicia changed position and straddled Margaret's shoulder blades.
Delightedly, she watched as Bernadette expertly tickled the woman's wriggling
bare feet, keeping her trapped in the throes of helpless laughter.

Alicia hooked her thumbs under the waistband of Margaret's slacks and
began scooting them down. Little by little the vast expanse of the
brunette's lacy black panties were exposed until her slacks lay bunched in a
heap around her knees. The panties followed and the blonde was greeted by a
sensuous view of two jiggling soft buns which begged to be tickled. While
she did just that, Bernadette completed pulling off the professor's pants and

The two had succeeded in reducing the cold, efficient brunette into a
totally nude nymph who lay giggling and helpless before them. They rolled
Margaret over onto her back and lay down next to her, one on each side.
Together, the blonde's dastardly digits raced up and down the brunette's
defenseless body; teasing a nipple here, tickling an armpit there, until they
had her very near to passing out from lack of oxygen and so weak she could
barely kick her legs in protest.

Only when Alicia was sure they had tickled all the fight out of their
professor did she signal to Bernadette. The two dragged Margaret's
exhausted, limp body over to the desk and hauled it up onto the dark polished
top. Shoving papers and file folders off to the floor, they laid the barely
breathing woman on her back.

Reaching into her purse, Alicia produced some nylons which the two used to
tie the helpless woman spread-eagle to the desk top. They didn't need much
restraint as the still giggling Margaret was now so weak she couldn't even
sit up much less try to escape.

The two waited until the brunette's giggles subsided and some semblance of
sanity returned to her tear soaked eyes. Grabbing the woman's chin between
two fingers, Alicia rolled Margaret's head over to stare directly into the
professor's glazed hazel eyes.

"Now perhaps we can discuss this simple matter" she began. "When we leave
here, you WILL change our GPA's to reflect a much more suitable grade, won't
you ?"

Margaret's senses were only just returning to her numbed brain. Her first
realizations were that she was extremely tired and weak, her muscles hurt and
her throat was raw from too much laughter, and a strange tingling suffused
her entire being. As her vision cleared, she realized she was totally nude
atop her desk and she had difficulty moving her arms and legs. Alicia's
gloating face came into focus and Margaret felt the twinges of a perversely
erotic thrill at being naked and completely helpless which was quickly
overridden by the fear she felt welling up inside her. She hadn't heard
Alicia's question and her only desire was to deny her anything. Feebly, she
shook her head from side to side in a negative gesture.

"Haven't quite learned our lesson have we ?" Alicia asked. "Bernadette"
she ordered brusquely.

The blondes took up positions on either side of the helpless professor.
Spread as she was upon the desk, they could count every rib on her trim torso
and see the slight sheen of sweat upon her heaving breasts. On Alicia's nod,
they viciously began to tickle her exposed ribcage.

once again as her back arched upward and every muscle in her body tensed.
Mewling helplessly, she tried to avoid their tortuous tickling but was unable
to stop them from doing anything they wanted to.

Alicia and Bernadette continued to torment Margaret until finally, she
collapsed again; sweaty, exhausted, and completely out of breath.

Noticing the brunette's rigidly erect nipples, Berndadette remarked, "she
seems to be enjoying this far too much, Alicia. Perhaps she would be more
amenable if we decided to tickle her somewhere else" she suggested. With
each new domination of the brunette, the blonde was becoming more and more
excited. When she saw the convulsive, uncontrollable laughter their tickling
produced, she felt a surge of unexplained sexual arousal. She leaned to
whisper in Alicia's ear and her roommate nodded enthusiastically.

Margaret had just recovered her breath and blinked the tears from her eyes
when she saw Bernadette standing at the end of the desk, towering over her
vulnerably exposed bare feet. With a wicked gleam in her blue eyes, the
blonde flexed and wiggled her long fingers and moved her hands next to
Margaret's soles. With a spidery quickness, the blonde danced her
fingernails up and down the brunette's soft heels, wrinkled soles, and
wriggling toes.

Once again the brunette exploded in helpless laughter as her bare feet
were mercilessly tickled. Her eyes squeezed shut as tears flowed freely from
them and her face was split with a grin of total abandon as she laughed like
an idiot. Every touch and prod destroyed any resistance she once had and
catapulted her into hilarious apoplexy.

Alicia began tracing her fingernails teasingly down Margaret's heaving
tummy and started tickling the soft flesh in the fold of her thighs.
"Perhaps I should tickle our uncooperative professor down here" she remarked
with evil glee.

Despite the overwhelming sensations of having her feet so devilishly
tickled, Margaret felt new, surprising titillations spread throughout her
loins. Warm, fuzzy spasms filled her and her nipples grew so rigid they felt
as if they would burst.

Alicia's fingers danced around the inside of the brunette's thighs,
through the hairs of her dark curly mound, then plunged between them to tease
the incredibly tender flesh within.

The professor's expression alternated between a wide open grimace of
uncontrolled laughter and a little "oooo" of moaning, chuckling pleasure.
Had she been in control of her senses, she would have been disgusted at her
display of emotion. As it was, she was unstoppably aroused and nearing an
uncontrollable orgasm !!

A building wave of unbelievable pleasure was cresting within her. At that
moment, Bernadette leaned down and began nibbling and sucking on her wiggling
toes. Combined with the incredible tickling her soles were receiving, it was
enough to push Margaret over the edge !

Her body erupted with shuddering spasms of orgiastic intensity. Every
muscle in her body vibrated with pleasure, her toes curled into tight little
fists, and her heart nearly fibrillated to pieces ! Gut-wrenching moans were
mixed with earthy chuckles as wave after wave crashed over her senses and
dashed her on the rocks of heavenly ecstasy.

Her numbed senses were unable to stand the strain. With a final massive
heave, her back arched tight as a bow, Margaret screamed her pleasure and
collapsed into unconsciousness, a smile of unbelievable ecstasy still upon
her face.

The blondes used this opportunity to untie their victim, move her to the
couch, and arrange her in a number of compromising poses. Alicia made sure
she used the entire roll of film as her insurance policy.

When Margaret returned to consciousness, the two sat on either side of her
and asked for her compliance once again.

"Now, Margaret, are you ready to do as we have so nicely asked?" Alicia
crooned as she cupped the woman's breast and tickled her nipple with a

Margaret tiredly nodded the affirmative, and giggled and shivered as her
tit was tickled. She was physically and mentally exhausted past the point of
caring who or where she was. The warm sexual glow that suffused her whole
body left her like putty in their hands.

"That's better" the blonde added, "I'm sure the Dean of Women would be
very interested in these pictures should you decide to change your mind".

The threat registered in her addled brain, but Margaret could have cared
less at that moment. Smiling wickedly, the two blondes left their once cold
and unfeeling professor nude and weak upon the leather couch.