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Robert lay still, hoping his stillness might lead to their disinterest. But he knew that to be a completely futile hope. He really just didn't know what else to do! Their constant teasing had him near a panic. He tried to slow his breathing knowing if they atually put their words to work he would quickly lose his mind. He suddenly began thinking about his vulnerability in a new light. Every nerve of his soles on high alert...waiting...wondering...focused too much on his helplessness... HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH AHAHAHAAHHAHAHANONONONONONOOOHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH! The furious cackling exploded from him, his thoughts shattered immediately as his body responded to the soft teasing tickling his arches were now enduring. The sensations coursed through him exploding in his brain, almost unable to comprehend what they were doing to him! He could not think...He could only laugh...and writhe...and laugh...and trist...and laugh...and scream his voice rising two octaves beginning for mercy!

Skylar focused intently on her tickling, wielding the feather, she watched intently as just the stiff pointed tip flexed and bent as it s-l-o-w-l-y traced his arches, dipping subtly into every curve of his sole. She had actually jumped and giggled at Robert's response but she never lost her focus, nor intent to tickle him to pure and utter madness. Nadine, started with her, both poised to strike, holding her fingers of three and silently counting down, each finger folding in turn....3...2...1. As Skylar applied the feather Nadine used just the soft warm pad of her index finger and just as slowly, just as tenderly...traced and petted his other arch, relishing in the feel of his soft skin against her finger. She glanced over at Skylar, biting her bottom lip, eyes wide with excitement and a wicked, mischievous smile crossing her face. SHe smiled knowing how much Skylar was enjoying herself, but quickly returned to the ticklish dessert before her. Petting...stroking...tickling...tracing that soft, struggling arch that had nowhere to go.

Robert was going ballistic...there was no other word for it. The laughter now coming from the box was loud and animalistic...it shuddered as he bounced and thrashed within the padded confines. The laughter was mixed with screaming and sobbing as Robert's mind was being ripped from its very sockets! Both Skylar and Nadine giggled, almost continually to themselves lost in their own little worlds...mesmerized by the long narrow soles trying to convulse in ticklish agony, listening to the cackling frantic laughter with pure delight. And they tickled...and traced...and teased...and grinned and giggled...why Robert's sanity began to slip.

Skylar watched intently as each tendril of the feather bent and dragged across the now hyper ticklish skin. She followed ever soft crease and line of his sole and arch, tracing each one individually. Nadine was lost by her sense of touch...his soft arches rippling under her fingertip captivated her as she sat dreamily, eyes closed concentrating on each soft ripple of his arches, tracing the lines not by sight but by feel. The two seemed relaxed, in a dreamlike state, reveling in the joy of their teasing, Robert's frantic cries, and rattling of the box so continual now as to be almost rhythmic, Robert on the other hand was...well, a mess. His sanity teetering on the edge, his laughter exploding, his sides aching, his chest burning, his thrashing near violent within the soft confines. Tears flowed from his eyes...nothing existed but the excruciating ticklish sensations and their soft gentle, almost loving ministrations to his arches. He wanted to stop laughing but he was lost mindlessly in the throes of ticklish agony...crying, laughing, cackling, screaming. The feather never stopped...slowly...so agonizingy slow uuuuuuup and dooooown...Nadine's fingertip...so...very...light tracing aimlessly...their minds lost in bliss...his lost in insanity.. (Part 9 Coming)

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What a wonderful story! :bouncybou
I truly hope that tickle him for hours and hours and hours, never showing any mercy at all. :devil:

PK Fire!
11-10-2016, 01:21 AM
This is EPIC!!, Hope the girls increase the toe bondage for Robert muahahaha!