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Billy still couldn't believe what was happening to him, he tugged again at the binds holding him knowing it was a futile gesture. The girls of course ignored him knowing he wasn't going anywhere till they were through with him, his head snapped to the side as he heard one of the girls squeal out in delight while the others began grumbling about dumb luck.

Billy watched with trepidation as kelly stood up and quickly made her way over to the bed where he lay spread eagle. Looking at him kelly smiled and gave him a wink as she spun the wheel that had been set up by the foot of the bed. His heart began to beat faster as he watched the wheel spin round and round knowing that when it finally stopped he'd find out just what the girls had in store for him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the girls had taken the chairs from around the table and where now sitting a few feet from the bed watching as the wheel began to slow down and finally stop.

The wheel had been made by sarah, billy knew this cause sarah had told him how it had taken a full week of hard work to get it just right as she set it up. The wheel looked like something you'd see in a carnival or casino except instead of numbers or money symbols there were drawings of body parts. There was a drawing of a single foot and a drawing of two feet, there was a drawing of a persons body from waist to neck and finally a drawing of a full body. There were four slots that held the drawing of a single foot, two of the slots had and R above the foot while the other two had and L above it. There were two slots with drawings of the two feet while there were fourteen slots with the drawing of a the upper torso.

Two of the slots had arrows pointing to the stomach, two more had arrows pointing at one side while two others had arrows pointing at the other side. There was two slots with arrows pointing at both sides, then there were two slots with arrows pointing towards one of the underarms and two slots with arrows pointing at the other underarm and finally two slots with arrows pointing at both underarms. There were also two slots with drawings of the full body without any arrows at all. Finally there were two slots that read Spinners Choice and two more slots that read Pick-A-Card, each of those two slots was painted a differnt color one red while the other was blue. Underneath the wheel were two stacks of cards one stack red and the other blue and between them sat two white dice.

All this flashed through billy's mind again as he watched with a mixture of fasination, dread, and even a little excitment as the wheel finally stopped at one of the slots that held a single foot with an R above it. Billy's mind had shied away from the implacations of what was in store for him that those paticular bodies parts brought forth. His eye's followed kelly's hand as it picked up the dice and after a quick shake rolled them back onto the board under the wheel. Billy's eye's snapped back up to kelly's face to see she was once again looking at him, she was still smiling at him but there was a gleam in her eye's that hadn't been there before as she said "Double Fives".

Billy looked over to the girls lined up by the bed when he heard more grumbling about luck after kelly's announcement. His attention quickly returned to kelly though when he felt her begin to climb onto the bed. Kelly settled herself down at the end of the bed facing his right foot she then looked back at him and winked once again. Her smile then took on a wicked edge to it as she raised the back of her hands to him showing off her long multi colored nails, then turning them around she wiggled her fingers at him as she said the words that sent a mixture of fear and excitemtent surging through his body. "Tickle tickle tickle billy boy", she'd said as her hands moved down toward his trapped foot.

Billy clamped his mouth shut and set his jaw swearing in his mind that he wouldn't give in to the tickling sensations rushing through his body and exploding in his mind. He'd arched his back and began straining against his binds with such strenght that the bed had actually began to creek. Billy's lips had begun to form a smile and his whole body was trembling as he fought against the laughter that was building up inside him. At the first touch of her fingers billy had scrunched his toes and began to jerk his foot around trying to keep her fingers from his sensitive soles. Kelly had allowed that for about a minute before grabbing his big toe and holding his foot more or less immoble. Though billy had put up a good fight he'd known it was usless and a few seconds after she'd trapped his foot the laughter he'd been holding back finally exploded out and quickly filled the room.

A memory flashed through billy's mind of his older sisters tackling him before their mom got home and each tickling one of his feet, "One minute for each year", they had told him as their fingers danced up and down his ticklish soles and his laughter bounced off the walls. That memory and pretty much everything else went out of his mind as kelly found a paticularly ticklish spot on his arch and began to concentrate her attack there. Billy's laughter grew in strength and volumn as kelly's nails once again began to move over the rest of his foot, most of his mind was caught up in the sensations kelly's nails were sending through his body but a small part did register the other girls as they shouted out encouragement and even pointed out spots that seemed to get a more intense reaction.

Finally one of the girls shouted "Time" and kelly's fingers stopped their torturious dance over his sensitive soles. Billy's eye's were still tightly shut as kelly moved up off the bed, as he laid there trying to catch his breath she moved over and began to whisper something to the rest of the girls. Billy's mind though was on the emotions running through him at what had just happened and what he know would continue to happen. Anger, fear, and dread were all there but the emotion that he refused to acknowledge or accept overroad all of those. "It just couldn't be true", his mind shouted at him as he laid there while his breathing slowly returned to normal.

Billy's eye's popped open when he felt multiple hands grabbing his feet, he looked down to see all the girls now down by his feet. He tried moving his feet but it was no use, seeing him looking at them kelly informed him that he had had entirely to much movement so they were going to fix that problem. He watched with growing dread as they held his feet still and after forcing his toes open and pulling them back began to tie each and every one. This not only smoothed out his sole but kept billy from wiggling or scrunching up his toes, after a little more rope they'd also made it impossible for billy to move his feet more than an inch in any direction.

Billy watched as the rest of the girls returned to their "Front Row" seats while kelly spun the wheel again. Looking over at him again kelly explained that since she'd rolled doubles she got another turn, she then turned her attention back to the wheel but not before flashing that same wicked smile he'd seen just before she'd begun running her nails over his ticklish soles. "Clickclickclickclickclickclick", the sound of the spinning wheel rang in billy's mind as his eye's watched the rotations of the wheel become slower and slower till finally it stopped.

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Fine story and a truly wonderful game! :D

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Fine story and a truly wonderful game! :D

Thank you sir and I couldn't agree more, would love nothing more than spending a day playing it!

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Hope this is a multi part story cause it is fun so far ^-^

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Yes, excellent so far... Please continue with this!

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What a great start! Please keep going.

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I'm glad you all are enjoying it so far. Things are kind of crazy right now but I promise I will have the next part posted by the weekend at the latest.

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Delicious story!