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This is my first story attempt so please be gentle

Amanda was a bright young women in her senior year of studies at the world renowned school of anthropology at Penn State. She came from money but was determined to prove that her success was not a result of her parents bank account. Amanda was ready to make her name in the world of anthropology by taking her professor up on his offer to trek through the Amazon rainforest to study previously unencountered tribes. This was a chance many waited a lifetime for and she was determined not to let this opportunity pass her by. Professor Windsor always held Amanda in high regard, she was the top student in all his graduate courses and was the obvious choice to accompany him and her two other classmates, Richard and Grant, on this expedition. Professor Windsor was well regarded in the field but was aging, at the age of 65 he had developed a bit of a spare tire, and his white hair, pink skin, and thick glasses were not those of an explorer. This is where Rich and Grant came into his plan. Both Rich and Grant stood at over six feet tall and looked like they could have graduated from the Indiana Jones school of adventure and archaeology. While they were slightly bellow average students, their brawn could come in handy when trekking through uncharted Amazonian rainforest.
Their bags were packed with all the essentials as they began their trek which began at Pittsburgh International Airport. As they passed through security the group couldn't help but notice the extra attention Amanda seemed to garner at the TSA checkpoint. Grant took notice as the agent seemed to take a little more time during the pat down than necessary. Grant couldn't really blame him, Amanda was an attractive woman. At twenty two she stood at five foot nine with soft olive skin and long deep brown hair. She kept herself in tip top condition, and growing up she was a top tier soccer player and she continued playing intermural games throughout college. You would not mistake her for a tomboy however, she was no stranger to the local nail salon, and had made sure to visit the day prior to have her hands and feet pampered before her trek though the rainforest.
The team landed at Eduardo Gomez international airport after a long flight and they made a straight shot for the hotel, a Best Western that felt far from “best.” They split into three rooms, with Professor Windsor and Amanda each receiving their own accommodations. Grant and Rich, a pair of frat boys at heart, stayed up late shooting local taquilla. They shot the shit and Rich, a rugby player if you ever saw one, proceeded to taunt Grant on the way he was staring at Amanda during the flight.
“You sure you okay staying in this room with me?” Rich said, after taking a shot of the golden liquid.
“I don't know what you're talking about.” Grant retorted, as he ran his hand nervously through his thick blond hair.”
“Man, you can't play dumb with me, we both know you'd rather be in another person's room right now” Rich teased.
“Ya, but do really think the professor sees me that way?” Grant replied coyly
“You can play dumb all you want, but I know your type, and if Amanda doesn't do it for you you maybe I'll find out what she thinks of me.” Rich shot back after a good chuckle.
“Let's not get ahead of ourselves.” Grant stated, “Lets just focus on not getting ourselves killed out there. You saw all that forest when we were flying in, and I grantee half the shit living out there would love to make a meal of us.”
“Fair enough bro, now lets get to bed, I have a feeling being hung over in this humidity is a hell I want no part of.” Rich stated seriously. On that note, the two up and coming adventurers settled in for the night, not realizing how much hey would soon miss the air conditioned room in the coming weeks.
They boarded a boat and headed up the Amazon and eventually one of the many tributaries. As they went deeper into the jungle fishing boats and riverside villages became more and more scarce and on their third day up the river they saw no boats at all. On the fourth day Professor Windsor checked his satellite phone and announced their arrival at the trail-head they intended to follow. “Where the hell are we supposed to be?” Grant spouted.
“Currently, one hundred and fifty miles from the nearest known settlement.” the professor responded. “We are going to head up this trail 20 miles to foot of those nearby mountains. That is where the last known sitting of the tribe was reported.” With the long trek ahead of them the team tossed their packs on their backs and began moving up the small trail and moved deeper and deeper into the jungle. At points the sun was completely blocked out by the canopy and the sounds of howling monkeys and birds singing was replaced by an eerie silence and crunching of leaves underfoot. As they began making camp Amanda couldn't shake the feeling someone was watching them. She shared her feeling with the group but the professor only smiled and said “There are likely hundreds of eyes focused on us, this jungle is full of life! We are unwanted disturbance in this ecosystem, lets try to limit our impact and this jungle and its inhabitants will let us pass safely.”
This was not exactly what she wanted to hear, but his confidence was somewhat reassuring. Having Rich and Grant around also helped put her at ease as they lit their lanterns and began prepping their dinner on the portable stove-top Grant had been huffing through the jungle all day. After a dinner of dehydrated lentils and rice they started prepping themselves for their night in the shared tent. It was Amanda's turn to head down to the small creek that ran near their campsite so she could wash up before bed. She removed her jacket before pulling off her boots and socks. Her feet were sore from the day off hiking but did not look to much worse for wear. Here french pedicure was holding up perfectly and her feet were still soft and smooth despite the day in her heavy boots. Her feet were a size eight with long straight toes and while her skin was the same soft olive on top, her soles were almost a creamy pink. She laid her cloths out on a nearby bolder before slipping into a pair of flip flops and headed to the creek to wash up. She returned from the creek feeling clean and refreshed headed for the tent for a well deserved night of sleep.
The team was up and rolling at the crack of down and the professor was already cooking up some powdered eggs when the students emerged from the tent. Amanda was finished throwing on some fresh cloths and headed for the bolder to retrieve her jacket and boots. Her Jacket was still laying out but her boots had clearly moved several yards and her socks were nowhere to be found. “Hey guys, has anyone seen my socks?” Amanda asked.
“Maybe some animal took off with them.” Rich joked, “They probably smelled like something had died inside.”
“Ha Ha,” Amanda replied sarcastically “This coming from the rugby jock who just tossed his socks int his garbage bag”
“Hey, I don't hide from who I am, or how I smell.” Rich joked back, “at least my socks weren't dragged off by some scavenger.”
Amanda had a fresh pair of socks on and had written off the loss as the team began hiking into the mountains they believed they would find these unencountered tribes. It was another sweltering day, the temperatures soared over100 degrees and the humidity made it feel like they were hiking through hot soup. Amanda once again had the feeling they were being watched but decided not to bring it up again in fears they would begin teasing her for her paranoia. Excitement rose as they stumbled upon a few huts but quickly realized they had been abandoned for some time.
“Maybe they've been killed off?” Rich asked
“Or maybe they discovered they could live somewhere that didn't feel like God's armpit” Grant added.
“Unlikely.” The professor spouted, “There are personal belonging left in these tents, It s likely they left in a hurry.”
“Why would they do that?” Amanda asked
“I'm unsure, but it wasn't fire, it was most likely another tribe.” said the professor.
“I thought you said these tribes were peaceful?” Amanda said, trying to keep the worry in her voice in check.
“They were, or at least that's what was reported. The only other possibility is is one of the known tribes from the nearby valleys moved up into the mountains.”
“Why would they do that?” Asked Grant.
“I'm not certain, but there is a tribe known to us called the Cocegas that have been know to capture and enslave smaller tribes, but this is far outside their normal territory.” The professor said.
“Well I don't know about you guy's” Rich said, “but I'm getting the fuck out of this jungle”
“I'm with Rich on this one.” Grant added.
“I agree,” the professor said reluctantly, “but this raid was likely executed years ago, we should not be in any sort of immediate danger.”
This did little to ease to fears of the students, but they were happy to be on their way out of the jungle. Amanda felt sorry for the professor having to cut a trip he had spent years planning short, but she was happy to be heading out of the jungle that was beginning to feel more and more perilous. As they moved down the small mountain trail they found a tree had fallen directly in the path. Grant and Rich were quick to jump over the tree as Amanda and the professor began taking a more sensible path around the fallen monster. As Amanda and reached the base they found the tree had not fallen but had been cut, and as if on queue they heard a pair of screams coming from the path. Amanda and the professor rushed over to find both young men hanging upside down by their ankles.
“Get us down from here!” Grant yelled.
“Hang on guys!” The professor yelled as dropped to one knee and began rifling through his bag looking for his knife. As he pulled the knife from his bag he felt something sharp press against his back. He turned slowly and saw a short man in nothing but a grass skirt, with red paint adorning his face and chest in distinct tribal patterns. He was holding a bow and arrow just inches from the professors face as he motioned for the old man to rise to from his knees. At this moment scores of similarly dressed men emerged from the jungle wielding spears, bows, and clubs. The group went quite as they were slowly surrounded and both Amanda and the professor raised their hands in surrender. The silence was broken as the tribesmen began hooting and chanting as a larger native emerged from the forest. Unlike the other other tribesmen his entire face was painted red and he adorned his head with a large feathered headdress. As he stepper from the trees Amanda notice that hanging bellow the bottom of his grass skirt was what appeared to be the end of his massive member. While her gaze was locked in on the shorts man gigantic genitals it was broken as he reached behind his back and pulled out her pair of missing socks. She was in shock, these men had been following them from the beginning and her instincts had not failed her. He lifted the fistful of cloth to his nose and inhaled heavily before exposing a smile filled with yellowed and missing teeth. He yelled something to rest of the tribesmen in their local tongue which was met with shrieks and hoots of victory.
Amanda and the professor were handled roughly as their hands were tied behind their backs and they were marched into the forest. The thud of the other two students could be heard as they hit he ground. They could be heard struggling but soon they were marching behind the rest of the group deep into the jungle. After what felt like hours they reached a break in the trees and were meet with their first sights of the native village. There were two dozen huts in the clearing with what resembled an empty plaza in the center of the village. They were led to what looked like their jailhouse before their ankles and wrists were bound and they were tossed in. The walls of the hut were similar to a mud-brick material and they had a heavy wood door that allowed the captives to look out though the small slits.
“Where the fuck are we?!” Rick asked the professor, “Who are these guys?!”
The professor was clearly shaken as he looked to the terrified students. “I cannot be certain, but my first guess is that these are the feared Cocegas tribe of legend”
“Cocegas? I though we were far from their territory?” Grant asked
“Territory changes.” remarked the professor. “I'm not seeing any women in this settlement, and the face paint is similar to that described of the Cocegas Tribe.”
“Well what does that mean to us?” Rich asked, clearly flustered, “I mean, we're American, can't we like, buy our way out?”
“Unlikely.” The professor said, but we will need to find a way to escape at all cost, this tribe does not have a great record of treating captives well.”
“What does Cocegas even mean?” asked Amanda.
“No one is really sure.” replied the professor, “But the direct translation to Portuguese is 'tickle'”
“Tickle?!” exclaimed Grant, “Lets hope its something that easy.”
“Be careful what you wish for Grant.” the professor said, lowering his voice. “One thing we do know for sure is that we need to get out of here.”
As if on queue the door swung open to reveal a pair of tribesmen standing in the entryway. Both wore nothing but grass skirts and smiles they stepped in and grabbed Amanda by the bindings holding her ankles and wrist together and started carrying her out of the hut. Grant attempted to get to his feet but as he rose one of tribesmen delivered a swift kick to his gut, leveling the young jock and reducing him to a huddled mess on the ground. The tribesman carried Amanda out of the front door and locked the wooded gate behind them.
Amanda was being carried out toward the center of the village by the two villagers when she began to hear the characteristic chanting and hooting she had grown to fear. She could not see much as her face was only inches from the ground and her shoulders were already aching from being carried by the bindings holding her hands behind her back. She summoned the strength to arch her back and lift her head enough to see where she was being taken. In the center of the village a large fire had been started, and next to the fire was a wooden bench with arms sticking out in all directions of both the head and center of the bench. As they approached the primitive device Amanda was dropped to the ground with a sudden thud. They cut her bindings off and removed her jacket reducing her to cargo pants and a white tank top. A team of villagers forced her onto the bench where her hands were secured above her head and her ankles to the base. Some of the men took advantage of her predicament and began feeling her breast and poking her ribs. As she began raising her voice in protest everything went silent. She rose her head to see what had caused the disturbance and realized the chieftain had entered the common space. He addressed the crowd of two dozen men in a language she could not understand, but after the five minute speech the crowd burst into dancing and cheers. The sun was beginning to set and she could feel the heat of the fire compounding with the already unbearable heat causing sweat to bead on her forehead. The chief began crossing the grounds as his people's chants grew louder and louder. He was soon standing over head and she could not help but notice this penis had become erect and was protruding from his grass skirt and was only inches from her cheek. He reached behind his back and pulled out her worn pair of socks he had displayed earlier and held them above his head triumphantly as the crowd once again cheered. She was disgusted at this point, but more than anything terrified of what these perverts has in store for her. The chief once again pulled the socks to his nose and inhaled and that cruel smile once again emerged. He reached down and shoved the socks into her mouth before she could react. She struggled but he held her head still as rope was tied around her cheeks keeping the socks in place. The chief held a single finger in front of his lips as if to hush her before turning to the crowd and yelled at the top of his lungs in victory. The tribe erupted and Amanda couldn't help but notice many of the men were no longer wearing their traditional dress skirts.
The chief scanned the tribe and pointed to next largest man that was standing in the crowd. This man also rose his fist and the tribe once again erupted into cheers as he approached Amanda. He was covered in many of the red markings she had associated with this tribes warriors and he looked to be their top one. He approached slowly as if to size up his victim, with a cruel smile emerging on his face. He started by running his hands over her face and then slowly under her chin. Amanda tightened up immediately as she was extremely ticklish. This garnered quite the reaction from the crowd as the energy in the circle suddenly became more palpable. He smiled as he worked his was down to underarms and she began to squeal and twist against he bindings. At this point the crowd began to argue among themselves, almost as if they were trying to establish a pecking order. At this point the young warrior could not hold back his zeal any longer. He dug his fingers into her sides and Amanda reacted as expected. She screamed as loud as her sock gag would allow her as she fought with all her strength against the binding.
At this point two of the warriors charged at Amanda, as if they could not wait any long and each reached for a boot. Amanda was at the center of a riot but the chief stepped in and knocked one of the men to the ground with a club he had standing by and the other man backed off to the rear of what appeared to be a forming line. Several men were yipping in the line and the chief, knowing that his men were nearing their breaking point, waved the next man up. With a cheer he ran up to the bound brunette and grabbed her breast with one hand and began wiggling his fingers under her smooth armpit with the other. With two men now tickling her Amanda was in real trouble, she had always been incredible ticklish and what she was now experiencing was the closest thing she could imagine to hell. The lead warrior reached down to the base of her tank top and began pulling the shirt up over her head. There was little Amanda could do at this point as she was clearly unable to break the bonds that had her there, but she refused to be resigned to this fate. As she was trying to summon strength her top had been pulled up to her bound wrists and all she was left wearing was a pink bra. While one of the warriors seemed content to take the site in the other was already moving his face toward Amanda's exposed stomach. The small beads of sweat that had started on her forehead had spread to every inch of her body and villager made quick time of licking the tiny beads off her stomach and sides. Amanda howled as he would occasionally nibble and bite at her sides and he began pinching at them as his intrepid tongue found its way to her armpits. She couldn't imagine her floral antiperspirant has any positive flavor but this man acted as if he was licking up honey.
Without warning the other warrior, who Amanda hadn't even notice left, reappeared hold a large knife triumphantly over his head. Amanda let out the closest thing she could to a scream as the knife was lowered toward her chest. Just as her life began to flash before her eyes the warrior passed the blade under her bra and cut the pink piece of fabric free. He pulled the bra free with a quick tug and held it over his head in triumph. The men cheered and he promptly tossed it to the men awaiting their turn at the table. At this point the the chief pointed once again to the front of the line and beckoned another man forward. As the new warrior rushed to the top of Amanda's body the other two men worked their way lower. Amanda was beginning to notice a pattern she hoped would not continue as she looked down the long line of men practically drooling at the mouth. The new man began at her neck and shoulders and tried to lock is lips onto her neck and ears whenever possible. The only thing rivaling the constant tickling was the smell of the most recent mans breath. It was likely dental hygiene was not a quality these men held in high regard.
While distracted by the foul mouthed man sucking at her ears while groping her breast she did not notice the two other warriors at the foot of the bench were undoing the laces of her boots. As the first man began pulling the boot free Amanda became aware that they were about to find her weakest point. Her feet had always been ticklish and this was compounded by her love of pedicures and how soft and sensitive they made her feet. As the first boot came off she felt the cool air hit her socked feet and she was suddenly aware that the sun had set and the village was getting darker. Once both boots were free the warriors once again caused an uproar by tossing them to the crowd of waiting men. The two men then surprised her by undoing the binds that held her ankles together, but she was soon shocked to see the chief at her midsection undoing her belt. She flailed her legs with all her strength but to no avail. With a chuckle at her failed attempt the chief began pulling her cargo pants off her hips and down off her legs. She did not struggle this time, as both warriors had their fingers perched over her socked feet as if to threaten her. Once her pants were removed they were tossed into the waiting crowd as the two warriors tied her ankles to a pair of branches off-shooting into a Y design near the middle of the bench. Two different men then appeared and pulled the lower half of the bench away.
Amanda now found herself in nothing but a pair of panties and heavy white socks with her hands tied above her head and both legs tied above her body spread in two different directions. Amanda was feeling incredible exposed at this point but her self consciousness evaporated when she felt the fingers hit her behind her knees. Both men were tickling the backs of her legs and the man with the horrid breath had moved down and begun suckling at her breast while digging his fingers into her sides. She did not see the chief signal this time but another man was at her neck in moments resuming the torture every man before him had partaken in. The old socks in her mouth were soaked and she began biting into them to stop from screaming. This was becoming more necessary as the first two warriors were now nibbling and lapping their tongues at the backs of her legs and ass.
Terror reached its peak again moments later when she felt the cold blade from earlier tracing over her hip bones. Before she could find the energy to look up she felt the fabric above her hips pull away then fall as the knife cut the fabric. Seconds later the same happened above the other hip. The chief reached down and pinched the fabric between her ass and pussy and gave another creepy smile as he felt how soaked the cotton panties were. He pulled them off with a swift tug revealing Amanda's small and freshly waxed pussy. The chief dropped the panties to the ground, almost as if this small pink flower had cast a spell on him. If it did, the spell did not last long as the chief had quickly dropped to his knees and was now within inches of her womanhood. The tension had risen so much that the other warriors had temporarily stopped their torment. The chief was not one for subtlety and approached her most private of regions as one would approach a buffet. He opened his mouth fully and encompassed the whole thing. He moved his tongue around and explored every inch of her. Amanda was shocked as the pleasure sensors in her brain were firing at an rate they never had before. She could hear the disgusting sounds of slurping as she was held against her will, yet her toes curled and her back arched as the chief seized her hips and brought her in closer. Just as she felt an orgasm coming she felt the chief pull away and suddenly all she felt was unwanted and familiar sensation of fingers and tongues tickling her toned body.
As she began to feel this could not possibly get any worse, things once again did. The chief waive another man over, making a total of five tribesman now standing over her body. The new man seemed to know what he wanted immediately and forced her head to the side so he could nibble and pull at her earlobe while simultaneously tickling the other side of her neck and an armpit. The man previously at her neck had now taken up a station at her breast and was having the time of his life with her pink nipples and soft olive skin. The first two mew had worked their way up her leg and we now at dangerously close to the base of her socks. They began pulling up the socks slightly, exposing her Achilles tendon which one man felt was worth licking at. The other was sniffing at her sock and looking longingly at the chief as if he was awaiting an order. The chief smiled his cruel smile at the woman they had captured as he reached down and pulled the string loose that was holding up his grass skirt. Amanda was aghast as she stared at this five foot tall man with the one foot cock. The chief pointed at the socks tied into Amanda's mouth and the warrior closest undid the knot and Amanda spat the socks out. She tried cursing at eh man but she she found herself completely horse. The chief stepped forward and positioned himself between her tight and athletic legs and reached up towards her right sock,
“Fuck no! Please don't, anything but that...” she managed to get out in a strained voice,
The chief was not one to take orders and he reached and single finger into her sock and began peeling it back over her heel and to the creamy smooth arches of her feet. He reached over and did the same to her left foot. Amanda tried to resist and pull her feet away and tried to grab at the fabric with her toes. The chief then reach up and pulled both socks off simultaneously with a single tug. The tribe was worked into a frenzy now and as the men chanted and cheered the chief threw both socks to the crowd before turning and running his tongue up the entirety of her left foot. Amanda exploded with laughter as the chief went to nibbling at the balls of wrinkled soles before pulling her three biggest toes into his disgusting mouth. She could feel his tongue working between her toes before she suddenly felt the same sensation on the right foot. At this point all the men at her sides were tickling her in full force.
As she struggled against her bonds she felt the weight of the chief upon her. The chief had moved away from her pink soles to finish what he started. She looked down in horror to see the foot long member hovering above her tiny pink womanhood. Before she could even raise a protest the chief had plunged himself deep inside her. He was massive, but she was so wet at this point he was able to slide in without much effort. She could feel him deep inside her and it hurt as much as it filled her with pleasure. As her body began to adjust to the unwanted invader just as he began to thrust, and somehow he managed to get deeper with each pump. Her toes curled in pleasure only to have two unwanted tribesman wrap their mouths around them. As one tribesman pulled all five of her toes into his mouth the other was gnawing at her soft heal and wrinkled arches. Her instincts were completely at odds as part of her fought away the eager fingers and mouths as the other part tried fight against the damn of pleasure that was about to burst. At this point the chief pushed the warrior currently occupied by Amanda's left breast to the ground. The chief's arms shot under her armpits and grabbed onto her shoulders before hoisting himself both fully onto and into Amanda. She gasped as he penetrated deeper than she ever thought possible. He now began to drive into her, filling every bit of her he as his hips thrusts with greater and greater force. Just as she couldn't hold back any longer the chief gave out a roar and she felt the rush of hot fluid filling her entirety. She felt his body go limp and the ticking that was being supplied by his comrades ceased. After several seconds the chief, drenched in sweat rose slowly from atop the young student's body and she felt his giant cock slip slowly out of her.
The chief turned to his men with a huge grin on his face and spoke once again in a tongue lost on Amanda. Amanda's rest her head in exhaustion and she let herself hope against hope that this ordeal may now be coming to an end. Those hopes, she would find, were completely unfounded as she saw two fresh men trot to the top of the bench where her head was. As she came to the realization that there was an entire tribe of men awaiting her as she felt the first fingers hit her neckline. The men were once again chanting and as she felt her pussy begin to drain from the last unwanted influx just in time for the next warrior that was waiting at her gates. She looked to the stars and hoped her friends were formulating an escape, but just as she was found a small sliver of hope to grab onto she felt one foot being pulled into a nearly toothless mouth as the other was being sniffed by what appeared to be a line jumper. The number of men around her seemed to be increasing as every nerve ending was set ablaze by unwanted fingers and tongues. Each of her breast were being suckled at and there were men nibbling at her neck, ribs and stomach. Her legs were nothing more than salt licks to the to the two fresh men lapping every bead of sweat from the back of them as four men were now engorging themselves on Amanda's soft feet. One man had her entire heal in his mouth as he softly gnawed and suckled away while an elder with no teeth pulled all five toes into his mouth and while and worked his tongue through her toes with an expertise that showed years of experience. Her other foot was receiving an entirely different experience from two young warriors who moved erratically around her entire foot nibbling and sucking every inch from ankle to toes. The tribes second in command had taken up his throne and was now stationed between her legs and was perched above her waist which was still recovering from the destruction the chief had left behind. The fresh warrior did not hesitate and quickly filled the void left behind. Every nerve was on fire again as he once again felt every muscle tense in pleasure. Every inch of her body was seemingly engaged by tribesmen and one had even found his way under the bench and spread her cheeks enough to begin teasing her back door with his tongue. Her toes curled inside the mouths of two men as her back arched and she tightened around the second warriors manhood and she orgasmed a second time.
Her body went limp and she was unable to resist as more men rotated in and took up positions around her exhausted body. As more tongues and fingers met her skin another tribesman forced his way inside her and began pumping. As tribe continued breaking in their newly acquired prize the professor and his students leaned against the walls of their cell peering through the small gaps at the scene unfolding by the bonfire.
“Shouldn't we be formulating some sort of escape and rescue plan?” Rich asked in a questioning tone.
“Probably,” replied the professor, “but I do wonder...”
“If they are taking on new members?” asked Grant with a sideways smile.
The professor met Grant's smile with his own as they all turned their attention back to the bonfire.

The End

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Excellent story!

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Excellent story!

Thank you!

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Tremendous story! Well written. Maybe a part 2 down the road?

11-13-2016, 02:50 AM
This is my first story attempt so please be gentle
Well that is a story with punctuation marks, line breaks and all that stuff, it's more than "then he tickles her left foot then he tickles her right foot then the left again" and without "haaaaaahaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa" bloating a thin story plot.... so no reason to be not gentle ;-)
I like it.

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Well that is a story with punctuation marks, line breaks and all that stuff, it's more than "then he tickles her left foot then he tickles her right foot then the left again" and without "haaaaaahaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa" bloating a thin story plot.... so no reason to be not gentle ;-)
I like it.

I appreciate the the compliment! I'm hoping I continue to improve as a writer

Tremendous story! Well written. Maybe a part 2 down the road?

Maybe, but I think I'm going to try something different for my second attempt. I'm open to suggestions.

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very nice story, well done

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Pretty damn good for your first effort. My only request for your next one - paragraph breaks. It did come out as a wall of text at times. Otherwise, this is a fine addition to the TMF library and I am excited to see where you go next. ;)