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Based on the television series Lucifer


Jessica Made her way through the seemingly endless torrent of swaying bodies; the heavy back beats of the club music vibrating against her petite frame, urging her forward to the bar. The bartender was a striking woman with flawless caramel skin, long black hair and tight leather clothes. She approached Jessica with a willful eye.

"What do you want?"

Jessica smiled back at the bartender awkwardly.

"I'm looking for Mr. Morningstar. You must be Maze."

Maze gazed down at the woman with a half-smile, half sneer on her face.

"You’re cute...and innocent. I like cute and innocent; it makes for a much more satisfying takedown."

Jessica smiled again; this time blushing. Maze did not hide her pleasure with the girl’s reaction.

"Hmmm, maybe not so innocent after all. Here, drink this." she slid her an ice cold glass half filled with an intoxicating amber liquid.

"I probably shouldn’t; I’m here to interview Mr..."

Maze cut her off.

"I know who you are and what your here for and yes," she pushed the glass closer to her suddenly shy customer "You really should."

Jessica picked the glass up without question and downed the smooth warm liquid. Maze nodded in approval and disappeared around the bar and up a beautiful open staircase to the clubs top floor. Ten minutes later she returned.

"You will have to come back later. He's in a mood."

Jessica stood up taken aback.

"Absolutely not! I’ve waited months for this interview."

"Alright then." Maze relented "I’m not his baby sitter. Remember this...I warned you."

She nodded hesitantly at the gorgeous bartender and taking a deep determined breath, whipped around and strode towards the staircase.

Lucifer sat in an elegant armchair facing a large window that overlooked the Los Angeles skyline. Brooding and in deep thought he suddenly heard the low click of his office door being opened. Without turning his head he addressed the unwanted intruder.

"I already told you Maze that I'm not in the mood for onlookers, gawkers or the meddling media."

"Ehem...Mr. Morningstar..."

Lucifer turned his head to look at the woman who had addressed him with such a sweet innocent tone. She was rather plain looking with mousy brown hair in a messy top bun and an almost drab grey fitted suit. He then noticed her light green eyes; they were startling clear and vibrant. His gaze shifted to her full lips which seamed alluringly out of place for such an angelic face. His demeanor relaxed and a devilishly handsome grin broke across his lips.

"You are most definitely not Maze." he remarked; his smooth British accent filling the room.

Jessica cleared her throat "I am Ms. Jessica Larkin. I'm here to interview you on behalf of the FTLOA foundation. You have made such an incredible contribution to the foundation and I am here to get your thoughts on..."

"Ah yes!" Lucifer exclaimed as he stood up and began to walk slowly and methodically towards her. "For the love of animal’s foundation, of course! I mean, that wasn’t actually my idea to contribute but who doesn’t love puppies?"

"So you’re saying it was a media stint Mr. Morningstar? To garner a good reputation?"

Lucifer’s smile didn’t waver as he cocked his head to the side. "Ah...I see what this is. I wouldn’t peg you for a bullheaded journalistic upstart but evidently wolves do come in sheep clothing now don’t they?"

"Mr. Morningstar..."

"Call me Lucifer," he replied as he closed the gap between them, now standing daringly close to her, unabashedly invading her space. "Why are you here?"

Jessica took a step back but he followed her step for step until she was flush against the wall.

"I’ve told you. I’m here to..."

Gently taking her hand, Lucifer brought the tips of her fingers to his lips; lightly brushing them against the soft flesh "No, why are you really here? What is it that you most desire?"

The tentativeness dropped from Jessica’s eyes as Lucifer’s other worldly ability of persuasion overcame her senses.

"You fascinate me. You’re a mystery to me. I wanted to..."

Lucifer’s lips were slowly making their way down the curve of her hand; his hot breath resting momentarily against her now trembling wrist.

"You wanted to get close to me," he cut her off again "Wanted to make a fool of me?"

"No, well maybe. I just wanted to meet you and perhaps..."

"Get a little taste of the devil himself hmm?"

"Yes." she conceded.

He stood up straight and gazed at her ominously.

"I know who you are Ms. Larkin. I know about that nasty little piece you wrote and published about me," he now had both of her small hands encapsulated in his own larger ones as he leaned into her and drew her arms up against the wall, pinning her there "Do you really think you are here of your own accord?" his face was so close to hers that she could smell the sweet scent of malt liquor on his breath "You are here because I wanted you to be here. And I very nearly changed my mind but you couldn’t help yourself. Now, as it stands, I cannot help myself. You are to be punished so that you never meddle in my affairs ever again."

"I only wrote that story to get your attention."

Lucifer’s eyes darkened "I know. And now you have it."

He kissed her then and it lingered with such tenderness that it had her gasping in seconds. Her legs would have given out underneath her if he hadn’t been there to keep her steady. He effortlessly picked her up and strode back over to his office chair and sat, settling her onto his lap facing her away from him. She heard him open his desk drawer and within moments found that he had produced two shiny pairs of handcuffs.

"Are you ready for your punishment Ms. Larkin?"

She felt the all too familiar tingle of arousal race through her body "Are you going to hurt me?"

"Yes...and no," he slipped a cuff over her wrist and fixed it to one arm of the chair then repeated the task on her other wrist "I have a particular kind of pain in mind. This pain leaves no marks except for..." one of his hands snaked up the back of her neck to the top of her head to which he released the pin holding her hair into place. Tresses cascaded down her back. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her down against him as his other hand slowly traced her temple "except for here; your mind my dear Ms. Larkin. I intend to shatter this little school girl obsession you have with me."

He released her hair then and placed one hand on her thigh as his other worked meticulously at the buttons of her blouse. When her blouse was successfully opened, he pushed the material aside and he groped a full breast. The fingers on his other hand slowly spidered up under her skirt until he felt the damp material of her silken panties.

"Someone seems to be enjoying themselves." he said almost jovially as his thumb and middle finger made their way beneath the flimsy material. His middle finger entered her heated junction and his thumb gently began to rotate in soft circles against her clit. Jessica arched backwards, allowing him more access; reveling in the all too sudden and intense sensations he was creating in her body. It felt as though she were melting into him and levitating off of the chair at the same time. Her hands gripped down on the arms of the chair as her breaths came in short, shallow pulls. She trembled and wiggled all over his lap; the entire time he remained cool and dead focused on the aftermath of this first endeavor.

Jessica’s thighs tightened as the muscles in her legs began to jump and contract. This was the very moment Lucifer knew her orgasm was eminent. The first wave of pleasure that came over her was Lucifer’s cue to attack; he calmly placed his hands to her arched ribcage. He was no longer grinning as his long fingers began to play her as one would a fine instrument. As the pleasure of the orgasm surged through Jessica's lower body, a very different sensation jarred through her upper half. Her moans of abandonment were replaced with the gargled squeals of surprise. There was no soft transition to her predicament.

"NNNooooooo!" she managed to scream out "Dooooont!"

Cool as a cucumber, Lucifer followed the movements of her body; never breaking contact with the instrument of his delight.

"No! no! no!" she squealed desperately; twisting and writhing against the hardon he acquired during this devilish exchange.

"But this is what you wanted Jessica; to be punished by the devil," he taunted "I give and I give and I give some more but no one seems to appreciate all that I have to offer."

"This is not...not what I had in mind! Aughahaha!"

Laughter began spilling out of the young journalists mouth as his hands ascended higher and higher. The panic was beginning to set in. Her laughter was interupted with intermittent sobs.

"Please! No! Please! Please!" she begged her tormentor.

"Give me a little credit here darling, I'm giving it all I got. Did you actually think you were going to enjoy this?"

He paused as his hands reached her underarms and leaning intimately into the curvature of her spine; he slid her bottom back up to sit securely against his crotch. Returning his hands to their former position he whispered threateningly into her ear "Do you have any requests?" That was all the warning he afforded her. In and alongside her hallows, his fingers played causing her to completely lose any semblance of composure that remained. She fought furiously against her restraints but to no avail; she was trapped indefinitely with a madman.

Quickly shifting tactics he brought his arms down and none to gently began to squeeze her inner thighs, eliciting even more peals of laughter out of his unwilling victim. The adorable giggles it brought forth egged him on; feeding his oversized ego.

"Having a bit of fun now are we? I think we can do better."

His clever hands found their way into the crevices of her hip bones. Her body spazzed out and if it wasn’t for his inhuman strength to restrain her, she would have most definitely hurt herself for trying to get away.

"Now that's the ticket! I think I've hit the jackpot!"

Minute after minute passed this way; Lucifer clearly reveling in her tormented laughter and unchecked screams for mercy. The more the poor girl begged, the more Lucifer found himself entranced with his task; he was absolutely intoxicated with it. His own breath became rapid as he began to grind himself against her firm bottom. Groaning aloud from sexual frustration he abruptly stopped the exchange; calming himself down in order to return to his former dignity. They remained this way for several minutes until Jessica's sobbing had abated and lucifer's carnal lust was under control.

"You’re fucking evil!" Jessica exclaimed; breaking the momentary spell they both had been under.

Lucifer reacted with genuine suprise "Are you just catching on to that? Seriously? The name is Lucifer for a reason you know." he goosed the side of her thigh for good measure.

"Please god no more!" she yelped in surprise.

"Don't bring him into this," he warned. "All you people are the same; 'please god this and please god that.' Do you honestly think he would help you out of a little slap and tickle?"

With a slightly agitated sigh, Lucifer relented and effortlessly removed the handcuffs. He helped the stunned girl to her feet and tenderly buttoned up her now wrinkled blouse. He wasn’t prepared for the enthusiastic kiss he received for his efforts.

"Ehem..." Maze had snuck in and was leisurely standing by the office door "Your next client is here to see you Lucifer. Business this time."

Jessica smiled knowingly at Maze and made her way past the beautiful demon and out of the office towards the heavy back beats of club music.

"So how was your little adventures’ foray into role play?" She asked almost mockingly.

Lucifer gave her a cheeky grin "It's surprisingly humbling to play myself."

"Humble my sweet ass." replied maze sarcastically "Are you going to see her again next week?"

"Of course...and have her bring a friend." Lucifer paused with an afterthought “and Maze, clear the rest of my schedule for that evening.”

Lucifer Part Two

11-20-2016, 10:15 PM
VERY nicely done! I particularly enjoyed the "role-play" idea, bending back on itself, where he really IS Lucifer. Nice touch. Would love to read part 2, if there ever is one. Thank you for sharing that.

11-21-2016, 12:22 AM
Thank you so much! I'm very flatterered ;) I write mostly television series (comic book) fan fiction so I had a blast writing about this fantastic character who is the devil yet decided to leave hell and live a humanesque existance. The tv series is quite clever. I have deffinately decided to write a part two.

11-21-2016, 10:23 AM
Yayyyy!!!! *claps hands...* awesomeness. X )