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11-28-2016, 03:43 AM
Hi all, as one or two of you may know I have a fascination of seeing my wife having her feet tickled by another like minded man, unfortunately it is never gonna happen so I have come up with the next best thing.......a fictional tale about it. apology's in advance for any shitty grammer/spelling mistakes. I have also attached some genuine pics of her feet that I had taken a couple of years ago.

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It was Friday lunchtime and Eve called Jon to tell him that the both of them had been invited out for drinks by a couple of friends at Eve’s work which is an advertising and marketing company and wanted to know if he fancied going, not having any other plans he agreed and when Eve got home she mentioned it was Jamie and Helen whom Jon knew and got on with them both. After a bite to eat they were getting ready and Eve shouted to Jon in the Bedroom to get her some smart jeans out of the wardrobe, Jon being a bit of a foot fetish and loved it when Eve wore revealing shoes knew that she would wear such thing in the right attire so he made sure he picked some tight three quarter length pair that would compliment a nice pair of her high heels.
Whilst Jon was getting ready he was thinking about Jamie who is by all accounts a lovely guy but knew he was the touchy feely type....not in a perverted way just naturally and almost camp if you like, he is tall slim but toned and could almost pass as a gay man but is far from it!. A part of Jon’s foot fetish is a fantasy to watch his wife’s feet get tickled and played with by another man, something that Eve is well aware of and previously on odd occasions was lucky enough to have that fantasy fulfilled!. Now Eve was a bit of a flirty type, not in a dirty slutty way by any means but subtly and it was her natural personality, she loves Jon and wouldn’t ever cheat on him but he got off on seeing this flirty feisty side especially when she is out in a bar and has had a few drinks and kicks off her shoes and teases the hell out of Jon in front of others who never catch onto what she is doing. Also she is know at work to bring this side of her out especially when she needs something doing by one of the guys in the workshop.
Jon was thinking that with alcohol being involved and Jamie being the type of guy he is a “Tea or coffee back at mine later” could perhaps lead to seeing Eve get her feet played with by Jamie, and even better tickled!
Eve walked downstairs, all made up and smelled lovely, Jon glanced down and she caught him staring at her immaculate soft delicate feet “yes I knew that’s why you chose these Jeans!” she said sternly. Eve wore a pair of high heel Red or Dead wedges that had more barefeet showing than material and showed off her freshly painted red toe nails nicely!.
Arriving in the pub we saw Jamie and Helen and sat with them and downed a few drinks, and enjoyed a good chat and listening to their banter of the work colleagues who they hate, in particular the annoying blond haired smiley fake faced bimbo with a head like a dairylee who is one of the account managers. Last orders was called and Eve glanced at me then looked at Jamie and Helen and asked them if the fancied coming back for a coffee as we only lived around the corner, both said yes and my mind was starting to wonder and was planning how I could instigate Eve getting her feet played with. When we got in I was already starting to get excited as soon as Eve removed her shoes, Jamie and Helen both went and sat down on the sofa, it is one of those that is in the shape of a letter L and they both sat on the shorter end and luckily for me Jamie was sat next to where the sofa bends. Jon strategically positioned himself on the opposite end so that Eve would be sat and could lay out in the space left between him and Jamie.

Eve stood behind the sofa and poked Jon.....”make the teas then Mr” so off he popped into the kitchen and Eve jump on both spaces left and laid down, her feet were by Jamie’s lap and all was going according to plan. Jon was already breaking out into a sweat at the thought of what could happen whilst making the tea, his hands were trembling that bad he spilt the milk when trying to pour it in the cups. But worse (or better depending on the perspective) was to come!, as Jon walked back into the lounge he was greeted to Eve resting both her barefeet on Jamie’s lap whilst all were watching telly, he passed all the drinks round trying his dammed hardest not to spill any.....that would of course completely fuck it all up and kill off any chance of any foot play/tickling happening. Helen piped up “cheers Jon”, “yeah cheers dude” said Jamie. Jon sat back down with Eve resting her head on his knee, she grasped his sweaty palm and glanced round and smirked at him.....she knew!, and she was enjoying every minute of him melting seeing her resting her feet on another mans lap.
she started to twiddle her toes, Jamie ignored all for a couple of minutes as we were all engrossed with a re-run of Red Dwarf on the telly. As the credits rolled Helen looked at her watch and yawned and said to Jamie “come on you shall we leave these two in peace?” “yeah suppose” he replied. Jons heart dropped, “bugger it aint happening tonight” he thought and was just about to accept that he would be going to bed highly aroused and hyper but nothing to show for it when Jamie glanced at Eve’s soft painted red toes and lightly brushed his finger up her arch and over her big toe and top of her foot......she let out a quiet cackle and scrunched her toes and foot up, Jon’s heart started to beat 10 to the dozen!, this was finally it!, he had waited forever and a day for this moment and it was now happening!. Jamie looked at Eve and grinned whilst grasping her ankle tightly “very ticklish are we then Eve?”, he then ran all his fingers repeatedly up and down eve’s foot “naaaaaah, hahaha, please stop, aaaaarrrgh” Eve was hysterical and kicking helplessly at Jamie for him to stop but to no avail, he was having none of it and continued the relentless mercyless tickling onto her other foot grasping both ankles with one hand. The tickling now had taken a more mercyless route and Jamie firmly raked his fingers up and down Eve’s soft delicate soles and she was now in full meltdown shrieking out loud for him to stop. Her body was shaking and she was kicking frantically and was trying to escape but couldn’t overcome Jamie’s strength.
Jon leant over to assist in the tickling but before he could get near Eve grabbed hold of his wrist “you certainly ain’t getting near them!” she insisted. Jon just calmly sat back he was enjoying this so much he didn’t care. Helen just looked on in amusement, she knew what Jamie was like. He then gently lift Eve’s right foot in the air and held it cradling by the ankle and wiggled his fingers in a circular motion slowly towards Eve’s barefoot “Eeeeeek” she squirmed, Jon was very intrigued as she was free to move her foot away but didn’t!.....”is she actually enjoying this” he thought. He knew very much that Eve liked the idea of a bit of rough and man handling so wondered if this was what she was connecting it to. As Jamies hand touched Eve’s foot she slightly twitched but looked on calmly to let Jamie’s fingers softly explore. As his fingers moved towards her toes instead of scrunching she pointed her foot but pulled her toes back to give the inclination she was allowing him to continue, he lightly ran his index finger across the crevasse of all five toes then brushed the area of the toe just beneath the nail Eve closed here eyes and bit her bottom lip. Helen inquisitively asked “are you actually enjoying that Eve?” pointing at Jon she bluntly replied “better than him doing it!”

Helen looked at Jon and could see he was about to explode with excitement, she tapped Jamie “come on you, let’s leave them too it else you’ll get carried away and be here all night” Jamie nodded in agreement and placed both of Eve’s feet back on the sofa “I think Jon was getting more out of it than me” and glanced in my direction. Eve got up and looked at Jon and rubbed his face “bless” she said, “he won’t know what to do with himself haha”. Jon and Eve showed them both out and waved by as the door shut Jon mentioned that he couldn’t get over what had just happened and as Eve lead Jon upstairs to the bedroom, she looked him in the eyes and said “That’s not the first time!”, let’s just say Jamie always pops by my office and sneaks up behind tickling my sides and sometimes my feet if I have slipped my shoes off!”. Jon’s eyes opened widely and pupils dilated to their maximum before the two of them continued into the bedroom.

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Great story and wonderful photos! :feets: Thanks for sharing them here. :D

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Brilliant story Cam xx

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Loved this story. I wish I could have been either you or Jamie .... your wife's feet in the photo are incredibly sexy. Wish I could fulfill your fantasy by caressing them (while you watched). sigh ....

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Ha! Cam buddy I ain't camp far from it!
Brilliant story though.......give us a call soon.


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MistressV where have you been? You ok?

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Thank you all for your kind words.

Purbeck my good friend I know buddy. The person portrayed is loosley based on someone she worked with years ago.

Need to have a catchup have pm-ed you