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I wanted to state that some of the elements of this story are based on a conversation I had with a current TMF member. Those elements have been experienced by this member and I wanted to write a story for them to say thank you for being open about what tickling does to them.

Kat had been talking with Bruce via email, text and phone calls about their mutual love of tickling. She told him how much she enjoyed being the lee and what her desires were being tickled the way “she” desired. They had met through a tickling site and had been sharing thoughts, ideas and fantasies they both have. They had also met several times in person to discuss the possibility of having a tickling session. After a number of weeks, a trust had been established and a session had been planned. Kat had explained to Bruce that in order for her to get her tickling desire fulfilled that she wanted to be naked when she was tied. Bruce had responded that he was good with that and that she only wore a pair of sheer toed, nude colored thigh highs. Kat was ok with wearing that only and the session would be for the following week.

The day of Kat’s session had arrived and she was getting herself ready for Bruce’s arrival at her home. They had agreed to meet at Kat’s house and that she felt more comfortable having it there. Kat had painted her toes a nice shade of red and that she also shaved her pussy for the session. She knows how ticklish that area is and wanted to make sure it was bare to be tickled. She then slipped on the pair of sheer toed nude thigh highs that Bruce requested. She did admire how hot her feet looked in them and knew Bruce would be pleased with how they looked. She put her silk robe on the tied it and went to the living room to wait for Bruce to show up.

Bruce arrived at the scheduled time and Kat met him at the door with a hug. He told Kat how amazing she looked wearing the silk robe and the thigh highs. He told her how sexy her feet looked in the nylon and admired the color she picked to pain her toes. The anticipation of the session had hit both of them as they both felt the arousal starting to build in themselves and after a few minutes of small talk they decided to head towards Kats bedroom to begin an exciting journey.

Bruce had packed a bag of restraints, rope and “tools” he would be using to hopefully give Kat what she has been looking for, a tickling session of her desires. Kat removed her silk rob and laid on her bed. Bruce slipped the blindfold over her eyes and began to tie her to the bed. He attached cuffs to her wrists and used rope to tie each arm above her head to the posts that she had on her headboard. She took a deep breath to try to calm herself and Bruce could already see how excited Kat was from how hard her bare nipples were. Bruce then asked Kat to bend her legs. He attached another set of cuffs to her ankles. He tied each ankle to her thighs and tied rope around each leg, just below the knee. Bruce attached another piece of rope to the ankle cuff and tied it to each post to slightly elevated her feet just above the mattress. He added one more piece of rope to the side of the cuffs to spread Kat’s legs open and secured the rope to each side of her bed. She was completely restrained and Bruce asked her if she was comfortable and she nervously said “Yes.”

Bruce got two firm yet soft feathers out and without saying a word, slowly dragged them up and down Kat’s underarms. She immediately stiffened up and began to giggle. She mentioned to Bruce how sensitive she was to tickling and he had no idea it would be like this. He continued the slow strokes up and down her underarms, each stroke causing her to squirm and giggle. During this feather tickle, Kat’s nipples are harder than before and he also noticed how swollen her clit was getting. Kat’s comment on how much she is turned on by tickling is true and he has only just started. He tickled her underarms a little longer and without stopping, he started to feather tickle her breasts and sensitive nipples. Kat let out a gasp when the feathers began to stroke the sides of her breasts and her giggling became more frequent. As much as she could squirm, the feathers tickled badly against the soft skin of her breast and also caused her nipples to come harder. Bruce placed the edges of the feathers against each nipple and slowly pulled the feathers against her nipples. Kat let out a louder gasp than before then the giggles turned to laughter. Under her breath, Kat whispered “Oh God!” and she couldn’t control her laughter. Bruce repeated this several times, each stroke causing Kat to laugh louder and squirm more. Bruce now noticed that wetness had begun to leak from Kat’s pussy. A couple more minutes of this nipple tickling and Bruce changed his technique. He started using the tips of each feather to tickle the tips of her nipples and a new sound came from Kat’s lips, between the laughter she softly moaned. He increased the speed of the nipple tickling from slow to fast then slow again. Kat tried as hard as she could to move her hips because her clit had swelled more and wetness began to collect on the sheet…

Kat’s laughter turned to small giggles the longer her nipples were being tickled this way and Bruce wanted to see where this went. He continued to tickle the tips of her nipples to the point that Kat whispered “Bruce I am going to cum…”. Not saying a word, Bruce continued her nipple tickling with the feathers and again Kat whispered, “Please Bruce, stop…I am going to cum…”. Not hearing her safe word and knowing what she wanted Bruce said “You are not cumming yet.” With that he stopped feather tickling her nipples and began to use his fingertips to tickle her underarms. Kat’s body stiffened again and this time laughter came out right away. She had been denied her chance to cum and now a more intense tickling is causing her body to ache more. “Bruce, you have to stop.” between her laughter. Bruce increased his underarm tickling and Kat could not get away and her erect nipples, swollen clit and leaking pussy told Bruce to keep tickling. He continued to tickle her underarms a little longer and only stopped long enough to grab a bottle of oil that he brought with him…

Bruce held the oil just above her hard nipple and allowed a drop or two hit it and watch it run down her breast. He did the same with the other nipple then put the bottle down. With his forefingers, he began to tickle her nipples, the oil made his fingers glide smoothly over each nipple and Kat let out another gasp, her hands clinched around the rope and laughter began to pour from her mouth. As Bruce tickled, her pussy had become extremely wet and her clit was very swollen, aching to be touched. He needed to tickle longer and soon Bruce heard those magic words again from Kat’s lips, “Bruce, please stop tickling my nipples, I am going to cum…”. Kat had told Bruce she had cum from nipple play in the past and Bruce was about to add the tickling element to see if she was telling the truth. Bruce continued to tickle one nipple with his finger along and he placed his mouth over the other nipple, his tongue flicking it, tongue tickling the nipple. Kat let out a loud moan and pleaded to Bruce “Please…. let me cum….”. Kat’s body started to quiver and Bruce knew she was close and with his free hand began to tickle her underarm. She was out of control of her emotions. Never has she been tickled this way and her body began to convulse as she screamed, “Oh God……I am cumming…!” He watched her nylon covered toes point as he tickled her as she began to cum and kept tickling through her orgasm. Kat could not control her body and it kept shaking as she started to come out of her orgasm. “Please Bruce stop…….it is too much; my nipples are too sensitive!!!!” Bruce knew she wanted to be tickled more and continued his post orgasm tickling on her nipples with his mouth and fingers and continued to tickle her underarm. She never experienced anything like this and continued to plead to Bruce to stop tickling her. After a few more minutes, Bruce stopped tickling her. Her body glistened with sweat and Kat was breathing very heavy when Bruce moved from her upper body and positioned himself between her tied spread legs…

Bruce loved that Kat wore the sheer toed nude thigh highs. He had commented to her how sexy and how hot her feet looked in the especially her painted toes. He did want to get a nice mix of foot tickling and with that he took a pair of scissors and cut open the nylon on one foot and peeled the nylon back to the cuff so that he had one bare foot and one nylon covered foot tickle. Kat was dreading this she knew her feet were more sensitive than her nipples and with being blindfolded just made things more sensitive. Bruce tool a single feather and slowly stroked up then slowly down her bare foot. Another gasp came from Kat’s lips and began laughing. Her toes curled with each stroke and she also felt another sensation beginning to build again. Being foot tickled is something else that caused her to get turned on. Bruce brushed the feather along the bottom then over the top of her bare foot. It shook against the cuff and she could not avoid being tickled by the feather. She also couldn’t stop laughing. Already forced to orgasm, her whole body was more sensitive and her laughter was almost out of control…

Bruce kept feather tickling her bare foot and added a toothbrush tickling to the nylon covered foot. Her toes on both feet kept flexing and Kat shrieked to feel the toothbrush tickling the other foot. Bruce now tickled both feet and watched Kat’s nipples become rock hard again. Her clit was very swollen now and a large wet spot now formed by Kat’s bare ass. He kept tickling her nylon covered foot with the toothbrush and now used the feather against Kat’s bare ass. She jumped from the sensation of her ass being tickled. In her other sessions, her ass was never tickled and now she was squirming badly from this tickling. Bruce then trailed the feather up her ass to her pussy. He tickled the bare skin around her leaking pussy, up one side, across the top, just above her clit not touching it then down the other side. She burst into louder laughter now and begged Bruce “Please……. I need to cum…….”. He kept tickling her foot, a little firmer now then lightly touched her clit with the feather. She held her breath as the feather swept back and forth the swollen skin. Kat couldn’t hold back and started to giggle uncontrollably. Being foot and clit tickled was starting to get to her as small moans slipped out between her laughter and giggling…

Kat tried to arch into the feather as it tickled her clit and each time Bruce would pull it away. “Bruce……. I can’t stand it……please let me cum….” Kat had whispered. Her laughter was so sweet to listen to and kept tickling, ignoring her pleads. Bruce knew how close she was to orgasm and switched his position again. Kneeling next to her, he added more oil to one nipple and began to finger tickle it. A loud gasp and more laughter came out of Kat’s lips as her nipple became hard again under the tickling finger. She was still being clit tickled from the feather and her whole body could not keep still with being nipple tickled at the same time. Kat’s mind was racing. She had never experienced anything like this and her emotions were beginning to swell. The nipple tickling was causing her to tense up and with the sensation of the feather tickling her aching clit, it was only a matter of time that she was going to cum a second time. “Bruce, I am begging you……. please stop tickling and make me cum…”. With that said, Bruce stopped her nipple and clit tickling and started to finger tickle both feet. She whimpered “Oh My God No!”. Her feet couldn’t stay still and laughter poured from her lips again. Tightly restrained, she could not escape the tickling fingers and started to squirm badly. Adding to her sensations, Bruce began to suck her bare toes as he continued to tickle both feet. She let out another moan between the laughter and giggles. Bruce hit another major turn on spot, having her toes sucked. The tickling continued on her feet and Bruce’s tongue flicked her bare toes inside of his warm mouth. Kat started to whimper and begged Bruce again “I need to cum Bruce……. please make me cum….” Bruce moved to one side again to grant her pleads…

He oiled one nipple again, using the tip of his finger started to tickle it again. Kat let out a slight groan and giggles came from her lips. With his other hand, he tickled her nylon covered foot and she was really laughing louder before. She asked Bruce, “Please…stop…tickling….”. There was more emotion in her pleads and he looked at her face. He could see tears coming from the sides of the blindfold and yet no safe words. Bruce kept nipple and foot tickling her. Her body squirming badly and soon began to stiffen again. “Brucccccce………I am cummmmmmminggg!!! Bruce watched her body convulse, he watched her pussy convulse as he made her cum a second time this time from nipple and foot tickling. Like before, Bruce tickled her through the orgasm. Kat was on the verge of breaking pleading to Bruce “Please……I can’t take anymore……. please stop…. tickling….”. Bruce was amazed at how much she wanted to be tickled so moved back between her legs…

With as wet as Kat’s pussy was Bruce still applied oil to her aching clit that had another been feather tickled. Kat’s body was in a second post orgasm state which meant she was super sensitive. Bruce started to tickle Kat’s feet again. Her laughter was mixed with whimpers and she told Bruce “I can’t stand it Bruce……. please stop….!” Still no safe word and Bruce had one more sensation to apply to Kat’s tickling. His fingers kept tickling Kat’s feet. Her laughter was still there and she couldn’t keep her feet still from the nails that were tickling them. As Bruce tickled he lower his mouth over Kat’s clit, super sensitive from two orgasms, he began to tongue tickle her clit. “OH GOD………………………. PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY CLIT IS TOO TICKLISH!!!” Kat’s body almost came off of the bed and Bruce’s tongue tickled her clit hard and fast and he could see more tears as her laughter became whimpers. She was on the brink of breaking, the tickling was at a level she has never experienced and all of her senses were on overload. “Bruce……. please stop…”. He felt her body getting closer to orgasm and Kat only got the word “Bruce” out when he stopped briefly, denying her orgasm, then started to tongue tickle her clit harder and faster. Kat was sobbing as Bruce foot and clit tickled her at the same time. Her body now started to convulse and she screamed “OH GOD BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM CUMMING!!!” Just like before, Bruce made her cum and foot tickled her through her orgasm. He post orgasm tickled her clit with his tongue and her feet, she was sobbing hard now and her lips formed the word “Please…………popsicle.”

At that moment, Bruce stopped everything. Kat laid there, crying and breathing very hard. Her mind was swirling and she had wondered how she was able to stand being made to cum 6 times in a previous session and this time she only lasted 3 times? The element that was missing in the previous session was tickling. She was amazed what that element added and how much more intense it was. As she laid there, Bruce untied her legs and laid them straight for her. He also untied her wrists and removed the blindfold. Kat had started to calm down and Bruce went over to her and gave her a very long hug. During the hug, Kat whispered “Thank you for fulfilling my tickling desire.” She laid back down and Bruce put the blanket over her. He bent down and kissed her on the cheek and said to her “I guess I need to work on getting to the number 6 next time huh?” Kat smiled and drifted off to sleep knowing Bruce would get to that magic number.

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Omg love it!!!

PK Fire!
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This is awesome!

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Good story, but ... you need more dialogue and conversation. so, the story can get into climax with easee and flawless

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@purple2306 and PK Fire!, thank you for the comments. @putri@nila thank you for the comment and insight.

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GREAT contribution !!

Looking forward to reading more of your work!


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Thank you for the kind words IslandMan. I do appreciate it.

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great detail to help people imagine every second, thank you

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Once again Janga, thank you for the comments on my story.

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Another fabulous story, TcklishTklr66. Very well written, as if the reader is experiencing it at the same time. Awesome!

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Hey footfan69! Thank you for the kind words. When writing I try to put myself inside the story so I can also experience what the people in the story are going through. I do appreciate that you took time to read it.