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Just a quick note this story takes place after the bonus one I wrote for Haloween a few weeks back, but before last year's christmas bonus...

- - - - - -

Bethany giggled as the biro traced a slow path over her soles. She squirmed inside the box and tried to keep her feet still as the instructions were written. The nice Sandy Blonde had done this before. Beth loved to be tickled gently but was highly sensitive and shy. Despite being curious Bethany was nervous her ticklers would push her too far.

Upon her first visit to the castle she had only watched as other women were tickled. On her second visit she had softly tickled a few soles and longed to feel what their owner's felt. Eventually she found the confidence to confide in Andrea what she really desired. The Sandy Blonde Black Feather was like fairy Godmother to Bethany, and had persuaded the other event organisers with their Black Feather necklases to take the shy young women under their wing.

Andrea paused and admired her artwork. Her subject's soles were pale pink, tender and delicously ticklish. Andrea liked Bethany. She reminded her of herself before she had met Lilly and the tickle troupe. With Andrea's help Bethany had slowly started to come out of her shell and even allowed herself to be tied and tickled.

Bethany came from a religous family and always dressed conservatively, not liking to attract attention. Andrea wished she could watch the shy woman squirm, but her view was blocked by the wrapping paper. Bethany had light brown hair down to her narrow shoulders. She was average height and slim, with skinny arms and pale perfect skin.

Andrea liked the boxes. They were developed from the box in the Red Zone at the last event. The angels and demons had been a hit. Sadly it had warped and required maintanence. Andrea's girlfriend repurposed the panels into smaller versions, designed for one individual. Andrea had never dreamed that Bethany would volunteer to take a turn in one.

At the last event Beth had saved money and bought a Green Feather necklase instead of a Blue one. Despite being allowed to keep her socks she had been tickled half to madness in the long stocks. Andrea remembered her struggles, there was just something about the way she tried to resist responding to the sensations; as if she was embarassed by her own laughter.

Bethany had glowed pink afterwards; utterly exhilerated by her session in the stocks. Now her ankles were held down tightly again, disappearing through the front of strange glass box she was sat in.

Bethany knew the reflections in the glass weren't right. She remembered people talking about some box in that 'Red Zone' ladt month, but had purposefully not listened being too scared of the special area reserved for sexual tickling.

As she nervously giggled she flexed her fingers that were held high above her head, protruding through the wooden roof of the box. Her seat had been lowered before being locked into place keep her tightly stretched out. Although her feet were currently being slowly tickled by the pen it was Bethany's upperbody that made her feel vulnerable.

Bethany wore a long pale blue cotton nightie and a matching old fasioned nightcap with a white bobble, like the kind that Scrooge wore in 'A Christmas Carol'. She was too nervous to take much notice of her reflection, instead she regretted letting her captor talk her out of a thick wollen christmas jumper. As ticklish as Beth's soft soles were, her true torture spots were her sides.

Andrea finished writing on Bethany's heels and slipped the colourful christmas socks over the inky sensitive toes and arches. She left the heels exposed keeping two of her messages on display.

Bethany's left foot read;

'I want finger tickles through these socks'

Whilst beneath an upwards curving arrow her right foot read;

'Remove my socks for feather fun!'

Andrea admired her handiwork for a moment before addressing her captive;

"Okay were ready sweetie, you sure you're okay?"

"Yes fine thanks!" Bethany replied as her heart rate accelerated and her mind raced.

'Did she really want to do this?' She thought to herself.

As her anxiety grew she heard the crowd enter the tent. The hub-bub of excitement was quickly followed by the sound of tearing paper.

For a brief moment she spotted them, most of all the pretty mediterarean women with long dark black hair who was tearing the wrapping paper away from the box. Bethany loved seeing the look on her friend's faces when they opened presents like this; she would never forget the twinkle in this woman's eyes before she disappeared from sight. It conveyed all the child-like wonder of someone unwrapping a christmas present, except that Bethany WAS the christmas present!

As the crowd disappeared from Bethany's view the lights inside the box brightened and Bethany's reflexion grew stronger in the three panes of glass. Bethany now understood the odd reflections, she knew that the crowd could see her but she couldn't see them. She tried to remember the science of how the reflective glass worked but couldn't focus as the first sock tickles distracted her train of thought.

The socks were thicker than the ones Beth had worn last month but she was still incredibly sensitive. The crowd grabbed her toes to stretch out her arches and explored the tender skin under and between her ticklish toes.

Bethany was in hysterics, somehow not being able to see her tormentors made the tickling worse. Furthermore wherever she looked the three mirrors reminded her of her plight. Bethany turned crimson with embarassment and was glad she kept a small mask on under the silly nightcap.

Her delightful squeals and shy laughter were proving to be a hit. The crowd had found the small holes under the stocks and used long feathers attached to sticks to tease her legs, swishing the soft plumes quickly across the backs of her knees and exploring her thighs.

One member of the crowd had slunk behind the box and found the long handled brushes that hung from the wooden back of the box. Beth regretted wearing a nightie as they found her underarms. She guessed it was a middle aged woman by the hands which reached through two small holes to swipe the brushes up and down before swirling them in her smooth helpless underarms.

Bethany went insane and thrashed causing the woman to drop the terrible soft brushes. They clattered against the back of the box where they hung from cords attached little brass rings set in the wood. Rather than retrieve them the woman reached further into the box to punish Beth with her fingertips. This was far worse and Beth began to panic, realising just how vulnerable she was.

"Nooo! Plee-ease!" She begged as the woman's fingertips started their cruel dance.

Sensing this was too much the middle aged woman returned to using the brushes on Beth's neck before giving her a respite to catch her breath.

As Bethany breathed deeply her small breasts rose and fell under her thin nightie, she was red with embarassment and excertion and considered using her safeword to escspe the terrible box.

Suddenly one of her socks was pulled sharply away, the sudden rush of cold air shocked Beth, but not as much as the immediate vicious finger tickling that followed.

Bethany howled, her embarassment forgotten as nails skittered over her sensititive arches.

"No! Not like that!....Don't tickle me like that!... You can't please!... It is against the rules!..." She begged through helpless peals of laughter.

"Oh look Derek there are instructions on how to tickle her!" A woman's voice replied.

"No! Stop! I can't take that!" Bethany continued to beg.

"Yes it says feather tickles only..." A man's voice added.

The tickling slowed and eventually Beth went from frantic struggling to restrained submissive giggles. She could hear the crowd planning how to torment her, somehow their disembodied voices raised her antucipation of the torments to come.

"My, she has nice feet!" One voice said, somehow Bethany imagined an elderly woman speaking.

"I say we we take her other sock off....slowly...." Another voice replied, again calm and venerable.

The tension was unbearable, Bethany squirmed as the protective fabric was pulled away inch by inch.

The anxiety raised Bethany's sensitivity to the delicious sensations. She knew how ticklish she was and dreaded the next round of torture. What really scared her was something she spotted in the mirrors as she squirmed.

There were another set of holes in the wooden back of the box. She hadn't spotted these when Andrea guided her inside otherwise she would have refused to be locked in. If discovered these would allow access to Beth's worst spots; her sides and that little spot just above her hips.

As Beth panicked and protested her tormentors picked up the pace. A man with long arms had reached through the gap in the front of the box and was tickling the backs of her knees with his fingertips. Meanwhile her toes had been tied back and were being subjected to multiple feather tickles.

Bethany tried to call out her safeword but was lost in silent laughter as the sharp points of eight to ten quills explored her arches and heels.

Her heavenly dream had turned into a nightmare. The middle aged woman had yielded the brushes over to two new ticklers who focused on her underarms. Bethany struggled helplessly, she could only watch as the horrible hands reached through the dreaded holes and slowly and paused either side of her slim body.

"Nooooooo!!!" Bethany wailed as she watched the fingers wiggle mid-air.

The psychological torture was unbearable. Bethany knew what was coming, knew she couldn't stop it and knew she wouldn't be able to stand it.

No matter where she looked all her eyes could see were the woman's hands dancing with their many rings and sharp red nail polish. Time seemed to slow as they got closer and closer to her sides. It was as if the woman knew they were her worst spot and was moving deliberately slowly.

As if sensing the imminent earthquake almost all the other ticklers stopped as the horrible hands neared their target. Bethany tried to protest but was frozen with fear.

Suddenly and without warning the woman pounced and dug into her sides with precise frantic tickles. The entite box vibrated as Bethany thrashed as much as her bonds would allow. The middle aged woman was an expert tickler and found the best targets and techniques in no time.

Bethany had no idea how much time had passed. The woman seemed to come back to her worst spots again and again whilst finding new ones all the time. To make matters worse all of her other ticklers had picked up the pace, abandoning their feathers in exchange for fingertips and nails where possible.

Bethany was in hell. Only once had she suffered like this before. When she was eighteen a group of bullies had ambushed her in the dormitory of her boarding school and tied her to the bed. Her entire body had been subjected to a thorough tickle torture, despite this the memory had burnt bright in Bethany's subconcious.

Mentally Bethany went right back to that awful night. She had thought of tickling before that as something exciting and fun, that experience had cemented both a phobia and fetish deep within her pysche.

Right now she was struggling for air and dedperate to call out her safeword. Unfortunately her mind and mouth did not respond and on the rare occasion she was able to talk all she could manage were things like

"... Can't stand that!" and "No, Please not there!"

Finally her mind found her mouth and she cried out;


Do you mean Scrub-me?" A voice asked.

"Yes anything, just get me out of this box!...." Bethany wailed as the tickling slowed and stopped.

"Okay.... but after a mercy break we will scrub these lovely feet clean!" A familiar voice answered.

As Bethany was let out of the box she realised it was the tall ginger Black Feather.

"Also you might end up on stage later" Ingrid added.

Bethany was too exhausted to respond. And after a short break allowed the ginger amazon to carry her out of the tent. She was still wearing her nightie and cap and wiggled her toes in their soft bed-socks.

As she was carried into another tent Bethany's eyes opened wide. She recognised the woman in the box from previous visits to the castle. She also recognised the hands protruding from the top of the box.

Unlike Bethany the voluptous woman knelt in her box which was tallers and narrower. She was the one who had tormented Bethany's sides, of that there was no doubt.

"Now since this one disobeyed the instructions written on your feet, she must suffer as you suffered..." Lilly, the asian Black Feather began.

"No... I didn't see her feet!... She was wearing socks!... Let me out of here!" The attractive woman begged as she squirmed for some unknown reason.

As she watched the woman writhe and wriggle inside the box and Bethany could not figure out what was tickling her so badly. She knew that although she was on display she could only see her own reflection and smiled as she anticipated the sweet revenge available to her.

Bethany could not guess the woman's age but knew she looked good. Her dark brown hair was flecked with grey, whilst her ample breasts were purt and perky in her dark crimson dress that those and fell as she laughed.

As Bethany was carried into the tent she realised the reason for her former tormentors laughter. The wicker boxes containing black cats were positioned behind the box allowing each cat to lick a thick goo from the poor wiman's soles.

As she lay on her sheepskin Bethany watched in horror as her former tormentors toes curled against the evil elasticated ties that restricted almost all movement. Her arches were already raw and pink whilst her toes suffered the cats raspy tongues.

"This is why I like to make my victim's kneel for the kitten torture!..." Lilly began

Bethany was both transfixed and horrified.

"... All the oil or liquid collects around the toes which are normally incredibly sensitive" The Geisha added with Glee.

Despite everything this woman had put her through Bethany was both scared and sympathetic. The woman continued to beg;

"No!... Please!... I couldn't read her feet!!!.....She was wearing socks!... Anything but this!... Oh please! No more!.... Get them.... GET THEM OFF OF ME!!!....."

It was apparent that the woman was suffering alot andwhat scared Bethany was that the Black Feathers didn't seem to care. Eventually she stirred from her stupour and asked;

"Is she okay?"

"Yes I think she is just about ready for stage two!" Lilly replied.

The cats were removed and Ingrid brought forth two bowls of hot soapy water.

"Now little mouse, it is time to teach you how to scrub feet to make them more sensitive!" Lilly purred.

Bethany was scared and watched as the two women scrubbed the broad ticklish feet clean. Eventually Bethany was persuaded forward and took a turn with the stiff bristled scrubbing brushes before revealing that her true skill was in exploring the woman's toes with electric toothbrushes. Their victim howled as her feet were scrubbed pink. Bethany couldn't resist peeking through the holes in the back of the box to watch the woman thrash and beg.

The woman's make up ran down her cheeks as she was tickled to tears. Several gloved hands reached through holes in the wall. Bethany shuddered as the chains holding the leather gloves rattled. She guessed the fingers were tipped with textured plastic thimbles. She knew this alone would be totally unbearable to her.

Bethany began to feel bad for the woman despite the horrible torture she had endured at her hands.

The scrubbing phase came to an end and Lilly produced two hairdryers and a bottle of oil. Bethany was instructed in the fine art of heating feet in order to raise their sensitivity. As she caught her breath their victim began to sob and beg;

"No.... Please not the full sensitivity treatment! You know I can't take it! Please have mercy!"

"You claim you don't like it, but every month you do something worthy of punishment..." Lilly retorted.

"I didn't know! I swear I didn't know! The instructions were written on her feet and she was wearing socks, she was wearing soo-hoho-ha-haa.. Nooo!" The box victim pleaded and wailed, breaking off into giggles as Lilly tested her soles.

"Hmmm these need a little longer!" Lilly purred, reaplying the hairdryer to the woman's smooth oily soles.

Bethany marvelled at the final result. Her former tormentor's soles glowed pink as they were slowly explored. It was apparent that even the slightest touch was unbearable but the poor woman was shown no mercy.

Hairbrushes scratched and danced in her arches and she screamed a primal howl until eventually she passed out, her fraught nervous system unable to stand another second.

Bethany watched as she was removed from the box. The skilled sadists showed no remorse and began to slip sheer stocking over her still twitching feet.

"What do you think, will Mrs Klaus like her christmas present?" Lilly asked Ingrid as she unrolled the black fabric over the unconcious woman's heels and up her calf.

Ingrid just chuckled as she toweled the residual oil from their victim's other foot.

Bethany watched horrified. She was frozen with fear suddenly remembering her safeword; SCRUBME...

'Are they going to do this to me too?' She wondered as she squirmed.

Eventually one of her small nervous movements attracted the Black Feather's attention.

"I suppose we had better get you stocked so we can get all that ink off your soles..." Lilly began

"No please don't!" Bethany begged.

"We won't use the cats or punish you too badly...." Lilly purred.

Eventually Bethany agreed to endure a little scrub if Andrea did it. She was taken back to the tent she had been boxed and tickled in to get her jumper. As she enterred she was shocked to see the meditarean woman laughing and struggling inside the box.

Bethany remembered the look in her eyes as she tore away the wrapping paper before disappearing from view. She had a smile and a glimmer in her eyes as she laughed that was both alluring and contagous.

"She doesn't usually let herself get tickled like this, but after tickling your feet she got curious about what it would be like" Andrea explained.

Bethany just nodded and watched as the woman giggled and smiled. She wore fake black leather leggings with a stylish white top that exposed her underarms to the soft brushes. Her ribs and sides were also be explored by a set of hands beneath.

Best of all were her feet, perfect and soft with long toes and high arches they struggled sgainst the toe-ties as Andrea and another woman expertly tickled with swift nail scratches.

Bethany had to feel them under her fingertips and joined Andrea who instead used feathers on the delicious restrained toes.

Eventually Ingrid cleared her throat and took Andrea's place.

"So you know what is going to happen to you?" Andrea asked

Bethany nodded solemnly.

"I will try and make it wasy for you, but we have to get the ink off and you will be tickled in the stocks" Andrea added.

What surprised Bethany was how much she liked being pampered. Although the scrubbing tickled she felt closer to Andrea after the experience and found it easier to look her in the eye. The heating wasn't painful as she feared but nothing could prepare her for how ticklish her feet were afterwards.

Nervously she allowed herself to be locked in a set off stocks. Her wrists were shackled by her sides and the crowd were under strict instructions not to tickle her upperbody.

'Mrs Klaus' had no such luck, and now awake suffered tremendously next to her. The stockings made her soles even more ticklish and the red coat offered to protection to her helpless sides. Bethany thought the red christmas hat was a nice touch and regretted she was part of the show rather than watching it.

She was allowed to keep her socks at first but after a few minutes of gentle tickling a game was instigated that if she kept her feet still she got to keep them. She not only lost them within seconds but also lost the next round leading to the awful toe-ties.With Andrea's help she had slowly come out of her shell and allowed herself to be stocked and tickled.

A sign warned the more intense ticklers to punish Mrs Klaus and the elves, if they disobeyed the sign drew their attention to the vacant set of stocks to her other side.

Occaisionally Bethany was allowed a break to put on her black strappy shoes and tickle the elves. She loved seeing their feet squirm in their stripey socks and hearing their costumes jingle.

Bethany was really coming out of her shell, she smiled and made eye contact with her fellow ticklers, victims and tormentors.

- - - -

Merry Christmas everyone :-)

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