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It all started on a normal kind of Thursday night.

My roommate had what I call his two "crack" friends over. Harmless and not bad guys, but when they get together, their recreational activities involve lots of weed. With work on Friday, I figured I'd give them space and live stream the game while hanging out at the office.

On the plus side, they had given me 36 bucks to clean out one of their bongs. Again, harmless but not the most capable guys and they scraped together all the money they had. With a hand full of plugged tubes, couple of pipe cleaners, battery powered detail brush, rags and my desktop monitor, I got to work. Fortunately everyone had left the office for the night so it would be quiet...or so I thought.

About mid way through the second quarter, I thought I heard the elevator and then a faint click of high heels on the lobby floor. There shouldn't be anyone left in the building, except maybe a custodian... or possibly the dragon lady.

The dragon lady, as we all came to know her, was our building's top level executive. She was brilliant, but unreasonably demanding, with a driven, impatient attitude. She got things done at the expense of many and was also married to the CEO. She was probably the sexiest woman I've ever seen. Every inch of her form was perfect. Beautiful face with equally beautiful hair always pulled up, but always photo-shoot ready. Her thin waist and gorgeous shape were strong, due to workouts and personal training. Whenever I saw her, she was usually bitching someone out but I couldn't help but stare at her amazing legs. She always wore the right length short skirt, sheer hose and killer high heels. Perfectly toned and ultimate feminine looking but unfortunately, she just had an intensely sharp edge to her. Good for me, I was only a low-level slack and didn't have to interact with her.

Just in case, I turned off the volume, changed my screen to a fake spreadsheet and slid the tubes and rags into the bottom desk drawer. Not a moment too soon as it ended up being the dragon lady. She stopped feet from my cubicle and shouted in an annoyed tone, "Is anybody here?!"

I realized I forgot the brush and pipe cleaners and stuck them in my back pocket as I quickly stood up to look. She snapped, "You? ...Is there anyone else here?"

"No" was about all I could bravely get out.

She sighed in a very pissed off way and stood there for a moment, as if calculating. Then looked a little disgusted and grunted saying, "Fine, you'll have to do." Then barked, "Come with me."

I wasn't sure what to do. Straightening my tie, I rushed to follow her, still with the tools in my back pocket. She moved quickly for someone in high heels and was griping the whole way to the elevator. I finally caught up to her just before she pushed the button, which led to an awkward moment standing with her while waiting for the door to open. I didn't dare stare at her legs and just looked at the ceiling until she turned toward me. It felt like she was sizing me up. "How long have you worked here?" she demanded.

"Two years"

"Why are you still here tonight? Did you screw something up?"

"No", I defended myself with a lie. "I'm just prepping spreadsheets for next quarter's reporting."

Fortunately the doors opened to break the discussion. Inside, she pressed the top floor. I had never been past floor 5. The ride took forever and once at the top floor, I followed her to the corner office. All the way, I watched her amazing legs. They were elegant and gracefully flowed from her short skirt to her spikey heels. Even sexier with the stockings she had on, a seam ran from her heels and disappeared up her skirt hem. The CEO was a very lucky man.

The office was huge with an incredible view of the city. One wall was full of diplomas, certificates, awards and trophies. The desk was large and modern with 2 visitor chairs. I could only imagine how many people had been verbally abused in them. There was a small meeting table and a sofa. She hit a switch and the window shades slowly closed. I just stood there wondering what was about to happen.

She closed the door and moved to the sofa where shockingly, she sat down and slipped off her high heels. I was speechless as I never imagined this happening.


"Sit down!" she commanded, and I immediately sat in a visitor chair.

"OVER HERE!" she yelled, annoyed. I quickly moved to the sofa and sat near her while I felt the brush stick my rear.

"I need you to tickle my feet."

Completely stunned, I couldn't believe my ears and had to replay it in my mind. The way she said it, so matter-of-factly, wasn't a request but seemed like a statement of acceptance. I had never had a woman ask me to tickle her, and in my wildest imagination, I had never fantasized the request would come from her lips.

"Look, I'll make it simple because I don't have time." She snapped, "My husband is on his way. He has a short window before flying back to Europe, I need to be ready to satisfy him. You seem smart enough to figure that out. Being tickled gets me ready, but I can't do it myself."

"Okay" I stammered, and she instantly rolled onto her stomach and put her amazing legs and feet in my lap. If being ready for him meant absolutely killing it in these stockings, then she nailed that part. The sexy seams ran to her toes, with a cuban heel and her soles extra reinforced with smooth black silk. I'd guess her feet were a size six, perfectly shaped and my hand could cover from her delicate heel, across her high arch to her adorable toes. Touching them was incredible and the bulge shot even harder in my pants when my finger tips glided along in anticipation of what I was asked to do.

She turned her head and barked, "Look, I don't need a message. Tickle me, already!"

A sudden idea, I reached the cordless brush in my pocket, turned it on and ran it down the center of her right sole. She jumped and shrieked and almost kicked me. "What the hell was that?", she let out a little laugh which I'd never heard her do. I was suddenly on fire by discovering my idea worked and by finding a weakness in her rigid demeanor.

Grabbing her right ankle, I danced the brush head over the pad of her smooth heel. Instantly, she burst out laughing and almost wiggled her way off the couch. Her legs were so strong and instinctively kicked away while almost jumping out of my grip. Still giggling, she steadied herself from falling and I re-positioned myself by sitting on the back of her dreamy calves to keep from getting kicked in the head. Now her perfect little feet lay soles-up and ready for the torture I was dying to give them.

Resuming, I plunged the brush back into her right sole while my left fingers started tickling her left arch like crazy. She exploded into laughter and bucked wildly, but nothing was going to shake my focus from attacking these little feet. Besides, she asked for it. Her toes curled and twitched, arches wrinkling through the silk, with one foot desperately trying to cover the other.

Switching focus I tightly held her left foot to be able to unleash the brush, and boy did I ever. She was laughing, gasping and shrieking non-stop and when I reached the ball of her foot she screamed,

"NOOOHOHOHOHOOOOO....AAAHAHAHAHAAA....STAHHHHHAHAHA HAHAHAPPP!!!!", but I just kept going. The delicious sound of this powerful woman being helplessly reduced to laughs and giggles was intoxicating. Forcing her toes back to be able to tease them led to even bigger screams until her laughs went silent. Back to her right foot, I gave the same wicked treatment, and she may have been getting frantic. At this point, the brush was wearing down. I hadn't charged it fully for this type of fun.

My fingers took over and delighted in delivering more laughs. Tickling the tops of her feet caused her perfect little toes to flex while tickling the bottoms caused them to curl. I had fun with this while discovering her most sensitive spots.

All this time, she must have been flailing and grasping for anything because I was interrupted when one of her high heels bounced off the side of my head. I stopped and got off to check on her. She was a bit of a giggly mess, but also looked so incredibly hot - all flush with color and disheveled with her hair tossed. She actually looked human, but quickly composed herself. Standing up, she was petite without her heels on. But that didn't stop her from hauling off and slapping me.

"Why didn't you stop when I said to?!", she demanded, but I had no suitable answer as my giant woody was quickly shrinking.

"And what the hell were you tickling me with?!". I started to show her but suddenly her watch alarm went off.

'Damn it!!", she shouted and collected her shoes, then glared at me.

"Go...get out!!", she yelled. "You better not have made me late and I sure as hell better be able to have another orgasm, or you'll really pay!!".

I headed to the elevator door and back down to my reality, still dazed by her comment. Whatever would happen next didn't seem to matter. I just had the experience of a lifetime and brought the most powerful woman, the dragon lady, to her weakest human side, and maybe even to an orgasm-?. Worth every minute. Even if they weren't stoned, my roommate and his friends would never believe me. I hadn't finished putting tubes back together but once home, they were preoccupied and I crashed in my room without saying a word.

The next morning, I wasn't sure if I still had a job, but I went anyway in case I had to clean out my desk. Nothing seemed to have changed. It was like a usual Friday, until about 9:30. My boss came over to tell me I had been called to a meeting on the top floor. He said, "Not sure why they've asked for you, but good luck...and better suit up.". Good thing I hadn't dressed down for casual Friday.

I grabbed the blazer I kept hanging, straightened my tie, and headed up. When the doors opened, I was greeted by an angel. Head to toe gorgeous she was a younger version of the dragon lady with girl-next-door hazel eyes.

"Are you the 10:00?", she asked. At least I was referred to as a time and not with "...boy are you in trouble".

"Um, yes I believe I was asked to come up here."

"Right this way, she'll be with you shortly." I had walked the same path last night and followed while watching another pair of amazingly sexy legs strut in spiked heels. As she walked, she quietly said, "You're in luck, she seems to be in a good mood this morning." Looking around, the few people I saw watching me were all beautiful people. I was a stranger in their turf and I doubted they felt pity for me as I headed to the corner office. "You can have a seat, here.", the angel said, pointing to two chairs near her desk.
I waited and wondered, while I snuck peaks at the angel's legs under the desk. Her delicious heels had popped out of her shoes.

I was mesmerized...until the office door suddenly opened and a group came out, but not the dragon. The door stayed open and I sat until I felt a tap on my shoulder and the angel pointed and nodded toward the door. I dreaded entering but inside, dragon lady was facing the window.

"Close the door...please.", she said and I complied but was a little relieved she didn't yell and surprised she actually said "please". She faced me and she seemed to have a glow about her.

"All I will say about last night is, thankfully I wasn't late, and my husband was very happy. His demands with this company require a lot of travel. I need to be ready for the brief moments we get between his trips. I don't know what you were using, but it was effective." This was another surprising conversation I could never have imagined having with her, and still glad she wasn't screaming.

"I need you to keep this confidential. Have you mentioned anything about last night to anyone?"

"No, no one.", I answered and she seemed pleased. She was prettier when she smiled.

"Good, I need to count on you going forward. Can I?". Not completely sure she meant what I thought she meant, I just answered with, "Yes.".

"Okay, good.", and then she sprang into action. She picked up the phone and said, "Let's get you looking like you're part of this company.". When the person on the other end picked up she said, "I'm sending someone your way. Have him fitted for 10 days. Make sure he gets a phone...and a car." This instantly caught my attention. She hung up and said, "You need to be ready the moment I call. That means reliable car, and phone always on. Pick up some more of whatever you were using last night and make sure they work. Full confidentiality. Understand?"

"Understood.", I stated back like a newly minted cadet, starting to swell with the thought I would be tickling her again, at her request. The ultimate fantasy job.

"Any questions for me?", she asked with the hint our meeting was nearing its end.

"Can we figure out how to keep you from kicking me?", I asked simple enough. She looked directly to see if I was joking, but I wasn't, and she quickly realized I was actually serious. That made her laugh as she was thinking about it and she chuckled, "Yes, we'll figure that out. We're done for now. Be ready for 4:00 today. My husband flies in at 6:00. We meet uptown and you'll receive directions.". Now I was feeling like a secret agent, and a little wary that I already had my first assignment. I would never be allowed even the slightest screw up.

On the way out the door she said, "Oh yeah, sorry about the slap last night.", and she laughed, then snapped back strict and straight as she commanded the angel, "Call down to HR."

"Right away.", the angel answered as the office door closed. Then looked at me in awe and quietly whispered, "How did you do that?"

"Do what?", I whispered back.

"Get her to laugh."

If she only knew how much I had her laughing, and how much I would be making her laugh again.

Next came a blur. I met a team of people. Got 2 week's worth of wardrobe and a nice car (in my lifetime I probably would never have been able to get these), and a phone which instantly texted me a street address, room number, and reminder of 4:00 sharp, "DO NOT BE LATE". Of course I kept things quiet, even when my boss asked how things went. HR told him I would be assuming a role as a special assistant in a pilot training program and would be on call, effective immediately.

I got to the hotel early out of fear of being late, and hung out before heading up to the room at 3:45 with a bag of various devices I pulled together. Double checking the room number, I knocked on the door. From behind it I heard her say, "Good, you're on time.". The deadbolt unlocked and the door opened. Being busy with all that happened in the last few hours, I hadn't actually had a chance to prepare for this moment. She was captivating in very sexy black dress. heels and stockings.
"Let's get to it.", she said and slid onto the bed, taking off her heels.


I was speechless and just followed. I watched as she crawled down to the foot of the bed and reached for a case. Out of it, she pulled a small spreader bar with cuffs attached.
"This should help.", she smiled, handing it to me. Then she rolled around onto the bed and stretched out. I had a moment where I forgot who she was but caught myself from just diving onto her. I had to be professional and do my job. Buckling the ankle cuffs and staring at her graceful curves encased in the beautiful stockings, she said, "Make sure you get them secure. Otherwise, it's your fault if you get kicked.", and she giggled - very hot. "There are some straps under the mattress if you want to keep me from sliding."


This was making my heart pound and I quickly clipped the cuffs to the bed straps. Her feet were a perfect distance apart and somewhat stationary.

Looking at her tempting soles and little toes, I couldn't wait any longer and jumped right into finger tickling them. This caught her by surprise, too, and she shrieked and laughed. I was in heaven and my fingers dug and probed and teased and ferociously tickled across the slippery sheer film. Pulling out the cordless brush, I sent her to another level of delirium. Her shrieks and laughs were incredible and for a quick second, I wondered if people would hear through the walls. She seemed to be enjoying it and I found I couldn't contain my curiosity as I moved a hand up her sexy leg to the back of her knee.

"Hey!....EEEEHEEE...AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!", the sound was delicious and I tickled the soft hollow beween her strong tendons while still tickling her foot. Then, abandoning her feet I focused on the backs of her legs. They were equally sexy and as horribly ticklish as her feet.

"STOP!!!", she laughed and was gasping for air. Knowing she could fire me at any moment, I stopped.

"The plan is for you to tickle my feet, no?", she giggled, between breaths. I thought hard about my next move and the incredible beauty laying before me, and realized I didn't care about the risk. "The plan is to get you ready.", I stated while resting both hands along the back of her silky thighs. Her reaction made it clear she was trying to hide something.

"DON'T YOU DARE...", she started and then erupted as I squeezed my fingers into the most amazing thigh muscles I've ever felt. It was if I detonated a tickle bomb. She let out the most ear-splitting shriek and wiggled and struggled to flip over as I continued to knead and dance my fingers into her gorgeous thighs. I was losing my mind under this new found devestation of such a powerful woman. Slowly I moved my fingers up to the tops of her stockings and began to touch the smooth skin peeking out from the top of the purple lace band. Her arms struggled as she was now in tickle distress while I inched so close to her pert little ass.

Suddenly, the room phone rang and shocked both of us. I jumped up as she gasped, "Stop, stop, STOP!", this sounded urgent and I immediately began to undo the ankle cuffs. She rolled over and began looking for her heels.

"I told the driver to ring when they were leaving the airport.", she explained while rushing to the bathroom.

"Shit!", she yelled, "You made me look like a mess!"

"That's impossible.", blurted out of me from nowhere.

"What?!", she snapped stepping out of the bathroom to glare at me.

"You look so stunningly beautiful.", again my mouth blurted before my mind could catch up. This seemed to catch her off guard, and her tone softened for a moment, it almost looked like she was blushing until she still resumed her authority.

"I have about 15 minutes. Thank you. You should head out, now.", and she closed the bathroom door.

It was quiet for a few days after. No texts or meeting locations. Then one day, the dragon lady stopped on our floor. Everyone did their best to look busy, or hide in the bathroom. She moved quick and pulled me from a staff meeting while my boss just stopped and stood in silence.

"You!", she barked, "Come with me!". I got up to follow and could hear the rest of the staff whispering as I left. Guessing they were all glad it was me and not them. She was in a hurry and we caught the elevator down to the main lobby, out the door and into a limo. Inside the tinted windows, she explained, "Sorry about the show. I still have a reputation to maintain. My husband is on his way and I'm gonna need you to be quick." She looked amazing as always with her trademark high heels. Red skirt and jacket over a white blouse with dark tan hose made her look corporate and sexy all at once. Instead of slipping off her heels, she kneeled on the seat , took off her jacket and lifted her skirt, revealing she was wearing thigh-highs.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've only got about 5 minutes. You'll have to tickle that spot behind my legs.", and she leaned her sexy frame across my lap. Wanting to do a good job, I delivered a shock to those gorgeous legs. She laughed hard, squirmed, and kicked while I dodged those heels from catching my head. A short three minutes later, she was giggling and straightening herself.

"Well done.", her tone was grateful. "You okay to get back to work?", she chuckled as she could clearly see the boner in my pants.

"Yeah, I'm good.", I offered.

"Okay.", and then she teased as she touched up her lipstick, "Now get out and good luck keeping the weapon concealed."

Back at work, people seemed shocked I hadn't been fired. It wasn't the last time I was pulled from staff meetings and I was beginning to build my own reputation of having a magic touch. If only they knew how magic. With a new look, a new car, and the ability to escape the dragon wrath, people in the building were beginning to wonder who I was. For months, I continued to enjoy doing a great job and kept the dragon tamed while keeping her and her husband happy.

I made sure I was always available and punctual, which sometimes caused problems. Like the time I had to leave courtside seats to fly to a conference. Or the countless middle-of-the-night runs to hotel rooms, while I was still half asleep. Once, I left a ball game to stop at a corporate dinner, meeting her in her limo in the middle of dessert so she could be ready. Again, she was stunning in sun dress and gorgeous white pumps with a delicate leather flower on each. Ticklish toes in tan nylon were such a delight.

Even with the inconvenience of having to drop what I was doing, I was having the time of my life and still told no one. Plus, the raises and bonuses continued to come and I was able to move into an apartment of my own.

I got a great bonus after I made a trip to a ski outing they planned. She looked amazing in casual clothes - perfectly tight jeans and spiked boots. I (professionally) watched her strip to her lingerie and proceeded to destroy her by discovering new tickle spots.She tried some new tricks by warming her stockinged legs and feet in the jacuzzi. Her wet legs looked even more amazing while being wet and slippery - an interesting twist in teasing giggles and laughs out of her.

Only problem was the warning came late while her husband was early. The driver called when they were pulling into the driveway. In a panic, I ended up helping her cleanup and getting re-composed, but only had enough time to grab my stuff and climb out a window, forgetting the keys to the rental I parked out of sight. Nothing like standing out in freezing weather, knee-deep in snow. After about an hour and a half, she must have discovered when I saw the bathroom window crack open and the keys drop into the snow.

And so, I wait for my next assignment, my next fantasy. Sometimes I wait for days.
Other times, it's hours, or in a pinch I need to be ready in minutes.


A sudden text, "Need U at Plaza...Room 1242...20 min...bring tools"

Well...duty calls. Gotta go. Can't be late!

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Awesome scenario and fresh story.....thank you for breaking the stale air in the story forum. Keep up the great work!!

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Thank you very much! I'm really glad to have found the forum and a chance to contribute some ideas.

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This is truly amazing! Please continue this or at the least keep writing!!!

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Great job on all levels, my man. Original concept, and well written. Keep up the great work.

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Great stuff, loved it!

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Good story!! Very interesting concept... Keep up the good work!

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Thanks very much for the positive comments! Figured I would include the next chapter.

"Meet...my office...NOW" was the latest text. Perfect timing to get me out of another boring meeting.

On the ride up the elevator, I was anxious to see the angel. It was always nice seeing her and she seemed genuinely appreciative of my meetings with the boss. She still had no idea what we were up to. All she knew after we had one of our meetings, the dragon lady was usually in a better mood. With no photos on her desk, it was hard to tell what her story was or if she had a significant other.

Once the doors opened, she was there waiting in the lobby.

"Hi!", came the angelic voice with a big smile. Everyone was a little more relaxed with morale and productivity at an all-time high. Still wary of the dragon. Lately, there was a little uneasiness, though.
"She's not back, yet, but should be here to meet you any moment.", explaining on the walk to the corner office. She led me into the office and sat on the sofa for a quick second.

"Can I ask you something?", she looked a little worried and I hoped she wouldn't ask me about our meetings. I didn't have it in me to lie to her.

"Yes, go right ahead.", I managed to take a quick peek at her gorgeous legs while I pulled a chair close to her.


"Have you noticed she seems a little depressed, lately?". Her question made me relieved she didn't ask something else, but also got me thinking. She was right, I had noticed a bit of an edge. Still plenty of laughs while tickling her, but the dragon lady didn't have the same glow about her some days.

"Yes, I've noticed something is a little off.", responding honestly.

"Has she mentioned anything to you at all?"

"No, she's a pretty tough cookie. Doesn't generally talk about herself.", was all I could offer.

"Do you think you could talk with her and try to get an idea if something's wrong. It's just concerning if there are any changes coming.", and she quickly stood up before the dragon arrived. She hit on something I hadn't ever considered. If anything were to change with the dragon, my dream job could disappear.

"I'll see if I can find anything out.", I tried to re-assure her, "And I'll let you know right away." This gave me a chance to meet directly with her, maybe outside of work.

"You're so sweet. Thank you. I knew if there was anyone who could find out, it would be you. You're probably the only one she trusts around here.", and she blushed while giving me a quick peck on the cheek. Then she quickly left.

A few minutes later, the dragon lady appeared and closed the door, hitting the window shades. She headed to the sofa and kneeled on the seat, looking amazing as always.


Then she got comfortable and slipped off her shoes.

"Let's try something light.", she commanded. I hadn't ever tickled those sexy soles in her office during the work day before, and was concerned the angel would find out. But, I also had a job to do and complied by sitting on the opposite end of the couch. I tried as light a feathery touch as my fingertips could deliver - just a slight kiss of fingernail over the silk on her feet. She giggled softly and instantly, I got hard.

"Perfect!", she chuckled, "Just like that.". I wasn't sure how long this would last, but hoped it would be a while before her husband needed her.

"Everything okay?", I checked with her.

"No talking right now.", she barked, but followed up in appreciation with, "...Please.". She continued to giggle and let out an occasional laugh. This went on for about 20 minutes, and I began to wonder if any of this was for her husband. She disregarded all incoming texts, but had me stop when the angel buzzed in with, "The CEO is on line one". This seemed to make her pretty pissed. She got up, grabbed her heels and headed to the desk. Picking up the phone, she motioned for me to leave.

Out the door, the angel walked with me to the elevator. "Nothing yet.", I started. "She seemed to be angered when the CEO called.", was all I could offer.

"I've only ever heard her laugh when she meets with you. You definitely have the touch. Thanks for looking into this.", her beautiful eyes looked concerned. If only she knew, but now I'd be so embarrassed for her to find out my secret assignment.

While waiting for the elevator, I was thrilled when she said, "Maybe we can get together for lunch sometime. You can let me know what you find out."

"That would be so great.", I answered, and we agreed to connect later in the week.

I was barely back to my desk when my phone got a new text, "Plaza...4:00...Room 1410...thanks". Her texts never usually said thanks. Now I couldn't help but wonder if something really was wrong. I mean, it didn't appear to be work related. It seemed to be something else between the dragon and CEO. No way to find out until maybe 4:00.

I got to the hotel early, but headed to the room anyway. Maybe she would feel like talking. I knocked on the door and found out...she didn't want to talk. Instead, she slinked over to the bed in her most revealing outfit, yet.


She was practically naked except for gorgeous black silk and skimpy in all the right places. Her body was a work of art. This time she was looking for a little more.

"Glad you came early. Full body tickling today.", and with a new twist, she pulled out ankle and wrist cuffs. The hairs on my neck stood up, as did my cock. Within seconds, her ankles were cuffed and I was helping her with the wrist cuffs. She looked amazing stretching out on the bed, waiting for me to secure her to each corner. Once I had her ankles attached, I moved to the head of the bed.

"This is new.", trying to make small talk.

"Yeah well, ya know...variety...spice of life and all...", I actually expected her to say something else. She just didn't seem to have her usual zip. I proceeded to clip the wrist cuffs and stretched her tightly. Absolutely amazing to see her incredible skin exposed and tightly waiting to be loosely teased. I hadn't tickled her above the waist before and it looked like she might be enjoying the anticipation as it looked like her nipples were standing pert and perky. Just hard to tell since she wasn't really in a talking mood.

"Everything okay...ready?", I tried one more check.

"Yes...Fine...let's get it going.", was her answer. So I got it going by moving to the foot of the bed and went right to my favorite spots with my favorite tools - silky toes and soles with a plastic fork. This caused her to burst out laughing. I figured, since she was in no mood to talk, she may be in a mood to laugh. Well, actually, she had no choice so it was whether she was in a mood to laugh hysterically hard because that was the mood I was in. There was no way I was missing this golden chance with so much of her smooth skin exposed.

Her hips were an absolute weak spot and I attacked them more savagely than ever before. She went into orbit and shrieked like a wildcat, laughing until the sound stopped coming. My hands moved between here and her ribs with sweet success as she bucked wildly. Good thing I had her secured tightly, although I was concerned she would dislocate something. So eager to try out her smooth underarms, my hands moved up her ribs and she didn't protest when they reached the money spot under each cup. A new discovery that squeezed the wildest laughs out of her beautiful body.

None of it compared to those devastatingly sensitive arm pits. As tough as she seemed, she tried to inhale through her laughs as my fingers gently rested on her smooth tight pits. A brief tug proved she was immobile and unable to move out of this predicament. These tender spots were all mine. Her eyes gave a hint of fear as she knew I was about to hit an area she hadn't let me touch before - for a reason. I didn't use finger nails and instead just attacked with the simple pads of my fingers.

But...I wanted her to shudder first and I gave just the slightest kiss of skin meeting impossibly sensitive skin. Even the lightest touch had her bursting with her eyes bulging. As I started to increase my touch, her eyes shut tight and if she could speak, I'm convinced a few begs and pleas would scream out of her sweet lips. Going for broke, I grabbed my best weapon.

While investigating the best devices to deliver great results in a hurry, I came across a Proactiv TV commercial where they were using an electronic brush for face cleaning. I subscribed and ordered one. It came with a deep cleaning, ultra-sonic, soft silicone brush head with evil flexible bristles. Hands down, this was so effective with her feet and the back of her legs. So good, I ordered two and along with the electric toothbrushes, consistently had them charged and ready. Now, this new bare skin was about to experience delicious, merciless torture. Turning both on, the dragon gasped and opened her eyes.

"PLEEHEEHEEZ...", she laughed between gasps in nervous apprehension, but there was no hope. I was on a mission and scrubbed her completely out of her mind. Wild bucking and attempts at kicking did nothing and her head thrashed back and forth with her mouth wide open and her eyes tightly shut. Tears flowed effortlessly now. This only went for a few minutes, but probably seemed like an eternity for her. I stopped to let her catch her breath, and was wary the phone could ring at any time to warn her husband was arriving. Since I arrived early, I was able to have a chance for extra minutes.

Letting her cool down, she lay gasping and laughing for a while. I couldn't resist her wiggling toes and switched the brush heads with a softer cotton pad to lightly graze over the nylon. Tipping the edge allowed constant stimulation on sensitive silky skin and plunging into the base of her toes gave tickling across three at a time. She hated/loved this.

A twitchy, giggly, sweaty, gorgeously stretched dragon was breathing heavy. I released the straps at her arms and she pulled them down, crossing over her chest. Laying in hysteria. Next I unhooked her ankle cuffs but just couldn't resist massaging her feet in the sexy stockings.

"What are you doing?", she practically cooed as she started to curl up to continue catching her breath.
"You've been through so much, I thought this might help. Is it okay?", I checked.

"It's wonderful.", positive feedback didn't come naturally for her and she rolled over to look at me.

"You made me a mess, ya know.", but she lay smiling.

"I still think that's impossible.", I repeated a former line. She smiled and stood up, pulling out a change of lingerie.

"I'm taking a shower...you're a good guy, ya know. Think about finding a girlfriend. Thanks for keeping this confidential.", and she made her way to the bathroom.

"Great job tonight!", and she shut the bathroom door. My cue to leave. I was a bit exhausted and still very hard while I made my way home. A quick bite on the way, I was surprised when I walked in the door and my phone went off again.

"Return to Plaza...same room...Thx".

This made me panic. Return? Why? What if this meant her husband had found out? What if he wanted to meet the person responsible for priming his wife? Did he want to talk? What would he say? If he didn't kick my ass, or have it kicked, he sure could make my life miserable. But the text ended with thanks. Maybe he passed out and she needed help. The only way to find out was to face the music.

Once reaching the hotel parking garage, the follow up text said, "...bring your tools". Now I was confused. Did he want to see what I was using. When I got to the room, it was not what I was worried about...at all. Dragon lady was the only one in the room. A complete relief.

"I need your help.", she said and sounded human. In a beautiful robe, she wasn't weraing shoes but still had on black silk. Always my favorite.

"Is everything okay? What can I do?". And she sat down on the bed, motioning for me to join her.

"You've kept getting better at prepping me.", she started, "But all this time, my husband has been satisfied. He usually has to run off before I experience the same. I really need to finish for a change...do you follow?"

And it hit me. That must really suck. She worked so hard to be ready and her husband always left happy. The ultimate frustration. She's consistently been denied...and she was tired of it. I wasn't going to get pummeled, after all, and she was asking me to help her get off.

"What would you like me to do to help?", an honest question as I wasn't sure if she was looking for me to step in to do the deed.

"Just do what you always do. Is that okay?", wasn't exactly the response I hoped for but a fun fantasy just the same.

"Oh...yes. That's okay.", what else was I going to say. She stepped out of her robe, and removed her panties. Now I was reeling. She reached into her suitcase and pulled out a purple remote control vibrator. Climbing onto the bed like a cat, her entire form was poetry. Again she stretched out and secured her ankles to the bed. Then slipped the vibrator into her glorious crotch. This was a first for me to witness. I climbed on to start securing her wrists.

"Let's keep my hands free."

But after all this time, I badly wanted to be the one to satisfy her tonight.

"Let me do the driving.", was the first time I asserted myself in this fashion. She didn't protest and complied, allowing me to secure her tightly, again. I think she wanted to be the one to lay back and receive. Now she was all mine from head to toe, with a pleasure stimulator to go with the pending tickle stimulation.

I decided to address all of my favorite spots, while I slowly kept adjusting intensity of the vibrator. Laughter and moans melted into each other and she exploded into euphoria while I was tickling her hips. The second time was while I was teasing her armpits to a delightful mix of shrieks and begs - not to stop. The third time was a strictly rigorous foot tickling.


The grand slam when I tore through her stockings to conquer her sensitive bare feet.
In all, a long successful night of torture and pleasure. I left her completely spent and happier than ever, practically passed out while I pulled the covers over her.

"Hey...", she sat up and hugged me, "thanks.", and planted a kiss. A day full of firsts.

She didn't show up to work the next day. My fantasy job was safe and at least I found out why the dragon was depressed. Looking forward to my next assignment...and trying to come up with an explanation to the angel.

12-27-2016, 06:49 AM
"A Dragon Lady is usually strong, deceitful, domineering, or mysterious.[1] The term's origin and usage is inspired by the characters played by actress Anna May Wong,[2] the term comes from the female villain in the comic strip Terry and the Pirates.[1][2] It has since been applied to powerful Asian women and to a number of Asian film actresses. The stereotype has generated a large quantity of sociological literature. "Dragon Lady" is sometimes applied to persons who lived before the term became part of American slang in the 1930s. It is also used to refer to any powerful but prickly woman, usually in a derogatory fashion."


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Good job man! Love the pics you add

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Saving part 2 for another time but I must agree with most of the comments
Here already. A very fresh piece and a scenario I'm sure many of us have thought
Of but never fully played it out. Thank you for your contribution