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The discovery

A dark night saw a single car's headlights with windshield wipers pounding at the storm.

"Can you believe how amazing Stephanie looked?", Tracey asked her boyfriend Derek.
"She must have lost about 100 pounds!", Tracey continued in amazement.

"Yeah, great.", Derek sounded less than enthused as he was maneuvering the car through the rain. "We should have left hours ago.", he grumbled. Stacey had wanted to stay at the party until the storm was over.

"Why don't you ever want to go anywhere besides the rink or the pub?", she complained.

"Because they're close to home, and I don't have to risk my life to get there and back."
Sometimes, he was impossible, she thought. But she was really still amazed at her friend's transformation and wanted to know her secret. The next day, she decided to call to find out.

"You look amazing!", she said to Steph.

"Thanks! I owe it all to my doctor.", Steph offered without Tracey even having to ask. "He helped me to control my eating and my cravings to stuff my face all the time. And he's helped me to look at life so much happier. I enjoy to laugh so much more now! It's like I can't imagine how I was functioning before I let go of my inhibitions."

Now Tracey was fascinated. She had to learn more about this. Maybe she could get help with her cravings for junk food. It seemed to be her new comfort in the last few months. Derek was great and all, but sometimes she felt ignored and would fall asleep in front of the TV waiting for him, empty ice cream container and all. It was starting to sneak up on her and lately she had put on some extra pounds.

"Come with me to one of my sessions.", Steph pleaded, "You'll have a blast! I always do."
So, Tracey joined her one night to meet with the doctor. She felt a little under-dressed as Steph was wearing a beautiful dress, heels and nylons. Tracey was in jeans, sweater and sneakers. "This is supposed to be just a casual office visit isn't it?", she thought.

In the reception area and just outside his office, she heard hysterical laughing coming from inside. It sounded like it was from about 5 different women.
Maybe they were watching a funny movie, she thought. But then, it seemed much more than that. It sounded so uncontrollable and unending. Shades were pulled down at all the windows, so she couldn't see in.
The sign said "Dr. Tierney, Behavioral Psychologist, Hypnotherapist"

"Hypnotherapist?" Tracey asked.

"Yes, he's amazing! Every one of his patients loves him. Can you hear how happy they are in there?", Steph was beginning to become more excited than Tracey thought should be normal for a doctor visit. This made her question the decision to come, but Steph did lose 100 pounds, so something was working.

A few minutes later, a doctor emerged. He looked a little older, like a wise, friendly uncle. Steph jumped up excitedly and gave him a hug. Again, this seemed a little strange to Tracey, but this man had helped with her transformation.

"Hello Stephanie!", he said. "You look as beautiful as always!". Steph began to blush.

"And who have you brought with you, today?", his attention now focused on Tracey.

"Hi Doctor Tierney! This is my good friend Tracey."

"Well, it's very nice to meet you Tracey. Always a joy to meet a good friend of Stephanie's.", he seemed harmless and Tracey realized he had a very warm smile and soothing voice.

"Hello doctor. Very nice to meet you, too."

"Please, have a seat ladies, and tell me what brings you here, Tracey?" Steph could barely contain herself around this man. He seemed to have a strange hold over her. She blurted out, "I'm here for my session doctor and Tracey is here because I told her all about how wonderful you are!"

"Oh you're so sweet Stephanie!", and she began to blush again from the doctor's validation. But he was intent on drilling into what Tracey was after. He took her hand and looked directly into her eyes.

"Is there something I can help you with Tracey?"

Suddenly, Tracey began to feel a warm tingle in the back of her head and neck. She suddenly began to realize this doctor was here to help her, and she felt herself feeling very trusting and comfortable to talk to him.

"Well doctor, Steph looks amazing. I'm looking to lose a few pounds myself."

"I see.", he seemed so caring and concerned for her that the warmth began to spread from her head and neck through the rest of her. It was soothing and she felt peaceful. "You'd like to lose a few pounds, Is there anything else?" Now Tracey felt light and couldn't recall her earlier thoughts, except to say,"Steph tells me you can help me be happier."

"Ahhh!", his voice now had her mind feeling very calm, "Why don't we see how we can help in my office."

Tracey didn't even remember the walk from the waiting room to his office. She realized she was sitting in a chair when she heard the hysterical laughing again. This time, she didn't find it odd. She felt a little confused. What were these women laughing at and how could she join them, she wondered.

The doctor entered and as he opened the door, the laughs became louder and then softer once he closed the door. Tracey found herself very curious and she couldn't seem to focus on anything else.

"Tracey?", he asked so gently.

"Yes, doctor?"

"Is there anything else you'd like to share with me?"

"I'm not sure.", she honestly couldn't understand why her mind had gone blank, but was feeling so peaceful.

"But you'd like to be happier?", he asked.

She barely had time to think before she offered, "Yes.".

"Wonderful, my dear.", he comforted. "Sometimes the world begins to press down on us and make us feel sad. Do you remember being a child and being able to laugh easily and carefree?"

Tracey closed her eyes and began to drift back to being a little girl. "Yes doctor, I remember...", and suddenly, it was as if all drifted into a cloud.

Tracey felt herself softly being awakened. She opened her eyes and looked around, startled. Where was she? It looked like a doctor's office. She began to focus and saw Stephanie and Doctor Tierney standing over her.

"Tracey?", Steph asked. "Are you with us?"

It was all coming back to her, through the fog in her mind starting to clear. She was visiting Steph's doctor.

"Yes, I'm here.", and she started to sit up. Her sides felt tight, as if she had been laughing hard. She couldn't remember taking her sneakers or socks off.

"What happened?", she was shocked to see two hours had passed on the clock. "What went on here?", she demanded to know. She had no memory of anything.

"Don't you feel great?", Steph was eager.

"No...well, maybe...um, okay yeah. I do feel pretty good. But what happened?" As her mind began to clear she suddenly felt wonderful, but couldn't explain why.

"You had quite a breakthrough.", the doctor explained.

"I did?", again she couldn't remember anything, but began to realize a wetness in her pleasure spot and her nipples were hard. All her clothes seemed to be just as they were when she first came in. "What kind of breakthrough?", she wondered aloud.

"You're a wonderful person!", the doctor assured her, "And that's all that matters."

Steph and Tracey went their separate ways. Try as she might, Tracey still couldn't remember anything of her visit. At home, she felt exhausted but indescribably peaceful. Almost like she had gone through a workout. The tightness in her sides and tummy had relaxed. Her plan was to go straight to bed. She didn't feel lonely or like eating junk food, and didn't mind that Derek wasn't home, yet. Getting ready for bed, she caught a look at herself in the mirror. Maybe she did have a nice figure after all. She also noticed her legs were kind of an asset. She hated her ugly toes...or so she thought. Now they didn't seem to bother her so much.

Next morning, she woke but couldn't remember her dreams. All she could recall was a great night's sleep, but she knew she dreamt of something. She couldn't figure out why, but she felt amazing. Maybe she did have a breakthrough. Whatever it was, she liked feeling this way.

It was casual Friday, and she didn't know why, but her new outlook sent an urge to get dressed up for work. She pulled out her best skirt and blouse, then searched and found a pair of nylons without a run in them. Normally, she only wore them for special occasions. But today, she felt compelled to slip them on. Like the ones Steph had on last night, she realized they were such a perfect finishing treat for her legs and she almost felt a little silly for not wearing them more often. The heels she had from a wedding last June were ultra high and spikey, but she was so convinced they went perfectly with her outfit. She thought they made her amazing legs look even better and she couldn't remember why she hadn't worn them again or how she had forgotten about them. It was weird but they felt so right when she put them on. In the mirror, she was very happy with how she looked.

At work, she was feeling more confident while men seemed to appreciate her new look. Occasionally, her high heel would slide from the slippery nylons and dangle from her toes. It was almost as if her shoe didn't want to stay on. A few times, she let it fall from her foot and realized she caught the attention of a few people - men and women.

For a long time, she just threw on pants but these nylons hugged her and actually felt indescribably wonderful on her legs. It seemed strange she hadn't noticed this before. Or maybe she had, but just forgot. A few things now seemed confusing and didn't seem familiar anymore. The more she tried to focus on work, the more she couldn't help being delighted with her legs in these wonderful nylons.

Later, when her shoe had fallen off again, her foot ran over the top of one of the chair roller casters. She discovered it gave an amazing tickle sensation over her nylon sole. Normally, she couldn't stand anything touching her feet because they were so ticklish. But now she couldn't understand why she may have hated it or...if she ever did. It all seemed so silly. Before long, her exposed sheer sole seemed to keep finding its way to the top of the same spot on the chair and she found the tickles strangely enjoyable and addicting. Finally, she surrendered and kicked off both heels to run her feet over two casters. She didn't care if anyone saw her.

Sliding the shaped edges over the sheer nylon teased her sensitive skin and she realized it was like a little slice of heaven - strange since she normally couldn't handle being tickled...or did she? She still couldn't remember and was a little confused. All she could think of now was how incredibly fun this was in a tormenting kind of way, shooting sensations up her legs to her crotch and it was creating a craving. It made her begin to wonder why she didn't have Derek, or anyone, tickle her more often. Looking down and admiring her feet, it seemed so obvious and still a little crazy she hadn't thought about this before.

"Wait, what am I doing?", she stopped and put her shoes back on to focus on work. But all the while, she fought the craving to let her feet escape being trapped in the heels. Twice more she had to catch herself and put her shoes back on. As the day moved on, she couldn't wait to get out of work and start the weekend. She`would definitely be shopping for more pairs of hose.

Out of curiosity, she called Steph to see when her next appointment with the good doctor was. She couldn't figure out why, but she felt a need to return to see if he had any follow up advice for her. The more she thought about it, the more the feeling to be encased in silky nylon consumed her. It came as a relief to find out Steph was going to an appointment that night and she couldn't help but feel excited to join her. Staying in her work clothes, she thought she would fit in better with how nicely Steph was dressed.

The doctor was happy to see them and asked how she was. That was all Tracey remembered as she woke up 20 minutes later on a cushy recliner. Her sides ached again, and her high heels were neatly waiting near the door. She was in a bit of a silly mood and couldn't remember taking off her shoes. The more she tried to think about it, the more she didn't care as her thoughts melted to the nice tingling feeling that was coming from her pretty feet in these gorgeous nylons. In fact, her whole body felt amazing, like she just had the best orgasm of her life. She realized her feet looked so sexy in these irresistible pantyhose and going shoe-less was fun.

"Wait...fun?" she stopped to think, "Is that right, I don't even like having my shoes off...do I?". But try as she might, her thoughts kept short circuiting. Her mind was becoming convinced and she couldn't help but smile while she wiggled her adorable toes.

"It feels so wonderfully free...especially in this slippery caress.", she was so conflicted and her train of thought eagerly drifted to her silky feet being unable to move while being tickled, of all things.

It made her so excited and nervous to imagine a swirling unstoppable tickle on the soles of her feet and no matter how she struggled against it, there would be nothing she could do but have the laughs forced out of her against her will.

"No, no, wait...what am I thinking?", she briefly puzzled again but her body quickly took full control as all prior thoughts vanished, "Of course, it would probably be even more fun in these beautiful nylons. I bet I can find some that are even more sleek.", she thought looking down at her feet. Pulling her foot up, she realized she had an inexplicable raging curiosity and ran her finger nail along the smooth sheer fabric. It sent tingles through her. The urge consumed her like a lightning bolt.

"Oh my goodness! This is amazing! Why haven't I realized this before?!", then the urge took over, "Yes...I need my feet tickled! That would be so awesome! I need someone to tickle me, RIGHT NOW!", her mind was telling her. Suddenly the doctor walked in. Laughter came from outside and the sound made Tracey swoon. She sat back in the recliner.

"Hello Tracey! How are you feeling?"

"Hi doctor! I feel wonderful, but...I have a strange favor to ask.", and her heart started racing as she realized this fantastic man who helped her friend, could also help her with her desires.

"Absolutely, my dear. What can I do to help?"

She was still tentative from slight embarrassment as she normally wouldn't dream to ask such a thing. But this strange exciting urge was practically coaxing the words from her mouth. "Would you...would you...tickle my feet?"

The doctor looked surprised. "Well Tracey! That's an interesting request. You want me to...TICKLE...YOUR...FEET? Are you sure?", he deliberately paused between each word and it took Tracey's breath. The excitement now unbearable.

"YES!YES! PLEASE! PLEASE DOCTOR! MY FEET REALLY NEED TO BE TICKLED!!", she was so excited and almost leaping out of the chair. Nothing else came to mind, but being tickled beyond anything she had ever experienced before.

"Well, Tracey,", he comforted, "...you are in the right place. I would be very happy to help with your request. Why don't we have you relax?", and he touched her wrist.

Suddenly, she felt like a loose noodle with no control and plopped back on the recliner. The doctor gently raised her willing arms above her head and touched her elbow. Her body became stiff as a board and she couldn't move. The doctor easily moved her legs and again, she offered no resistance and was unable to move.

"Are you certain you want to be...TICKLED...Tracey?", he was making her crazy by talking
about it. For some reason, she never wanted anything more in her life.


"Very well, my dear. What type of...TICKLE...are you looking for? Should we start lightly? You may want to take these beautiful stockings off. They could make you more...SENSITIVE."

The craving continued to intensify and make Tracey fidget, still unable to move. She didn't care what type. She only wanted to feel the most intense tickling sensation and she wanted it in these nylons.

"NO! DOCTOR!", she was becoming surprised at how urgent this was feeling, "PLEASE, I WANT THESE STOCKINGS ON. ANY TYPE OF TICKLING IS FINE!".

"Any type? Well, let's start slowly.", as he moved toward her feet, the chair began to tilt back.

"WAIT!" she briefly caught herself and her mind was confused as she could only watch his fingers coming closer, "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?!! MY FEET ARE ABOUT TO BE TICKLED...IN THESE NYLONS?!!", and then panic melted away, replaced by the overwhelming urge, convincing her mind to beg, "OH MY GOD!!!! YES!!! PLEASE TICKLE ME IN THESE NYLONS!!! PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!". It proved to be the last time she'd be confused as her body and mind were now fully in sync with her cravings.

But to her surprise and disappointment, he didn't dig in and tickle. Instead he lightly touched each of her toes once. Starting at her big toes and working out, as soon as he gave each pinky toe a soft squeeze, it sent an entire sensation through her whole body.

And then...slowly...it began to increase. From the tips of her finger nails to the tips of her toes, and every inch in between, Tracey felt itchy. Really itchy. She couldn't move to scratch. Unbearably itchy. The itches began to morph into feathery light brushes and the intensity began to grow until Tracey found herself trying to catch her breath. Then, her breaths were broken by her body involuntarily letting out little giggles and gasps. The stimulation was magnificent. Her gasps turned to laughs.

"Are you okay Tracey? Tell me how are you feeling?"

She tried to speak amid giggles, and was overcome by laughs.

"I think this may be too much.", he said with vailed concern, "Maybe I should stop this."


"But Tracey, you seem to be too ticklish. Are you sure you want this to continue?", the doctor checked.


"Very well, then. You're enjoying this so much. Let me see if I can help you enjoy it more.", and he lifted her foot. While the tickles flooded her body, he removed a curved, bristly brush from his coat and began to scrub the sole of her helpless foot. Tracey exploded. She had never felt anything like it. He did the same to her other foot before putting it back down and placing both feet next to each other. Then he scrubbed across both feet at once, working from toes down to heels. Tracey was frantically laughing and couldn't breath, but she was also overjoyed.

"Tracey?...Tracey?", she opened her eyes and saw a smiling Stephanie.
"How did your session go?"

Tracey was groggy but felt so stunningly good. "Amazing!", was all she could think as she realized she couldn't recall any of it. Her hair and makeup were a mess, and she had been sweating, but an incredible orgasmic after glow was pulsing through her. Again, her pleasure spots were alive, wet and exhausted.

"Mine was too! I always have great visits here!", Steph also looked a little disheveled but very happy and seemed so loose and giggly. Tracey realized she felt the same way and looking around, everything seemed humorous. She didn't even care that 2 hours had passed and she couldn't remember any of it. All she new was her legs and feet felt tingly and awesome. Looking at her toes, she saw a few runs in her nylons. Wiggling her toes she was intent on buying as many pairs as possible. She had a new mission. Her sexy legs and feet needed to be embraced in this wonderful hugging silk whenever possible.

When Tracey got home, Derek wasn't there yet. She was exhausted and happy and drifted off to an incredible night's sleep. The next morning, Derek was still sleeping when she decided to run to the mall. No decent nylons to be found, she went bare legged in jeans but realized she absolutely had to wear those awesome spiked heels. Leaving a quick note, she headed out into the sunshine.

Indulging in a high-end store she normally wouldn't visit, she was torn as she marveled at the most incredibly sheer and silky stockings and hose she had ever seen. These were so much better than the ones at the grocery store. A petite clerk offered to help explain the various types, setting out different packages to let Tracey touch. Each felt so amazing and since the store was quiet, the clerk was very attentive.

"Are these for a special occasion?", she asked.

"No, ", Tracey explained, "I'm just completely out.". She felt comfortable enough to share with the clerk, "I'm looking for something really silky but strong. Something that can handle...touching...but not run? Does that make sense?,", she was fumbling to describe the luxury she was craving without sounding like a weirdo. The clerk seemed to understand exactly what she was describing.

"Something sheer and sexy that wonderfully increases your sensitivity but can handle a rigorous...let's say...workout...perhaps?", her demeanor was professional, but her smile seemed devilishly playful. Tracey was delighted as this clerk was able to delicately put her thoughts into words.

"Yes...something just like that.", her body exhaled.

"Okay, I believe we have just the thing.", and the clerk took a small step ladder out to reach an upper shelf.

"Let me grab something for you to try and we can have you slip out of the cute heels.", she seemed to flirt and Tracey melted that she had acknowledged her choice of shoes.

Tracey also noticed the petite clerk was also wearing a trim pencil skirt with a nice pair of black pumps. A mix of professional and high-end proper work attire, she glanced back at Tracey and said, "Don't mind me, I'll be right there.", and she slowly reached down to slip off her own heels as she started up the step ladder. Her tiny feet were in gorgeous tan nylon with reinforced toes. Tracey sat wide-eyed and was captivated by the site of her graceful moves up the ladders in stockings and when she reached the upper shelf, she stood on tip-toes, showing adorable arches and heels with slender ankles.

Breathtaking, the only thought racing through Tracey's mind was these taunting soles. As the clerk flowed down the ladder, she moved toward Tracey, but left her shoes off. Tracey was breathing a little hard now.

"Why don't we have you slide these samples on and you can let me know what you think.", she handed a gold package to Tracey and kneeled down. "I'll help you get out of these beauties.", as she lifted Tracey's left heel and slid off her shoe. With her foot exposed, Tracey was a mix of trepidation and excitement. Uncontrollably, she desperately wanted to feel the clerk's fingers attack her now vulnerable sole, but caught herself and regained some sense of composure. The clerk moved to her right foot and she nearly crumbled again when again she very slowly removed her shoe. It was as if she were gently cradling a fragile egg and neatly set the shoes far enough away that Tracey wouldn't be able to reach them.

"These are just a small sample, but the whole leg is made of the same material.", she softly said while gently taking the package back from Tracey to open it. The warm tingles returned to the back of her head and neck and she felt she would easily surrender to this wonderful clerk. Out of the package, she handed the two ankle length nylon samples to Tracey. So easily they slid on her bare soles, and she wiggled her toes to pull the sheer silk tighter. An incredible feeling.

"Here, I can help you straighten them.", the obliging clerk tugged on the stitching and positioned the nylon to properly spread across all toes. Tracey's body was so happy for the offer, ready to sit back and let this woman do anything. She smoothed her fingers over Tracey's sole down to her heel and the sensation was unbelievably deliciuos as Tracey let out a laugh.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!", the clerk said with equal devious and sweetness, "Did that...tickle? I didn't mean for that to tickle you.". Her innocence seemed to be masking her own hidden intention, and it seemed clear this wasn't a mistake. She probably didn't have a chance to do that very often at work. She also probably didn't have many chances to go without her shoes. Tracey was thoroughly entranced with this woman and was eager for anything next.

"That's okay,", Tracey giggled and confessed, "My feet are just very sensitive.", and then as if to prod the clerk on and feel better about the help she was giving, she leaned over and whispered, "I actually loved it and was hoping for something soft and sheer just like these. Would you...um...mind...um...helping me with my other foot?".

The clerk smiled and shifted to hold Tracey's other foot. Now, she used her fingers to lightly graze each of Tracey's toes and smooth the nylon to cover evenly. Tracey was giggling happily and let out a laugh while the clerk moved to the base of each toe to playfully tug and pinch the silkiness, and then lingered on Tracey's big toe. She seemed impressed that Tracey didn't pull her foot away and was now determined to carefully deliver exceptional service to her happy customer.

Next, her nails smoothed over the sheer and skin at the ball of Tracey's foot, causing a full belly laugh that almost echoed in the store. Ending at the heel, her skillful fingers continued to smooth and Tracey gasped and giggled while quickly looking around to see if anyone else was watching this guilty pleasure. Curiously, she never expected to experience anything like this while shopping. But now she desperately wanted this to continue. What in the world had come over her?

"You're right.", the clerk whispered, "You have beautiful sensitive feet."

Her mind was now a blur. A few short weeks earlier, Tracey would never, ever allow someone to touch her feet, let alone make them even more sensitive by wearing nylons. Yet here she was, thanks to her amazing new doctor, experiencing a rush in discovering something so incredible.

"Thank you!", she chuckled, "Are you this helpful with all customers?".

The clerk sat up on a nearby fitting stool, her little feet crossed and resting in front.

"No.", she replied softly, "Most customers are in a hurry and don't seem to have an appreciation for the effects of fine leg wear."

"Well,", Tracey agreed now staring deeply into this helpful clerk's eyes, "if this sample is any kind of indication, these are amazing. Are they durable?".

"Incredibly durable.", the clerk explained, "They're our top line. Sheer, silky-smooth, and they may be a bit pricey, but they should last at least twice as long as other pairs and provide satisfaction through just about anything imaginable...even through the most rugged...use.", and her devilish smile gleamed.

"I'm actually wearing the same type, only in a thigh-high version. I really enjoy them for the same reason I believe you'd like to wear them.". Now Tracey's mind was blown. Could this woman actually read her mind?

"Tell you what,", she started to slide Tracey's heels back on, "why don't you take a little stroll in these.". There was no one else in the area and Tracey stood to walk, while the clerk admired her. Tracey was thrilled by how smooth her feet felt, but it almost seemed her shoes were going to pop off.

"I must warn you, these are so very slick.", the clerk cautioned as she stepped back into her own shoes, "I have sensitive feet, like yours. From my experience, these can make your feet feel about 100 times more ticklish."

Hearing the clerk share these incredible words made Tracey elated and a rage of excitement filled. Was she giving Tracey a hint or trying to make a sale? She didn't want to assume, but would have loved to pull up a couple of chairs for the two of them to make each other laugh silly. She was absolutely sold and ended up buying about two dozen pair of these marvelous nylons.

The clerk helped with various shades, and types, from sheer to waist, reinforced toe and heel, to sexy thigh-highs and stockings. Office appropriate to eye-popping sexy seamed. Tracey never had a garter belt before.

"That would be so hot on you.", the clerk boldly shared, and it led to an even deeper discussion, prompting Tracey to buy a few pair of ultra sexy suspender and crotchless hose and become weak at the idea of a full body stocking. Still, she bought the only one in sheer black. The beautiful clerk was so knowledgeable of the awesome benefits. With the added help, Tracey also purchased two more beautiful pairs of spiked heels. Sexy red sling-backs and black strappy sandals to stay on a little easier. The clerk even found a way to offer a nice discount and a few extra promotional pairs of nylons. Tracey was overwhelmed.

"You should also try this lotion.", this amazing woman began to put in the shopping bag.

"After a nice long bath and shaving your legs, use this and then put the stockings on. If you find the nylon enhances sensitivity, you will not believe how much more intense the lotion makes it."

Tracey blushed, "Have you experienced that?"

"Not as often as I'd like.", the clerk blushed back. She wrote on a piece of paper, folded it and placed it with Tracey's receipt. "That's my contact info. I'm Claudia. Please call or text me anytime if you have any questions or need help or...whatever!", as she smiled.

"Thank you so much Claudia! It's been so nice to meet you! I'm Tracey. You have no idea how much you've helped me!", Tracey was so grateful and couldn't wait to get home to try her purchases.

"The pleasure is all mine Tracey and again, please call or text me...anytime."

Once home, Tracey found a note from Derek, "Went Golfing, be back later". A bit of a bummer, but not a surprise. Tracey grabbed lunch and some groceries, but couldn't stop thinking about Claudia and all she said. As the afternoon wore on without Derek home, she treated herself to a bubble bath and shaved her legs. With soapy bubbles, she discovered Derek's long handled back brush across her wet feet delivered a joyous tickle, enough to make her laugh.

She couldn't get enough of this and continued to play until she realized she was getting pruney. Then she toweled off and used the lotion before sliding into a pair of barely black stockings. Words couldn't describe the amazing feeling she was experiencing. She couldn't wait to try the garter belt and didn't recognize herself in the mirror. She was captured by her alluring legs and feet, and realized she wanted to be tickled so badly, it almost ached. Immediately, she called the doctor's office, but only got the answering service. Steph ended up out of state, but was laughing on the phone and it made Tracey even more desperate.

She texted Derek, and was frustrated when he said he was joining they guys to watch the playoffs, and his friend Joe was stopping by to drop off a keg tap some stupid thing. Putting on a robe, and a pair of slippers, she headed to the kitchen to make something for dinner.

When Joe showed up, she had dozed off and awoke to let him in. She noticed he was eyeing her stockinged legs, which urged her to invite him to have a seat in the living room. "Great movie.", he made small talk. Tracey noticed he stopped paying attention to the TV when one slipper fell off her foot. Intentionally, she kicked off the other one and badly hoped he'd want to tickle her. He seemed like his attention was grabbed with her silky legs and feet exposed. She fought the urge to beg him to tickle her and instead tried to seductively nudge him into action by stretching out on the couch and resting her feet in his lap. Her robe opened as she raised one knee and the full length of sexy stocking from thigh to toe was exposed, with her garter straps showing.

Joe jumped up and stammered, "I'm...uh...so sorry Tracey. Gotta go. I don't want either of us to get in trouble with Derek. Ya look great, though. See ya."

Now Tracey was pissed at Derek. But when she spotted her purse, an idea popped and she retrieved the folded piece of paper Claudia had given her. Her heart pounded as she dialed. After all, Claudia said to call anytime.

"Hello?", came her sweet voice.

"Hi Claudia, it's Tracey. We met at your store today."

"Oh my God, Tracey! Hi! I'm so glad you called! I didn't get your number and was thinking about you. Is everything okay? Do you like everything?"

"Oh...yes! Everything's wonderful! Thank you so much! You were so right about the lotion. It's amazing!"

"Nice! So are you wearing a pair?", Claudia was very interested.

"Yes I am! A pair of the black stockings."

"I bet they look great on you! They must be amazing with your cute little sensitive feet!", she flirted, "Is there anything I can help with?"

"Well,", Tracey normally wouldn't do this, but her new found confidence and desires were driving her, "I know it's kinda last minute, but I was wondering if you'd like to hang out?"

"You have no idea how happy I am that you called!", Claudia gushed, "I can come right over!"

Now Tracey also gushed with excitement, "Oh, I'm so glad! I live over in Riverside."

"No way!", Claudia was happy, "I'm in Riverside, too! I'm on Maple Ave."

"Hey!", Tracey was pleasantly surprised, "We're two streets over on Orchard!"

Now both ladies were bursting with anticipation. They traded info and were amazed and happy at the prospect of getting together immediately.

"I'm just going to slip into something and I'll be right over!", Claudia explained, "And...I'll pack a few things that I know you'll really enjoy."

Tracey was a little more direct, "I can't wait! I'm really looking forward to trying out these new stockings you sold me!". Hanging up, she was thrilled for what the rest of the night had in store...and she couldn't wait to tell the doctor about it. Maybe even introduce him to Claudia.

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Thanks very much!!

12-29-2016, 06:52 AM

Wally West
12-29-2016, 04:18 PM
Very cool story. Thanks for posting.