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From the excited chatter it started between the girls and the look of glee on victoria's face the fact that it had landed on the blue pick a card space didn't bode well for billy. Billy found his mouth had suddenly gone dry and tried desperatly to swallow the lump that had suddenly appeared in his throat as he watched victoria first shuffle then fan open the deck. Victoria gave billy a quick wink and then after closing her eye's began to move her hand back and forth over the fanned out deck till her fingers suddenly darted down and pulled out a card. Victoria eye's scanned through the words on the card and as she turned towards billy the look on her face told him just how right he had been, already knowing that it wouldn't be good billy still couldn't stop the "NO" that erupted from his mouth after victoria finished reading her card. The card said that victoria could pick one or all of the previous spinners to be her helpers for this spin, that billy could only be tickled on his feet and underarms since those were the only places that had been tickled so far. Victoria was to decide where billy was tickled and by whom, victoria and each girl she chose, if any, would then roll a die and that number would be tripled if however victoria's number was higher than the other one(s) then the tickling would last three times that number for all of them. If victoria chose not to pick any of the girls she could roll the die herself and then would have five times whatever the number was to tickle billy on either area she chose.

Billy's heart hammered in his chest as victoria stood there grinning at him trying to decide whether to use help or to have him all to herself, her eye's told him that she would love to have him all to herself and not just here and now. When her pink colored lips parted though it was to call kelly and melissa over to join her, billy tried desperatly to hear what was being said as they drew off to one side and began whispering. He couldn't hear but could tell from the body language of the three that victoria was telling kelly and melissa what her plan of attack was. Billy actually jumped slightly when the three girls stopped whispering and moved over to the die, kelly rolled first and seemed disapointed when a four showed up. Melissa was next and she too rolled a four which seemed to excite her as well as excite kelly for some reason, another shudder ran through billy when victoria picked up the die and locked eye's with him as she rolled it around in her cupped hand. Victoria's eye's never left billy's as her hand opened and the die bounced on the wooden shelf, winking at billy a split second before a six was announced by Kelly and melissa. Victoria laughed as billy dumbfoundedly mouthed eighteen as he stared into her hungry eyes, victoria once again put her head together with kelly and melissa for a second before walking over and having a quick whispered conversation with julia. To billy's surprise and relief all three girls climbed onto the bed and settled down by his feet, victoria was kneeling in between both feet while kelly was sitting near his left foot and melissa near his right one. Victoria actually began a countdown starting at ten, billy didn't know which was really worse the feeling of kelly's long nails inches from his ticklish soles just waiting to pounce or the sound of victoria's voice seeming to count down his doom.

The zero hadn't even fully cleared victoria's pink lips before fifteen fingers and long painted fingernails began dancing up and down each of billy's unmoving totally spread out soles. Billy's head slammed back into the pillow and he once again strained against the bindings that held him as screams of ticklish laughter exploded out his throat and were soon filling up the room. Billy's strength lasted for all of a minute before he could do nothing more than slump back in the bed and lay there laughing like an idiot begging and pleading for them to stop as thirty fingers sent ticklish sensations surging from his soles up to his already overwhelmed mind. Someone's nails were lightly scraping up and down the sole of billy's left foot while another set of nails was doing the same to the arch of his right one. Nails were tickling up and down the skin under each of billy's toes one at a time while other nails tickled the skin in between, his laughter grew faster and louder as thirty fingers danced and darted up and down his sesitive soles and under and between his small ticklish toes. Billy's laughter jumped another octive when all three girls began concentrating their attack on his spread out toes, the tickling sensations bombbarding billy's mind became more intense as thirty fingernails began tickling under and between each and every toe covering every ticklish inch of sensitive skin at the same time. Then things got even more intense, if that's believable, as fingernails began to tickle the skin under the second and third toe of each foot and more nails began dancing up and down billy's ticklish arches while yet more nails began drawing figure eights and various symbols in the middle of each smoothed out ticklish sole. Billy's laughter was quickly reaching the hysterical and you could see a slight redening to his face when time rang out over his ticklish laughter and those maddening fingers finally moved off of his tingling soles. Billy was gulping in air as the three girls climbed off the bed, and didn't even bother to waste the energy to open his eye's to see which of them had taken the time to wipe the tears from his eye's and the sweat from his face. A scent registered on billy's beleguared senses and he knew it had been victoria, as he heard her start to move away billy manged to get out a quick "Thanks Tori" through his rapid breathing. Billy opened his eye's long enough to see victoria turn and smile at him and blow him a kiss before closing them again once she turned to rejoin the girls around the table. Billy's breathing was returning to normal but that's not what he was concentrating on at that moment as he could no longer bury or deny the feeling that had been growing since this had all begun. Billy was actually enjoying this, as maddening as the tickling sensations were they were at the same time just as exciting and thrilling. As he thought about each time he'd been tickled he realized that while there had been relief when the tickling ended there had also been some disappointment.

Billy opened his eye's when he heard them moving and looked in surprise as victoria, kelly, and melissa once again stood around the die, noticing the look of confusion on his face victoria explained that sense both kelly and melissa had rolled a four that counted for doubles and they got another spin. The girls thought it was funny when billy asked if they were just making up rules as they went along, victoria laughingly assured him that this was all by the rules of the game before turning to watch kelly role. Billy laid back and closed his eye's lisenting as his mind wrestled to get his emotions under control, billy might have admitted to himself that he enjoyed being tickled but he still couldn't bring himself to look forward to what he was about to be put through. Billy heard kelly announce in a sad voice that she'd only rolled a three that time followed shortly by melissa's sad sounding voice saying she'd rolled a four again. Billy could almost see victoria standing there looking at him with that wicked smile and gleam in her eye's as she rolled the die in her cupped hand but he didn't give in to the temptation to look and finally heard the click of the die on the shelf followed shortly by the announcement that she'd rolled a five this time. Billy couldn't help but let out a little sigh of relief that victoria hadn't matched one of the other numbers and given them yet another go round. Billy's eye's shot open when someone settled themselves lightly across his waist, he couldn't stop a sudden shiver as he looked into victoria's eye's and then to each side of him to find kelly sitting on his right and melissa on his left. Billy's mind screamed at him and he was on the verge of actually begging them to tickle his feet instead but the words never crossed his lips as laughter exploded through them first when thirty fingers and nails began scratching, scraping, and proding over ever sensitive inch of ticklish underarm skin. The sensations that slammed into billy's brain were so intense that all other rational thought was blown away and his laughter quickly grew toward the insane. Billy's mind registared when the tickling slowed enough to let him catch a welcomed breath, only for a few seconds though and then the tickling sensations and his laughter were once again growing in strength. Victoria was concentrating her ticklish nails in the hallows of each underarm while kelly and melissa continued tickling round and round the rest of the underarms. Billy was sure he was going insane as kelly's nails were tickling back and forth across the skin above and below where victoria had her nails dancing in ticklish hollows of billy's right underarm while melissa's nails were tickling up and down the skin to the side of where victoria's nails were driving billy slowly insane. Time rang out and billy felt kelly's nails leave his right underarm and while it did lessen the tickling sensations some it wasn't nearly enough to keep billy's laughter from continuing to grow faster and louder with each passing minute. Billy could feel tears squeezing from between his tightly shut eyes as time rang out again and melissa's fingers stopped their ticklish up and down dance on billy's left underarm. The tickling sensations slacked even more and a small part of billy's mind thought he might get through it after all. The last three minutes were no picnic though as victoria kept her nails dancing over the most ticklish part of billy's underarms while his laughter grew hysterical and his face took on a definate red tinge to it. When time was finally called billy continued to lay there laughing and giggling a full minute after victoria's nails had stopped their torturious dance in the ticklish hollows of his sensitive underarms.

It took billy a little bit longer to get his breathing back under control this time, but what began to worry him even more was something he'd just realized. During that last tickling go round for some reason his dick had grown hard and billy really didn't want these girls knowing that along with every thing else it would be just to much to handle. He could hear the cards being shuffled and dealt and knew it was only a matter of time before he had one or more of them tickling him again so he began to try and get more than just his breathing under control. Billy's eye's popped open and his head jerked toward the table when he heard a voice he knew hollar, "It's about damn, time" before slapping the table and quickly standing up and moving over to the wheel. Sarah's eye's had more of a predatory look in them than the other girls had had but she still had that same wicked smile all the others had, billy thought as she smiled at him before reaching up and spinning the wheel. Jimmy found himself actually rooting for the stomach symbol since that was his least ticklish area but he would take anywhere but his underarms cause he wasn't so sure he could last through another session like the last one so soon. The final clicks seemed to sound in billy's mind like the cocking of a gun as the space with the underarms grew closer and closer, billy let out a sigh of relief though when it did indeed land on his stomach. Billy was surprised to find himself actually feeling sorry for sarah as he watched her roll the dice, sarah was a nice girl and billy had liked her and didn't think it was fair that the other girls had gotten to tickle the really ticklish areas while she got his stomach. Billy shook his head wondering what the hell he was wrong with him as he heard sarah announce in an excited voice that she'd rolled a five and a six. Sarah wasted no time in settling herself comfortably on his waist, she smiled down at billy as she used the bottom of her shirt to clean and polish each nail and then proudly display them to him before dropping them to his stomach and quickly scribbling them over his his suddenly very ticklish stomach. Billy's giggles exploded from his throat and were quickly echoing in his own ears as sarah's fingers and fingernails prodded and scraped their way back and forth across his ticklish stomach. Billy was going crazy his stomach had never been this ticklish before, he gave himself a mental kick when he remembered feeling sorry for sarah. From his bellybutton to the edge of the ribs and hips sarah's nails darted back and forth scratching and scraping here while pinching or prodding there as billy's giggles rang through the room and floated out on the night air. Each of sarah's hands was on a different side of billy's stomach dancing from ticklish spot to ticklish spot as sarah whispered "Tickle tickle tickle", over and over. Sarah had begun to explore how ticklish billy's bellybutton was and after seeing the reaction concentrated her ticklish attack there, billy's laughter jumped an octive and began to grow faster and faster as her nails explored the ticklish skin in and around his small bellybutton. To make matters worse billy couldn' t block out the sound of sarah's voice the whole time her nails were dancing in and around his ticklish bellybutton as she kept teasing him about what a cute bellybutton he had and how ticklish his bellybutton was and how much fun it was to tickle his cute ticklish bellybutton. The tickling sensations sarah's nails were sending to explode in billy's mind were intense enough on their own without the sound of her voice seeming to add to it and driving him close to the point of begging her to please stop talking like that. He was close to that point but didn't quite reach it as "time" rang out and sarah's nails almost reluctantly drew off billy's skin and she climbed off the bed and returned to the table.

Billy's stomach continued to tingle as he laid there breathing heavily and wondering if it had been their plan all along to tickle him till he lost his mind or maybe even tickle him till he died if such a thing could be done. He heard the shuffle of the cards once more and a feeling surged through him that he still couldn't fully accept so he opened his eyes and turned his head to watch the next hand play out. Kaitlynn was the winner this time with four threes beating aces full , victoria muttered something about checking the cards as kaitlynn stood up and moved over to the wheel and gave a spin. Kaitlynn was the shy one of the group and even after all the time she'd known him and all that had happened so far she still blushed a little as she smiled timidly at billy. Billy watched with a little dread as the wheel slowed down and finally came to rest on the space for his underarms, his pulse raced as kaitlynn picked up the dice and after a quick shake rolled them along the shelf. A momentary elation ran through billy as kaitlynn announced with a depressed sounding voice that she'd rolled a one and a one. The elation was only momentary though cause billy knew that meant she'd get another spin and pretty quickly too. The two minutes her fingers danced and darted around in billy's underarms was worse than he thought it would be, from the first touch of her nails on the skin billy's whole underarms had begun to tingle and he was sure there was more than ten fingernails ticklishly darting around his sensitive underams. It felt like a lot longer than two minutes to billy before he finally heard time ring out and kaitlynn's fingernails left billy's underarms and she rose off his waist and slipped off the bed. Kaitlynn didn't waste any time and went right over and spun the wheel once again, billy laid there listening to the click click click of the wheel as it grew slower and slower as his breathing also began to slow down and return to normal. Billy opened his eye's on the last click and saw that this time kaitlynn had landed on the space showing two feet, after a quick shake the sound of the dice on the shelf rang out and kaitlynn announced she'd rolled a three and five.

Billy still tried to wiggle his toes or move his foot or anything even though he new it was no use as kaitlynn made herself comfortable between his unmoving feet. Kaitlynn had a lighter more maddening touch, her fingers danced from billy's heels up to and across his toes and then back down again sometimes tickling fast or hard and sometimes tickling slow or soft. Billy's giggles once again filled the room and quickly grew toward the frantic only to slow down when kaitlynn's fingers slowed their maddening dance. A few seconds only though before her fingers once again sped up the tickling causing billy's giggles to begin rising one again too. Varying her tickling was driving billy over the edge as the sensations grew more and more instense and his soles seemed to be growing more and more sensitive as well. Kaitlynn's nails went from lightly scratching and scraping up and down his arches to tickling under and in between each of his spread unmoving toes. Then kaitlynn was using her nails to draw figure eights and symbols in the middle of his sole as his laughter rose even higher, then a qucik scribble over the heel and back to the maddening dance of her nails up and down billy's arches. Kaitlynn's fingers danced and darted and billy's laughter rose and fell according to her will, billy's soles were pink and his laughter had a definate hysterical quality to it when time was called and kaitlynn's nails stopped darting over billy's tingling pink tinted soles. As billy laid there slowly gathering his breath and his wits his feet tingled so bad that he thought he was going to go crazy, he sure wasn't going to ask one of them for help they might take that as a sign that he wanted them to tickle his feet. Maybe he already was crazy , they say the insane don't know their insane, that would explain why he could swear he could still feel nails moving up and down his tingling soles.. As billy listened to them playing the next hand he wondered how long this weekly game of theirs usually lasted, did they keep going till everyone had a chance to tickle him at least once or did they each have to tickle each spot before it was over. Maybe it lasted till one of them got to tickle the feet, ribs, stomach, and underarms or maybe they just played till they grew tired and then just stopped. Billy didn't know and wasn't sure he wanted to hear the answer even if he asked, what he did know though was that he seemed to be getting more and more ticklish and the tickling sensations seemed to be growing more and more intense while he was growing less and less sure of not going insane before he was let go or found a way out of all this.

Billy's eye's opened and his head turned after another shout to see julia stand up and make her way over to the wheel. The look that julia flashed him just before giving the wheel a spin not only sent a shiver of excitment down billy's spine but caused a definate tingle between his legs. Billy closed his eye's and began to think of anything to stop the slowly growing buldge in his jeans and as the final clicks of the wheel sounded in his head he let out a sigh of relief when the buldge shrank and dissapeared all together. His eye's snapped open when he heard the dice hit the shelf and saw that julia had landed on the space showing the upperbody but no arrows. Billy's eye's widened when he realized what that meant and his heart jumped into his throat when julia announced she rolled a five and a six. Billy finally managed to swallow his heart back into his chest as julia took her time finding a comfortable position on his waist. Once settled though she didn't waste a minute as her nails attacked billy's belly button and then slowly tickled their way out toward billy's as yet untouched ribs. Billy's giggles erupted and began to slowly build till julia's nails finally reached his ribs and began to slowly explore their way up, or as julia teasing told him her nails were climbing up the ticklish ladders on each of his ticklish sides to reach the hollows where the ticklish surprise waited. Billy wanted to tell her to stop talking as her nails made their ticklish climb but was afraid it would just egg her on so he tried his best to just ignore her teasing voice. When julia's dancing fingers reached the last rib they slowly tickled toward billy's armpit and then began to tickle round and round his underarms letting the circles grow smaller and smaller till her nails were finally darting over the hollow's of billy's underarms. Billy's giggles had turned to laughter halfway up his "ticklish ladders" and by the time her nails had begun their circling of his sensitive underarms he was already laughing like a mad man, after only a few minutes of her nails fluttering back and forth across the ultra sensitive hollows and billy was laughing like a raving lunatic. Luckily for billy it was only a few seconds later that time was called and her fingers thankfully moved from his now tingling underarms, after wiping away the tears from his eye's and sweat from his face julia slowly slid off billy's waist and then off the bed and back over to join the other girls.

It took awhile for billy's mind to clear enough to register that he wasn't hearing any cards being shuffled or dealt, what he did hear was a low murmmering sound and when he opened his eye's and turned his head saw the girls were all sitting with their heads together and where in a whispered conversation. After a few minutes victoria moved from the table to stand beside billy, she said they wanted him to know that he had been the best "guest" they'd ever had and she really hoped that he'd keep it that way. She told billy that they figured he could use a little break to maybe grab a little food and something to drink and anything else he might need to take care of, so they were going to untie him from the bed for a half hour or so and they really really hoped that he'd continue to be such an amazing guest by not trying to run away. Billy couldn't believe what he was hearing, he couldn't believe he'd known these girls for almost two years and hadn't realized that they were all crazy until that very moment. Of course he was going to try and get away once they untied him , what did they think he was going to do have something to eat and maybe a beer or a few puffs from the pipe that victoria and kelly keep passing back and forth. Victoria must have read billy's thoughts cause that wicked glint appeared in her eye's again as she reached up and wiped away the hair from his eye's and rather nonchalantly informed him that if he did try to escape and they caught him he would be brought back there, stripped down to nothing and retied to the bed and then spend the rest of the night and most of the following day being tickled on every inch of ticklish skin from his cute sweaty head down to his small cute ticklish toes. Billy's mouth dropped open as his mind went blank, victoria just laughed and told him it was up to him but he'd better make sure he was ready and able to handle whatever he chose. Billy tried to slow his racing thoughts as victoria waved over the others and began untying him. What to do, should he risk it, could he handle the consequences if he were to fail, could he handle the consequences from not trying at all?

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Wonderful story! :D

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Wow. I wish I was this lucky guy.

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Great! Good stuff!

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quiet the awesome story!

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Happy to hear all of you are enjoying the story and thank you for the kind words. It probably won't be till after the first of the year for the next part, sorry.

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Dude, this is an awesome series!

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Dude, this is an awesome series!

Thank You sir, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I should have the next part out by the end of next week, hopefully.