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Dago Bracken and Sebastian Redwing were traveling to Quenon Province as a perk of their job and to report back about the hotels, vacation potential. After they checked into their hotel, Dago decided to take off and explore the Provence on his own. "Hey Dago.. wake me up when you get back. We'll get dinner and see the nightlife." Sebastian called from the shower. Dago had one foot out the door and yelled back "Sure".
He was anxious to explore the Province and see what it had to offer a traveler.

Once he got outside, he looked up and down the street and decided to walk away from the hotel toward the mountains. Dago had read about a Forbidden City and wanted to check it out. He walked leisurely toward the mountains. The air was sweet and cool on his skin. He finally came to the outskirts of the Forbidden City and was met by a young man dressed in a monk's robes, his head shaven met Dago and spoke to him.

"Why are you here today?" the monk asked. Dago looked the monk up and down and thought o himself "This may not be a place that visitors would want to go to." Dago answered the monk. "I'm Dago. I'm visiting from San Francisco for a travel agency I work for. I'm just curious about The Forbidden City" The monk also looked Dago up and down, but for a very different reason. A more "ticklish" reason.

"I see. My name is Cedrick. I am the guardian for the City. I can give you a tour of the City. I must warn you, though, this city is not what one would expect. It exists for a purpose." Cedrick walked closer to Dago. Now Dago's curiosity was piqued. "A purpose? What kind of purpose? Are your inhabitants in a religious order?"

Cedrick laughed heartily. "No. I am not part of any religious order. We all wear these robes because they come off easily. They are all one piece." Confused, Dago asked why Cedrick would need his clothing to come off "in one piece". Cedrick smiled and said. "We that live in the Forbidden City are all very ticklish. For some, all it takes is a small touch by a finger tip or a playful touch to the ribs or belly to start giggling."

Dago felt a shiver up his back as Cedrick spoke about being ticklish. Small beads of sweat formed across Dago's forehead and upper lips. He shifted nervously and looked down at his shoes. Cedrick felt Dago's nervousness and smiled inwardly. "Dago.. you seem a bit nervous. Are you ticklish?" "M-e .. tick-tick- ticklish? " Dago stammered. "So.. You are ticklish!" exclaimed Cedrick. Dago let out a loud sigh and shook his head. "Yes. I am extremely ticklish. Your Forbidden City would make me very nervous."

"Walk with me and we'll talk." invited Cedrick. Dago decided to take a chance and walked next to Cedrick. "We have all kinds of methods for tickling. Tickle torture, rough tickling and a more gentle tickling. Judging by your nervousness, You would survive with a gentle tickler."
Dago stopped just before the two were to enter the City. "Tell me more about your "gentle ticklers".

Cedrick thought for a moment, then started to describe a session with a gentle tickler. "First off, you would be in control. Your tickler would give you a safe word in case the tickling became to intense for you. Then he would slowly remove your clothing and start with light strokes along your skin head to toes. Once he finds your "sweet spots" then he will choose a spot and start light tickling. Everything he does is gentle unless you ask for something more. I can take you inside and demonstrate if you wish."

Dago swallowed hard and nodded. "Ok, but I choose where the tickling starts." Cedrick smiled as they entered Cedrick's home. Dago looked around and saw baskets of brushes and feathers in the living room and in the room where Cedrick did his tickle sessions. "Shall we begin?' he asked. "Yes. How do you start?" Dago asked. "I start by gentling taking off your shirt. Do feathers make you giggle ? Or the stroke of a soft brush against your bare skin? Or will the touch of my nails send you into giggles?" As Cedrick unbuttoning Dago's shirt. Dago giggled nervously. "Please.. no tickle talk. It makes me even more ticklish. Feathers, fingers, brushes... they all will work. That's how very ticklish I am."

Cedrick smiled. "I enjoy a good tickling and I know you will be a good ticklee."

End Part One

Part 2 The Demonstration M/M

Cedrick removed the top of his robe, exposing his own upper body. Cedrick was more than just an ordinary man. He was an empathotickler. He experiences the tickling as he is tickling Dago. This makes Cedrick more ticklish than the average person. He can give this ability to his ticklee.
He laid down on the couch and laid Dago next to him. He could feel Dago's nervousness.Without warning, he began running his nails gently over Dago's chest. Dago jumped out of surprise and began to giggle softly. Cedrick ran one fingertip along the edges of Dago's ribs, making him burst into loud laughter. Cedrick felt a wave of tickling over his body, but he suppressed his laughter. Then he whispered into Dago's ear, "Let's probe deeper, see how ticklish you really are!" "no No NO! You can't! It will be too much and I'll lose control!! Ple-ease!" Dago cried, but, he didn't give the safe word. Cedrick got up from the couch and took a feather duster and began swirling the feathers along Dago's ribs. Dago's laughter became frenzied and loud. He bucked violently as Cedrick's tickling increased. His gentle strokes made the tickling even more intense.

Just as Cedrick was about to make Dago susceptible to being an enpathoticklee, the door bust open and hit the wall with a loud bang. "What the hell are you doing here Cedrick?" the voice bellowed angerly. Cedrick stopped immediately and pulled his robe back on so he was fully covered. "Sire. I did not know you were here." Cedrick whispered quietly to Dago to go and get dressed that the session was over.

Lao Chu Ming, the Prior of the Forbidden City and enforcer of the laws made his presence known. "I said what are you doing here? You know that using your power to turn a ticklee into an empathaticklee is prohibited." Cedrick said nothing, but Dago came toe to toe with Cedrick. Just what were you going to do to me besides tickle me?" Lao Chu spoke. "Cedrick has the ability to feel what you are feeling while you are being tickled. He was going to tickle you into a state of uncontrolled ticklish laughter and change you into an enpathaticklee." Dago became shaken and immediately left the house and back to his hotel.

"Well Cedrick, was that your intent all along?" Cedrick looked at the floor then quietly said "Yes. He was so vulnerable and so ticklish that I thought I could get away with it." Lao walked over to Cedrick and skid his hands around his waist and kneaded them, making Cedrick giggle and squirm. "Are you still as extremely ticklish as I remember when I changed you?" Cedrick answered "Even more so now that I am in empathy with my ticklees." "Then you know what the law is and what the consequences of breaking that law." Cedrick bowed his head as two guards entered his house and grabbed Cedrick and shackled his wrists together. "Bring him to the Supreme People's Court for sentencing. He will have a private and public punishment." Then guards bowed low to Lao and walked with Cedrick behind the Prior to the Supreme People's Court.

End Part 2

Part 3 Punishing Cedrick M/M

Cedrick was brought before the Supreme People's Court to be tried and sentenced by the President Court. President Wynn Chow looked at Cedrick with disdain. "Guardian Cedrick. You are aware of the laws in place for turning the ticklish and making empathoticklees out of them. You of all people should not use your power. What do you have to say for yourself?" Wynn Chow looked intensely at Cedrick as he tried to defend his actions.

"President Chow.. Even though there are laws against my use of my special abilities, I derive pleasure from feeling the effects my tickling someone. Just because I am a Guardian, I need not be redistricted from using my ability and not telling my ticklee what I am doing to them... well I see no harm, but I will accept any consequence of my breaking the law."

"Yes.. you will accept any consequence because I find that your ethics in this matter are faulty and because you are a Guardian, does not make you above the law, but expected to hold obeying the laws as your priority. I find you guilty and sentence to you public tickling of your upper torso. You will be stripped of your position as Guardian and banished for one year to the penal colony of Vidian, a tickling penal colony. Once there, the warden will decide your fate. Take him to the center of the city and strip his upper tunic off and tie him to the tickling pole."

With that, Chow spoke quietly to Lao and told him that he had chosen two of the most intense ticklers to punish Cedrick. Lao agreed and walked to the center of the City and took his place next to the President Chow.

Cedrick tried to struggle as his upper body was exposed and he, tied with his arms up over his head, his feet bound and his body pulled up and stretched taut. Cedrick looked at the two ticklers as they approached him. He knew them well as they had each tickled him for pleasure.
He giggled quietly as he felt the cool air on his naked skin. The charges were read and one tickler stood at Cedrick's right side, the other on his left. Chow and Lao both stood and faced the prisoner and bowed tom the ticklers, a sign form them to begin.

Cedrick felt their probing fingers in his ribs. Giggling bubbled up from deep inside and he threw his head back in ticklish laughter. His giggling and laughing became louder as his armpits were teased and tickled with brushes and a stimulated tickling device. His body thrashed around as the ticklers poked and tickled his belly button with the stimutickling device. His waist and hips were particularly ticklish and he howled and babbled incoherently as his ticklers exploited his most ticklish sweet spots.

His tickling punishment went on for what seem like hours to him. His body was drenched sweat and he was breathless when the ticklers had finished their task. Cedrick hung limply on the tickling pole, still giggling because he still felt like he was being tickled. When he was finally taken down and brought to his cell, Lao came to him. "There is one part of your punishment that you you. You know how ticklish Wilm is and that he is also like you, an empaothoticklee.

"Why punish Wilm. He wasn't even home when I was tickling Dago. He was out being tickled at a tickling salon. He will not be able to stand feeling my punishment. He is not yet fully empathetic to my being tickled. Please do not subject him to this." Lao sat closer to Cedrick and whispered to him that he would suffer seeing Wiim's reaction. Cedrick fell back on the bed and waited silently to be tickled again in Lao's chambers.

End Part 2

Part 3 Vidian Colony Ticklings M/M

Lao decided that instead of privately tickling Cedrick and Wilm, he would have Cedrick and Wilm transported to Vidian Colony and tickle them there. Vidian Colony is a small island in the middle of the Oceanic Sea. Escape is near impossible because the Colony is surrounded by water. The Prior is Wo Min. Wo Min was a prisoner sent to the Colony when it was first established. He proved himself to the Prior who there at the time to be trustworthy and was a model prisoner. He pled is case to the President of the Court who absolved is crime and gave him the right to be the Prior of the Colony. Wo Min runs the Colony strictly and makes sure their is at least one prisoner tickled for punishment. Wo is incredibly ticklish and from time to time, he has the guardians select a prisoner for him to "play" with. After all, Wo has "needs" very ticklish "needs" and they must be satisfied.
The prisoners work on the Colony's farm and saw mill. When the day is done and the prisoners are back in their barracks, the stronger prisoners prey on the weaker, ticklish prisoners or the new prisoners who don't know much about the Colony.
When a new prisoner is brought to the Colony, they are process and then taken to the Master Tickler to see how ticklish they are. The Master Tickler and one other tickler do the tickle punishment. When the prisoner is finished being processed and taken to there barrack, a guardian escorts the prisoner to Wo Min's office. Wo asks questions mostly about the prisoners ticklishness. Then he ties the prisoner up by their bound wrists and begins tickling them until he decides the prisoner has had enough. As for Wo's "needs" he has a guardian who tickles him as well as any prisoner he "summons" to his office for Kusuguri - zeme or merciless tickling.

Cedrick and Wilm were transported by boat to the Colony. "why m I being arrested and punished? You were the one breaking the rules. I was not home when you did any of this!" exclaimed Wilm. Cedrick ran his hand down Wilm's back, making him squirm around. "They know you are able to feel what I feel when I am tickled. So they want to humiliate both of us." Wilm shivered and whispered, "We did this once before and it ended badly for me. I nearly exploded with hysterical, frenzied laughing. You had to take me to the Clinic." "Yes I know, but this man, Dago, he was so ticklish and it was so tempting that i had to try. I don't know how Lao knew what I was up to." Cedrick whispered.

As the two were marched off the boat and into the prison, Cedrick saw that the guardians were erecting a "Spanish Tickler" in the court yard where the public punishment took place. Cedrick knew full well what happens when one is tied to the Spanish Tickler. He knew that he would be stripped naked and hung by his wrists facing the board that is padded with material that would tickle as he thrashed. Once he was tied , three ticklers with feather dusters on long poles and tickling combs on long poles would begin tickling from his neck down to the bottoms of his feet. Cedrick suddenly got very nervous the closer he and Wilm got to the prison building. The guardians with them pushed them along until they got to the door. Cedrick turned to look behind him and hesitated. "What's the matter? Scared? Scared of being tickled mercilessly? Scared of seeing your friend feeling your tickles as you are punished?" the Guardian taunted. He pushed Cedrick and Wilm through the door.

"So.. You tow are finally here! Welcome to Vidian." said Wo. Cedrick and Wilm bowed their heads and looked down at their feet. Wo continued.
"I am Wo Min, your jailer, your tickler, the one who is your Prior and master for as long as you are sentenced to be here. I make the rules that you will obey. Break my rules and you will feel the touch of fingertips, feathers,brushes or anything else I choose to have you tickled with."

Cedrick looked up at Wo but did not say a word. He was too frightened because of how extremely ticklish he was as a consequence of being an empathatickler. Wo walked around the two men and then slid his hand down Cedrick's ribs, making him jump and let out a giggle. Then Wo wrapped both hands around his ribs and kneaded and tickled Cedrick. "Stop! Please! Stop!!" pleased Cedrick. As Wo tickled Cedrick, Wilm began giggling and holding his ribs. Wo smiled deviously. Take both of them to processing, then bring them to the High Council for sentencing." The guardians bowed low to Wo and pushed Cedrick and Wilm along till they got to processing.

Cedrick and Wilm were stripped, washed and given clothing to wear. Black Robes with an upside down feather embroided on the front so people would know who they were and where they belonged. When the two were done in processing, they were brought to the High Council. Wilm was made to sit down in the gallery as Cedrick was led to the box before the Prior. Lao was also there, waiting and savoring this moment. Wo walked and everyone stood . He waved his hands to signal that everyone should be seated.

"It is a rare occasion that we have a Guardian as a prisoner. Cedrick! You have been tried and convicted and brought here to the Colony of Vidian. Do you have a thing to say before I pass sentence on you?" Cedrick shook his head and said. "No nothing for myself as I am guilty as charged, but Wilm had nothing to do with this and should be spared," Wo smiled and replied back, "You have no say as to the disposition of Wilm. Now then.. you , Cedrick have sentenced to five years at hard tickles here at the Colony which begins by your public punishment. Guardians! Bring them to the courtyard!"

The guardians grabbed Cedrick and Wilm and brought them out to the courtyard in front of The Spanish Tickler. The Spanish Tickler was six feet high with
a pair of leather strapped designed to be wrapped around each wrist. The board was lined with a course material with feather tips embedded in the material so the ticklee would be tickled further as he thrashed about. . There were two Ticklers on either side with their tickling tools beside them, waiting to tickle Cedrick. Next to the "Tickler" was a large "T" form that Wilm would be tied to.

Cedrick was stripped of this robes and tied facing the board, his arms stretched high above his head and tied taut. His body hung against the board. He could feel the material tickling his body lightly. He giggled softly as his body swayed slightly. Young Wilm was stripped only above the waist and tied to then T form. His feet were bare. The Ticklers walked next to the large form and stood on each side, waiting . Cedrick was breathing hard, fearing what was to come next. Wo stood in front of the prisoners and council members assembled and waved his hand to signal the torture to start. Cedrick closed his eyes and bit his lips as the feather dusters began tickling his neck and armpits. He began giggling as laughing and soon his body began wriggling as the feathers tickled his ribs, sides and down his buttocks and rear end. Wilm began giggling and thrashing against his bonds as he felt each feather stroke as if he was being tickled. As the ticklers got to Cedrick's lower body, the ticklers began using their fingers and nails. Cedrick's laughter became harder, louder and frenzied, especially when his feet were being tickled between each toe, under each toe, along the arches and side and bottoms with nails, combs and fingers. Wilm's body glistened with sweat as his laughter was hoarse, his thrashing harder. The ticklers began tickling Cedrick's upper body with tickling combs. He felt each stroke against his back and ribs, down the backs of his legs. His body was drenched with sweat, tears rolling down his face, The tickling went on for three hours, until both men were exhausted. Wo stood up again and put his hands up to stop the punishment.

"The public punishment has been done. Take them away to their barracks to let them recover." Wo turned to Lao. "Satisfied?" he asked. "Oh yes. Very. Tomorrow, take away his empatickling abilities." Wo nodded in agreement. "What shall I do with Wilm. After all, he was not involved." Wo asked. Lao thought for a minute. "This Wilm, He's extremely ticklish and an empathaticklee. You may do with him what you want. Maybe a tickle toy for you."
Wo smiled. He loved to tickle and be tickled as he was also ticklish.

End Part 3.

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