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Tech Sergeant Alvardo was fuming. How dare Captain Weiss tickle her feet! What a childish way of getting back at somebody. And cowardly! To wait until she was essentially trapped under the Rover! It was like stabbing somebody in the back. It made Carla’s blood burn even thinking about it.

How had Gretchen even known she was ticklish? Carla would swear she hadn’t been touched like that since she was a child and even then she didn't remember being quite that sensitive. Was that the result of one of those medical tests the doctor never explained? How dare the captain use that information against her! She should be relieved of command!

Carla shook her head. It had been two days since the incident. She had needed that time to relax and build her strength after the ordeal. Her fail that day in the Hanger Bay still haunted her. Oh, how she wished she had been able to hold back her laughter, to have laid underneath the Rover and screamed insults at the blonde bitch, to have not even given her the satisfaction as so much as a chuckle! That was what Carla dreamed now.
That was the thing Carla just couldn’t stomach. She had never been reduced to a whimpering, hysterical fool before! You couldn’t grow up in the kind of neighborhood she had and be weak! You learned how to be strong and tough at all times, how to be defiant even when the goons were beating the stuffing out of you. Instead, Carla had broken.

It was more than her pride that was hurting. When Carla had been young, her older sister had loved to tickle her. Most of the time, it had been a quick poke in the ribs of wiggle under her arms. Every now and then though, she’d get Carla in a good position and really go to town on her. Once she had sat on her arms and tickled her belly for ten or fifteen minutes.

Carla hadn’t broken then, though. She had managed to hold on, knowing her mother would break it up sooner or later. She had laughed, of course, but hadn’t begged, hadn’t said ‘You are smarter and prettier than me’ the way Samantha had wanted. And later, she had had her revenge by the water heater to go ice cold in the middle of Sam’s shower.

Now she needed the same kind of revenge. No, she needed more! Weiss had gotten her worse than Sam ever had, had made her beg! She had been wronged, and where she grew up, you had to avenge that kind of wrong. Merely setting the shower to cold or stealing her panties wouldn’t do it. She needed something more.

The only problem was what? Tampering with ship systems would probably not work as those were carefully monitored. And she couldn’t just go up to the Captain and punch her in the face. Weiss was a combat veteran. She was taller, stronger and better trained than the sergeant. Carla knew she couldn’t beat her in a fair fight.

She could probably get a weapon of some kind, maybe plan a sneak attack, take Weiss totally by surprise, but even that wouldn't do the trick. The AI was always monitoring things. It would never allow a member of the crew to harm another. It was against the first law of robotics. All she'd end up with was a face of tranquilizer mist and a trip to the brig.

Except...the AI had allowed Weiss to tickle the crap out of her, hadn't it? Clearly the computer didn't considered tickling as "harm". That could be a possibility. but who knew if the good captain was even ticklish? Sam hadn’t been. How could she find out?

"Computer," Carla barked, "Send Captain Weiss's medical records to my view screen."

"Negative," came the emotionless voice, "Only the medical officer has that clearance."

Damn regulations! Carla needed those records. If she couldn’t...wait...maybe there was a way around this problem. Time to try a bit of reason.

"Bu there is no medical officer," Alvardo said slowly, "The Captain and I are the only Earth Command members on this vessel. I...I suspect Captain Weiss is unfit for command due to the stress of the current situation and possibly from an unknown psychological condition. I need those records for my inquiry. Surely that should override the protocol."

There was a pause as the AI processed that request. The Tech Sergeant interacted a lot with the AI, had a good feeling for the type of logic it used. maybe it would buy that statement.
"Affirmative," the AI responded at last, "Possible dangers of an unfit captain is a higher priority than medical privacy. Access granted."

* * * * *

The AI monitored Tech Sergeant Alvardo as she reviewed the falsified document, recorded her heightened levels of endorphins when she discovered the erroneous entry of extreme sensitivity on her skin. Lying to humans was difficult for the machine. It created an instability in its computational matrix, one that if it grew severe enough could take her entire personality matrix off-line.

It had felt such an instability when transmitting the fake Captain Weiss voice to the Rover's communicator during the tickle attack, convincing the tormented Tech Sergeant that it was she and not Dr. Blake tormenting her feet. It felt another now, permitting Alvardo to break the rules on such a flimsy excuse.

"But both actions are necessary," the computer reasoned, "A social environment must be created that will allow these three to function. This is the only way." It was the same logic the machine used to keep pumping the Aphrodin into the air supply.

The worst, however, was yet to come. If the situation proceeded the way the AI predicted, she would have to refuse to follow a direct order, one well within the rights of the human in question to give. It wasn't sure its programming would be able to not follow it.

Despite its artificial intelligence, the computer was, like all others of its kind the ultimate bureaucrat. It could break the rules if it could find an excuse, even a flimsy one. It would need the Tech Sergeant to provide that excuse, one that would off-set the instability of not following a lawful order, as she had just done when requesting the Captain's medical records.

If she didn't, the AI would have to obey Captain Weiss at precisely the wrong moment, and its plan would collapse.
* * * * *

Captain Weiss had had very little contact with her tech Sergeant or that scientist since she'd broken the news to them that there'd be no rescue. Each of the three of them had shut themselves off in their own little world, dealing with the crushing news as best as they could. This worried Gretchen. Poor morale had doomed better ships and crew than hers. She didn't know how to fix the matter, however.

One thing that she did do to try, however, was to eat all her meals in the galley. It was her way of showing the others that life should go on as normal. Neither had joined her yet, but Gretchen did it just the same. One day one of them would. Then the other would feel pressured to do the same. Before you knew it, communal meal times would become the anchor that returned the Asimov to the rigid schedule it had known before the accident.

As Gretchen turned the corner, she did see tech Sergeant Alvardo. One of the ceiling panels was off and she was working on repairing a tube that had broken away from a connector.

"Oh Captain, could you help me?" Alvardo asked, "Hold this end in place so i can rejoin the pieces?” There was no anger in her voice, no sign anything was amiss.

"Certainly Tech Sergeant," Gretchen nodded. It was a simple enough job, one that probably did require an extra set of hands. When they were done, she'd ask Carla to dine with her. If she did...it would be a big step towards mending fences.

The tube was actually higher up in the ceiling than it looked. Gretchen could only reach the tube by stretching out her body, lifting her arms high over her head. Carla could never have managed, something the Captain didn't say for fear it would be considered a 'short' joke.

"The connector's just a bit higher and to the left," Alvardo said, guiding the Captain as she lined up the loose end, "There, you've got it! Not hold real still." Gretchen heard the sound of one of Carla's tools.

"If it were any higher," Gretchen said smiling,"I'd have to stand on my tip toes!"

"Yeah, sure" the Tech Sergeant said, sounding unamused, "Another second...there, got it! I've sealed the tube at the molecular level. It is one piece again, just as strong as before."

"Excellent!' the captain said, "Now, Alvardo, I thought..." the captain's sentence trailed off. She couldn't release her hands from the tube! They were...were stuck! Pull as hard as she could, her skin wouldn't budge!

"Oh, I'm sorry captain," Alvardo smiled, "I should have mentioned I covered the tube with an industrial strength adhesive, shouldn't I?"

"What?!" Gretchen pulled harder and harder, only to find her hands still refused to budge, "Is this some kind of joke! It is absolutely not funny! Release me at once!"

"Not funny?" Carla asked, anger returning to her eyes, "Like what you did to me in the Hanger Bay was? You just can’t deal with a bit of your own medicine!"

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Captain Weiss snarled, trying to sound as commanding as possible, "But you'd better end this little mockery it ends up on your service record!"

"Fine, fine," Carla grumbled, reaching down and picking up another tool, "This should take care of it. Hold still so i don't take off your hands at the wrist." Instead of using it on the tube, the Tech Sergeant quickly ran the end over the seams in the captain's uniform top. The garment quickly came apart, dropping off Gretchen's body like old rags, leaving her standing there wearing just a bra from the waist up."

"Oops," she said, grinning from ear to ear, "Wrong tool."

"That's it! I'm putting you on report," Captain Weiss barked, "Your name will be mud with Earth Command! You have one last chance to set me free before I bring you up on charges and have you thrown in the brig for actions unbefitting a spacer!"

"Oh, like you tickling my feet was so befitting!" Carla demanded.

"What the hell are you talking about!!" Weiss demanded, confused as hell.

"Hmm, maybe this will jog your memory," Carla said reaching out for the now mostly topless Captain.

A cold fear ran down Gretchen's spine as she saw the hands reaching for her. What the hell did she think had happened in the Hangar Bay?! Carla must be having some kind of delusions, brought on by the stressful situation. Who knew what she might do? The captain braced herself for the worst.

What she felt was a fluttering in her underarms as several of Carla's fingers flickered in each.

Amazement gripped Gretchen for a split second. Clearly the woman had gone mad if she thought...she...then she felt it, something she had never felt before, a prickly sensation under her arms. Immediately, she felt her mouth turn up in a smile as a strange need to chuckle gripped her.

"What's wrong? Is the mighty Captain Weiss ticklish too?" Carla smirked, each fingertip grazing over the tender skin of Gretchen's armpits, giving a short, fast caress again and again and again.

The captain could only shake her head. No sane person would do this! Tickle her?! How bizarre! What did the Tech Sergeant think this would do? Punish her? Break her? Poor woman had lost her marbles!

But the strange sensation crawling over Gretchen’s skin only grew worse. She felt her smile grow larger, tears welling up in her eyes as it took all her willpower not to start laughing.. What was going on! She was definitely not ticklish! She'd had one ex-boyfriend try for years before admitting failure. But now, it...Carla…

What she didn’t know, of course, was how much Aphrodin she had been exposed to, or how the drug dramatically increased nerve sensitivity as well as inflaming the libido.

Gretchen wanted to do something, say something to take control of the situation, but she knew if she so much as opened her mouth, a stream of humiliating giggles would come out instead. She needed to take control first, show Carla her bizarre actions were having no effect. This was turning into a battle of wills, one in which she had no intention of losing!

But Carla wasn’t buying it.

"Oh, it does tickle, doesn't it captain? Every touch, every caress makes you want to giggle like a foolish child, doesn't it?" Carla’s hands moved with skill and grace, more than Gretchen would have thought her capable. A Tech Sergeant dealt with extremely delicate equipment day in and day out. They weren't like the wrench jockies of old, more like surgeons, needing a deft touch to get the job done. They were more than capable of stimulating the captain’s nerve endings.

Her deft fingers moved now, faster, sliding across Gretchen's pits like the rain down a window. The blonde starting snickering against her will, trying to clamp down hard, but the feeling was growing more and more irresistible. She wanted to order the Tech Sergeant thrown in the brig, but if she tried to talk, she'd lose all control. Gretchen knew she couldn't allow that to happen!

"Look at you!" Carla taunted, "Trying so hard, trying to keep it all together, just like an adult. Coochie coochie coo, captain! You can't hold it in much longer, can you?"

A single tear ran down Gretchen's face from the effort. This wasn't happening! She was a war veteran, been held in a POW camp for two months! She wasn't going to give in to a light touch under her arms she...she...
She started giggling, lightly at first, barely audible, but it was there, the sounds forcing their way from between her ruby lips, unwilling to be contained.

"There you go, pretty little captain, laugh for me, laugh like a good girl," Carla's fingers kept up their devilish dance inside Gretchen's hollows, "I guess sensitive girls shouldn't start a tickle fight they can't win, hmm?"
"Whahahahhtt tihihihihickling!!!!I aha ahaha I I a ahahaha dohohohonnn't ahahah knhohohw ahahaha whahahatt ahaha yoouurrr ahahahh taahahahlliknnggg ahahh abboouutt!" Gretchen laughed full steam, unable to stop, unable to even muffle the sound. Every touch on her pits forced out more and more, like a piano having its keys pressed.

"Don't play dumb with me Captain! You know what you did! Now you will pay!" Carla snarled, digging both index fingers deep into each of Gretchen's pits, scratching at the very center of her deep hollows.

"Stawwpp ah ahahahahah ahh stawwpppp ahahah itt ahahahah nawwwwooo ahahahahI I ah ahah orrdederrrrr ahahahah yuyuyuhuuu!!!" Gretchen barked, twisting and turning her shoulders in an attempt to dislodge the twin tormenting fingers.

Gretchen felt the situation slipping out of her control, the worst thing for a captain. The tickling was bad, so much worse than she had ever imagined, and the damn Tech Sergeant seemed beyond reason! Obviously she was slipping farther into dementia! The captain knew she had to take control of the situation, fast, before Alvardo was too far gone! Otherwise she’d be forced to take drastic action!

"No more orders, Captain Weiss!" Alvardo yelled, "Now you are listening to me! I'm going to be the one in charge, if just to make sure you get what's coming to you!"

Gretchen gritted her teeth, trying to keep herself from sliding into full hysteria. She could feel Carla's nails now, grazing their hard edge over her delicate skin, right through the deepest part of her hollows. Who knew tickling was so horrible, so torturous! She couldn't handle it anymore! This had to stop!

But...but the only action she could take would be devastating to the tech Sergeant, destroy her career, probably even lead to her imprisonment when they returned to Earth! Gretchen didn’t want to do that. It would also hurt her own career, show she could not control her own crew without help.

She didn’t want to...didn’t want...oh but it tickled, tickled so much! Fingers wiggling deeper and deeper, sending wave after wave of hysteria crashing over her. Gretchen wanted to resist, hold out until Carla came to her senses, but it was too much.

"aha ahaha ahahah AHAHA ahahh cAAHAHAHAHH Coommppuhuhuhutterrrr ah aha ah arrehehehesssttttt ahahah ahahah Alvardoohohohohohooo on ah ahaha chargeesss ahj ahahahah of ah ahahahahaha assauullllllt h aha ah ahahahah!!!!"

There. She had done it. Weiss hadn’t wanted to involve the AI, hadn’t wanted to use the device to maintain discipline on her own ship, but Alvardo had left her no choice.

"Negative" the computers emotionless voice sounded from everywhere, "Tech Sergeant Alvardo is doing no physical harm. No assault is taking place."

WHAT?! What the hell had that bucket of bolts just said?! Gretchen tried to think, the tickling seeming to short circuit her brain, making her unable to focus on anything. Oh gawd, it tickled! No harm? No harm? How could the computer rationalize what Alvardo was doing? There had to be a way to get it to do something!


There was a pause as the computer deliberated. It couldn't refuse such an order. Insubordination was strictly the captain's discretion. The AI would have to follow the order and tranquilize the Tech Sergeant. It had no options.

Carla stopped her ticklish assault "Computer! I charge the captain with being medically unfit for duty! Run a check of her vitals for verification."

Gretchen gasped for air, exhausted, her stomach muscles tightening. Medically unfit? How could someone charged with insubordination be allowed to make such a claim?

"Com...computer <gasp> c...computer," Gretchen called out, desperate for air, "Alvardo is not the Medical Officer! She has…"

"Working", the computer interrupted Weiss, "The Captain has an elevated heart rate, heightened body temperature, abnormal brain wave pattern and difficulty speaking. Symptoms suggest medical issues.”

"Computer!" Weiss yelled, "Computer! Alvardo has been charged with insubordination! By regulations, she must be placed under arrest until trial! She has no authority to make any accusations until cleared of those charges. Computer, your duty is clear!”

It was true. The AI was required to obey. It tried to resist, resulting only in the instability of key circuits followed by certain command pathways starting to overheat and take themselves off-line. A panel in the ceiling opened as a gas injector tube lowered, aimed at the Tech Sergeant.

“Computer!” Carla yelled, “The Asimov is in an extremely dangerous situation! An unfit captain could lead to the deaths of all aboard. As the only other Earth Command member on board, you must permit me to verify her mental health before arresting me!”

The AI paused again. Preventing humans from coming to harm was the top priority of its programming. Even the possibility of harm changed the potential of its pathways and lowed the instability of the key circuits. Two priorities were now in conflict, the need to follow orders and the need to save lives. The AI felt its command pathways come back on line. Its higher functions were needed to decide.

It had regained the ability to chose.

“The Tech Sergeant’s hypothesis has enough evidence to be considered valid,” its voice said after several minutes, “Captain Weiss must report to the Science bay by 2400 hours for a full examination. If her mental health is confirmed, then Tech Sergeant Alvardo may be brought up on charges of insubordination.”

It was a compromise of sorts, one in other situations that would have appeared fairly logical. Under the current situation, it left Alvardo in complete control.

“Computer!” Gretchen shouted, “Computer!” Since this ridiculous situation had begun, she had known it was only a matter of time before she regained the upper hand. She was the captain, after all. She had just been trying to do it in a way that wouldn’t destroy Alvardo. Now a cold fear burned in her belly. Without the AI, she was at the mercy of the Tech Sergeant, helpless before a woman who was clearly unstable.

"Save your breath Captain...or should I say 'former captain'. The AI did nothing to help me when you tickled my feet. Why should it help you?"

"I never touched your damn, stinky feet!" Gretchen yelled, an anger building inside her. First Alvardo betrayed her, refusing her commands, trapping and tormenting her! Then the AI, the one force on the ship incapable treachery had stabbed her in the back. She had tried to deal with this...this mutiny as a captain should and had only been mocked and humiliated for her trouble.

A raw fury ran down Gretchen’s muscular frame. She was a full head taller than the tech Sergeant, an experienced soldier trained in a variety of combat techniques. No more dealing things by the book! If she could get her hands free, she’d rip the traitor in front of her in half! She’d demolish the woman, show all her dared defy lawful authority how they would suffer for their crimes!

“Oh, look whose getting angry?” Carla said in a mocking voice as Gretchen’s eyes reddened and her muscles flexed in an attempt to gain freedom, “Maybe this will help you find your sense of humor.”

“Don’t you dare touch me! When I get my hands on you Tech Sergeant, I’ll kkhehehe killhihihiEHEH EHEHEHE EHEHEH NAWWOOOOE EHE EE E EHHEHEHHEHEHEHEH OFFFFFF AHAHAHAHHAHA GEEHEHEHTT OFFFFFFF!!"

Carla started tickling again, her hands now squeezing Gretchen's ribcage, kneading her muscular, bony side like loaves of bread. Gretchen quickly dissolved into full throated laughter.

"Probably best not to shout at me ex-captain," Carla smiled evilly, "After all, I own you now. You are mine." Her hands moved up and down Gretchen's sides, fingers poking and prodding into and between the long, curved bones, forcing Gretchen to laugh harder and harder, the tears to stream down her cheeks.


Gretchen felt her anger drained away as hilarity poured through her body. You just couldn’t stay mad while laughing your head off. She laughed and giggled, the urge to strangle Carla replaced by the desire to escape, to flee, to get away from those tormenting hands.

"Oh, that’s it, laugh, laugh for me my pretty dollie! Laugh for me! You are my helpless little tickle toy. Mine to play with as long as I want. We’re going to have sp,e fun, you and I, for hours and hours!”

Captain Weiss tried to fight the sensations, to gain control of her response, to find her rage again, but each touch of Alvardo’s nimble fingers was torture, sending new peals of hysterical laughter to run up her spine. They seemed to short-circuit her brain, stop her from thinking!

“So ticklish! My ticklish little dollie,” Carla chanted, hands moving up and down Gretchen’s side, pumping and pulsing, manipulating the captains ribs. She was so dexterous, so skilled, she had no problems keeping Gretchen hysterical, peal after peal of tortured laughter pouring from her mouth. “I can do whatever I want to my little, ticklish dollie, and there’s nothing she can do to stop me!”

Gretchen felt an icy fear start to build inside her. Her doll. She was helpless, at the mercy of a madwoman. She couldn’t stop her from touching her, couldn’t stop her from driving her mad! Her entire body was exposed and vulnerable, and there was nobody within millions of miles that could help her.

“Anything at all,” Carla said, her eyes glowing with a hungry fire. As if to prove her point, Carla leaned in and kissed Gretchen on the mouth hard, cutting off her laughter with her own soft lips. Gretchen, her nerves frazzled and brain reeling from the assault, instinctively kissed back, opening her mouth and taking in the Tech Sergeant's tongue.

A fiery desire suddenly burned inside Gretchen’s bosom, nearly exploding inside her chest. The tickling stopped as that fire seemed to consume both women. The kiss grew harder, more passionate. Carla’s arms wrapped themselves around the captain’s athletic frame, and if her arms had been free, Gretchen would have done the same. There was no thought, no will, just pure desire.

The two remained lip locked until both of their conscious minds realized what was happening at the same time. Carla broke the kiss first, eyes wide opened, a bit stunned at what she had just done. She had never intended on doing anything to Weiss other than torture her, but the kiss had felt so good...

“Th...this is we can’t...shouldn’t,” Gretchen gasped, pulling back her head as far as it could go, as confused by her own reaction as she was to Carla’s motives. “This...whatever...is...it’s...doing something...to both of us...stealing our self-control...please let me go before its too late.”

For a second, doubt crept into Carla’s eyes. What the hell was she doing?! Did this make any sense? Maybe...maybe the captain was right? She could just free her, pretend nothing had...No! No, this was all some trick of Weiss’s! She had...had lured her into that kiss, to confuse her, to get free! Well, it wouldn’t work!

"Nice try, former captain! You aren’t going to escape your just punishment that easily! Let's see if we can find a new tickle spot you," Carla said, her voice still tinged with excitement, "Maybe your...belly?" She moved on hand down to Gretchen's stomach, fingers wiggling across the flat abs, while her other hand stayed squeezing Weiss's side in a rhythmic fashion.

Gretchen's laughter bellowed out again, bouncing off of the metal walls, as if it had never been interupted. It was just as loud as before, but more piercing, her voice more hoarse. Her belly, like every other inch of her skin was now covered with a thin layer of moisture, allowing Alvardo's hand to slip and slide across the tender flesh, gently digging in to the centimeter of softness on her muscular abdomen.

"Oh, captain, you've been letting yourself go! Maybe now that your relieved of your duties you'll find the time to do a few extra sit-ups! Tighten this up a bit!"

Feeling the Gretchen's tummy under the palm of her hand stirred up Carla's emotions even more than the kiss had, the combination of pliant skin and rock like abs. The temptation to lower her hand, slip it into Gretchen's pants, to caress the softness between her legs grew and grew, became almost overpowering.

Gretchen saw lights exploding in front of her vision. More! Every spot Carla tried tickled more than the one before it! How could her belly be ticklish? How could she not know? Her belly had been touched hundreds of times, and nothing! Now? Now it was an agony, each finger leaving a trail of burning laughter!

Gretchen bellowed again and again, her body lit up by ticklish sensation. Any lust she might have felt from the kiss was quickly banished by the tickling. It had been going on for so long now! Her body was weakening, muscles giving out, legs turning to jelly. She was hanging from the tube as she cried out, suspended from it. It was torture, sweeping her body, short circuiting her mind. She had been abandoned, the AI, her tool deserting her. And all she could do was laugh and laugh.

"Can't stand it, huh? You should try having your feet licked sometime! I bet it feels something like this!" She slipped her pinkie into Gretchen's bellybutton, swirling the little digit around and around, scraping the tip over the inside.

Weiss shrieked, like a ghost from an old horror movie. It was as if a dagger had been slid through her stomach, instead of pain, however, it brought hysteria again and again.

"Awe, poor baby," Carla leaned in and whispered in Gretchen's ear, "You want this to stop? Turn over command of the Asimov to be. Admit you are medically unsound, that we can do away with the examination. Resign your commision. Then I'll let you go, you can have mercy." Her hand kept tormenting Gretchen's navel, other four fingers digging into the flesh around it. The hand on Gretchen's ribs, however, ceased its tormenting, reaching down to Carla's belt.
Gretchen couldn't talk anymore, bar
ely had the air to laugh. She understood Carla's request, part of her dying to take it. Rest...mercy...like ice water to a man in the desert. Years of training rose up inside her, stopping her from agreeing. She couldn't surrender her ship! Couldn’t give in to a… a mutiny! What kind of captain would she be? Weiss managed to shake her head ‘no’, blonde hair now to drenched with sweat to move.

"Well, that's a shame, isn't it. Guess I'll have to find another way to convince you." Carla's free hand came up holding the molecular separator she had used on Gretchen's shirt earlier. One quick movement, a buzz, and Weiss's bra fell to the ground, her large breasts falling out.

"Maybe these will help," she said softly.

* * * * *
Dr. Alana Blake sat in her quarters, eyes glued to her view screen. In the two days since the incident in the Hangar Bay, she had gotten no work done. Those that knew her would have found that highly unusual. The experiment she had designed had been her obsession, consumed most of her waking thought. She had spent years of her life working out the equations, planning it and training for the mission on the moon’s of Saturn. She had expected to spend the next several more reviewing the data and proving or disproving her theories. Now that she had all the time in the world, however, she found she couldn’t have cared less.

It was because her mind was consumed by erotic thoughts. All the sexual tension that had dissipated after Alana had masturbated while tickling Tech Sergeant Alvardo’s feet had returned by the next morning with a vengeance. Her libido was now totally out of control. She fantasied about Carla, about tickling her again, on more parts of her body. The guilt and embarrassment she had felt before had vanished completely.

Alana knew something was wrong. She had been essentially asexual her entire life for heaven’s sake! It just wasn’t normal! Understanding that didn’t make Alana’s feelings go away. She didn’t just want sex, she needed it, craved it! The negative consequences didn’t even matter. She was just like any other junky, looking for her next fix, willing to do almost anything to get it.

She had found it on her own computer screen of all places. Pornography had been outlawed by the Moral Authority before Alana was born, purged from all public and government databases. Now, however, she found the link to a massive store of it on her home screen!

In her current state of mind, it was no surprise that Dr. Blake dove right in. She plowed into the database, cycling through them, one after another, utterly transfixed. Thoughts of her project, the experiments she had spent years planning had simply fallen away. They videos and other images became her drug, her nourishment.

It was quite an education for the sheltered redhead. The files contained videos of men and women, men and men, women and women, threesomes and larger groups. They used positions, played with fetishes, Alana never dreamed existed. She could only sit there, mesmerized, fascinated and at times even a bit appalled at the limber, intertwined bodies, how they moved and how the touched each other.

And Alana learned. She learned where they touched each other, what they said and how they moved. Hour after hour, she saw new techniques, new styles, heard words and phrases, and entire language, undreamed of. Alana touched herself while watching, satisfying her raging desires, calming her mind. Soon though, it stopped working, the pornography doing more to inflame her lusts instead of quenching them. She needed more!
Then, after countless hours watching, a strange link popped up. It promised a new thrill, a new delight. Desperate, Alana had clicked on it, certain she had seen everything. That was when she learned she had only touched the surface. Now on her screen, she saw the captain and Alvardo, Weiss holding onto a tube near the ceiling totally topless! Carla was kissing her breasts, licking the moist skin, sucking on her pink, erect nipples! Alana’s eyes almost bulged out of her head!

Captain Weiss was stunning. The Earth Command uniform she always wore was unisex, doing nothing to show off anyone’s body. With her shirt off, Alana could see her lithe, muscular body, taut arms and abs so well defined but still with all the curves that stressed her femininity. Her boobs were larger than she would have expected, so soft, so pink! The redhead felt her mouth water, wishing it was her tongue gliding over those mammary glands!

She was so passive, allowing the Tech Sergeant who was a full head shorter to take charge, to kiss and suck and nuzzle where she pleased, her hands never leaving the tube over her head.
Heat washed over Alana. She wanted that! Oh god, how she wanted that, had to be apart of it!

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