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My wife is bisexual, and I give her permission to cheat on me as long as it's with a woman. She's a short brunette who dresses conservatively, and she wears glasses, so most people don't realize at first glance what a stunning beauty she is. She has a perfect 36-24-36 figure. Her mousey demeanor hides how wicked she is between the sheets. She plays tennis at the country club, and this is where she usually pick up her lesbian lovers.

Tanya likes to humiliate me, and I enjoy feeling humiliated by her. She ties me up frequently for "tickle time" as she refers to it. This often takes place after she soundly defeats me on the tennis court in front of her lady friends. She face sits and breast smothers me until I'm red-cheeked and in a state of panic. When she's angry with me, she orders me to bend over and she really paddles me with her forehand strengthened arm.

She let me know that she tells all her lesbian lovers about our tickle time. She says they get stimulated hearing how she dominates me. One even suggested she could help team up on me, but Tanya said she wasn't ready to share me with anyone. I was more alarmed than disappointed at this news. Tonya's relentless fingers are scary and unbearable enough without the help of an extra pair of hands. But she mistakenly though I WAS disappointed, and she invited me to secretly witness 1 of her trysts.

In preparation I drilled a peephole in the bedroom ceiling, so I could hide in the attic when she brought her lover home. I parked my car in the park and walked 3 miles home, so Lee Ann wouldn't know I was there. I didn't know who Lee Ann was when my wife texted me to tell me it was time to sneak into the attic. I was expecting 1 of my wife's skinny tennis partners. It was a surprise to see who Lee Ann was. She was a waitress from the country club restaurant--a heavy woman with huge tits and an ample ass. I couldn't wait to see her naked.

They undressed each other slowly, kissing, cuddling, and fondling each other. Tanya glanced at my peephole before unhooking Lee Ann's bra. She caressed 1 big boob and sucked the other. I started getting aroused and put my hand inside my pants. They masturbated each other while lying on top of the covers. It was all pretty tame. My wife moaned like a cheap whore...Lee Ann kind of grunted her way to orgasm.

They rested awhile as I gazed at their sprawling naked bodies. Lee Ann looked so large comparted to my wife. Tanya turned over, glanced toward my peephole, then face Lee Ann's foot sole. She gave it a single stroke with her finger.

"What are you doing?" Lee Ann asked.

Tanya looked at Lee Ann. All I could see was the back of her head.

"I tie my husband down with ropes and tickle his helpless body."

Tanya tickled Lee Ann's foot. She moved it.


Tanya walked her fingers up Lee Ann's thick legs and tickled her ass crack. Lee Ann let out a goofy sounding laugh.

"Quit," she said again.

But Tanya kept tickling on her belly and groin and derriere and armpits. Soon, she had Lee Ann shaking with laughter.

"You're as ticklish as my husband. One time I tickled him so long he cried."

That was untrue. I never cried while enduring any of her fiendish punishments. It felt unfair to be accused of being such a wimp. Nevertheless, I rubbed my erection.

"He just loves to lose control when I tickle and tickle and tickle. Do you like to lose control?"

Lee Ann giggled, "you are so mean."

Suddenly, Lee Ann grabbed Tanya's hands and pinned them. And she sat on her. I wanted to rescue Tanya but know I better not or Lee Ann might get upset that I'd been playing the peeping tom. All I could hope was that Lee Ann would have mercy.

"Ooooh! Get off me," Tanya said.

Tanya liked to dominate. She hated being dominated.

"Not until you promise to stop tickling me."

"Ok, I promise. Now get off."

I heard my wife let out a high pitched guffaw. Lee Ann was tickling HER, but I couldn't see her hands. All I could see was her blonde hair, big back, and fat ass.

"No. Stop!" My wife pleaded.

My wife squealed, screamed, and laughed loudly. I wanted to rescue her, but I knew I couldn't let down the other ladder without Lee Ann realizing I'd bee in the house the whole time.

"You better get off me. My husband's going to be home any minute."

"You said he wasn't going to be home til 6 o'clock. I've got plenty of time to get you back."

My wife screamed and thrashed underneath Lee Ann's weight. it gave me a strange sort of pleasure seeing the woman who dominated me rendered so helpless. I couldn't hold back. I tugged my erection until cum spurted on the insulation.

But seeing and hearing my wife hysterically giggling made me hard again immediately.

The were kissing passionately--Lee Ann still on top of Tanya--but Tanya was no longer protesting. Lee Ann was tickling her clitoris and my wife was moaning.

The attic was warm and I was sweaty. I couldn't take it any longer. I stopped looking through the peephole and closed my eyes. All I could see in my mind was Lee Ann's big ass on my face. All I could hear was my wife's voice telling her to keep it there until I passed out. A strand of insulation tickled my neck and I pictured them both tickling me. I laughed quietly, unexpectedly. My heart pounded, uncertain if they heard me. I looked through the peephole and I saw my wife eating Lee Ann's pussy. Part of me was glad Lee Ann didn't hear me. But part of me wanted to be discovered. Maybe they would attack me. There was a tickle in my throat from breathing around the insulation. I couldn't decide: to cough or not to cough.

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Fine story so far. I hope that there will be a continuation. :D

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You should make a part 2!!!