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This story is completely fictional. I'm trying my hand at a tickle story that incorporates a lot of elements of sadism as well. Hope everyone enjoys it.


Putting the Queen Bee in her Place (F/F)

Anna was the most popular girl at work. Standing at 5'6, Anna had a sexy, curvy figure that was the envy of all her female coworkers at the large corporation at which she was employed. Anna's blonde hair and blue eyes were complimented by her big, perky breasts and her round hips and butt, with a slim waist. She had long, shapely legs which she enjoyed showing off, as she was partial to stockings and heels. Anna always knew the latest trends in clothing, and had a way of picking out the sexiest, form-fitting or revealing outfits that were somehow also work-appropriate and classy. At age 30, she was in her prime and was always being given extra perks by her male bosses.

The other girls at work sort of admired Anna but were jealous of her at the same time. Most of them were older than her, less attractive, heavier, or otherwise did not have her charm and talents. Anna was sort of the workplace Queen Bee. She got the best office, the best clients, and the most attention from men.

Of the other girls at work, Liz was probably the most friendly to Anna. Liz was in her 40s, tall and with an average build, long fingernails and brown hair, who hoped that she could be more popular by following Anna around and being her BFF. Liz knew Anna was much more attractive than she was, and Liz had once attempted to suggest to the bosses a new dress code that would force everyone to wear more modest clothing, hoping this would even the playing field between she and Anna. The management rejected the dress code, and Liz even felt bad for plotting against Anna later.

Meanwhile, Katie, another girl at the workplace, was younger than Anna but a bit on the chubby side. She competed with Anna by wearing revealing tops and short skirts, but Anna's body was so fit and toned that Katie just couldn't get a leg up on her. Katie had light brown hair, stood at about 5'2, and had big boobs as well, but they were far less shapely than Anna's.

Rita, meanwhile, had raven hair and was in her late 30s. She was built similarly to Anna, about the same height and body type, but Rita had three kids at home and didn't have time to work out. Her boobs were less firm and her legs were less toned. Rita was tanned and had long red fingernails. She was the most jealous of Anna because Rita believed that Anna had just gotten lucky in life. Rita had come from a poor family and had never had the chance to go to college because she had her first child at age 18. Rita believed that she would be even more successful than Anna if she had just been dealt better cards in life.

In any case, it was the night of Anna's housewarming party, since she had just moved into a new apartment. She had invited all the girls from work, unaware of their mixed feelings about her. Liz and Katie were gossiping about it by the water cooler.

"I don't think I'm going," Katie said. "All that's going to happen is Anna will show off her expensive apartment and all her cool stuff."

"I'm not going either," said Liz. "I like Anna but I'm getting tired of her prancing around here like she's going to the club. Did you see what she was wearing today?"

As the girls conversed, Anna walked by. She was wearing a skin tight dress that exposed her cleavage and shoulders, with stockings and heels. "Hey everyone! I hope you guys are coming over tonight! I will be so much fun!" Anna exclaimed, oblivious that the girls had been talking about her.

Unbeknownst to Anna, Rita approached from behind and playfully ran her nails up Anna's side, causing Anna to squirm and laugh nervously.

"The truth is, Anna, these two girls were planning on being lame and crashing at home tonight, but I'll make sure we all get to your party!" Rita said.

Anna happily jaunted away while Rita smirked at the confused girls.

"Don't worry," Rita said, "After tonight, coming to work will be a lot less annoying for all of us. I have an idea..."


Anna was giddy to see that her three coworkers had come after all to see her home that evening. Rita, Liz, and Katie all made their way into Anna's apartment while Anna prepared drinks. The four exchanged pleasantries over mixed drinks of vodka and cranberry juice. Anna was still dressed in her sexy outfit from work earlier in the day. Suddenly Anna felt woozy. She said she might have to lie down. Then, everything went black.

When Anna awakened, she found herself flat on her back, laying comfortably on her bed. She tried to move her arms, only to find that they had been tied to her bedposts. She looked down to see that her dress had been removed. She was wearing only her stockings, buxom bra, and lacy panties. Anna turned her head to see Rita, Liz, and Katie all standing over her. Rita was wearing Anna's dress.

"It's a perfect fit!" Rita said.

"Wha...what's going on?" Anna said, confused and a bit scared.

"I'm sorry," said Liz, sheepishly. "But we tried to tell you, dear. We don't want to hurt anyone. We just can't..."

"What she's trying to say," said Rita, cutting Liz off, "...is that you are making work harder for all of us because our bosses are men, and they give you everything and give us nothing due to you being hotter than we are."

"But that's not my fault!" Anna exclaimed. "I work hard for everything I have. And I've never slept with anyone to get ahead!"

Katie chimed in. "Look, men are pigs. They're going to give you everything because you give them a woody. I got bills to pay. We gotta do something about this."

Now fully conscious, Anna began to wonder what the girls were planning to do to her. "So what do you plan to, um, do about all of this?" she asked hesitantly.

"Easy," Rita said. "You just have to agree to some ground rules and we'll untie you. But first let's show what happens if you don't agree."

Rita ran her index finger down Anna's exposed body, from her armpit to her side. Anna shrieked and jerked away.

"I knew you were super ticklish," Rita said. "Sensitive girls who've had easy lives always are."

Anna finally put two and two together. "Wait, you're going to TICKLE me?" she said in horror.

Liz moved to Anna's feet, which were also tied to the bedposts. She removed Anna's heels. Katie positioned herself on the right side of the bed and Rita, the left side.

"Okay, okay, what do you want?" Anna begged.

Rita smiled. "So we've tied you to the bedposts with your own sexy stockings to make a point. We're tired of you using your looks to get what you want. So we're going to let you go if you follow some rules at work. You aren't allowed to wear your sexy clothes at work anymore. Anything you wear has to be loose fitting, and it can't expose any skin. You can't wear anything that shows off your boobs, legs, or figure. No more sexy stockings either. And no heels, only flats."

"That's ridiculous!" Anna fumed. "None of you follow that dress code! Katie wears skimpy outfits all the time!"

Rita smirked. "Okay, tickle her."

Liz began spider tickling Anna's feet while Katie and Rita each took one side of her upper body, prodding her pits and ribcage. Anna burst into hysterics and laughter, bucking wildly and shifting side to side.

"Okay stop!" Rita said. The other girls stopped.

"As you can see," said Rita, "We're gonna keep going until you agree to the rules."

Anna tried to catch her breath. "So are you guys going to agree to these rules too if I do?" Anna said.

"Oh heck no!" Katie replied. "After all the times that you one-upped me with your perfect bod? No way. You can just watch me work it while you're dressed like a granny."

"No way!" Anna exclaimed.

"Tickle her!" Rita shouted, as the girls eagerly began exploring every part of Anna's body. Liz moved to Anna's knees and began squeezing, causing her to try desperately to free her legs from the restraints. Katie poked Anna's tender inner thighs. Rita spidered her armpits.

"NOOOOOOO!!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAEHEHAHERHEHAHERHEH!!!!!" Anna had lost all control as she writhed and laughed uncontrollably from the torment. After a couple of more minutes, the girls gave her another break.

Sweat poured down Anna's brow as she desperately tried to think of something that would make the girls let her go. "Okay, I promise I'll be more sensitive to you guys' feelings and wear sexy clothing less often," she said.

"Nope, gotta agree to the rules!" Rita said as she formed a claw with her hand and began to dig into Anna's tummy to the tune of silent laughter. "Oh you're really ticklish there," Rita said as she pulled her hand away.

Anna now became defiant. "Well you can't enforce your silly rules anyway. I could just agree to them and then keep doing whatever I want."

"We thought of that," Katie said. "That's why we used the time when you were knocked out to go through all your clothes and pack up the sexy ones."

Liz chimed in. "Yes, Katie and I are going to split your stockings and heels between the two of us. We can't fit into your cute outfits though so Rita will take those."

"You will not!" Anna proclaimed.

"Okay, tickle her," Rita said again as the three girls resumed their torture of Anna.

"AHAHAHAHAEHEHEHAHAHOHOAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Anna screamed and laughed at the same time as the girls worked every ticklish inch of her body. This time, Katie was feeling especially eager to get her hands on Anna's collection of high heels, so she was working extra vigorously to break Anna, blowing raspberries on her tight tummy. Meanwhile, Liz dug into Anna's waist and hips, while Rita casually traced her fingers along Anna's ribs. Anna was squirming all over the bed, but unable to break free.

"You really should be glad that we're not making the rules even worse," Rita said. "I mean, we're just telling you that you have to dress modestly at work. You can still do whatever you want outside of work. I mean, we're not taking any of your sexy lingerie. This is nothing personal. It's just business."

"You're insane!" Anna exclaimed.

"She's not gonna break!" Katie said, worriedly.

"Yes she will," said Rita, as she moved her nails to Anna's neck. Anna let out a yelp that sounded like she had just experienced a jolt of electricity run through her body. "I knew this would work," Rita said satisfyingly as Katie turned her attention to Anna's sensitive pubic mound, tickling over her panties.

"Not there!!!" Anna said as she began to buck wildly on the bed.

"She's a live one," Rita said. Suddenly, the tickling again stopped.

"We can go on all night," said Liz.

"You guys don't understand!" pleaded Anna. "Looking good is what gives me my confidence!"

"Take the sexy lingerie too," Rita said, annoyed.

"No!" Anna retorted, only to find herself submitting to Rita spider tickling her ribs again. Anna squealed and squirmed as she saw Liz and Katie begin to go through even more of her personal belongings.

"OKOKOK!" Anna screamed.

"STOP!" Liz said. "She said ok!"

"I'll follow your stupid rules," Anna said, defeated.

"Excellent," Rita said as she goosed Anna's sides one final time, causing Anna to yelp. The girls untied Anna and gave her some water and a robe.

"Don't worry," Rita said, "We'll leave the rest. And we've left you plenty of sweaters, mom jeans, and loose blouses to wear all you want. Toodles!"

The girls left as Anna sat there in shock, feeling helpless and dominated.

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Very interesting story. :D

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Great story!

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What is 'spider' tickling?

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What is 'spider' tickling?

Lightly tickling with fingertips. An excellent choice when tickling ribs I think!