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I am Sima Quan, historian to the Emperor Liu, Emperor of the Quang Ze province. Emperor Liu and his wife, Lu Zhi hand a son, Wen. Their only son and next to succeed his father as emperor. A eunuch, Cai Chow was charged with caring for
Wen as he grew from infancy to manhood. One year after Wen was born, Quang Ze took his son to Master Chew Singh. Chew Sing was charged with the seeing if the boy was ticklish. If he was, then Chew Singh "developed" the boy's ticklishness through out his young life.
Being ticklish was a family trait that went back three generations when it was accidently found that on the day of his succession to the throne, Emperor Jai Su was ticklish. His eunuch was helping him bathe and dress for his Ceremony of Succession. As his eunuch was swirling the clothe over certain parts of Jai's body, he would begin giggling. This was reported to Su Chow who went to Jai before the ceremony. "My lord, your ticklishness has brought up a problem." stated Su Chow. Jai looked at him while he poured himself a drink. "How so? The fact that I am ticklish has nothing to do with how I govern." Su Chow continued. "My Lord, there is an old custom among the royal families that ticklishness was a sign of the true Emperor. The first Emperor, Qiu Xhi had his legitimacy questioned. In order to prove he was the legitimate heir to the throne, there has to be a clear trait. Since the only trait was ticklishness, the Imperial Councilor at the time declared the Qiu be stripped and tickled to see if he was ticklish and if he was legitimate. Qiu was tickled on the day of his succession and proven to be the rightful heir to the throne. It turned out that he was extremely ticklish.
"You must give yourself over to Feng Wong. He will tickle you as a test of your legitimacy. So Quang turned himself over to the Imperial Councilor of Disciple who stripped him, tied him, and began tickling him. Quang squirmed and giggled loudly as the Councilor began tickling him. Soon after that, Jai was proclaimed Emperor and proclaimed the Rite of Tickling be applied to all persons, male or female be tickled before their succession to the throne.
When Wen was presented to Master Chew, he was stripped to his loincloth and held down by a eunuch while Master Chew ran his long, pointed nails over every inch of the boy's body. As soon as he started tickling, Wen began giggling loudly and thrashing as if he wanted to get away. Chew nodded. "I have never seen the degree of ticklishness that your son has shown. He began giggling and laughing at the first tickle. I will take charge of him myself so that he may be brought to his full level of ticklishness. You must know that if our enemies find out how ticklish he his, your enemies will capture him and torture him with all the implements then have to induce a ticklish state."
So every evening after his studies were completed, Wen went to Master Chew to be tickled. By the time he was 21, the age of majority, he was extremely ticklish.
On the eve of his Rite of Manhood, Wen was taken to Master Chew. Chew stripped Wen down to his loincloth. Master Chew started the ceremony by reciting,
"On this eve of your passage to manhood, we do as our royal ancestors did. You will be given over to five eunuchs who will tickle five places on your naked body, bottoms of your feet, ribs, underarms, belly and back." Wen bowed low to Master Chow and went with the eunuchs. They took Wen to a room that had a table draped with a white sheet. On a smaller table, there were feathers, small combs, and brushes. All to be used to tickle Wen. At the foot and head of the table were leather straps to hold Wen down. The eunuchs placed Wen on the table and strapped his arms over his head strapped them in. Then they strapped his bare feet in at the ankle. Wen shivered as he felt the coolness of the room on his naked body. He was nervous. All his life he went to Master Chew for his "sessions". At first, he tried to get away. Master Chew and one eunuch would hold him as they tickled his tender ribs and belly. His laughter would fill the room and became frenzied when the bottoms of his feet and his armpits and belly were tickled. As he grew older, he began secretly to look forward to his "sessions" with Master Chew and often tried to get Chew or the eunuch to keep tickling him. Now as he laid on the table, he closed his eyes in anticipation of the first tickling. The eunuch took his long and pointed nails and began stroking the bottoms of Wen's feet. Wen began giggling and squirming around on the table. The eunuch ran his nails under the toes and in between. Wen howled and tried to move his feet away from the eunuch's nails. Soon the foot tickling stopped. Wen was breathing was heavy. His body glistened with sweat. Another eunuch began stroking Wen's ribs with soft brushes. Wen felt giggles bubbling up from the pit of his belly. He struggled to get free, his giggling louder and hysterical. His belly was being tickled with a feather duster. Wen was particularly sensitive to feather and the touch of the feathers on his body made him even more ticklish. The eunuchs turned him over on his belly and strapped in again. Wen began giggling hysterically when the eunuchs tickled up and down his back and deep into his armpits. His chest heaved up and down as he tried to catch his breath from all the laughing . When the ceremony was done, Wen was unstrapped. The sheet that draped the table was wrapped around Wen. All of the eunuchs rubbed his body to calm him and to bring his laughter down and under control.
When he was calm, Master Chow brought him to the royal family and presented him as having completing the ceremony and now of the majority of age. Wen bowed to his parents and walked back to his room. Master Chow and one other entered Wen's room. "You did well. Your level of ticklishness is quite high." Wen nodded and whispered, "Please continue tickling me." Master Chow laughed. "So.. you like the tickling! I have someone who will be at your beck and call every day anytime you desire it. This Wo Cheng. Personal tickler now to you.
End Part 1

Part 2 Tickling Lady Lui Zhi M/F, F/F
While the rite of succession from emperor to emperor ment being tickled as part of the rite, the emperor's wife was not immune to tickling. The wife of the emperor went through their own rite of tickling. The women were just as ticklish, if not more so. Lady Lui Zhi was no exception. When she was being courted by the emperor, he would take her to his chamber at the palace and playfully tickle her. Once he found out how very ticklish she was, he provided a personal tickler for her. The emperor sent for Master Zhen. Zhen was a masterful tickler and knew all forms of tickling.
When he entered the chamber, the emperor spoke to him. " This Lui Singh, my future wife. She both lovely and extremely ticklish. She must be prepared for her ceremonial tickling before we wed. She is ticklish in every way." Master Zhen bowed and walked around Lui Singh. He ran a finger down the back of her neck. Shivers ran down her spine as she giggled and squirmed away from him. He took her to a private chamber to start her preparation. First he disrobed her. Her skin was creamy and soft to the touch. Then he tied her arms up over her head.
"Now then, let's see how ticklish you are!" Lui Zhi shivered as she felt the coolness of the air on her naked body. Master Zhen without warning took a feather duster and tickled her back down to her hips. She wriggled away from Master Zhen
,giggling as the Feathers tickled her sensitive skin. He swirled the feather duster down her back again causing her to arch her back and giggle loudly. Master Zhen set the feather Tickler down and ran his nails along her ribs. Lady Zhi's giggling went to pure laughter as she felt the master tickling each rib with the points of his nails. Zhen pulled the rope and stretched Lady Lui's body to expose her abdomen under her breasts. He smiled and began slowly tickling her under her breast and along her breast line. Lui's eyes widened as she saw his nails approaching her body. This was one of the most ticklish spots on her body and she knew she would go crazy with laughter when he started tickling her there.
AS he started tickling her, he began verbally teasing her. Laughter erupted as his tickling became relentless up and under her breasts and down her belly. Her body shuddered spasmodically with every stroke of the Master's nails. Her body danced and bounced as she laughed hysterically. Sweat poured down her brow and sides as the Master kept tickling and stroking her.

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