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Blake Rock specialized in hunting monsters. His career began when he was 25, shortly after he discovered the true existence of monsters, and over a 20 year period he vanquished 13 vampire nests, 305 werewolves (and wereleopards, weresnapping turtles, etc.), 16 shapeshifters, 1 genie, 3 witches, 1 warlock, 14 demons, 88 ghosts, 32 poltergeists, 1 manmade human, 6 mummies, an headless motorcycle rider, and an hairy giant spider sent from another planet. But he had no experience hunting the Rusalka. Several men had gone missing near a small tributary of the Volga River in Russia, and Blake determined they were victims of a Rusalka--a fiendish nymph who lured men into the water and tickled them to death or drowned them depending upon her whim.

Blake studied old folklore and discovered the Rusalka could be battled and defeated using certain weapons including silver scissors, a blessed dagger, and pine resin. The scissors were used to cut the long red hair that bound and dragged a man underwater. The resin helped the hunter grab ahold of her slippery body, and a dagger blow to the heart finished the beast.

Blake took a flight from Boston to London to Moscow and from there arrived in the remote area via train, bus, and finally horse-pulled wagon. He tracked the Rusalka through a wet meadow on a warm June evening as the sun was setting. He spotted her at twilight on the edge of a large patch of reeds. The Rusalka scanned Blake's mind and transformed herself into the most beautiful woman of Blake's dreams. She was naked and voluptuous, her breasts large, her buttocks fleshy and jiggily. Her face was so pretty, and her long red hair shined. She pointed to Blake and used her finger to beckon him forward. Blake realized that he had an erection and an unbearable desire to copulate with the Rusalka. He undressed and dropped his weapons. He started forward, then realized his defenseless position. He stopped and squatted in the tall grass, rubbing sticky resin all over his body in case he had to wrestle with the thing. He picked up the scissors and the dagger but had to carry them because his clothes and the leather sheath he used to hold the weapons were in a pile on the wet green grass.

The Rusalka disappeared into the tall reeds, and for some reason Blake felt heartbroken that he could no longer see her, as if he was desperately in love with it. He rushed into the reeds with blind lust and love, yet knowing he had to kill it. Suddenly, red hair wrapped around his arms and legs. He tried to cut the hair with the scissors but discovered his wrists were bound tightly to something in the stream ahead of him. The Rusalka faced him and laughed at his helpless predicament. She took the scissors and the dagger and tossed them into the murky stream. Up close, Blake realized she was 2 feet taller than he, and she looked much heavier and stronger. Blake normally was fearless but for the first time in his career that changed. No monster had ever gotten the best of him, but he knew he was going to lose to this one.

The long hair waved its way from the Rusalka's head to the stream and back to Blake's limbs. The Rusalka snapped her fingers, and the hair began pulling Blake toward the stream. He strained to keep from getting dragged into the water. At first he succeeded in holding ground, but the Rusalka rapidly tickled his naked body.

The tickling was unbearable and Blake laughed, surprised at how ticklish he felt. Repressed memories flashed into his mind: a playful aunt who thoroughly tickled him under the Christmas tree when he was a small child, a tickle fight with the girl next door, his first handjob when the young lady's fingernails brushed his testicles. He had even repressed the memory of his kinky secretary who had once handcuffed him to the bed while he slept. Every touch had tickled him so that he had laughed during the entire bondage session. But now he remembered, tough guy though he was, that tickling always defeated him.

And the Rusalka's tickling weakened him. He couldn't stop the hair from pulling him into the water. He fell to the ground, tried desperately to grasp on to the something. He yanked up grass, he clawed mud, And he laughed and laughed and laughed for the Rusalka knelt beside his prone body and tickled him as he was slowly dragged into the chill water.

His feet touched the water and it was ice cold despite the warm June temperatures. Now he remembered giant ladies holding him over a cold swimming pool, and he recalled, as a baby, how that had excited him. Cold water moved up his ankles, shins, oooh his thighs, his groin...HELP, SOMEBODY!

The Rusalka dove into the water with him and soon they were wrestling in the weightlessness of the water. Her body was slippery, he couldn't get a grip on her, even with the resin. The Rusalka saw him struggling, so she let him wrap his arms and legs around her. She bound him to her body with her hair. His erection chafed against her. She sank with it between her pillowy breasts. He spurted and she tickled and he laughed heartily. The hair pulled him farther down. The water covered his tummy, chest, his neck. She was about to drown him and all he could do was laugh.

The water was up to his chin, his open laughing mouth. Blake thought this was the moment of his death. The Rusalka dunked him, then let his head rise above the water, and he coughed and gagged and resumed laughing. The Rusalka was toying with him--tickling and dunking and milking his erection every time it rose until he was past the point of exhaustion. He could barely move and wished the Rusalka would kill him so the tickling torment would end. The Rusalka considered letting the man go. He was no threat to her, no match for her power. The monster pondered this all the while tickling Blake until he did expire--tickled to death not drowned. She pushed her toy aside and returned to the deep.

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Wonderful story! :D

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Terrific and creepy!!

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Awesome yet chilling story. Only constructive criticism would be that you could describe where she tickle him a little more. But still I loved it and really want more!

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Inspiring F/m story.