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Been away for awhile with a health issue. Was pretty serious but Im doing much better now. So lets catch up with Brooke, Janet and the girls. Thanx for the support and ur feedback is always welcome and appreciated


Sat rolled around. The week had been tough on all 5 girls and they were glad to have an excuse to hang and enjoy each other. Brooke and Janet provided the main dish which was Cajun salmon and spicy shrimp. Kaley brought a spinach/kale salad with onions, olives, capers and lemon zest. Kelsey brought the drinks – vodka and wine and Brandi brought the pot. The perfect meal. Janet and Brooke were in charge of cooking, which with salmon and shrimp didn’t take long. Brandi rolled a fatty and passed it around. All participated. Kelsey brought a Pinot Gricio, Zinfandel and a Merlot. She poured as requested. Everyone self plated and sat down. The talk was lively and funny as everyone was relishing this fellowship, bonding and special group of friends they had.

Another joint was passed, and more wine was had. Everything got funnier. The meal was truly delicious and the girls ate like truck drivers. There was nothing left when it was done. They all helped clean up. Kelsey asked whats the game tonite. Brooke proudly announced “Strip Poker” and the girls all laughed. “are u shitting me?” Kales laughed. “Not at all. Here are the rules. 5 card draw, u can draw 3. worst hand loses and loses a piece of clothing. And we each have only 4 pieces, what ever you choose. When one of us loses and is naked, the rest of us get to tickle her for 10 minutes with a little surprise included. Are you bitches game?” “Of course” Kaley said. So the all made sure they had pants, shirt, bra, panties. And the game began.

Kelsey lost the first hand on Q high and lost her shirt. About 30 minutes later Kels and Brandi were in bra and panties, Kaley and janet were in just panties and in danger and Brooke had only lost her shirt. She was feeling pretty good. Until she lost the next 2 hands and down was down to panties only with J and Kales. The smart money was on one of them was going to be naked and tickled soon. The deal came and Brooke had a pair of 2’s, Janet had a pair of Jacks, Brandi had 3 spades A high, Kelsey had 2 pair Qs and 4s and Kaley had 4 small hearts and a 10 of clubs. Time to draw. Brooke drew 3, janet drew 3, Brandi took 3 keeping AK, Kelsey took 1, and Kaley had a decision. She had to have a heart or take 3 and hope for luck. She took one and hoped.

Time to show. Brooke showed she’d hit with 3 2’s and smiled. Janet missed and showed pair of J’s and felt kinda good. Brandi hit and showed pair of K’s. Kaleys heart was beating hard she hadn’t looked at her hand. Kelsey missed but still had a pair of Qs. Kaley knew if she didn’t get a heart she was the loser and soon to be tickled. She turned them over one at a time. 4 hearts. She got to her draw closed her eyes and flipped. By the response of the girls she knew she’d lost. A of diamonds. The other girls were very happy. “Lose em” Brandi shouted. “and prepare to be ours” Kelsey teased. As Kaley reluctantly stood up and lost her panties Brooke left the room. When she returned she had a large beach blanket folded up. “This was just in case this happened, lil something just for you” and she smiled at her friend.

When she unwrapped the blanket there were some toys. Stiff brush, soft brush, feather duster, pinwheel and the dreaded C vibrator, which only Janet and Brooke had seen. She took the large, fluffy towel and laid it on the couch. “I know from experience if we do our jobs right, you can be squirty” the girls laughed and Kaley laid on the towel. Brooke leaned down and kissed her tenderly and whispered “enjoy this, we love you even tho now were going to torture you” and she kissed her again and smiled in her eyes. Kaley knew what was coming and prepared herself. Brooke handed Kelsey the remote control. “Kels you’re now in charge of your sisters pain and pleasure. Girls the rest of these toys are for you. This lil devil is for me” and Brooke picked up the vibrator and smiled at Kaley. “You want get your self alittle wet or just want to go dry?” she teased. “Unless you want to go dry?” Brooke smiled evily. “I thought we were OK?” Kaley pleaded. Brooke leaned down and whispered “I forgive, I don’t forget” and kissed her again. “Your call” and Kaley started to rub herself. The girls looked on amused and aroused.

“Let me help” Brandi offered and got behind Kaley and leaned down and spiderman kissed her and pinched her nipples. She kissed her a long time. Massive tongue battle. Brooke heard wetness. “Ok Kales, my turn. Spread em gorgeous.” Brooke said. And Brooke place the vibrator for maximum effect. “Kels this goes from 1 to 10. Ive never made it past 6. Get her started at 1 and the rest is up to you” Kelsey hit power and the hum started. And Kaley moaned. She started to reach down toward it. “No touchy” Brooke said and moved her hand back. Kelsey turned it to 2. “ARRRRRGHHHHHHH” came out of Kaleys mouth. “Ladies we should help” Brooke instructed. And the girls each picked a toy. Brandi grabbed the pinwheel and started to work on her feet. Brandi grabbed the soft brush and started to work on 2 erect breasts. Kelsey went to 3. “FUCK…………….JESUS…………………PLEASE” and Brooke wondered about janet. She looked back and Janet quietly had her phone out and was filming it all. Brooke smiled and winked at her.

While being very ticklish the girls were doing good work and Kelsey’s control was driving kaley crazy. At this point, Kaley was squeezing her eyes shut, grabbing and pulling her nipples, then grabbing and pulling on her hair, wiggling back and forth and making sounds no one could identify. The girls were loving it. Kelsey went to 4. “OHMYFUCKINGGAWDYOUHEARTLESSBITCHESWHATTHEFUCKISWR ONGWITHYOU” came screaming out of her mouth. And the smile on Kelseys face was one of sorrow and satisfaction. Everyone was so focused on Kaley no one noticed janet. “Brandi try these” and she tossed her the stiff brush. Brandi attacked. Kaley couldn’t make words she was laughing, sweating, panting too hard. Her hard body was being rocked. And the person having the most fun was Kelsey.

Brooke had moved the soft brush to her belly, Brandi was killing her soles and Kelsey went to 5. “You guys………….I can’t………………take it……………please………..fuckme………….I’m gonna……………..gawddamn………..you bitches………………..don’t stop now………….shit……………..FUCK” each phrase got louder and more urgent. And everyone knew what was coming. And it did. Kaley screamed primally, her body arched, she grabbed her breast and then…………..a torrent of fluid shot out of her. And then she was done. Kelsey wasn’t satisfied. “Wondered what 6 would do?” and she went to six. “NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO” Kaley screamed and her entire body shook, bucked, sweated, revolted and then……………………….once more. “YOUMUTHAFUCAS”……………………….and she exploded again. “Good choice with the towel” Kelsey teased Brooke. “Bring her down softly now” Brooke instructed. And Kelsey did. When she got to 0, Kaley was in the fetal position, shaking, and mumbling obscenities. Brooke went over to her and held her as much as she could and whispered. “Payback’s a bitch but your not. Your stupid hot and I love you” and she kissed her neck and back. Janet quietly went to the bedroom and left her phone there very excited to watch that later. “Do you want to go pool and wine?” Brooke whispered. “To the pool ladies” and the girls dropped what was left of their clothes and headed to the pool. Janet grabbed 2 bottles of wine and plastic glasses. They all enjoyed the warm water and Brooke and Kelsey held Kaley close. Janet filled the glasses and sat by Brandi.

“I’m really happy for you guys. I’ve never seen Brooke this self confident and happy. Thank you” and Brandi kissed Janet on the cheek. “Well I hear you’re pretty happy too”. Brandi smiled. “It’s a big step we’ll see what happens” and everyone just relaxed and reveled in the evening. Without anyone saying anything Brandi and Janet moved on either side of the threesome hug and joined in. Soon it was tough to tell where one started and the orther ended. Kissing and fondling and gently tickling followed. Finally it was Kaley that called time out. “Guys this has been amazeballs, awesome and fuck youall, but I’m exhausted I’m going to bed” and has she tried to get out of the pool she got 4 very attentive kisses. She would dream of that all night. Kelsey followed which left BJB in the pool. “Anything you want to share you two little sneaks?” Brandi teased.

Janet looked at Brooke and she just shrugged. “Yeah there is something. Brooke wouldn’t be with me without you. She’s told how much how you gave, helped, opened her and shaped her. Without you this would not have happened. You can look back and miss moments that seems small but turn out to be huge……….so thank you. We’re very happy. More so than we could ever imagine and in a way we could NEVER imagine. And you played a big role in that. And we appreciate and respect how you protect our privacy. Again, thank you.” And Janet just hugged Brandi hard. Brandi had tears in her eyes. “and Brooke told me about the punishment session and I think you were right. Payback is a bitch. ………Welcome to it” and Janet grabbed both legs and pulled them out of the water and started to tickle her soles. Brandi’s head was underwater and J was in control. When she moved her legs down her head popped up. “WHAT THE……” and legs up head down and tickling. Brandi was flailing away and Brooke was laughing so hard she couldn’t speak. Janet brought the legs down. “WHAT THE FU……..” and once again dunking. Brooke finally could speak. “OK enough” and Janet let go.

Brandi came up sputtering, snorting, gasping for breath, laughing, and trying to regain composure. When she did “And I thought Kaley was the bitch” and she smiled at Janet. Brooke wrapped her arms around her and massaged her smallish but sensitive breasts. “She’s just very protective of me………like you’ve always been” and she pinched 2 very nicely aroused nips. “And I love you for it” and Brooke turned her head and kissed her with as much passion as 3 bottles of wine, major joints, Kaley orgasm watching, and pool time would allow. “I will always be there for you. And as long as we are a we, we will always be there for you” and Brooke looked at Janet. Janet moved forward and leaned her forehead against Brandi’s. “She’s right. Regardless of what happens to us…………..we are us cuz of you. And we will both be there for you” and Janet kissed Brandi. When she broke the kiss Brandi was gently crying.

“Honey, uv had a lot to drink and smoke why don't u just stay here tonight” Janet said in mom mode but with another idea. “Yeah that would be good” Brooke said catching on. “If ur sure it's alright I'll just stay in the guest room” Brandi offered. “Ridiculous, just sleep with us the bed's plenty big enough” Brooke answered and the girls got out, toweled off and jumped into bed. Brandi was in between B and J. They curled up around each other and fell asleep smiling.

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Great continuation! :D