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01-26-2017, 11:14 PM
No love lost between my step-brother-in-law and I. Ari from Tel Aviv, Israel is married to my step-sister Monique three years now and I always suspected for money not love as he stood to take over her father's company, my step-father not liking him either but adoring Monique. Three months ago my suspicions confirmed as I discovered he was having an affair and thought initially I would tell Monique about it but she and I not particularly close, a pretty disfunctional family, our mother died five years ago; I instead wanted to use the information for my benefit!

Whilst not liking one another Ari is a very good looking 6'2" guy and some time ago I remembered in chit-chat Monique had happened to say he being deathly ticklish on his feet, at the time my not taking too much notice of the insight although being Gay and having a fetish for feet had lusted to get to grips with his but a wild notion having erased it from my mind but knowing Ari was thrilled with the prospect of being C.E.O. of the family business knew I could use this knowledge to get what I wanted, I was fully confident of this and began following and photographing him with the other woman, seeing him arrive at her apartment etc etc, ideas from the T.V. show 'Cheaters'.

It took a month to gain a dossier of stuff and waited for Monique to holiday at the summer house in the Bahamas when I visited him at his home and he shocked to see me and I arriving within minutes of his arrival home from the office where already he is Managing Director. I guessed he would have arranged to meet Samantha who happens to be his P.A. so known to my step-father and Monique.

I was direct with him and told him all I knew and saw the blood rush from his face and yes he came out with all manner of excuses and explanations but I was not buying his crap and he knew it. I accepted the cognac he have me as he feeling very uneasy sat with me in the lounge of the palatial home which had been gifted to the couple on their wedding by the family and I told him he best cancel any arrangements he might have made with Samantha and he told me she was away visiting her parents for the weekend.

To cut a long story short he knew my intention was blackmail and he having no defence, cornered as the ambitious and poer hungry man did want the Top Job, he admitted it and I not working for the firm by choice told him I would not be standing in his way but a word from me and he would lose everything and he sensible enough to know it. The look of horror on his face when I told him my demand to keep my silence I would have loved to have caught on camera.

"WHAT?" he said and I told him again that as he had secrets so did I and he knew I was Gay but not that I liked feet and I wanted to play with his! Ari was caught between a rock and a hard place and I don't mean his dick, the last reaction I would think he was having hearing this demand from me!

Like I say he knew he had no choice so soon was stripped to his briefs and socks and in bondage as I had brought cuffs and binds with me from my apartment and he lay scared shitless on his stomach on the bed very securely bound and gagged as I told him he was going nowhere and had seen he use the bathroom before the games began. He was pleading with me to do anything else and I freaked him out slapping his ass and saying as cute as it might be and inviting that fucking guys was not my thing even straight and vulnerable guys in bondage but if his father-in-law pressed charges against him, he might well find it being popular in jail!

I picked up a discarded black leather shoe and stood beside the bed sniffing the inside of it and saying he sure had manly smelling feet and how warm it flet inside and moist and big, a size 14 knowing how mentally tormenting comments like this would be and saying Monique and Samantha very lucky to have such big feet to play with but then saying that of course they wouldn't as he couldn't handle it as Monique having stressed his being intolerably ticklish on his feet but something I would be able to confirm or negate in a short while when I played with his feet!

Ignoring further muffled pleas from him I told him that if I liked him I might exercise a show of mercy but I didn't and knew he didn't like me so instead would be merciless and made myself comfortable at the end of the bed facing two large upturned back socked soles which emited naural heat and an amazing aroma which I let him hear me deeply inhale as I told him our meeting our secret and then an immediate flinch as placed both palms on a socked sole and just kept them there saying his big feet feeling very warm which is why I timed my arrival to being minutes after he got home from work as warm and sweaty feet being the most tortuously sensitive and began massaging his right foot hearing him gasp though he tried to hide it!

"No need to be brave Ari as it's just you, me and your feet Mmmm fuck I love feet, the smell, ticklishness and taste! This foot so soft and smooth and Armani silk socks so just the pad of my finger runs along the sole so softly, oh I see toes wiggling be careful Ari if you do that too much I might be tempted to caress this sole instead of massaging it and caressing your feet even socked might tickle; that's it breathe deeply don't giggle and splay your fucking toes Ari, clench them again and I will pull them down as I want to stroke here under these socked toes and you will do everything I say or face the consequences; who said torture must involve pain, tickle torture you will learn is very effective and now let's massage this big left foot Mmmm oooh fuck your feet smell great Ari Mmmm!"

I loved milking the fact I was with his feet and to appreciate this imagine a straight man suffering the indignity of another man being intimate with him and not just any man but his step brother-in-law and a man who disliked him so was inflicting attention on him as a dliberate humiliation and punishment and relishing in indulging to extreme in the worse torment possible for him, attention to his feet and the man doing this to the straight man being a Gay man and one who nurses a foot fixation! Now imagine the scenario from Ari's perspective but whether Monique and I were close or not, he cheated on her with someone known to her and was hiding it for what he gained materially as her husband and that he deserved to pay for!

"Mmmm these feet are awesome Ari, so are you enjoying this huh, me the queer as I have heard you call me getting intimate and close with your feet, what size are they; yes big macho feet size 14's so plenty of foot flesh for me to enjoy and not bare yet even in socks being so appealing to me! The first time you have allowed your feet to be touched, well you hen't but having no choice but to have them touched, massaged, caressed, fondled and still to have them licked and sucked and yes tickled so much to look forward to and I missed sniffed Mmmm fuck yeah nothing like a manly foot smell to get my dick hard Ari!" I teased

"Imagine this Ari it will be me who knows how tasty your feet are soon, something neither Monique or Samantha do or ever will and smelling as raunchy as they do, they have to be tasty and ripe!" I said kissing his socked toes and told him to raise his feet a little to press his soles against my face and told him if I had to lift them that he would pay a forfeit for it and so hesitantly he pressed his right sole to my face and I sniffed it and then his left sole and after this as told his feet back on the bed I ran my nose along the socked soles and then lightly stroked each sole with one finger from heels to toes and his toes clenched as I teased him that it seemed he having ticklish feet!

"Ari you can't expect me to resist tickling your helpless and vulnerable feet especially knowing the effect it's going to have on you and I might not like you but these masculine feet are to die for, irresistible temptations that fire my animal lust as I've one objective in mind Ari; 'Foot-Rape' and yes you have every reason to gasp but these feet are mine to use and abuse for my pleasure and amusement!"

I then began kneading the socked sole of Ari's right foot and massaging it saying I was making sure his foot got very hot and then the massage becoming more of a fondling and then a caressing and ultimately a stroking from toes to heels and heels to toes so from a firm touch to a teasing tickle over the sole to make him feel uneasy and uncomfortable being so sensitive on his feet and then doing the same on his left foot! Then after spending time subjecting him to this I sucked on the toes of each socked foot so took a mouthful he had not been expecting and what a reaction as he instantly tried to pull his foot away but I simply firmly held his foot in place and made my suckling of his toes slow, deliberate and sensual so he knew whether he wanted it and welcomed it or not that for me it was time to eat feet and had an insatiable appetite that his feet were going to satisfy!

As I sucked on the socked toes of his left foot I peeled off the sock of his right foot in seconds and his toes flexed as he fought it happening but job done I soon had his left sock off. Ari moaned and clenched his bare toes and gripping them all pulled them down and licked the length of each sole and then lifting his feet one by one slithered my tongue in between one toe after another as he moaned and yelled

"FUCKOFFNOOOFUCKNOOOGETOFFUUUGHUUGH!" Ari was angry and sickened by what was happening

My lust and hunger for both large feet ravenous as his feet tasted so salty and sweaty and smelled amazing and were soft n' warm and spurred on by the fact that he was my step-sister's husband and I had complete control over him and he was being tortured hating these parts of his body played with and imagining how he felt with such an intimate connection happening with another man as I relish feet as much as I say as other guy's do dicks and asses which do nothing for me at all! My lickling of his feet as well as tormenting him by way of the action itself was lickling him too and this made clear by the way his feet flexed and his toes wiggled! Ari did not want to be tickled so I increased the speed and intensity of the lickles being delivered to him! Suddenly he burst out in laughter from the attack as my tongue in between his toes proved too much for him to handle happening.

"HAHAHAHHASTOOOPAHAHAHAHTICKLESHAHAHAHANOOOHAHAHATI CKLESHAHAHAHAHA!" laughter being forced from him as I stopped and loved looking at both saliva lubed feet that had been tickled against his will and weakened by the assault from me and my wicked oral techniques with a responsive pair of highly sensitive feet which I so enjoyed telling him and ignoring the muffled curses in response to it. I then resumed more foot licking or in his case lickling as as he squirmed getting more determined in making his experience as licklish as possible which with Ari wasn't difficult to achieve doing!

I lightly caressed the arches of his feet and smiled as his head thrashed from side to side on the pillows as I nibbled on the balls of each foot and ran my tongue under all of his ten toes and pulling them open this so teasingly effective for him as his instint being to clench them so adding frustration and angst into the mix for him to deal with and he wasn't doing so well at all being so damn ticklish! I then dragged one index finger the length of each sole as sweating Ari was such fun to torment and tease, he brought out the sadist in me! I commented having such ticklish feet it was cruel of me to tickle them so I would stop and I smiled hearing his sounds of relief but they would be short lived!

I leaned over both large feet and smelled his feet saying their odour was so appealing and sniffed each foot all over, his heels, then the arches, the balls of his feet and his perfect toes and told Ari his feet being very attractive and appealing to me and caressed the sole of his feet lightly tracing a path along the length of each foot and telling him it must anger him it took a while as his feet being so big a lot of sole for me to cover as I saw his toes flex as the caress tickled him even softly and then I began to gently massage each foot and gently pressed my nose against each sole in turn and inhaled their powerful aroma, remarking on their odour being intoxicating and loving them being so sweaty as I delighted in telling him and that smelling so good that I loved their taste and licked the sole of Ari's right foot and pulled the toes open and slowly licked their taste and licked and smelled his left foot as thoroughly. After a long time licking his soles and long suckable toes both feet lubed with saliva, Ari having moaned and groaned constantly had so encouraged me as I had licked in between all of his toes loving their salty taste and ignoring any pleas for me to stop!

In my mouth his toes wiggling as I had stroked the soles of his feet lightly causing them all to involuntarily flex and clench as my tongue had slid in between them all and slowly sucked on each of Ari's toes savoring them all and rubbed my face against his sweating and saliva lubed soles and loving feeling their natural warmth skin to skin and verbally throughout maybe an hour orally tormenting him likewise verbally doing so asking him to imagine Monique's or Samantha's reactions if they witnessed this scene happening and then I stopped the focus of oral attention to his feet and I delicately stroked each saliva lubed sole with my fingers and his arches found very ticklish and stroked across his arches to his toes as he yelled it was too ticklish, so ticklish, he couldn't take it and other such comments I ignored as so too paying no attention to his physical reactions except to enjoy seeiung him react to the tortuous tickling I was engaged in giving him gently nibbling on his toes and grazing my teeth across the arches of both feet.

Verbally saying things like "Mmm Look at these perfect feet, such smooth soles, attractive arches arch and long toes spots, toes and taunting comments like " So if I trace my finger from under your big toes, (slowly tracing as I described my actions) over the balls of your feet, across your smooth arches and up over the balls of your feet to your toes; will this tickle you Ari?"

Ari's responses inevitable and being "Nooodon’thahahhahahahahastopppphahahahhahahahahhah ahhahahhahahha!" and so trying to pull his feet away and my saying I cannot believe how sensitive his feet are and stroking under his toes by example and that they would smell and taste so good and that his masculine and alpha-male feet were so tasty and smelly and another indulgence in nibbling on his toes and licking and sucking them and telling him to imagine it was his dick being sucked and licked which made him feel so uncomfortable and humiliated! As by my fondling and stroking, massaging and caressing his feet awakened every single nerve ending in his feet Ari was in ticklish and licklish hell being driven ballistic!

"Okay Ari since we have a weekend ahead of us and an all nighter tonight we'll have an hours break as working these feet has made me a little tired and I also don't want your feet to desensitise, I want these feet tortuously ticklish Ari so I am going to re-sock them so they're warm and sweaty for when I am ready to continue playing with them!"

The weekend one Ari will never forget and neither will I and there are other meetings scheduled as he being a business man knows the advantage of honouring a business deal and securing my silence still seeing Samantha or not otherwise he alternatively finding himself a homeless, divorced man on the unemployment lines and an ambitous and scheming man like Ari not wanting this as his future; his fate in my hands and they often at his feet!