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01-30-2017, 08:52 AM
I had the advantage over Mr. Penelton my college tutor who clearly fancied me, he beiing married and liking and needing his job and now was here in my apartment in downtown Brooklyn with hands cuffed to the top of the bed and feet through the footboard having agreed to kinky sex as this guy was dick hungry. 34 yr old Jeff Penelton 6'1" and attractive had been nervous when after college and biding my time I had approached him and suggested he might like to come back to my place for some wild fun n' games strictly kept between us and he having said in our last history lecture he was looking forward to a quiet weekend as his wife and kids were upstate visiting her folks.

We'd had a drink and he told me the idea of me controlling him and in charge of pleasuring him appealed so had been compliant in stripping off to his briefs, socks and shoes and now anticipated what was to happen and excited already with a boner I placed the blindfold on him and told him we were going to have fun and told him so he didn;t make too much noize needed to be gagged as I placed the duct tape over his mouth. He trusted me as he was my tutor so we both needing to be in the collage on Monday the next week and now he was ready.

"Jeff you remember telling us about the Red Indians using tickle torture as a cruel interrogation method in which a feather was applied to the bare soles skin of a captive Conferederate soldier's foot and the tickling sensations immediately eliciting full-body convulsions and horrific screaming laughter from him as well as demasuclating him being so embarrassing and humiliating and saying how you couldn't stand it happening hating your feet touched?" I taunted him.

My helpless and vulnerable tutor nodded and I heard muffled pleas as he knew my intentions as I was at the ned of the bad and undoing the laces of his black leather shoes a decent size 12's. Once slid off staring at two black nylon socked covered feet and remarking his having feet that smelled like feet and even an inch from me sensing their warmth and remarking on being sweaty my able to see every contour and every toe and involuntarily Jeff's toes wiggled in front of my nose and I inhaled their aroma!

I told him some people would find foot smell off putting as I would too pungent but Jeff's an appealing masculine smell and hearing him moan knew this taunting him was working and smiled saying he having nice looking big feet even socked that he must hate having me so close to them so tightly secured!

He must hate this being so vulnerable and helpless with as he'd admitted having such sensitive feet and knowing they were going to be tickled by me and said as I lightly glided my fingers, two index fingers along the socked soles and an immediate reaction from him, his toes twitiched in the nylon socks and held them back to stroke under his toes telling him he wanted to be dominated by me and I was going to tickle the crap out of his feet.

"You're right Jeff you are one ticklish guy and I am going to have a lot of fun exploiting this for my amusement!" and continued stroking each socked sole as my tutor moaned really exciting me! As I lightly stroked his socked soles very gently he was betraying his own ticklishness to me and tried to kick out aginst the tickles but failed!

It was fun seeing him struggling. I then increased the pressure and intensity of the socked foot tickling and traced the insteps and arches very precisely with my fingers delivering ticklish sensations all over his feet and seeing his socked toes clenching hearing his muffled laughter and saying nothing got me hotter than a ticklish pair of feet but especially those of a guy so ticklish it was unbearable and seeing his violent reaction to the tickles knowing his certainly were.

I loved the fact secured together when not tickled that he rubbed them together to rid himself of the ticklishness as leaning close to them I sniffed them and then foot by foot took a mouthful of socked toes in my mouth and very gently stroked the sole so the socked toes I was sucking and nibbling wiggled in my mouth. I loving the feel of them, their salty taste as I told him when both socked feet had been licked. I asked him if he wanted me to stop and he nodded so I told him as his Master there was not a chance of it happening.

I told him that I would tickle his feet later but being in charge and knowing he not liking his feet touched was going to stimulate them in other ways and slowly peeled off his right sock and looeked at his sweat moistened toes and soles and held his sweat dampened socks to my nose and breathed in their aroma savouring it and admiring his bared feet.

"Mmmm big bare masculine looking feet Jeff with a nice high arch, evenly spaced toes and seen so soft and smooth, two virgin feet and feet I have wondered about during lectures seeing you slide them out of your shoes when wearing loafer shoes, what they looked and smelled like and then a week agao and that lecture when you spoke of them being ticklish but are they licklish? Anyway right now let's massage this right foot!"

As I massaged Jeff's right foot I smelled it's delicious aroma as I rubbed my fingers over the soles and not to tickle but to massage. As I told him I loved his feet being warm but wanted to increase their warmth as hot feet the most sensitive and he of course moaning which only made me more determined to play with his feet and peeled off his left sock! Another foot massage for him to endure and then they were ripe and ready and began licking his barefeet with my skillful tongue and heard muffled pleas I ignored


I proceeded the merciless lickling which really got to him and size 12's lots of soles to lick from heels to his toes and impossible to say where tickle-lickled most as all over his feet so sensitive and told him that my tongue worse than a goats as in history a well known torture and told Jeff his feet tasting awesome fresh out of socks worn all day in college and I was sure from his reaction he'd do anything to escape this torment but he having agreed to being dominated by me and this being his fantasy that he had invited it happening!


I kept licking Jeff's big feet and paying special attention to his toes saying I was going to get them good and he best get used to me enjoying his stinky, sweaty big man feet as their smell and taste were addictive and their ticklishness a bonus but I liked his feet and was going to have his feet and ran my tongue up n' down the length of his soles and swirled my tongue around his toes and licked in between them ad held them and told him it felt good having his feet in my hands and my tongue all over his feet as I lapped my tongue against both soles and darting his tongue in and out between his toes, savoring the taste and scent of the tutor's hot, sweaty feet.

“Fuck Jeff your feet taste good and have that addictive foot nasty boy stink sweaty feet get!" I taunted him sucking on each of his toes and the balls of his feet and alternating from one foot to the other bathing them both with my saliva and savouring their masculine scent. My tongue moved all over them and my teeth lightly nibbled his toes as I caressed each sole with my tongue and then massaged both feet again before lightly stroking his bare soles, the balls of his feet, and finally his perfect toes.


It was the lightest of stroking but Jeff hyper-ticklish so loved seeing his bare toes wiggling as I maintained the light stroking of his soles. Even the slight touch making Jeff wiggle his feet as I told him for me there was nothing more exciting than having a guy tied up and at my mercy to endure tickling torture! I continued stroking his bare soles seeing his toes clench and soles wrinkle as the tickles got to him.

I then ran my tongue over his toes and slid my tongue the length of his feet loving the smell from them both and saying what a privilege it was for me to be enjoying feet he clearly didn't invite anyone to enjoy! I then told him to avoid tickled to do as he was told and he nodded. I told him to rub his bare feet in my face and until I stroked his bare soles he was reluctant but he learned to do as instructed! I licked each sole and smelled them and sucked on the toes of each foot.


"Hey Jeff it's only a lickling nothing major but get used to it as I have a healthy appetite that needs satisfying and you are the one responsible for having warm, sweaty and tasty ticklish big feet and I am going to lick them because they are licklish, I'm going to lick your feet Jeff because they're tasty but also because they're licklish!" I stated teasingly and indulged in quick frenzied licks on the soles of Jeff's feet and advised him to try not to laugh as then I might get bored licking his tasty feet! I licked along both soles but licked and sucked his toes and licked in between them all and his toes being super licklish! I then heard the front door close and Louise and Herman living upstairs go out so removed the duct tape as I wanted to hear Jeff react as I lickled his feet and his reaction was just perfect.


"Oh yeah Jeff such perfect feet Mmmmm delicious and nice toes to munch on!" I said gripping his right ankle I leaned into his right foot and inhaled his awesome aroma and inhaled deeply and then goggled on his five toes and ran my tongue all over them in my warm mouth and slid my tongue in between every toe and knew the warm sensation was uncomfortable for him as Jeff really hated his feet toyed with being so hyper-sensitive and I worked my mouth over his sensitive toes sliding it under them all and then released his right foot and took his left foot into my mouth for the same oral attention! My tongue gliding all over his toes on both feet tickled him even wet and warm and an erogenous tickle, it was still tickling and made him groan!


I loved his reaction as I licked just below Jeff's toes and in between them all and saying to him how amusing it was that a little lick in the right places drove him so ballistic and feasted on his toes telling him it tickles now but I having plans making it a whole lot worse as I licked the balls of each foot in turn and then nibbled his toes again


"Jeff my job is to tickle and I'm good at it and I love your toes so sue me Mmmm fuck you have such amazing feet Jeff but I guess it is kind of hard getting tickled and lickled like this but your wiggling toes and flexing feet irresistible to me and I love indulging in tickle interrogations!"

“HAHAHAHASTOP HAHAHAPLEASEHAHAHAHA!” I stopped to give Jeff a breather and told him of a recent experience of mine!

"I met an John an ex con last month, he had turned rent boy and $200 saw him secured to this bed and my having fun with the 25 year olds size 11 feet, soon totally powerless as my fingers caressed the sweaty soles of his feet, the tickles leaving him weak and breathless as his soles so responsive to being stroked up n' down up n' down, ticklish socked but socks off and driven crazy! John yelled for Joe to stop and I tickled his soles so he told me who Joe was and Joe having been his cellmate and found him ticklish on his feet and made it known on the wing they were on!

John having to do anything the informed cons asked or find himself sat on and legs held with one of his own sweaty socks forced in his mouth gagging him and his bare feet tickled mercilessly and Joe welcoming one of the cons to move into the cell and he and Dave making John's life a ticklish hell. He'd be woken up as they both played with his feet and Dave liked nibbling his toes and licking the soles of his feet while Joe used his fingers to tickle torture his feet! I tickled him for the night so he earned the $200 and yes tasted his soles and toes and satisfied my foot lust Jeff but your feet Jeff are something else!"

My fingers glided across each of Jeff's soles and then pressed my face into them both and again my skilled tongue soon dancing across Jeff's feet and my thrilled looking at his twitching soles. I licked all over Jeff'’s feet from heels to toes and along the edges of his feet. My experienced lips and tongue caressed every inch of his sensitive feet and gently nibbled on his toes. I traced a single finger down the length of Jeff's right sole from the base of his toes and across the instep and caressed his right foot before licking the sole and sucking on his toes.

I then did the same with Jeff's left foot knowing he hated the foot tickling he was enduring which encouraged me all the more to worsen the endurance for him, he having such a great looking pair of feet and saliva lubed soles so inviting to me and his saliva coated toes the same as his feet tasted so awesome. I kidded with him that I'd bet he never thought how his bare feet might drive a foot fiend crazy but was finding out as in prison John having discovered! I then resumed licking his soles and sucking on his toes and licking in between them all.

I then began sliding my fingers along the soles of his feet which was maddening to him as I loved seeing Jeff's toes wiggling as I scraped my fingers harder along both soles stroking up and down the length of them with my two index fingers. Jeff laughing loudly and hysterically and pleading with me to stop as I continued increasing the intensity of the tickling. Jeff so ticklish it really drove him crazy, he wasn't joking! I then massaged and fondled both feet loving their warmth and pressed my face into each of his soles loving their raunchy smell!

I was fixated staring at his bare soles knowing them being so ticklish and loving the fact they were and mine to tease and torment as long as I liked staring at his soles wrinkling and toes twitching as I ran my index fingers along the soles of his feet and how exciting it was subjecting Jeff to relentless tickling and how it drove him insane! I danced my fingers all over my tutor's feet as he squrimed more violently and attempted to pull his feet away from me but futile attempts as he gritted his teeth in an effort to not react but failed as proving too ticklish!


I relishing in tickling Jeff as I told him for me it was great having my handsome tutor's feet in my hands and how they were all I had fantasized them being and more saying in lectures I having been fixated by them and he finding me attractive knew it was game on and I knew I needed to get to grips with his feet and he so easy to seduce and was thilled he had been agreeable to bondage! Soon he being conumed with laughter having proved so enticing to me discovering his feet so ticklish and licklish!

I then feather tickled both of Jeff's feet loving his reactions as the quill dragged the length of his soles and the tendril slid in between his toes very slowly and one toe at a time telling him his feet were perfect for me to tease and that music to my ears was a ticklee being tickled and desperate to escape my exploiting their ticklishness. The combination of my verbally teasing him about his being so ticklish and the feather on his bare soles and all around and under and in between his toes drove him wild!

“Kootchy, kootchy, koo" I taunted Jeff as his hysterical laughter increased to a fevered pitch and his toes wiggles furiously, wrinkling both soles as the feather tormented his super ticklish feet

"HAHAHHAHAHASTOOPHAHAHHAPLEASEHAHAHAHAHA NICK HAHAHAHAHASTOOOPHAHAHAA!" my tutor begged as I ran the quill faster along each sole of his feet one after the other.

I then indulged him in another foot massage and have to say I do love massaging warm and sweaty feet, no tickling but fondling them and licking all over the soles and sucking and licking toes and loving the tastes and smells of guys feet and as clear now Jeff's appealing to my senses but then I activated the sonicare and the revolving bristles ran so easily along the saliva lubed soles to Jeff's toes! Immediately his feet wiggled and his toes clenched! I forced the bristles under his toes and up n' down the soles of his feet which gave a whole new meaning to tickling torture for Jeff.


I was soon though indulging in my favourite tickling technique and involving my tongue as I relish feasting on toes nibbling and sucking and licking them all and licking the soles of a lovely sweaty pair of feet, they needing to be sweaty to have a foot taste, tasting freshly bathed or worse of peppermint etc ruining the moment for me as feet are feet and everyone having their own feet smell and taste, it's an individual thing and personal!

Also licking a guy's feet is intimate and licking a straight guy's feet for me a real bonus knowing it not being something he accustomed to happening. My tongue assault aimed for the guy's responsive, unprotected nerves, where the sensations of my warm, wet, and experienced tongue get to him the most and usually his arches a prime target having a rich and salty taste and licking under and in between my toes sucking and nibbling on them loving to tongue tease and with Jeff no exception!


The masculine scent of Jeff's feet so strong I pressed my nose against his left sole and inhaled his foot smell deeply as it was intoxicating to me and I licked the ball of his left foot and proceeded to lick his whole foot from heel to toe as Jeff's feet looked great, smelled great, and tasted great as so I licked his left sole a few times up and down and licked under and in between his toes feverishly as it also lickled him and so soon having licked and lickled every inch of Jeff's left foot moved on to his right foot and indulged in doing the same thing with the same result!


Both soles wet I soon began running my index finger upwards along the sole of Jeff’s right foot and my fingers slowly but surely probing his right sole gliding gently along his arch from his heel to his toes and back down again telling him he having such smooth and soft feet that smelled so awesome and tasted so delicious and my tickle talk drove Jeff absolutely nuts! I danced my fingers all over the right sole of his foot picking up the tickling pace consistently as I told him he needed to laugh for me!


“What’s funny Jeff? Are you enjoying this, have I missed a joke huh!" I teased him.

Then focused my attention on Jeff’s left foot again using one finger to tease the sole in a painfully slow fashion, almost as if he was drawing pictures with my fingers on the sole. Then picked up the pace and started tickling his left sole more aggressively. At this point moving my tickling fingers up to the area at the base of Jeff’s toes which instantly caused him to squirm madly.

Jeff again laughing hysterically and begging me to stop. “PLEHEHEHEASE. Sto-HAHAHAHAHAHAHASTOP ITNICKHAHAHAHHAHA!”

“What’s the matter Jeff, does this tickle?" I teased "Kootchy, kootchy, koo" I taunted tickling his ticklish foot

A wildly hysterical “HAHAHAHAHAHANOOOOAHHAHAHAHAHA” was all Jeff could respond with!

Jeff couldn’t stop laughing as much as he tried and resisted as I tickled both of his feet simultaneously to get double the dose of reactions from him and did and it was a great feeling and fun to see his feet so helpless and vulnerable to my teasing and tormentng touch! I then got the feather and used the tendrils on his right foot saying time for a soft tickle and began slowly running the Feather up and down the sole of Jeff’s right foot.


I traced all of the curves of the high-arched foot and to stroke tickle the super-sensitive area at the base of Jeff’s toes which caused Jeff to violently begin thrashing his body and I ran the feather in between each of Jeff’s toes and then tickled each of Jeff's extremely sensitive toes thoroughly and then proceeded to tickle Jeff's left foot stroking the sole with the feather and for both feet the ticklish sensations were unbearable as with the feather he getting the full feather tickling treatment! I alternated from one foot to the other as such a light tickle it would not leave him breathless but be teasingly maddening for him and it was! Jeff being drenched in sweat and panting.


Jeff's nerves were on fire and the sight of him going absolutely crazy over the feather across his soles was making me so excited but then I dragged the feather quill up and down his right sole and scraped it back and forth along the ridge connecting his toes to his foot and swapped feet and loved it as he squirmed anxiously at the touches from the feather and back to his right foot scraped the quill up and down the sole in a ticklish assault of his foot employing slow and agonising strokes the length of the sole and then did the same with his left foot with concentration on the sole in similar fashion and telling him he had such ticklish feet! I then used my fingertips to tickle his feet, over his soft and smooth soles as I slowly and gently explored every inch of them and ran my fingers up and down both soles!

"Right Jeff now hot n' sweaty time to cool these feet down!" I said and began licking each foot all over saying soon we'd have a break before more tickles and lickles as we had all night and loving him moaning and pleading with me to let him go but I didn't and enjoyed his feet in similar ways all through the night but not for the first and last time as he doesn't want his wife Angela knowing there's a side of him she knows nothing about and he does like sucking dick and it's this that keeps him coming back for more knowing before he gets what he wants to do, I get what I want and that's his socked and bare ticklish, licklish feet!