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02-03-2017, 09:10 PM
Student 6'1" Dwayne Carter stood nervously facing the college Principal in the office as sat as his desk Mr. Williams told him to stand still as he glared menacingly at the lad who was due to graduate and this now questionable as he faced expulsion and knew it. Dwayne knew this would infuriate his father a Military General and bring disgrace to his family.

"Carter I will not tolerate the conduct you have been continuously displaying on campus this term and you know illegal substances strictly forbidden and dealt with effectively and involving the law and I can only imagine your father's reaction when I inform him of this happening and you would much prefer it's being kept secret being someone who has indulged in secretiveness until caught and be thankful by me and with nobody else witness to it's happening. I have received numerous complaints from tutors of your arrogant and disrespectful attitudes to them and failure of compliance to their authority but you wise enough to know not to question mine right Carter!"

"Yes Sir right Sir, I am sorry Sir!"

"Sorry you have been caught and the game's up I am sure you are Carter but know you are at risk of being expelled!"

"Yes Sir, please Sir may I have a chance to prove I have learned my lesson Sir?"

"That Carter you may but a punishment merited as a suitable deterent and one I will personally see implemented as everyone has secrets Carter and I am no exception to this rule so you will accompany me to my home tonight to be punished or I make the call to your father understood!"

"Yes Sir I accept the punishment Sir, please do not call my father Sir!"

The Principal remarking it being late evening that they would exit via the back of the building and there needing to be the guarantee from the student he would never speak of the punishment to anyone or if he did this would result in denial of it and his immediate expulsion. The student nervously nodded as the Principal smiled and they left the building and in the Principal's car drove to his home in silence. On arrival in the house Dwayne offered a can of beer which he accepted and then another followed as the student still in the college uniform sat facing the Principal who drank a glass of wine.

The Principal spoke to Dwayne of his being an excellent runner for the college team and dedicated and disciplined in regards to his training regime and even this evening having a practice run on the track before being told by the sportsmaster and his trainer Mr. Curtis to report to the Principal's office for the meeting and Dwayne having found the communal showers not functioning and smiled said Me. Curtis having been responsible for this saying the student would be needing a shower later anyway and then shocked the 18yr old more telling him to strip to his briefs and socks.

Dwayne looked shocked so the Principal repeated the order adding or risking expulsion and the student knew the man meant it and reluctantly undressed in front of him highly embarrassed and humiliated and stood facing the Principal who glared at him telling him not to worry he was not going to be raped but told him to go to the bathroom and using the toilet and then the bedroom which with no choice Dwayne did and instructed lay on the bed on his back and was then secured to it knowing he had no alternative if he wanted to graduate. This done the Principal stared at the student with arms secured above his head and ankles secured together. The student looking fearful as expected and the Principal then placed the blindfold over the student's eyes saying he wanting to guarantee the heightening of his sensations and Dwayne gasped

"Please, please Sir don't beat me, please don't hurt me Sir!"

"Carter I have no intention of hurting you, the last thing you will feel is pain and it would be senseless for me to mark your body physically if wishing this to being our secret and you have a very fit athletic body I see nursing all manner of youthful desires and I with some of my own that I fully intend satisfying and I have seen you run for the college Carter and have imagined them sweating in your sneaker shoes and socks and imagined what they look like bare and now have the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity and see you have large feet in black nylon school socks you having worn all day ran in tonight in the practice and what size are these feet I am staring at and facing Carter?"

"Size 13's Sir but why Sir?"

"Why Sir, let Sir tell you Carter about my secret; Mmmm I like feet Carter and warm and sweaty feet Carter with a strong youthful foot smell as these feet have and I am admiring your shapely feet now immobile and vulnerable, utterly defenseless having sweated profusely and feet I am going to be enjoying massaging and a lot more than that as I am sure they're very sensitive yes Carter and before you deny it your medical test including the Babinski result indicating this!"

"Sir I er my feet are um they're, they're yes ticklish Sir and Sir I hate them touched Sir!"

"Yes I am sure you do Carter as I hate my tutors being abused and insulted and my colleges strict rules broken but did you respect this Carter, did you?"

"No Sir, I am sorry Sir!"

"So am I Carter; so am I but do not expect me to afford you respect; Mmm such big n' smelly feet and you don't like them touched hmm well that's good news as you're not here for your pleasure but for mine and my pleasure enjoying your feet and be sure Carter I will be and taking my time about it as you need teaching a lesson and if it's a ticklish tutorial then all the better!"

Both black nylon socked feet facing him Mr. Williams began rubbing them both and instructing Carter he best not laugh or he would invite being touched in a way to give him something to laugh about feeling the heat of both socked feet as he told the student he liked the fact they were big feet and smelling like feet and both socks moulded to the shape of his soles with sweat from the day and each toe toe outlined under his socks. Carter's toes flexed in nervous reaction to the Principal's fixation of his feet making him feel very uncomfortable as Mr. William's realised!

"That's it wiggle your toes Carter and invite me to give them all attention as he deeply inhaled the strong and youthful but masculine scent of both socked feet in his grasp. "Bound like this Carter I am going to tease and torment you as you have never been before and will wish never to be again and yes it will involve tickling that be sure of and I will enjoy every moment of it and you never speak of it happening" said the Principal meancingly as he stared at the dirty soles of Carter's sweaty socks.

Then he sniffed both socked feet but doing so reached up and began rubbing Carter's dick through his briefs and felt the student getting hard even though involuntarily and told him he seemed to be a big boy so perhaps big feet meant big dick as he rubbed his nose over the squirming socked toes as Carter gasped having his dick and balls being lightly and erotically stroked increasing Carter's feelings of vulnerability.


"That's it Carter get nice n' hard for me Mmmm such stinky feet!" said the Principal stopping fondling the lads dick and licking and sucking his socked toes and both socked soles and caressing the black nylon socked feet facing him and inhaling their amazing smell which excited him as he menacingly told the handsome lad how he had fantasised about caressing, licking, smelling, sucking, and tickling his tender toes and soles and having both bare soles vulnerable and exposed to be toyed with by him and had then checked his medical records for the Babinski result and saw from the result that Dwayne Carter's feet were really ticklish and now both ticklish feet his to toy with!

As the Principal said this he was staring intently at both big socked feet saturated with a mix of his saliva and their own natural sweat which made an intoxicating combination as their rich smell he found addictive and stroked both sensitive soles so that the socked toes wiggled in front of him. The Principal then nibbled Carter's toes and licked one socked sole and then the other and massaged them as he inhaled them both and then stroked both soles and the balls of his feet and then his toes! Then Mr. William's slid a finger inside the right sock and stroked the bare sole and with his other fingers peeled off the sock and then removed his finger having made Carter's foot twitch and did the same with his left socked foot. The socks off he stared at both big bare feet


Mr Williams leaned close to both newly bared feet inhaling them both deeply remarking on the heat coming from them both liking them being trapped and helpless

“MMMmmm…I LOVE the way your feet smell Carter, these are a great pair of feet and an athletic champion's feet so need extra special attention and that's what they'll be getting!” he said pressing his face into both bare soles overcome by their powerfully erotic scent and feet he'd been lusting over and were now helpless, vulnerable and completely at his mercy, both bound and displayed for his selfish pleasure with them, two smooth soles, high arches and thick, perfectly shaped toes the Principal said as he inhaled their sweaty smell again taking his time sniffing every square inch of both bare soles and toes as he told Carter he had wondered how they smelled and tasted drenched in perspiration after a run and now he was finding out and well satisfied they were all he had imagined!

The Principal smiled imagining how vulnerable the student felt and saying he knew how popular Carter was with the female students and especially Carla James adding he betted she though never secured him to a bed and sniffed, licked and sucked his toes and orally enjoyed the soles of his feet much less tickle them! Carter moaned as the Principal gave Carter's still semi hard dick a firm squeeze through the briefs saying imagine it's Carla fondling you and now stroking your balls teasingly that's it moan and squirm for me Mr. Williams told Dwayne wearing a sadistic grin as his finger had slid inside the briefs and stroked the lad's inner thighs making his dick more erect and increasing his moans.

Then using scissors the Principal cut off Dwaynes briefs and pulled the lad's dick down in between his legs as he looked at the shapely bare ass! The student felt even more vulnerable but Mr. Williams assured him that although he having a shapely ass that it not being of interest to him so he's not be raped but stroked his inner thighs making him moan knowing this would arouse Dwayne as he was busy licking the student's toes stating they were salty tasting and delicious running his tongue over them all, licking in between them and then licking the soles of both bare feet and saw the student's dick throbbing and he voraciously devoured Dwayne's toes, licking up and down the arches of both feet feeling Dwayne's rigid dick as he continued feasting on the student's bare feet, intent on exciting Dwayne.

"Getting nice n' hard Carter yeah let's get this dick really rigid but now stop as I want to focus on licking and nibbling your toes and he did and lightly grazed his teeth over both bare soles gaining immediate and frantic protests from Dwayne Carter


Then nibbled the saliva slicked toes and stroked under them all and stroked the wrinkles on the soles of both bare feet


Encouraged by the ticklish reactions the Principal stroked both arches and the base of his toes and licked his smooth soles and then licked the soles again but had the feather, the fork and the sonicare electric toothbrush at hand to tease and torture the excruciatingly ticklish feet and activated the sonicare and Dwayne heard the 'Bzzzzz' and immediately connected the revolving bristles and immediately the student tapped in a ticklish frenzy!


Mr. Williams then deactivated the sonicare and instead picked up the fork, a metal fork and very lightly focused on drawing the tines along one sole and then the other but not to hurt but to tickle which handled by him it succeeded in doing as he told Dwayne he was an experienced and accomplished tickler and thrilling both feet were so ticklish and responsive as literally the student was shrieking loudly and then again the revolving bristles were run over each foot and followed by the tines of the fork and then the feather. The Principal ran the tendrils of the feather in between Dwayne's toes and stroked under all of his toes and then the quill end drawn slowly over the soles and under the toes and Dwayne literally being driven ballistic, going berserk as he was so ticklish and this was a fenzied and determined ticklish extravaganza he was forced to endure.


Dwayne exploding in high-pitched screaming laughter this was thrilling for the Principal who continued tickling with the sonicare over both arches and soles of Dwayne's big, now even warmer and sweatier feet and slid the bristles over both soles bringing out the most ticklsih reactions he could from the student and again then tracing the tines of the fork over both soles and finally the quill of the feather until Dwayne was driven breathless and the torment stopped!

"Mmmm what great feet and guess you have never been tied and tickled before Carter but a first time for everything and your feet as sweaty as if you have just run one of your marathons and you had no idea what it was going to be like to be tickled and tickled and tickled and lickled, lickled and lickled all over these gorgeous feet but I really love tickle torturing guy's feet and especially those who have no idea it's going to happen, such fun surprising and shocking them!" He again dragged the feather over one bare sole then the other and the quill end which got an immediate ticklish reaction from Dwayne Carter but he tried to fight laughing so Mr. Williams discarded the feather and employed using his ten fingers stroking both soles simultaneously and immediately got the reaction he wanted!


Mr. Williams then with his left hand bent the toes of Dwayne's right foot down and slid five fingers of his right hand in between them all and tickled and repeated this with the other foot and then sucked the five toes of each foot alternating feet over and over again and then spider tickled both soles but reverted to using more gentle stroked over both soles saying he loved tickle dominating guys feet then relished in pressing his nose to the bare feet of the student and deeply inhaling them and sliding his nose up n' down the length of them both. H eindulged in caressing and sucking on Dwayne's toes foot by foot as he then allowed his fingers to explore both feets ticklishness loving hearing the students laugh increase in volume as he heightened the intensity of the tickling and stroking the most ticklish parts, the students soles, in the centre of them driving Dwayne demented!


The Principal added to the torment nibbling and licking Dwayne's toes as he massaged each foot then licked along both soles again and licked under and in between the student's toes and grasping the feather tickled Dwayne's inner thighs while stroking the head of his dick and maintained doing this as with the feather he made Dwayne moan stroking the lad's ball with the feather until he saw the pre-cum and ran his fingers over the head of Dwayne's dick edging him and then again began the foot tickling with his expert hands and verbally taunted the student saying he loved tickling his feet as they appealed to him for their look, their smell, their taste and their ticklishness and he tickled and tickled and tickled both feet with his fingers, slipping his fingers in and out of between Dwayne's toes.


Mr. Williams ignored Dwayne's begging and continued the tickle workout on both feet and he got several pieces of some kind of string and began pulling multiple strands of them back and forth through the student's toes. He was a master at tickle torturing and Dwayne was being completely destroyed by it. The Principal licking the soles of both feet and sucking Dwayne's toes while alternately using his hands to tickle them furiously causing Dwayne Carter to shriek, howl, squirm and secream.

“NOOOOOOOSTOPPPPPNOT MY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FEEEEEETNOOOOOOOOAHAHAHAHA!” Dwayne yelled furiously thrashing in his bonds and laughing his head off as very lightly Mr. Williams lightly ran his fingers slowly up n' down the sensitive soles of the student's feet in a maddeningly teasing way as he tried vainly to escape the tormenting fingers stroking the arches of each foot and causing Dwayne to bite his lips to hold back more laughter and making the Principal smile. He stopped the gentle teasing and began scraping both soles with his fingers deliberately cruelly and rapidly as soon Dwayne lost his resolve in ticklish agony!


"That's better Carter laugh for me fuck boy these feet are such fun to tickle so unbearably sensitive and another secret Mr. Curtis the sportsmaster so yes your trainer has for the longest time wanted to get to grips with your feet as he's seen them regularly bare and socked and been teased and tormented by them but knew tonight was happening and is eagerly waiting a call from me to assist me and together we will have you howling like a banshee as I have seen John rake his fingers mercilessly over tender soles and arches of unsuspecting guy's feet so I think I will text him now and we are both truly ruthless ticklers Carter but the alternative is expulsion!" said the College Principal Mr. Daniel Williams texting John Curtis to join in the fun!