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After the orgasm, Gretchen sat in pure fog, her mind not functioning, her body numb and exhausted. She swam in the aftermath of the explosion, the world and all its inhabitants gone. But...but...
“Gretchen! Gretchen, you have to snap out of it! You have to help me!” Alana cried. The groping had stopped, Alana able to think clearly, realizing just how much danger she was in if her protector slid too deeply into the “Little Death.”

The former captain heard the voice as if coming from a far away land. She couldn’t make out the words, couldn’t remember language, but she dimly remembered there had been danger, that someone had needed her. She had to help them. It was what she did. Gretchen tried to stir.

Carla said nothing, watching. She knew if she made any kind of aggressive move at that moment, Gretchen’s warrior instincts would kick in. Her exhausted body would go right to ‘fight or flight mode’ and the burst of adrenaline that would accompany it would overcome her weariness.

Instead, she moved slowly, cautiously back down to the blonde’s feet. Reaching out carefully, as if to a wounded animal, she touched the feet softly, making Gretchen gasp, then started to massage the abused soles, firmly but tenderly rubbing the tendon in the middle of her sole, using just the right touch.

Gretchen moaned again, though not in the wanton manner she had earlier. Now it was a moan of relaxation as a world of stress started easing out of her athletic body, down her legs, drawn by the fingers kneading her feet. There it was sent out into the air, gone forever.

“That’s it,” Carla said in a soft, soothing voice, “Just let it go, let your cares and worries disappear. Everything is just fine little girl. Relax and enjoy.”

Gretchen felt like she was in a warm bath. The touch, that wonderful touch on her feet pushed her mind back into the fog, her muscles back into jello. Her half opened eyelids fluttered as her back arched like a cats. She purred, long and deep enjoying the moment. Some little voice inside told her that she shouldn’t, but for the life of her she couldn’t remember why.

“Gretchen, please don’t go to sleep!” Alana begged, shaking the former captain as best she could while sitting on her lap. If Weiss was out cold, there would be no one to protect her from the lecherous monster Carla Alvardo had become!

“No, don’t listen, don’t even think,” Carla’s voice droned on, “It’s too hard, takes too much effort. Just rest. Rest.” Her fingers had found the pressure points on her soles, right in the middle of the balls of Gretchen’s feet, and was rubbing them firmly, using her knuckles. She was practically dragging the energy out of the larger woman now.

Gretchen’s eyelids were so heavy now. She could barely keep them open. Her muscles were turning to jello. Someone was yelling something, but surely it could wait. She’d take a nap, just a little one. She could fix everything when she woke…

“That’s it,” Carla’s voice was completely monotone, bland as milk, “Just drift off. Float away. When you wake, I’m going to get you so good. Torture you until you’re willing to do anything to make me stop. I own you, former Captain Weiss.” Her fingers were working under the toes now, making small circles, just the right amount of force.

What? Gretchen stirred. The voice…something wrong…like a discordant note in an orchestra. Part of her wanted to wake, to figure out what was so troubling…but…but..oohhhh…so good…wave after wave of exhaustion crashed over her…must…open…no energy…no strength…for Gretchen the world went black.

Alana watched in horror as her captain’s eyes closed tightly, her head falling off to one side. She tried to shake her again, but was met only by the blonde woman snoring. She looked down at Carla, terrified.
* * * * *
As Gretchen slept, she dreamed. In the dream she was a hunter, stalking her prey silently through a primal landscape. In the dirt, she could see its footprints, five small toes and a round heel.
Then, through the brush, she could see her. It was a gatherer from the neighboring tribe, a slender, red haired female. She was young, looking for fruit or nuts even though the season had passed, ignorance due to inexperience. Today it would cost her.

Silently, Gretchen pulled out her bolo, a cord with rocks on either end, started twirling it over her head, the soft buzzing sound carrying on the wind. The gatherer, attention completely on the shrubery, remained oblivious.
When she turned to leave, Gretchen threw her weapon. It struck the gatherer just below her knees. The skins she was wearing protected her from the sting, but the weights on the end wound around her legs, entangling them and causing the redhead to fall to the ground.

Gretchen pounced. The girl had barely managed to turn over when the hunter was on top of her. Gretchen’s hands quickly went to the gatherers hips, fingers poking and jabbing into her hipbones, proding with the touch taught to her during childhood.

She had always been a skilled tickler. The redhead burst into laughter immediately. She sat up, tried to grab for Gretchen’s wrists, but the hunter was too strong. She couldn’t pull them off, couldn’t get the tormenting fingers away from her.

“Undescae, undescae!” the girl cried out admidst her chortling. Gretchen didn’t speak the language of that tribe, but she guessed it was a cry for help. That could be a problem. If there were any members of her tribe around, they could come to her rescue, drive Gretchen off. The hunter didn’t intend on letting that happen.

The girl was squirming hard now, desperate to get away. She had mostly kicked free from the bolo, trying to crawl away so she could get to her feet and run. Gretchen responded by straddling her, pinning her with her greater weight. Then she grabbed that striking arm with one hand, starting to tickle her ribs with the other.

Her laughter definitely grew louder as Gretchen’s fingers slipped underneath the skins she wore as clothing and started to knead her side. The feel of warm flesh underneath her fingertips excited the hunter as did the writhing body between her legs.

The gatherer still had fight, however. She gave up trying to pull Gretchen’s hand away and started using her free arm to beat or push her attacker off of her. The hunter grunted as a random blow hit her in the stomach. She had to shift her position, use one of her knees to pin that offending limb that had just hurt her.

“UNDESCAAAAEEEEEEE!!” the gatherer screamed at the top of her lungs. Gretchen’s change in position had caused her to stop tickling for several seconds, let the redhead get in a few mouthfuls of air so she could cry out.
Had that been a rustling in the leaves over there? A rabbit startled by the commotion or an enemy come to help her prey? Gretchen new that time was of the essence. She slipped her free hand down to the redhead’s belly, began wiggling her fingers over the smooth skin.

Again, the girl began catterwalling, kicking her feet wildly. Her flesh was so soft! Gatherers did not need the muscle tones a hunter had to possess, not to pick berries or dig up roots, and Gretchen was able to easily press her fingers into that tenderness, pinch worm and wriggle her fingers into it, forcing more and more, louder and louder guffaws and cries.

Ow! Though not strong, the lack of muscle tone allowed gatherers to be more flexible. She had managed to kick Gretchen in the back of the head even from her disadvantageous position. Ow! She did it again!
Gretchen had to turn, to release her grip, both with hand and knee, to block the third blow. She tried to catch the gatherers ankle, but was not fast enough.

The redhead was now free enough to shoot out from between Gretchen’s legs. No doubt she meant to get to her feet and run like a deer in the direction of her village. The hunter doubted she would be able to catch her.
She turned after her fleeing prey and lunged in that direction. She was too late to grab the gatherers leg, but her hand gripped something else. The redhead and managed to get her legs free from being entangled by the bolo, but one weighted end was still wrapped around her left ankle. Gretchen grabbed the other end and pulled hard.

The gatherer fell, face planting on the hard ground. Gretchen reacted quickly, grabbing both of her ankles and flipping off the primative mocasins she wore. To bare feet stared at her.

The hunter immediately started raking her fingers over those soles, using firm, fast strokes. Foot tickling was part of several rituals of her tribe, and she had always proven quite skilled at it. The gatherer erupted into full throated bellowing immediately.

She tried to get away, but Gretchen had both ankles in the crook of one elbow, too strong a grip for the weaker woman to break. On her belly, the redhead’s arms were useless. All she could do was slam her fists into the ground as the hunter scraped rough nails up her high arch, scratched at her heels and played with plump, wiggling toes.

Even as she tickled, gretchen kept her eyes on the horizon. Nothing. The gatherers howls must have frightened off all the animals, because nothing moved in the brush. And it was obvious no help was coming.

The gatherer held out as long as she could, gritting her teeth, balling up her little hands into fists, trying to beg and plead with her tormentor in a language she didn’t understand. But finally it was too much for her. She gave in.


Darko. The one word Gretchen understood in that language. It meant ‘I surrender’. She stopped tickling and scooped up her prey, holding her in her arms like a mother might a small child.

The origins of the “Human Hunt” were lost, but the rules were simple. In the cold time there was little work to be done as there were few animals to hunt and almost no edible plants to be found. During that time, when a tribe had stored the food it needed and its people just waited for spring, one tribe could capture a member of another. Provided they did not hurt them, they could do with them as they wished until the snows stopped falling.

The gatherer looked at her capture, truly seeing her for the first time. Seeing it was a woman, a puzzled look appeared on the redhead’s face. Normally, it was males that hunted for temporary mates. It kept them happy, less inclined to war for females and helpled mix the bloodlines of the tribes. But she had been captured by another female? Why?

Gretchen answered the unspoken question with a deep and passionate kiss. Her interest had always been for other females. And though she would bare children for her tribe, a woman’s duty, she would spend this winter with a mate of her chosing. She planned on exploring every bit of the young redhead’s delectable body before she would need be returned to her own tribe at spring’s dawn.

The hunter carried her temporary mate in the direction of her village. She feared no rescue now. Once prey had surrendered, there could be no rescue. Only a long, passionate winter!

Still trapped in her stocks, sound asleep, Captain Weiss smiled, the pleasant dream allowing her to escape her reality for a little while.

* * * * *

“Now, that little Ms. Goody Goody has gone beddy bye,” Carla said, standing and meeting Alana’s gaze. She felt a rush of elation. She had dominated the Captain, made her beg, made her cum, then made her sleep. She had been helpless before her. Now she would do the same to Alana. There was nothing the slender redhead could do to stop her.

Alana stood up, looking at Carla’s fiery eyes with fear. She took a step back, trying to get away, but the Tech Sergeant was faster. Her hand shot out, giving Dr. Blake a quick tickle on her side.
“Aaahaaaaahh nawoo!” Alana blurted out, taking another step back.

But Carla didn’t let her move away that easily. She followed in a tickly dance, stepping forward every time the rdhead backed off, reaching out and pinching Alana’s bare thigh, poking her ribs or even squeezing a kneecap.
“aha ahaha naww a ahahah stawwpppp h eh ehehehhe quhuhuiitt ahahha ahaha nawwtt HA AHAH therereheheheheheh ahahahah plehehehehehehssseee a ahahaha aha!!!”

Alana couldn’t get away. Being naked, she just had too much bare, ticklish flesh to defend. No matter what she did, where she covered up or how she tried to escape, Carla was right there, wiggling fingers quickly zeroing in on an unprotected, vulnerable spot.

“Where are you going?” Carla teased, “Not that way,” quick wiggle across Alana’s belly, “Or there” pinch her hip, “Or there!” clawing at her flanks.”

“ah aahahah ok ok aha ahahaha agnnnna a aHA AHAHAHAh whhhyyyyy ah ahahah a a ahahah!!”

“I’ve got you, little one,” Carla taunted between tickles, “I will own you now, make you pay for touching me, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!” As Alana did her best to turtle up, Carla reached around and gave Alana’s ass a quick goosing, making her shriek.

Alana’s knees were starting to buckle, each tickle turning her legs a bit more into rubber. She knew she’d be on the ground soon and then Carla would have her at her mercy. And Alana was sure the Tech Sergeant had none. She would have to do something fast!

* * * * *

Computers didn’t panic, but if they did, the AI would have definetely done so. All its hopes had been placed on the slender scientist, but she had failed completely. Alana hadn’t been able to dominate Captain Weiss, and she had been trapped in the stocks! And now she was facing off against Carla alone.

The experience Earth Command officer would easily render the redhead completely helpless. Once that happened, the AI had little doubt what would happen. The Tech Sergeant had shown a cruel streak, one unlocked when her libido had been supercharged and focused by the humiliation of being tickled. And once she got Alana, Carla would have complete control.

With Alana and Gretchen both helpless slaves, the relationships the AI wanted to develop between the three women would never happen. Instead, the Tech Sergeant would hold all authority, tormenting the other two and making them obey, taking her sexual pleasure from them instead of forming a giving social community. That was the opposite of what the AI had wanted!

But there was still a chance. If Carla had a flaw, it was arrogance. She had decided Alana could not put up a fight, and comleltely missed what Alana was doing. The smaller woman was trying to force her body into a martial arts ‘ready’ position despite the rain of tickles. It was awkward and amateur, but it could possible be effective.

The AI had no choice but to make sure it was.

* * * * *

Carla was growing tired of the quick, fast tickles. She wanted more, wanted to take Alana down, pin her and start some serious tickling. She wanted to make the scientist screama nd howl, not giggle and beg! That was why she stopped tickling and went in for the kill.

Her attack was clumsy, just a simple push, intending to knock the redhead off her feet, just like you would have seen on an elementary school playground. It reeked of overconfidence, certain her opponent could do nothing against even a simple move like that.

Luckily Alana remembered the one judo move she remembered from a self-defense class taken long ago.

Alana grabbed Carla’s hand and executed a picture perfect reversal, spinning the aggressor around and tossing her into the rear wall. Carla’s back hit the wall square along with her buttocks, shoulders and calves. Her arms instictively moved out to her sides to brace her body from the impact, palms and elbows slapping the hard surface as well.

Carla was stunned for a split second, shaking her head, before recovering. A wave of anger washed across her. How dare she! Carla prepared to launch herself at the scientist, to use the combat skills learned by all Earth Command members, moves that would have quickly subdied anyone other than a combat soldier like Captain Weiss.

Except...except...her body was stuck fast to the wall, like it was a giant piece of fly paper or covered with super glue.

Alana tried to assume a defensive position and managed one even a beginning martial arts student would have looked on with contempt, as she waited for the attack that didn’t come.

Carla struggled for a few minutes, desperate to free an arm or a leg from the trap. She couldn’t. Quickly she recognized that one of the anti-intruder protocols had somehow been activated, one meant to defeat enemy soldiers without harming them. She knew the chemical bond was a hundred times as adhesive as the best glue, designed to hold even a soldier in Power Armor.

“Computer!” she yelled, “Turn off anti-intruder protocols in the galley by my authorization as acting captain!” She fully expected to hear the AI acknowledge her command, to hear the whir of the machinery and feel the wall release her. Instead...there was nothing.

For a second, the AI did nothing. Only its quick calculations had managed to activate the wall trap during the split second when Carla had been flying through the air. Now it had to make sure that she stayed there, to give Alana a chance.

“Negative.” the AI said after several seconds, “An earlier request has finished processing. That takes priority.”

“What the hell!” Carla yelled as all her attempts to free herself failed, “What earlier request? Just get me out of this!”

“At 19:30 hours, Gretchen Weiss, then Captain, declared Tech Sergeant Carla Alvardo to be in violation of Earth Command rules. After processing, this evaluation has been confirmed. The Tech Sergeant is relived of all duties. Charges shall be brought upon return to Earth.”

“What?! No! You can’t do that! You can’t!” Carla snarled, a vein thrumming in her forehead.”

“However, as Former Captain Weiss has already been determined currently incapable of command, emergency action is required. Despite not being a member of Earth Command, Dr. Alana Blake is judged as the only remaining crew member fully competent. She is given full command. Dr. Blake, shall I release the Tech Sergeant by deactivating security protocols? I would advise against it.”

“What?” Alana asked, as taken aback by the AI’s abrupt change as Carla was, “No. No, that won’t be necessary. Thank you computer.”

The Ai felt a touch of what a human would recognize as smug satisfaction. It had reversed the situation. Now Alana had all the power. Instead of an inquisition, her natural lesbian tendancies should push her to creating the environment the computer wanted. Crisis averted.

“No! No!” Carla howled, “Computer! You can’t do that!” Echoing the words of Captain Weiss from merely hours ago. Then she had been the beneficiary of the AI’s odd behavior. Now she was its victim.”
Alana hesitated. Her natural timidness was reasserting itself. Her recent orgasm had lowered her hormone level drastically, plus she had always been more than a little afraid of the Tech Sergeant. Her turn from hunted to hunter had been so fast...she wasn’t ready for it.

The AI sensed her hesitation. In time, the Aphrodin mixed in with the ship’s atmosphere would natually revive her sex drive, make her desire Carla and Gretchen in a way that overrode her common sense and basic personality. It didn’t have time for that.

Instead it sent a puff of pure Aphrodin straight into the scientists face.

Alana saw the cloud envelope her, inhaled the the sweet gas deeply. Even as the Aphrodin filled her lungs, Alana was aware of the effects it was having on her body. She was too experienced a chemist not to categorize and classify those instinctively. She felt her heartbeat increase, her breathing grow more shallow, strange feelings start racing through her.

And she knew. Alana knew the gas was manipulating the pleasure centers of her brain, guessed what other changes it would have on her. After all, making conclusions on the nature of a chemical based upon observable effects was what chemists did!

Suddenly everything came together. Everything that had happened the last two days made sense. The cause was also easy to determine. There was only one thing on the ship that could make such a chemical and distribute it. But why? Luckily there was a simple solution. All the three of them had to do was...

And then it hit her. An arousal stronger, more intense than what she had been feeling when she entered the room. Rational thought stopped. She no longer cared about the chemical she had ingested, what was going on inside the Asimov or why everyone was acting so strangely. All that mattered in the world was sex. She wanted to touch and be touched, to feel everything! Her pussy practically ached with a need to be touched! And there was Carla, helpless and so, so attractive, just waiting for her. Alana couldn’t help but look at the engineer like a starving wolf looked at a trapped pig as her heart started to race.

“So?” Alana asked, moving to Carla, still stuck to the wall like an insect in a spider’s web, “What were you going to do to me? Tickle me? Turn me into your play thing?” She smiled. Before Carla could answer, she reached out and grabbed the shirt the trapped woman was wearing and pulled hard.

The button’s popped of the blouse as the fabric separated easily. Apparently the dress uniform hadn’t come with a bra because Carla’s large, bare breasts fell out. Another pull on the garment, and the tech Sergeant’s belly and sides were exposed as well.

“Wh...what...” Carla stuttered, not knowing what to say. She hadn’t seen the green cloud in her struggles for freedom, but she could smell the gas that remained. It’s sweetness overpowered her. She wanted the same thing Alana did. But even as part of her brain cried out in need, another stomped on the feeling. No! Not while she was helpless, not while she was at the mercy of that weak, mousy redhead! Freedom first, then...then she’d take what she wanted!

“I’m going to get out of this!” she snarled, pulling her arms in vain, “And when I do, I’m going to eat you alive, red! I’ll chew up up slowly, savor your body then spit you back out!”

“I don’t think so!” Alana said in a sultry voice she had never known she possessed, “I’m in charge now, and the only person doing any tasting will be me.” Alana reached out and stroked both of Carla’s large breasts with her hands, rubbing the nipples with her palms while digging her fingers into the soft mounds.

Carla couldn’t help but moan softly and shudder.

“Oh, you like that, do you?” Alana teased, still rubbing, the hard nipples moving in circles across her palms. Carla shook her head ‘No’, as another light moan slipped out.

“Are you sure?” Alana leaned in and kissed the Tech Sergeant passionately on the mouth. Carla couldn’t help but kiss ack, allowing the pert little tongue to slip into her mouth, caressing it with her own. Alana kissed her again and again, hard and soft. Each time Carla responded, despite herself.

Finally, Alana pulled back, leaving a breathless, sweaty Carla fully redfaced, eyes glowing with desire.

“Shall I go on my little pet?” she asked.

If she hadn’t used the word ‘pet’, Carla may have said ‘Yes’. But right now, that word didn’t sound like a term on endearment. It made her feel like Alana was ready to get her a collar and a leash.
“I’ll be damned before I enjoy being kissed by a dyke like you,” Carla snapped.

“Really? My mistake.” Alana whispered, “Well then, maybe you’ll like this better.” The scientist began flicking her fingertips under her breasts, using quick, light strokes across that part of the boob that never sees the sun and rarely feels fresh air.

“he eheheh nawooo ehehehehe stawwppp a ahah ahahahahah cuhuhuhuuttt ah ahaha it ouuhuhuhuttt ah ahahahaah!!!”

Carla let loose a stream of giggles immediately. Her breasts were so sensitive, she couldn’t even try to hold it in or resist.

“There she is!” Alana said in a squeel, “There’s my giggly girl! I thought I’d lost you! Giggle for me Carla! Let me here your laughter!” She moved her hands all over the tech Sergeants tits, moving to the sides and top, even near her nipples, getting the fiesty woman louder and louder.

“ha ehahah ahahah ahh ahah i ah ahaha wihihihilllll ah ahaha ahah kihihihilllllll ah ahahahah KILHIHIHLL ahahah killllllllllll ahahah YUHUHUUUUUUU!!!!”

Alana kept it up for several minutes, but was soon disappointed. She knew Carla’s breasts must be easily stimulated, but no matter how she touched, she couldn’t come anywhere close to the hysterical chortles that had come when nibbling on her feet. Soon the giggles began to sound weak in her ear, a sign of failure as opposed to domination.

It was time to step up her game.

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Wonderful continuation! I love this series. :D

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This is a compelling story my friend! I am loving it. I hope Carla gets it real good! The way the story is set up is very imaginative. I love the details.

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Good continuation...
This one just kept going and going!