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Due to various requests, here one of m firsts stories again.

The Asia Connection (f/f)

Madison Carter, an agent of the CIA, was sent to Vietnam to find out what happened to
a girl named Vittoria happened that disappeared a holiday, just like other
Girls in the past. It is thought that the girl had been kidnapped by
to be sold as slaves. The CIA suspected behind an entire slave ring, and
Path led to Hanoi. Madison made ​​immediately on the way there hung a
Contact person there to meet in Hanoi. After Madison had checked into a hotel, waiting
already a message at the front desk for them. You should be in a restaurant in the city center
issued by Hanoi there to meet the contact person., Madison went to her room to her
To change rice clothes and get dressed. After she in a white blouse short Hiking
Shorts and hiking boots attracted, they took a taxi and drove to the rendezvous and
to meet Loi Hann, and to learn more about the Slavs ring. Suddenly flowed, a white
Mist of the doors inside the car, the vehicle's doors were locked and there was a protective glass between her cabin and the driver of the taxi, it was for them
were impossible to escape out of the taxi and they could not do anything as the gas
Effect showed. Madison was passed out .... you did not notice, as the taxi in a
Side street turned onto which already waited another car. Madison was in the other car
lifted and the car went sent on its way to the headquarters of the slave ring on
a plantation in the jungle. all the time Madison was unconscious as the car that
House reached. Two men came out of the house, opened the side door and pulled the
sleeping from Madison and took them into the house. A female voice was the first thing the
Agent heard when she regained consciousness. "How beautiful, Madison Carter ...... I am glad it in
to welcome my humble kingdom "
A touch of almond oil spread beneficial in the bare room. The scent covered
soothing the acrid smell of sweat of these neon-lit chamber flowed through.
The smell of fear and physical exertion that filled this space came
Vittoria. Vittoria was an Italian student on an overseas expedition in Vietnam
The young woman with brown eyes and black curly hair which is now in its
glued sweaty face for several days here was a guest. She had been told
what would happen to her. The two Asian women made ​​thee their adopted their
thoroughly clear what it was. It will be sold. Sold to rich clients from Asia
Space Western women kept as sex slaves. This is by a whole
Ring of slavers who viewed their victims, preferably study tours Europeans,
held in Southeast Asia and there for "replenishment" worried. The only problem was,
the customer whose mindless slaves sought. For this reason, the will of the women had
in advance to be broken and for the Asians had a very effective method
Vittoria was strapped to a bed, which was located in the middle of this dark room.
She was restrained with leather straps at the wrists and ankles.
The two women had undressed her completely. Vittoria had not notice anything.
They had drugged her and when she regained consciousness she was in this predicament.
The young woman had a strong will and was not to get small so far. That's why
had the two Asian big guns now mount up, which they bluntly
The larger of the two women who were dressed each with a colorful floral dress fetched,
Now from her pocket which she wore 2 fans with him.
The small woman waited while a small crank on the bottom of Vittoria's flatbed.
Thereby the armrests were pulled up in the height of Vittoria's head. The
Student already knew what would happen and therefore tried frantically at her bonds to
draw, although her ​​that was clear this would not help.
The two fans were not ordinary.
There were creations of Asian they claimed proudly. The fan had
a support base made ​​of metal which he could be placed on an even surface.
To the dismay of Vittoria he had no subjects but rotating goose feathers the wildly
shooting once they were hired. The whirring sound was for Vittoria the signal it
would be extremely uncomfortable.
Vittoria's bare armpits were now exposed and completely unprotected rotating
Feathers delivered. The same devices were to Vittorias horror even at her feet
A wild, almost Shrieking Screams filled the room as the whir of the fan started .......
Madison was now awakened from her faint and was up around her abruptly
aware and what she saw she did not like. She could not believe who they do it here
had, but she knew awaited her a hard road.
The blonde young woman was tied up on the bed in the middle of the room.
Madison was big, maybe 1.75 meters, slim and well trained. Her body glistened in the light of
Neon lights. Her mouth was gagged with a black silk cloth. She was completely naked and
her wrists and ankles were tied with black leather cuffs on the flatbed
been. At its head and foot each sat a small Asian woman in black camouflage.
The two had to consult a cruel tactic their prisoners.
The Asian at her bedside saying to their prisoners. "You strong girl, I already
had many here but no one so strong will like them. Our customers want Western
Women, however, do without will. The others had not lasted long. Recently I had
here good woman from the Czech Republic, also strong-willed but after 24 hours they gave me everything
I wanted. But you, we have to work even more specifically, I think with them. "She said in
her sweet tone as she went to her small cabinet at the end of the room.
The room was maybe 4 feet x 4 feet tall. There was only the bed and 2 chairs on
which were the two Asians. When she returned she had 2 hand fans with them, but
to Madison horror not any. At the end of the fans were various white, lace
Springs mounted the now began to wildly spin rotation. Madison bit desperate in her Gag........
Madison began frantically struggling, writhing on her couch back and forth.
The Asian at the head now turned on the fans while they quietly
purred: "The most sensitive part of a woman is not her stomach, although they have a very nice
Belly, they know, right? "Madison shook his head in despair and cried into her gag,
while the little woman the two fans on hand near and said, "No, the most sensitive
Region is at its, quite beautiful torso. To accurately their finite at their
small breast goods. "The blonde young woman whose sweaty hair hanging in her face,
stared with us to open eyes. She could not believe what she heard. But they
feared the worst, because she was already here long enough to know the Asian, the
thus was right. She tore desperately at her bonds, knowing that there was nothing they
could do about it.
A wild twitching through her ​​entire body. It felt like a long surge, as
the Asian her left nipple with her ​​cruel rotor springs touched ..........
The Madisons pages have been carefully explored and slowly, and the Asian attended every
To study angle. Minutes passed, and Madison was on the verge of exhaustion; she knew
exactly what the Asian was after, but he would hold back as long as he could. Another small
Nudge might do the trick. the Asian crawled his fingers, and he stroked her
Thumb pads along Maddie's ribs, which were very vulnerable. The arms of the agent
were stretched above his head, and the chair leaned her back, her e ribs in the open
Space projects.
Madison fell suddenly silent, to devote to resist the Asian her e full power; her face with
Laughing so mature that he queasy from attempting it looked to keep everything in. Madison desperately her
e tried to spare ribs, his back against the chair flat, but their e muscles
tired, and it was not long before he flopped again waiting in frustration in the Asian.
the Asian switched techniques; he leaned over and her index finger curled up, so they that
drag along Madison stomach, thanks to bold on the chair that was sticking out. The floodgates
went bursting.
"AllRrihhhaattt-AllrighhtthahHuHhhtttt! ... .Okkk AalrrwEaaDyyyHHA! ...... I-binding
I'm reallHhhhyyy Ticcklishhh AssHhAaHOoolee! ÖKK? "Madison screamed, starting in
to squirm her em chair. He had finally collapsed, to laugh, and it was sweet music
to the Asian ears.
"Okay, what?" the Asian cooed, as if he was not aware. "Are you ready to talk about?" She asked
"I will tell them never anything ..."
"Mhhmm ... we'll see," the Asian said angrily, he licked his lips and her smile
he widened a challenge loved ..
The Asian slowly unravels her young victim take pleasure here. her e taste Finger
would eventually naked flesh; the Asian lifted Madison blouse, her hands sliding
including; she fumbled awkwardly, full batting grab hands meat. Always along the
The Asians pages he nudged and pushed her belly, and her e fingers went along each rib
Fiddling. Madison lost her e cool and broke into a sweat; her laugh added, the noise
drowned out by soft music. Neither her he had prepared him for training.
Look-Madison was very skilled with a knife or a gun, in fact, he was very
skilled with every weapon, but there was no available. Had on arrival here
he disarmed of all weapons the hiding place under her shirt em one stripped, and even the tiny
Strapped blade on her leg em, hidden bright red socks under her favorite pair. Without
she felt completely naked Madison, and even more defenseless.
After prying much laughter from young The Asian to Asian heard the torture. she sat
back in his chair and looked at him again. Madison lay there, panting and sweating.
"I'm not stupid 'Sweatheart'" said the Asian cooly.
"That's debatable," Madison said, skeptical panting.
"I think I do not know what you up to? ....
"Oh, I do not know ... ..just see how far we got in 30 minutes," said the Asian,
smiling. "Nohhoohoohoo..hohohooooonahahahaha ...." Madison raging now in their bonds,
unable to escape even a millimeter. "... We have it right Sweety ...." purred
the Asian "... the same you did it," grinned the woman gleefully while the feet
helpless Agent had in the handle. "Nnaaaahhahaahhaaa ...." cried Madison. "... Stttooooppppp
ittt ......! "" NAME !!! I will name "scolded the Asian while she had no problems
keep wriggling Madison at by.
He leaned to the side to reach the state brought about him; he opened the box slowly
Pull out a small knife and a small pointed stiff red pen. He held the pen in
Madison's face, it spun around and held the knife in the other.
"Tell me what I want to know ... ..
"Ok .... I give up ,," said Madison slowly. "The rebel base there is again", he made ​​a
Gesture, "-right there back in ma 'ass .... on the left," Madison said, chuckling under
her breath em.
the Asian nodded to herself, and her face twitched ever so slightly. Only the eyes of the asian
would their a reaction that catch the first signs of the Asian frustration.
the Asian achieved with a knife from the hand; he pulled Madison wet shirt from her em
Body away and began to cut, cut two gaping holes exactly where their
Were armpits. could see her brown fleshy pits now, peeking out from under
her shirt ..
So the Asian resumed immerse her spring in Madison slim,
Armpits. The nimble spring stroking the skin, the outer edge tracing, careful not
touching dark spots in the middle, at least not yet.
"PLeEAeHhSse STOHOPpHH CMON stttttoooppp thihhiiissss !! NoHH! -
THHEhAH FAIIRRHRHAHA !! "Madison cried in her chair shaking em
"UH-Ohhhhh, you are now in real trouble," said the Asian, realizing that he
Gold had struck. Madison armpits were a her he more intimate spots, a
Fly zone, so to speak. See-they were tender soft spots, under her well trained
Shoulders hidden. Not meant to be touched by anyone or anything except
Madison himself. The Asian maintained at their spring along the shoulders.
Madison broken into his mouth, laugh crazy; her head hanging over the back of the chair,
as her e to see pearly whites. her e reluctance was gone and completely
shot ..
"Just tell me what I want to know, and I'll stop ... give small note" said
the Asian.
Maddie burst into fits of hysteria and the Asian grabbed the knife, to cut Madison's Bra
exactly in the middle; and let her upper body naked. Then he sat tickling every seam and fold
of The Asian sweaty body. Then he dragged her e hands down, and her e finger
sniffed out another soft spot; he slid his fingers over Madison thigh, so
they crawl he had cut into the slots.
After the longest yet of titillation, the Asian felt finally forced to stop. Madison
in their em chair slouched over, simply exhausted looking. the Asian gave her em young victims
a few moments to catch his breath before he spoke again.
"Now," the Asian said threateningly. "Is there something you want to tell me ... ..?
Madison took several minutes to gather; chest pumped up and down
than pants. She looked up at the ceiling as he spoke. "No ... ..No ...... .nothing ta 'comes to mind," said it and was still grinning despite their predicament.
The Asian suddenly stood up from her chair, walked across the room. She could not understand,how could someone so obviously ticklish, you consider this from a long time? He was both surprisedand surprised, not to mention frustrated that they had not yet broken Madison.
"Well 'Maddie', you have finally managed to make me angry ...... I admit, but that is not as good for you .... "she said." .... not good agent ... ". This grabbed the Asian the Knife again; he put the edge into a sneaking from Madison, careful not to her knit into her skin. The Asian sawed the knife back and forth slowly, cutting the bottom of the shoe away, to do with the other foot the same. He cut the two rubber soles, they get away from Madison
Feet peeling, and throw them over his shoulder. Madison lay still bound to the chair; only the upper half their it remained reversal, but the soles were measured by a pair of beige socks replaced off the bottom of her feet he covered.
"The ball of her foot was slim, and her toes were oval shaped, her skin soft andsilky
"Enough played" sneered the Asian. she leaned over the seat of her chair. Her eyes so cold and calm as ever stared at the poor Madison. "Listen Agent ... .I will tickle these feetuntil they say tell me everything I want to know !! "she yelled, more toxic than ever before ..
"FUCK YOURSELF!" Madison yelled back.
The Asian was hoping that she would say something. she began slowly at first. She straightened her fingers, so she stroked along the edge of the bare feet of the agent.
Madison burst immediately with laughter when it was touched.
FUUCKK YOUuUHehHAHAHAAHAGGH !!! - Noooooo !!! "she choked.
"Oh yes! You're good and ticklish here, right?" She scoffed at the Asian. "You western womensince all soo ticklish on his feet, that's amazing you know .... "
In fact, their feet were tender and sensitive to touch.
Madison bare feet were thoroughly treated. the Asian pressed her thumb into the arch,her fingers kneading, each ticklish nerve her sweaty soles, while Madison laugh a torture laughing..
She stroked the undersides of Maddie's shapely toes ,. Tears ran down Maddies face, and she screamed for help.
"Who do you work ???" !!! "screamed the Asian, determined to break here and now.
Hohoohhoo, hahahahaha "moaned Maddie who tried desperately to control her emotions control . The Asian held Madison steadily in state of tension. Slowly but incessantly she pulled her long, pointed fingernails to the deep grooves of Maddie's feet what they acknowledged and down Gentin with a deep, monotone laugh.
It was clear, the woman knew exactly what she was doing and she was not tofirst time. Madison could do nothing except to laugh and cry. Cries sometimes so deep they were startled Maddie herself. She had vowed not to break, but thewarm oil, which is now running down her soft, sensitive soles did not miss the effect.
The mixture of oil and pointed nails questioned the intentions of the agent to the test ....
At that moment a loud bang could be heard from afar.
From the now tormented sounding cries of agent, could be a word or two
be understood. What the listening the Asian attentive while further tickled.
Suddenly, the door was pushed open and Madison lay there, glistening with sweat, her body, alwaysstill laughing. The Asian was packed and overwhelmed while Madison and the kidnapped girl Vittoria were rescued ..

The End