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Lady Anna's Tickle Therapy

Anna was a beautiful 34 years old lady, working as an accountant at a big company. She was tall (about 175 m) and slim (less than 50 kg), with shoulder - length blond hair and brown eyes. She seemed a lot younger then her age (she looked more like a teenager) because of her slim shape and because she always dressed with sexy tight fitting clothes. She was a workaholic and had no friends, she usually spent 8 hours a day at work and four more working from home on additional projects, the rest of the day she would go to the gym or cycling / jogging in the park and about once a month she took some time to go to the mall to shop for sexy - elegant outfits that she loved to wear at work or tight and shiny clubwear that she rarely went clubbing or to parties in, since she had no friends, instead she would wear them when going out shopping or some times even at home when she felt playful, and put her favourite music on and danced the night away alone dressed in her cool clubwear. Sometimes she would even videotape herself dancing (she was a very good dancer) and watch later and felt proud of how well she danced and how sexy and feminine she looked dressed that way. She felt like a diva on stage.
At first life was good, she kept her mind at work and kept mostly to herself, but after years went on, she begun to feel lonely and more and more depressed.
One day she entered a internet chat room, looking for a virtual friend to share thoughts and feelings with. There she met Michelle, a 19 years old student who was also lonely and looking for a best friend to go shopping and clubbing with. Michelle was a beautiful young girl, about 160 cm high and weighing around 40 kg, a bit short and slim for her age but that also made her very cute. She had long dark hair that flowed down to her slim waist, hazel eyes and a smile that was cute and naughty at the same time. She also loved to wear tight fitting outfits that flaunted her superbly fit body and femininity.
Anna and Michelle chatted for hours and hours about men, fashion, fun and life in general and soon became best friends. There was a great chemistry between them, like they known each other for a lifetime. They liked to say that they were sisters, or that Anna was Michelle's "adoptive aunt". Thay chatted for months and grew closer, exchanged pictures, they even exchanged sexy outfits via mail as gifts. They wore about the same size, between an XS and a S.
Things were better for Anna, but Michelle noticed that as time went by she sounded more and more depressed. She tried to convince Anna to go see a therapist or a doctor, but she said there was no need for it yet, that it was just a bad period that would pass. Weeks went by and it did not pass, Anna sounded even sadder then before. She was single but after dating a few men that dissapointed her she decided to give up dating random guys and take a break to focus on her career as she waited for a Mr. Right that did not come as years went by.
Concerned of Anna's well being, Michelle did everything she could to cheer her up and make her laugh, at first it worked a bit but chatting over the internet or talking over the phone was not enough. Michelle would joke when she saw Anna sad: "Aunty, if you don't snap out of that sad mood i'll just have no choice but to come to you and tickle you non stop till you laugh out of it!" Anna would always laugh at this and said: "That would be fun my dear niece, but don't forget that I am bigger, older and stronger then you, and you would end up being tickled a lot more!" They would laugh and have a lot of fun imagining if they were roomates how they would prank each other, Michelle thought of tying Anna to the bed while she is asleep, waking her up with a bucket of cold water and then tickling the hell out of her until she wet the bed, Anna thought of pouring itching dust in Michelle's clothes before she left for college classes and sneaking up from behind when she is doing homework, duct taping her to the chair and then tickling her out of her mind. They had so much fun discussing this that they said: "Hey, we should definatly spend a weekend together and do this things to each other, we would have the fun of our lives!" Michelle came up with a practical idea:
- Know what Auntie...next Friday you could come over to my place, my parents are goind out of town for the weekend, and you could come to my place and we could put some disco music loud, and dance in our hottest disco outfits!
- Oh, count me in for that, I'm bored as hell sitting all weekend alone at home! replied Anna enthusiastly
- Great, so will you come, I have just the idea to cure your depression
- Oh, what would that be?
- Well remember our jokes about tickling the crap out of each other :) ?
- Haha, how could I, you are as crazy and childish as I am dear niece.
- Guess what, I've come up on these newspaper and magasine articles, sending them to you now...
Anna received a compilation of articles from medical magasines, newspapers, etc about the benefits of laughter and tickling for fun and as a therapy.
- Wow, after all it could really change my mood!
- Trust me, I'm a Psychology student and I started researching these for my Degree. After meeting you and seeing how sad and deppressed you are I decided to write my Degree about laughter, specifically tickling as a cure for depression and some affective disorders and dedicated my career to finding a definitive cure for you, as you are my best friend, you are the sister I never had and finally found!
Anna started crying, she never had anybody care for her so much. She was deeply impressed by Michelle's words
- That is the most beautiful thing someone ever told me...I didn't think you cared for me so much
- Aww, my dearest Aunty how could I not care, you are the kindest and nicest person I ever met. I can't wait to finish college and move in your town and find work there! That way we can always see each other and I can be there for you and cheer you up.
- That would be so nice, would you do that for me?
- Definetly dear, and just think of al, the fun we will have in the weekends, we are sooo going to party!
- I can't wait to see you next Friday!
- Me too! And about your laughter therapy...now really, jokes aside, could I tickle you for like...30 minutes or so?
- Well I have never been tickled much, I have no idea if I am ticklish at all, during hig school I had this guy I liked and we flirted alot, and he used sit behind me and poke my sides during classes, this felt really ticklish, I could hardly keep myself from bursting into a wild laughter, it also made me move around a lot, kind of a nice sensation. That was like the closest thing I got from getting tickled.
- Nice, I'm veery ticklish and I love it...during high school I had lots of friends and we used to hang out alot...they loved to pin me up and tickle me non stop until i thought i would die from laughing so hard...a few times I remember i ended up wetting my jeans and once I think I passed out.
- Oh, poor you!
- C'mon, it wasen't that bad...I just remember being completly out of control, moving around wildly and laughing hysterically, when all of a sudden I kind of fell asleep, I don't remember anything except my friends were gathered around me and really worried, they thought they accidentally killed me with so much tickling!
- I don't think you can actually die from tickling unless you suffer from some severe illness or are a very old person, it's just laughter, right? The worst thing that can happen is you can pass out from losing your breath if you laugh too much without a break.
- Exactly! I am also researching this for my Degree and came just to this conclusion!
- Cool, if you manage to cure my depression with tickling please write about my case as proof.
- Ok Aunty, you will be the first person in the world to officially get cured by tickling therapy!
- Hihi, can't wait to try it out! Im curious, how does it actually feel to get tickled?
- Ooh, it is a beautiful experience! You feel like this itchy sensation right at the spot where someone tickles you, mixed with an electric like shiver starting at that point and going somewhere deep within you... You feel some kind of tension building up inside you, like that feeling when you are so happy you cannot express it in words and feel an enthusiasm that gives you butterflies in your stomach...and as it builds you let out a beautiful natural laughter, you feel this tingling all over your body, coming from the spots where you are being tickled, and you hear yourself laugh uncontrollably like you are outside your own body, I can't describe you how wonderful it feels if you are tickled by the right person and he or she knows how to touch you, to apply just enough pressure in the right places in a careful and delicate manner, and watch you with care, letting you catch your breath after laughing for a long time. Trust me, if done right it is one of the most beautiful sensations you can experience in your lifetime!
- Wow, it sounds awesome! Can't wait to experience it myself!
- Me too! After I'm done tickling you I hope there will be some payback time!
- Ohh don't wory dearie, there will be plenty of it ;) ! Cootchie cootchie coo...
- Can't wait for Friday Auntie, we'll have such a good time!
Time went by fast, it was Friday and Anna coulden't wait to finally get to meet Anna in person. She woke up early, at 6 in the morning, showered, did her hair and nails, and chose a beautiful outfit: a pair of black tight slim fit pleather jeans, very tight and shiny, a red shiny satinised elasthane slim fit shirt with medium lenght sleeves (just under the elbow) that fit her very tight, a black pleather waistbelt, a pair of black lacquer high heels, a small black lacquer purse fitting with the shoes and belt and a pair of aviator sunglasses with a golden frame and dark blue lenses. It was like a very elegant officewear look, but all very tight and shiny, more like a sexy disco outfit to wear to a club or party, or for a singer to wear on stage! She first put a swimsuit bikini on instead of her usual bra and panties, she thought that maybe Michelle would get a funny idea to prank her by pouring a bucket of water over her when she enters her home (she promised she would do this some day :) ), and so the swimsuit would come in handy, as she could stay in it until her clothes would dry. It was the end of spring and the beggining of summer, just the perfect time for a waterfight so who knows! She then put on her awesome outfit and applied some subtle and classy makeup, and left for work. She lookes absolutely stunning, her slim long legs in the tight and shiny eco leather, and her beautiful athletic body in the tight and silky, shiny fabric of her shirt, with her blond straight hair down to her shoulders.
It was quite usual for her to show up to work dressed like this, so she just got the usual compliments from her collegues. She finished work earlier, and she left for Michelle's town at about 2 p.m. By 3 and a half she was already there. She called Michelle and they met near a landmark, and she picked her up in her car. Michelle was wearing a superb denim outfit, made up from a pair of those very tight skinny jeans that high school girls wear, with small zippers down by her ankles to help keep them ultra tight all the way down and a marching tight denim jacket. The jeans ams the jacket were an intense blue with a washed out model, she wore the jacket buttoned up all the way, with only the last button undone (under her neck). She also had a pair of gold shiny sneakers, a small purse made of the same golden shiny fabric and a pair of sunglasses with golden lenses. She looked extremly sexy and cute, like a doll, with the tight outfit flattering her perfect, slim body and her long black straight hair flowing all the way to her waist, at her back.
- Hii, soo nice to finally meet you my dear Michelle! Wow you look so gorgeous in this beautiful denim outfit hon! Anna greated her enthusiastly.
- Hii sweetie, so nice to finally meet you too! You look soo beautiful in your outfit too my dear! You look so much younger then in the pictures, like you are the same age as myself.
- Yeah, the people who see us will say we are sisters or two college best friends!
- Definately! And dressed like this, we are going to make all the boys go crazy :D
They first stopped at a cafe near Michelle's place, to enjoy a cappucino as they got to know each other better. They talked a lot, about their ex boyfriends, about funny things that happened to them, about their interests and things they like, about nice memories they had gathered over the four months that had passed since they met in the internet chatroom...
They then went to Michelle's home, she had a beautiful house, with a garage that could fit three cars and a big pool. She had told Anna some time ago that her father was a manager at a local bank and her mother a successful lawyer, so she had a dream life. Anna, even if she wasen't as rich as Michelle, was pretty wealthy and could afford anything she wanted, thanks to her dedication for her work and seriosity. She showed her around the house, which was huge, and they stopped in her room. They sat on Michelle's king size bed, that had red satin sheets and talked.
- I don't know why, but I anticipate that I might get tickled by you all of a sudden any minute now... said Anna playfully
- Well, we'll have all weekend for this sweetie, I was planning on tickling you for three times a day for 30 minutes up to one hour sessions, if you respond well we could go for a longer time.
- Oh, I hever laughed so much in my entire life!
- The thing is, we'll have to get you tied up fo it to have full effect, if will feel a lot more intense if you know you can't do anything about it and just get tickled as much as your gonna get it :)
- Ohh, just go easy on me dear, you're gonna make me go crazy!
- Don't worry I'm an expert hon, besides from getting tickled to insanity by my friends I also used to do quite a number on them! There was this guy I totally liked in my friend circle, I talked with my other friends and "ambushed" him, they held him as I tickled him to my heart's content, until he agreed to date me for at least a year (I think he was going to anyway)! At first he kinda not liked it so much, but as we were together and we tickled each other a lot, he realised it was very sensual and fun at the same time!
- Ok, I trust you a lot you're the best friend I ever had and I'm sure I'll be in good hands
- You will Auntie, I promise you. I intend to make a living out of tickling people like this as therapy! Just tell me any time you're ready.
- Well we could try right now, why wait any more, my depression is getting more severe each day.
- Ok, let me bring out the gear! said Michelle smiling as she pulled a large shoe box from under the bed.
She opened it and got four pieces of rope that attached to the bedposts, and had velro straps fixed to them, in order to secure someone tightly to the bed.

Continuation coming up very soon ;)

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Can't wait, awesome read so far

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Thanks for the kind feedback! Part 2 coming up right now!

Lady Anna's Tickle Theapy - Part 2

- How should I lay down? asked Anna
- Well, let's start with a face up spread eagle position. That way I can explore all your spots and see where you are the most ticklish.
- Ok, sure, whatever helps! said Anna anxiously as she laid down on the bed as Michelle indicated.
Michelle secured her tightly to the bed frame by tying up her arms and legs with the velcro straps. She was still free to move around a bit but she could not run away any time soon.
- Ookay, gosh you look so hot dressed up like that and all tied up to the bed dear auntie! You are like a damsel in distress from some movie!
Anna looked damn hot indeed all tied up like this and in such sexy tight, shiny elegant clothes, she was like asking to be tickled out of her mind in that position.
- Uu thanks sweetie, you know I love dressing like this, it makes me feel real feminine and hot, like a diva. Just go easy on me, ok niece?
- Sure auntie, remember we are here to have fun and make you feel better!
Michelle took out a big feather duster (the kind used to shake the dust off furniture, made of multiple long feathers put together in a bundle) out of the box, and slowly approached Anna with a big, naughty smile on her face.
- I feel kind of helpless like this...just don't make me lose my breath okay? said Anna anxious
- Relax hon, it will be ok and trust me I know how to tickle, told you I'm an expert! Here, lemme start the air conditioner, the cool air and the thin, tight fabrics of your outfit will make you hyper-ticklish! she said playfully as she set the air conditioner to 18 degrees Celsius.
- Cootchie cootchie cooo auntie! she said with a childish voice as she begun stroking the duster all over Anna's tight silky shirt.
When the light feathery duster touched her body, that was already very sensitive thanks to the cool air flowing against her shiny outfit, she felt like a little shock allover her body, she shaked a little and almost let out a moan. The light touch gradually begun to let a pleasant itch-like sensation over the spots on her body where the feather was being dragged along, that made her shake a bit uncontrollably and suddenly she felt an urge to laugh. First she tried to contain the laughter building within her, her face having a funny look as she tried to hold back the giggles that she felt were on the verge of bursting in a wild laughter.
- Ooh, what's the matter cutie auntie, feel the need to laugh? Just let it go dear, give up control and laugh silly as much as you want! Cootchie cootchie coootchieeeeeee! she smiled as she begun stroking the duster allover her shirt and now closer to the exposed skin on her neck.
As the feathers made contact with the soft ultra-sensitive skin on her neck and face Anna couldn't keep herself from letting out a light giggle.
- aaaai, hihihihiheheheee
- Can't keeep it in anymore, ey?
- Well it tickles so much... Aaaaaa hahaha hihihiiiiiiiii! she let out another series of giggles as Michelle went back to tickling her with the duster allover the silky fabric.
She began to move the feathers faster and in longer motions, going all the way from her face and neck down on her legs.
Anna went crazy, she started to shake harder, she felt a reflex to bring her hands closer to her body to protect from the tickles and to attempt to fend off the feathers that were driving her mad, but the restrains didn't let her do that so all she could do was move around as much as they allowed and she burst in an intense giggle.
- aaaaaahahahahahhihiii hehe hehe hahahaha hehehehhe hihi Micheeeeele ahhhahaha it tickles soo much hahahaheeheheheheheeeeeeee
- Wow I never met someone as ticklish...if this little duster makes you go crazy like this, wait till I get my hands on your sides, armpits, belly and thighs. I think you won't last 5 minutes until you pass out or wet your tight little pleather jeans! she teased as she continued the tickling assault with the feathers allover her sensiitive body, now tickling everywhere including her stretched arms and the exposed parts of her feet (she was still wearing her high heels).
- hahahahaha, hehehehehehe, hihihihihihii...uuuuuuhuhuhaaaaaaaahaheeeeeeeeee
Anna went from a soft giggle to a more intense one as the feathers gloded everywhere over her soft pleather and satin clad body. The soft fabrics were very thin and delicate, they were very stretchy (like leggings) in order to fit perfectly tight on the wearer's body, and the silky synthetic fabrics (nylon) that made them so shiny and elastic felt great on the skin, especially against the cool air coming from the air conditioner. Wearing that outfit while sitting in an air conditioned room alone was enough to make any sensitive lady like Anna get goosebumps! Being tied up and having that duster go all over her was taking it to a whole new level, like she never felt before! If it would go on non-stop for about 15 - 20 minutes it would probably make her orgasm, she thought a bit embarassed.
- How does this feel aunty? teased Michelle while continuing her feathery tickles
- aaahahahahhaaa...Michelleeee heheheheheeeeee...you're driving me craaazy honey....hahahahhahahahahahha
- I am just starting honey...wait till your really gonna get it!
Anna was giggling uncontrollably like a helpless little girl.
- Ohh, are you ticklish here sweetie? asked Michelle with a naughty voice as she continued to glide the duster allover Anna with one hand while poking her ribs lightly with her other hand.
The light tickle sent an electric shiver from where she was touched all the way over her body, like a wave. She moved strongly against her bonds to the opposite direction from the tickling hand, but Michelle kept lightly poking with her delicate fingers over her waist.
Anna let out an all-out laughter: "HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA"
- Ohhh, poor little aunty is tiiiiiclish ey? Gitchie gitchie gitchie...tiiickle tiickle tickle! Michelle teased as she begun gently poking all of Anna's tickle spots, moving quickly between her sides, waist, belly, underarms, neck, tighs and legs.
- Not where honey? Here, here or here? she teased while she continued poking with one hand, and with the other one she let the duster down and begun to draw spidery movements allover her body from her neck and arms down to her legs. Cootchie cootchie cooooo, it aunty Anna ticklish? How long will the little elegant accountant lady take being tickled till she wets herself?
Anna exploded in a high pitched laughter like never before in her life, while thrashing around the bed like mad as much as her restrains allowed her to.
Michelle let her have a little break.
- How does it feel, were you ever tickled like this?
- Ohhh...aaaaah, it is so intense! responded Anna while still catching her breath. I never felt anything like this! I don't know how long I can take this, these sensations all over my body are driving me crazy, it's like tiny multiple orgasms all over, that go on and on!
- Glad you're enjoying yourself dear, I'm just starting said Michelle with a smile while she prepared for another tickle attack
Anna just got to catch her breath, as soon as she felt ten fingers wiggling allover her body, starting with her belly and going up and down, straight or in circles, allover her athletic body.
- Cootchie cootchie cooo, gitchie gitchie gitchie,tickle tickle tickle little ticklish lady Anna! Michelle kept teasing her as she tickled her out of her mind.
- Oh cmon do you really want me to stop...we are having so much fun and this is so good for you honey.
Michelle was tickling her like an expert, moving her fingers all over the poor blonde's ticklish body, making her squirm and laugh hysterically. Her tickling fingers slided easly all over her tight shiny clothes, as the shiny nylon fabrics made her fingers and nails glide much smoother over Anna's already over-sensitive body, actually increasing her already way to high ticklishness.
As Michelle begun tickling harder and harder Anna's laughter went from a hysterical loud laugh to a high pitched laugh like a witch from old cartoons laughs.
After tickling her for about 20 minutes she finally let her have a longer break (she also let her catch her breath and checked if she was ok several times during the 20 minutes)
- Ahhhhh... Eeeeeehh.... Hihih... It tickleees...hehehe! Anna was still giggling as she was breathing heavily.
After letting Anna rest for about 5 minutes, Michelle walked over to the front of the bed where Anna's small feet wearing those sexy high heels were tied up.
- Umm, nice shoes, aunty! mind if I borrow them to the disco tonight?
- Hihi, sure you can wear them if they fit well, but you'll have to borrow me one of your pairs of shoes cause I'm going woth you!
- If you won't be too tired for dancing after I'm done with your therapy session, hon! teased Michelle naughtly Now, let's make you a bit more comfortable shall we?
Michelle gently took off her shoes, exposing her soft soles clad in a pair of small nylon short stockings (long up to the ankles). Anna left out a hysterical giggle just by Michelle's movements of removing the shoes. She took the duster again and came close back to her feet, grinning.
- It's time to see if sexy secretary Anna's feet are as ticklish as her fit body!
- Ohhh, Michelle, I don't think I can take being tickled on my feet...you're gonna kill me!
- Oh sweetie, just a slow stroke, it won't even tickle that much... Michelle reassired her as she slowly began to trace the feathers over nylon-clad feet.
- Ok, if you say so...just don't tickle me too muuch...aaaaaaaaaaaaa hihihihihihihihihihehehehhe
Anna burst into a childish giggle as Michelle was brushing the delicate tips of the feathers all over her soles and all over her feet.
- hihihihiheheheheheaaaaaaaaa ahhhhh hehehehe it tickles...
- Ohh, gitchi gitchi gitchie... teased Michelle as she started brushing the feathers stronger against Anna's delicate feet
- ahihihihiheeeeeehahaheeeeeeeeee...easy Michie easy hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa hahahaha hehehe hahahahahaha
- Oh, if this tickles you have no idea what it's gonna be like when i use a hairbrush on thise cute little feet!
- Ooooh hahahha...you wouldn't dare!! Not a brush...hahahahaahaaaaaa
Without notice Michelle put down the brush and started frantically tickling Anna's soles with her fingers. This made her arch her back like a cat, as she let out a scream, followed by the wildest laugh yet!
- Uuuh, whattcha gonna doo ticklish lil Auntie uhhhhh...tiickle tiickle tiiiickleeeee
She tickled her sensitive soles with her expert fingers non stop for about five minutes, Anna almost passed out, she laughed so hard that she could'n even tell Michelle to stop (not that she was sure she actually wanted her to stop anyway ;) )!
Mitchelle let her catch her breath as she went back to her upper body. She gently glided her nails over Anna's tight slim fit pleather jeans, from down over her ankles all the way up to her thighs.
- Ohhhhhh not there... Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa... hihihihihheheheeeee! Anna errupted again in a hysterical giggle
- Sweetie you look so sexy in these pants, I gotta get me a pair of these! I think I'm just gonna tickle you non-stop till you pass out, and then I'll steal your clothes and wear them to the disco tonight! she teased her
- ahahahhahehehehheeeeeee...oh you wouldn't do... Hahahahhahaaaaaa
- Who's gonna stop me honey? I could tickle you, then take your clothes and leave you tied up to the bed in your bikiny as I'm out having fun! Or, to make sure you don't get bored while all the cute boys watch me dance wearing your hot outfit, I could dress you up in the outfit I'm wearing now, but fill it all up with itching powder, and tugg a powerful vibrator in your panties, and put two more small vibrators at your soles, held in place by your stockings, and two more in the denim jacket, at your underarms! And let you have fun like this all night auntie!
- Ohhhh you bad girl! I would go crazy!! If you wanna find your favourite jeans all wet as well as the bed when you come back home go ahead! And maybe I'd escape and when you come back home I'd get you and tie you up to a chair while still wearing my outfit, and fill it up with itching powder as well and leave you like this till your parents come back home! Of course not before I also see how ticklish you are while wearing this fabric in an air conditioned room!
- Haha, you are crazier then me! We're like twin sisters!
- Yeah, evil sisters that prank each other!
- Riiiight...
Michelle resumed tickling her through the thin pleather jeans. This time she begun to tickle harder, using her fingers to gently squeeze her legs through the soft fabric.
- aaahhihihihihiiiii Micheeeeleee HAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEE... HAHA... HAHA... HAHAAAAAAAAAAA
Anda went crazy, this time it tickled madly, she had no idea she could get tickled that bad on her legs.
Michelle used her skilled hands to tickle her through the sexy pants for about 20 minutes. When she stopped Anna was still giggling and moving her legs wildly.
- Ahhhhhhh, oh shit, I had no idea it could tickle soo much on my legs! exclaimed Anna exausted
Michelle took the duster again and started brushing it on Anda up and down allover her body, from head to toes. She tried again to hold back her laughter but after about 4 minutes she couldn't keep silemt anymore and errupted again in wild giggles.
- hahahahaha... hehehehehe... hihihihihihiiihahahahaaaaa
- Oww, you like this soo much don't you! said Michelle with a playful voice.
- I... haha... hihi... heheheheheeee
- I bet I could keep doing this all weekend and you wouldn't complain, right cutie? cootchie cootchie cootchie...tiiickle tiiickle tiiicle
- hahahahahahahaha... hihihihihihihihihiii
- Oh, what's the matter...is elegant lady Anna ticklish...gitchie gitchieeeee
- Ahhhh... hehehehe...Michelle...You have no idea how awesome this feels, you have to try it! hahahahahahahaheheheheeeeeee
- Ow hon, but I know how it feels since I was a teenager, trust me! You know what would be sexy?
- hihihihihihii... What?
- If I was dressed up just like you are now, all tied up how you are, right there near you!
- ahehehehehee... That would be fun...hihihii
- And there were two good looking and cute guys, who would each use one duster like this in each hand to tickle us out of our minds all night long!
- ohhhhhhh...hihihi..that would be soo sexy, and fun...
- Yeah, imagine how we would giggle and laugh helplessly and thrash around against our restraints, while they tease us and tickle the crap out of us!
- Ahhh, that would be soo sexy...hihihihheheheheheeeee
- Ohhh, someone's enjoying herself. teased Michelle playfully
Michelle has been tickling and teasing Anna for over 30 minutes with the duster by now, and she begun to feel an orgasm approaching. She tried to resist with all her willpower, as she didn't want to embaress herself like that in front of her best friend, but there wasn't much she could do anyway, so after another 10 minutes she left out a strong moan through the laughter, and she was trembling uncontrollably with the waves of pleasure wiping allover her body.
- hihihih..hahaha...aaaaahhh... aaaaaaaaahhhh...aaaaaaaaaiiiii.... ohhhhhhhh...hahahahehehe
- Michelle noticed it but didn't say anything yet, she just kept brushing the feathers against Anna's sexy body
The orgasm seemed to last forever and was the most intense Anna ever experienced. After it finally passed, the ticklish sensation of the duster brushing against her tight sexy clothes became socintense that she burst in mad laughter.
- What's the matter dear, got more ticklish all of a sudden?
- Ah? What's the matter hon, ha? Does it tickle?
She teased as she let the duster down and begun a full-out tickle assault on Anna's vulnerable body.
- Owwww, does that tickle dear? Ha, does it?
- Awwww, tickle there? Ha, does it tickle? It tickles? Awww, how about there?
Michelle tickled with maximum intensity, going with her magic strokes allover the poor helpless little blonde's body, tickling her neck, behind her ears, her arms, her sides all the way down from her armpits ro her waist, back and forth, up and down, then allover her pleather clad sexy legs, tickling her sensitive thighs, knees and back of her legs, making her go crazy!
Anna went from a high pitched witch-like laughter to moments of silent laughter.
- Oh, do you want me to stop auntie? Ha? Do you, do you? Or do you wanna get tickled all night long?
- Gitchie gitchie cooo, ticklish little aunty, tiiickle tiickle!
Anna was laughing and bucking around like a madwoman, but Michelle's hands kept following her body's desperate movements to get away from them and tickled her allover.
- Oh dear, if you break my bed you'll have to pay for it. Or better, I'll just tickle you ten minutes for every dollar it cost. she teased naughtly
She paused tickling her for a moment and leaned over her, and whispered in her ears:
- Are you tired, auntie? Tell me if you really want me to stop.
- Ahhhhhaaa.....eeehhhheheheeee...Michelle, it tickles soo much, i feel like I'm about to wet the bed from so much laughter or pass out it... but it just feels really great! I don't know what you did to me but I feel so happy and euphoric, I never felt like this! You can tickle me as long as you think it's enough to cure my deppression hon!
- I know, sweetie, it was a pleasure making you happy! Gitchie gitchie gitchie...
Michelle playfully kept poking Anna's ribs and sides with one hand while she used the duster in her feet a little more, making the sexy blonde burst in a beautiful, soft, feminine laughter.
She tickled her for another 10 minutes, after that she untied her and brought her a glass of cold lemonade from the fridge, and sat beside her as she relaxed.
- Michelle, I'm so happy...wanna go party at the disco tonight with me?
- Sure auntie, I can't wait to have some fun tonight with my dear best friend!
- Maybe we can find two cute ticklish boys and bring them home and try your innovative tickle therapy on them, hihi!
- Ohh, that would be so fun! The way we're dressed, we're guaranteed to get the attention of all the cute boys!
- You said it, sis!
- Oh, and Michelle, let's see how ticklish you are!
Anna stood up and surprised Michelle with a rapid tickle attack on her sides. She burst into a hysterical laughter and curled to prevent her tickling hands.
- Ohh, looks like Michelle is ticklish too, and your denim outfit is quite thick, if you were dressed like me and tied up I think you wouldn't last 10 minutes dear!
- HAHAHHAAHAHEHEHEHHEE... Tell you what sis, tonight if we don't get ourselved some hot, ticklish dates you can tickle me all you want, it is some time since somebody gave me a good tickle!
- I'll just tie you up and tickle you back anyway after the boys leave hon!
- You hnow what, auntie?
- What?
- Tiiickle fight!!! teased Michelle as she started frantically tickling Anna allover her sides, armpits and belly.
Anna started tickling her back... Cootchie cotchie coo...

02-15-2017, 12:23 PM
Great story! :bouncybou
Hope to see part 3 soon. :D

02-15-2017, 03:37 PM
Thank You, I'm very happy you liked my story!

I wish Michelle was my best friend (or more) in real life, she seems like such an awesome person ;) And that Anna was my aunt :X

02-15-2017, 04:41 PM

Wally West
02-15-2017, 05:26 PM
Super awesome story. Thanks for posting.

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wow, what a great story, canīt wait for part 3

02-20-2017, 04:18 PM
Wow, thank You all for your kindness and compliments! I feel honoured that so many of you enjoyed my story so much! I never thought there could be so many of you who would enjoy my fantasy! I am really overwhelmed, I did not expect such positive reviews, and I am extremly grateful to all of you for appreciating my story and for Your nice words! You are all the most awsome people!!

And stay tuned, there will be more coming! ;)

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Fantastic story so far! Cannot wait to read more. Hope they keep on tickling each other and perhaps the clothes will start coming off too. ;P