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As Director of the film shoot I winked at the cameraman taking photos of 6' Hungarian foot model 22 yr old Mirek Valcek who had displayed his usual arrogant attitude on set, arriving late from a football practice match, the Gay for Pay lad knows he's popular and though handsome that his feet are lusted after and off set will joke about the perves getting off imagining how they would smell and taste and they'll never get near them and said with a trace of malice by him. Only with the production company 3 weeks I was at the shoot with a plan as money talks to Mirek who has forgotten I found him sleeping rough in the central station in Budapest and having made him had the power to break him. I let the shoot conclude and then I approached him and told him a few home truths, that his attitude had better change or I would not consider him for the lad role as a hustler in a forthcoming production, full length film which would pay him double his usual fee. I saw his mind focus on the cash!

"Mirek I want you for the film and you will be a straight hustler with attitude who is with a client who you are blackmailing and enjoying having the upper hand over the married lawyer desperate to keep his secret life secret and that's the plot of the film and at this apartment away from his family home you decide to make your demands on him" so how does this sound?"

"For the money, you say double the normal rate it's okay so what happens, when do we film for this because I like it to be soon because I have money to pay people!"

"Yes Mirek I am sure you do, the habit is not a good one but a life-style choice you make!" I said in a warning tone

"Exactly my choice yes so when we film then!"

"I think now as good a time as any so you come back to my home and have the payment for the weekend!" I said knowing he would take the bait and he smiled and said it was fine with him as he replaced his socks and sneakers and tee shirt and jacket and we left the studio and drove in my car to my home and Sebastian the cameraman from the shoot just completed would collect his equipment and follow in his car.

On arrival at my home I gave Mirek the drink, a vodka and water he requested adding a sedative and a viagra tab mixed in but he drank it down and followed this with another and chatted to Mirek about his recent photo shoot and read him the synopsis for it which he was more than happy with! ~

'What a hot hunk 6' Marek is, so handsome and has a great body too. In this very candid video we see Marek naked, showing off his beautiful body. We quickly focus in on his sexy big size 12 masculine feet, showing each foot in turn, with a series of great close-ups. Then, as the camera zooms out we find Marek is holding his thick 8" dick, which is nice n' hard! His fit body looks so good from above, as we look down on that big dick. Then, as he kneels, we are able to check out the soles of his amazing feet again and know how warm and sweaty they are and drooling over them and their rich aroma after playing football practice before the shoot and not showering, wanting to taste them and afford them a sensual foot massage and tongue bath. We watch as Marek stands, giving a fabulous full length view of his hot body, before sitting again and lifting his legs. That allows some great shots of his feet and his dick, trapped between his thick, hairy thighs. He lays back and wanks his beautiful dick some more, before turning over and showing off his hot ass, spreading the cheeks with his hands! What a beautiful guy, and a lovely shoot, that gives us the opportunity to enjoy the splendour of Mirek and particularly some more great views of his awesome feet!'

Mirek and I then spoke about the film scenario as we waited for Sebastian and Mirek telling me he had no problem getting girlfriends but was glad they not knowing the photo shoots he did for the company and stressing it was only for money he did it and was surprised that his size 12 stinky, sweaty feet had proved so popular but was glad as it paid well so he did not mind showing them to the camera and smiled saying they being sweaty seemed to encourage the men to dream about them. Now getting drowsy Sebastian arrived and I had him go and set up the cameras in the bedroom though this scene would not be filmed for public viewing but with another objective.

After being out for the count for twenty minutes Mirek came around blindfold and secured on the bed and gagged and shocked as he was naked except for socks and sneaker shoes. Immediately he was verbal which was great and clearly uncomfortable but his hell just beginning.

"Mirek I said in the film you were blackmailing a guy who was hiring you but I did not tell you that this night you have threatened him with exposure if he fails to meet your demands that he has tricks up his sleeve making this session with you one where you will be convinced to keep the secret or find yourself blackmailed so by example you are blindfold so your girlfriends cannot recognise your identity if the film is seen by them but an element of persusasion for you to learn your place with the client is necessary and paid well as I said the film needs to be authentic Mirek as I do recall you greatest reservation when I suggested this lucrative career to you, therefore I am confident and in fact know you will play a classic performance and it will be real and authentic which is a priority!"

I was at the end of the bed facing the soles of both white/blue nike sneakers and remarked on his needing to invest in a new pair as these had seen better days as I unlaced them saying a foot model it was number 1 priority to show his feet to camera and each sneaker unlaced loosened them from both socked feet and told Mirek to rub his socked feet together as they were secured together and to wiggle his socked toes and told Sebsatian to begin filming and then Mirek gasped and cringed as I grasped his right ankle and pressed my face to the sole of his socked foot and told him he having a strong masculine foot scent as he was clearly telling me to not touch his foot as both socked feet faced me.

"Mmmmm Mirek feet that smell like feet and are big attract me and your socked feet have an intoxicating scent, you have joked about men you show your feet off to never having the oppportunity to engage in their fantasy of smelling your socked feet and touching them, massaging them and much less as you have made clear from working with us tickling them which is why in this scene in the movie the man you are threatening to blackmail is intent on revenge and you will earn the fee spoken of as there will be no acting on your part, this will be all too real! Mmmm such big n' sweaty feet Mirek in these quite dirty once white Champion socks worn for the football practice Mmmm fuck yes Mirek Mmmm!"

My face was alternating placed on one socked sole then the other and loving the fact Mirek felt so humiliated and degraded losing his arrogance as I told him the warmth of his feet and natural foot smell would certainly appeal to guys seeing his video shoots posing his feet and called Sebastian to join me and have a good whiff of each socked foot which the cameraman did. I started running my tongue along the soles of Mirek's socked soles and licking and sucking on the toes of his socks, swirling my tongue around and over the soft fabric. I slid my mouth down over all the toes of his right foot, inhaling the smell of his sock and then repeated this on Mirek's left socked foot and told him they tasted as ripe as his socked feet smelled raunchy and again buried my face into both socked soles inhaling their awesome foot stink as both socked feet were warm against my face.

"It's hard to tell which foot is the smelliest and sweatiest Mirek but later Sebastian will assist me in deciding, I've gagged you to preserve your dignity as if you were heard cursing and even fully laughing as you will be when your feet are tickled, you would be recognisable to people like your girlfriends and even your football team mates, so something done thinking of you but also if you laugh as hysterically as I believe you will, your giggling outbursts risk putting me off my stride and that's not going to happen and I love it when large, masculne looking and smelling feet are ticklish, that's a welcomed bonus!" I said menacingly!

With both socked feet in my face I was euphoric as Mirek is one of the best looking foot models on the books and has spectacular feet which have gained a lot of attention since he joined the company, one of the three most viewed models and commented it was interesting as a foot model he didn't enjoy his feet being touched and saying this sucked his toes through his socks and licked his socked soles again as he stil cursed and fought to free his feet squirming and then stopping asked him to wiggle his socked toes more as something he was doing and told him it must feel wet with his toes moist with his sweat and my saliva and told him as much as I liked orally enjoying his socked feet that I would love licking his bare feet making him gasp annd curse louder.

"In my pocket Mirek I have a copy of an email message I want to read you 'Mirek:Your feet look awesome, saw your photos on line on 'FOOTMEN-UNITE' and wonder if they smell and taste as hot as they look? Please write to me and could you send me a pair of your socks or can I buy them?'" I told him this an example of many received saying and the writer called Tom was right that Mirkek's feet were great looking but also tasted and smelled amazing. I told him I would be writng to Tom telling him this and sending him the socks on Mirek's feet and later Mirek would sign the reply! He shook his head defiantly and I smiled adding albeit a little encouragement and persuasion and very lightly ran my fingers up and down and up and down Mirek's big socked feet saying what nice thin cotton socks he had on and amazing being so ticklish through them and understanding more fully why he wouldn't like his feet being touched as he clearly being so ticklish on his feet! I stopped stroking his socked feet.

Instead I smelled the sweat of his feet in his socks and rubbed his feet in my face and licked them again and told him he needed to learn to relax as a foot model had to expect that eventually his feet would be examined, played and toyed with and for him this was now but he had agreed to the session when it was offered to him and to think of the money he was being paid as lin life nothing is for free and ran my fingers along the soles of his feet again whilst inhaling his foot smell and smiled at Sebastian who winked at me as Mirek started to squirm more and more mumbling curses through the gag trying to avoid the tickling sensations which evidently were horrible for him and his reaction inviting me to stroke his size 12 socked soles in earnest and ignoring his pleas which were heard

"Stop Nooo I can't take it! Stop!" That's what he was trying to yell anyway but through the gag a little muffled and I told him that I knew he couldn't take it adding that was why I was doing it and ran my fingers along his socked soles with more pressure and his laughter was so encouraging as I told him.

"Stop, hahahahahaha, stop hahahahahahaha stooop ahahahahhaa!"

"You know Mirek what makes tickling torture worse is to be told in advance what's to happen so you can expect me to keep tickling these socked soles and then your socks will be taken off and one at a time as I want to compare which is most sensitive a socked or bare sole and then both your bare feet tickled with my fingers and a feather and a sonicare electric toothbrush but I also love using my tongue on licklish feet but especially on guy's hating their feet touched as they pose a challenge to me and that's irresistible and these feet are mine as right now you are my 'Foot-Bitch' soon to be 'Tickle-Bitch' and best you do as told or Sebastian will join me and we will both have foot fun with you understood Mirek?"

Mirek nodded and I massaged his socked feet and rubbed my nose all over both socked feet and told him to wiggle his toes liking the fact he was defenseless to not obeying me knowing the consequence of doing so and had him place both socked soles hard against my face smothering it and told him his feet smelled great as rubbing his feet in my face I felt their warmth and said I was going to enjoy licking them and licking in between his toes. My tongue was pressed against both of his socked soles and told him that having his feet licked would feel like a foot massage with warm water and his toes sucked he would experience a similar feeling but when told to that he's insert his toes into my mouth to be sucked and licked and wiggle them in my mouth either voluntarily or involuntarily by me stroking the soles of his feet, this choice his to make. On my instruction Mirek pressed both socked feet to my nose and I inhaled them both deeply loving their raunchy foot odour which was erotically arousing for me.

I took two fingers and slowly dragged them up Mirek's left foot starting at his heel and very slowly tickled their way up towards his toes. As my two fingers tickled, Mirek's foot begin to shake violently and when my fingers reached his toes, I stroked them under each and every toe as Mirek laughed more and more as I told him it seemed his socks provided no protection for him being so ticklish. I tickled his toes on both feet and stoked the arches of his feet. In reaction to this Mirek's feet flexing and toes wiggling these actions encouraged me to tickle his feet even more and the sensations assaulting his feet I made sure were intense!

“Stopitstopitstopitstopit Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Don’t DON’T Hehehehehehehehehehehe!”

"Mirek the film will be edited later so all I depend on is natural reactions from you but know you will excel any acting abilities you might and might not have as know this will be a nightmare for you!" and saying this slid off his left sock and had a good long look at his bare foot close up and told him that it was a handsome looking foot with high arch and long shapely toes and smiled as Mirek clenched his toes knowing he was about to suffer hell and said Sebastian would be filming his feet close up and facial expressions as I smelled his bare foot and said he might feel it weird, even sick that some guys fantasised about his feet but was willing to be paid to expose them and satisfy their lusts and now his bare exposed feet were going to satisfy mine and he be paid for it and said I was glad he'd played football as his foot smelled like a foot!

I then stroked the smooth and soft left arch and felt the warmth under his toes which as I told Mirek felt wonderful to me saying warm, sweaty feet like his really got my dick hard as it did guys he gave foot photoshoots for and feet affording him a living and not an existence on the streets of the Capital city and stated the obvious that Mirek had insanely ticklish feet and used one finger to stroke his left sole then added another and then another until all five fingers lightly stroked his bare sole. I very gently spidered my fingers across the extremely ticklish arch on Mirek's left foot and the tickling sensation's shot up his leg as he squirmed on the bed laughing hysterically.

"Nooahahhahahahahaheeheeeheeestoopaahhahahaa!" was the entertaining reaction from the ticklish lad

"Sebastian are you getting all this as Mirek is sure to make this film a best seller on line when released and it will definitely encourage more site members, you're doing real good Mirek, keep squirming like that, I guess it really tickles to fuck yeah and amazing as I haven't even started, this is just stroking your foot gently, you are sure going to be a watchable commodity when I get down to business and really tickle the crap out of both of your feet so best conserve some energy for that happening!" I taunted Mirek.

I began to slowly tickle circles on his left bare heel with one finger tracing a tickle around and around tormenting Mirek tortuously and showing him no mercy at all expertly tickling his foot and using my right hand gripped his bare toes and held them back to stroke under them with fingers of my left hand. Then as Mirek breathed deeply I used all five fingers to tickle the sole of Mirek's left foot and instantly Mirek screamed with laughter. I knew that the tickling sensation employed by me would be way too much for him to handle so was winking and smiling at Sebastian as my fingers tickled Mirek's vulnerable foot and my fingers focused mainly on his arch and under his toes.

Mirek's soft and smooth instep of his foot was super ticklish and after a couple of minutes of tickle torturing the arch on his foot, my fingers began to slowly tickle their way up towards his toes and once my fingers reached his toes, I wasted no time in stroking underneath his toes and loved seeing Mirek shaking his head frantically and from him a string of verbal profanity mixed in with his laughter and told him cursing me was going to merit more tickles so he confined his reaction to pure laughter; sensible lad!

"Hhahahahahahapleasenooonotmyfeetaahahahahaha!" Mirek reacted as my fingers of one hand stoked his left bare sole and his right socked sole and I asked him which tickled more and it was clear the bare foot though hideously sensitive both feet were exceptionally ticklish and as I tickled them I was inhaling them deeply as this something that clearly freaked Mirek out.

Mirek was trying desperately to free his feet and flexing his feet and wiggling his toes as I told him guys seeing the film I imagined going wild and a lot of hard dicks being jerked as in bondage they saw their fantasy figure being teased and tormented and wishing they were in my enviable position and with good reason as Mirek's feet being everything they imagined and more! I then slid the right sock off his foot and immediately begging from Mirek in reaction to further exposure!

"No Please not my feet Please nonot my feet pleaseHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOHAHAHAHA!" Mirek felt the first strokes of the torture on his bared right sole as I gently circled my fingers on his instep, reacting as if a bolt of electricity was shot through his body and so stroked both bare soles simultaneously “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOOOOAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA PLEEEEAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Mirek clenched his toes trying to protect his soles from my ticklish strokes but I smiled at Sebastian as I gripped each foot in turn and held Mirek's toes back and stroked under his toes and aimed for the base of them and was more than satisfied with increased laughter; hysterical laughter

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Mirek's laugh was part hysterical laughter and part screams much to Sebastian's and my delight “NONO NOOOO!" Mirek gasped "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE STOPPLEASEHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

I continued working my fingers over every inch of Mirek’s ultra-sensitive soles, his insteps, heels, between his toes as my helpless victim thrashed, pleaded and screamed himself hoarse and then breathless and really sweating and close to hyperventilating as cruelly I had invited Sebastian to join me for a few moments and copy what I was doing on Mirek's right bare sole with Mirek's left sole though telling Mirek this happening would be edited from the final film footage.


Winking at Sebastian he stopped tickling Mirek's left bare sole as I told Mirek he was really sweating as I momentarily stopped tickling his bare right foot and licked his right bare sole and then his left bare sole and licked and sucked his ten toes saying the taste of his feet being delicious and lubed with my saliva let my fingers explore his feet, touching them and massaging them but in an intimate way to embarrass and humiliate the handsome lad and spread his toes with my fingers to lick in between them and I was not licking to lickle but to lick which was what was happening! What a flavour to enjoy I told Mirek; loving the rich aroma of his stinking feet licking in between his toes where it was most prominent and where his feet smelled of Mirek and loving hearing him laugh and seeing him squirm and thrash around wildly on the bed.

"Mmm fuck Sebastian, Mirek's feet taste great Mmmm so tasty, later I might let you taste them for yourself as quite like to voyeur this!" I said as Mirek moved his body on the bed, desperately wanting to evade the enforced tongue bath he was forced to endure happening as my tongue slid along the soles of his feet and joking what a feisty lad Mirek was as clearly every lick, each tongue stroke sent shivers through him and his resiliance ignored by me as I licked his feet constantly lubing his feet all over with my saliva having as I told him a feet-treat with his size 12's! Mirek's toes wiggled around in my mouth and my tongue ran up n' down, up n' down along the soles of Mirek's feet and then I stopped licking his soles and sucking and licking his toes.

I began to massage Mirek's bare soles and rubbed slow circles over his soles but with pressure so as not to tickle him enjoying just feeling up both feet and telling him to enjoy the respite from the tickling but knowing hating his feet being touched and especially by another man that this was no pleasure trip for him and told him that hot n' sweaty feet were the most sensitive and his already hot I wanted them really hot before tickling them again and hearing his laughter and in all kinds of ways and gradually lightened my massage touch to become a caress from the pressured one it had been and joked with Sebastian that Mirek was so ticklish all over his feet and so much fun to tickle for an experienced tickler as I was and ran my fingers slowly up and down his feet and increasing the speed and intensity of my tickling and loved the reactions from Mirek squriming violently on the bed and verbally expressing the intensity of the tormenting touch I employed on both bare soles simultaneously.


My fingers stroked the base of his toes and glided up and down the soles of his feet which I only stopped tickling to indulge in lickling his soles and this got an even greater reaction from Mirek


"Mirek be a brave boy it's just a little tickling and having feet like these something it was inevitable would happen to your feet and smelling and tasting so amazing, being ticklish a real bonus to be exploited and taken complete advantage of but you're being paid the amount you wanted but must work for this and in the film you need teaching a lesson and turning into a writhing and yelling, pleading ticklish mess and I know you hate your soles licked and toes sucked but you're not in any position to stop it and I love lickling your feet Mirek and that's that!" I said and licked both of his feet making him squirm getting sweatier and sweatier!

I then stopped and rubbed my face over his soles and deeply sniffed them saying both stinky his feet needed cleaning and winked at Sebastian who joined me and sniffed Mirek's feet silently and then I indicated he lick them and he began licking both smelly feet facing him and I loved being voyeur as both Mirek's feet were in Sebastian's face and his tongue stroking both bare soles and toes and savouring their salty taste! Sebastian foot by foot took the toes of each foot in turn into his mouth and sucked on them all hard and licked in between every toe on both feet as Mirek moaned and then I shocked him more!

"So Mirek I need to know who tickles and lickles feet the best and you better nod me as Sebastian is a novice but is showing promise but from your rections he hasn't got the merciless techniques I pride myself on but it's as I say training time for him but if you stay with the company you are the only model he has got to know as intimately but he seems to like the taste of your feet too right Sebastian" I said putting my fingers to my lips indicating him not to verbally respond but nod his head. "Yes he's nodding his head but I'm ready to continue now!"

I stroked both feet and again told Mirek that his feet really smelled like feet and were so sweaty as I fondled them both and licked his toes on both feet and slid my tongue in between Mirek's toes saying this session I knew was utter torture for Mirek having two ticklish, unbearably ticklish feet. I tickle-ravaged both sole of his feet lightly stroking the balls of his feet as Mirek giggled like a maniac and loved licking in between his toes as Mirek laughed and laughed and laughed and I loving seeing his toes wiggling helplessly stated the obvious saying as a straight lad I realised what he must hate most was another male lickling his feet but his problem not mine as I bobbed my head up n' down as I sucked each toe so the same movement as if I was sucking him off and saying I love giving toes blow-jobs more than dicks which made Mirek gasp more hearing this realisation which clearly sickened him.

Mirek laughed harder and his body was shaking to try to escape as I stroked his soles with my fingers and increased the force of my tickling technique so he laughed even more and then introduced the feather into ticklish proceedings. Holding the toes back on his right foot I slowly drew the pointy quill end of the feather up n' down the left sole feeling Mirek tensing his foot and seeing the crinkles appear on his sole and very gently traced the quill the length of the bared sole and stroked under the base of his toes teasing the quill back and forth up n' down the left sole and then the right sole of Mirek's foot and then reversed the feather and slid the feather end in between Marek's toes and sawed in between them all very slowly but then swapped the feather for a pipe cleaner which is even more of a thriller-killer used in between toes!

Some people use hairbrushes but not me as this tool can tickle but it also can be abrasive and therefore is not a tickle tool I personally favour employing but the sonicare; electric toothbrush is a lot of fun and the revolving bristles devastating but also without the brush end and just the plastic nozzle drives ticklish guys demented! The electric toothbrush is super effective on the toes and gets guys laughing instantly and used by me with no mercy lightly brushing under and in between their toes and Mirek certainly proving this reality! Mirek's toes wriggling flexing and curling to try to avoid the tickling feather, all the while the helpless lad writhed and thrashed about on the bed!

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha can’t stahahahahahnd it hahahahahahaha!” the tickling was just one endless nightmare in his mind, a haze of laughter and torment on his insanely ticklish feet and loving the fact his feet were sweating again resumed licking his soles and toes which with tickling is a favourite thing for me to do with feet like massaging them which is what differentiates me from other ticklers who focus on the tickling aspect only but tongue-stimulating every single nerve ending in a guy's feet is my absolutely favourite technique perfected with years of experience!

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE STOP HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!" Mirek reacted as having tongue bathed each foot I began to dance my fingers along the length of each foot gliding my fingers from his heels, along his smooth soles, across the balls of his feet foot and around his arches and repeated the same process over and over again as Mirek's bound body rocked like a rocking horse as he desperately tried pulling his horribly ticklish feet away as he was tickled and forced to take it! I focused on Mirek's bare feet watching his toes wiggling and his feet flexing and squirming, slowly dragging my fingers the length of his feet slowly tracing my fingers up the osle of one foot and down the sole of the other and alternating feet as he succumbed to the sensations assaulting his soft, ticklish feet as my fingers stroked the arches of them a really sensitive area being explored by me.

I again signalled Sebastian to join me and soon we both having a foot each and my trainee mirrored my techniques on Mirek's right foot on the foot model's left foot so he enduring twenty fingers teasing and tormenting his hyper-ticklish feet stroking his soles and arches and under all of his toes in an unbearable tickling attack driving Mirek insane as we smiled seeing Mirek's soles crease and his toes wiggling being desperate to escape the insidious tickling we were both engaged in delivering to Mirek as he now was clearly clenching his teeth straing to hold back his luaghter knowing hearing it would encourage us both and feeling so humiliated, degraded and embarrassed to being in such a helpless and vulnerable position as we entertained ourselves with his ticklish feet, every nerve ending mega sensitive so he ultimately dissolved into hysterics as we slowly and surely increased the ticklish assault on his bare feet, tickling his arches and under his sensitive toes which he desperately tried clenching but we pulling his toes open and making it an impossible task for him to do

Sebastian then held each foot tightly for me so the soles were taut and I drew the feather quill the length of them and ran it under the toes of each foot in turn which was unbearable for Marek as he exploded in ticklish agony as I began to then rapidly stroke the feather against his taut soles, from heel to toes and saw the feather end in between his toes, every touch, every stroke, even caress causing him to shudder with the ticklish sensations! The feather swapped for a finger very lightly stroking one sole then the other tracing slowly path from his heel to the ball of each foot with great and determined intensity! Mirek's pleading laughter so encouraging to me as I told him and traced my finger across each of his toes and then I again indulged in licking all over his soles, across both arches and sucking on his toes as Sebastian smiled and returned to his camera for a lot more close up shots.

My hands warm and sweaty stuck to Mirek's sweaty feet as I alternated between massaging and licking his soles and sucking and fondling his toes and soon both feet saliva lubed as my tongue was voracious and I really lapped at his feet with a deep hunger and sucked hard on each toe individually, slurping at them hungrily and licking in between them all! More tickling followed with as always ticklish sensations generated impossible for him to bear, finger pads brushing along the arches of each foot as he reacted to the nerve wracking sensations as his feet were ruthlessly licked, toes ruthlessly sucked, feet ruthlessly tickled, squeezed and nibbled as I told him I loved the sweaty taste of his toes ignoring his almost constant laughter which had been consistent since his ordeal had begun but now I was ready to hear it and released his gag!


All ten fingers wiggling menacingly as I told him that since picking him up from the train station I having wanted to really see how ticklish he was on his feet and licked, sucked and nibbled on his toes, a mouthful at a time gaing a delightful response from him

"NOOOOOHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE IT TICKLESPLEASE STOP ITHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE I CAN'T TAKE ITHAHAHAHHAHA PLEASE!!!" He pleaded as I continued licking his soles, both so smooth and licked his toes and bathed them with my tongue and massaged Mirek's bare feet and tongue-tickled my way all over the foot model's feet again and again as he was trying to twist away from me


I persisted but just gently attacking Mirek's soles with my fingers and nibbling on his toes, running my fingers in the deep delicate arches of Mirek's feet and teasing the soft warm undersides of all of his toes being rewarded with gut-wrenching, pure unadulterated, almost animalistic howls of insane laughter from him as his body squirmed and writhed all over the bed but he evidently helpless to avoid having his feet tickled by me and my nibbling his toes and licking the balls of both feet and the arches and probing every inch of his sensitive feet with jmy tickling fingers and evil tongue! I orally enjoying his feet as Sebastian tickled Mirek's soles and toes!


We did and within an hour Mirek was released and paid in full and told he could stay with the company or leave and no surprises he no longer wished to remain with the site but there was the film which compromised him but he agreeing to another solution and with Sebastian is learning to be a camera man on the production team and initially Sebastian was making things awkward as though sworn to secrecy about the private session with Mirek reminding the foot model of it's happening constantly so I had a solution and took them both out for a drink and the evening ended with Sebastian in the same position Mirek had been in and as he woke from his drugged drink finding himself naked except for his blue nylon socks on his size 11 feet.

Having initially stroked both socked feet I watched Mirek making a gagged Sebastian shriek and howl as his bare feet were tickled all over by him, Sebastian losing it when Mirek tickled the balls of his feet and under all of his toes and across the arches of his feet remarking that his nylon socks having given both of his feet an overpowering smell and I then assisted him in saying to Sebastian that his foot smell drove me wild and licked his soles heels to toes and licked and sucked on his toes, each toe individually as well as mouthful by mouthful and then watched as Mirek sadistically tortured Sebastian's soles with the electric toothbrush delivering a revenge tickling that was really hard for Sebastian to take but Mirek proving merciless remembering how he had suffered from Sebastian! He ran the itchy revolving bristles up and down both soles of Sebastian's soles and really enjoying and relishing in every minute of his tortuous, tormenting, ticklish, teasing hell!


"Sebastian's feet are extremely ticklish Mirek so he'll soon be laughing extremely helplessly as I have found when I have worked on them myself Mirek and light spider tickling along the soles of his feet something worth indulging in doing, start slowly and increase the speed slowly all over his arches, across the balls of his feet, under and in between his toes. I want to get all this on film and later will lap at his toes hungrily and lickle his soles as I am partial to Sebastian's feet and it has been a while since I feasted on them right Sebastian!" He'd laughed so hard he was speechless, shaking and recovering as Mirek had really tickle tortured him! At the camera I'd filmed Mirek at play! Sebastian then no longer teasing Mirek about his ticklishness!

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Tack Pieter!

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