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02-20-2017, 01:31 PM
Leah and her ex boyfriends seductive trap

Two weeks after Leah's tickle session two of her former boyfriends found out that Leah, and me were going out. Their names were Casey and Tommy. Although they still had feelings for her they knew she would not take them back. However, they were still mad so they decided to have a little fun with her. Three weeks after Leah's first tickle session with me her two former boyfriends invited her to what she thought was a party. She excepted the invitation. Since I was not invited I didn't go. When she arrived, she noticed that not many were there, and there wasn't a whole lot of activity. Leah began to get nervous as she walked in the front door. As Casey stood there she asked him "where is everybody". Then without warning Casey grabbed her and wrestled her to the floor, and pinned her down on her back. With his left hand, he held her arms above her head. He then sat there for a minute and admired her. That night she had decided to wear a black spaghetti strap low cut in back and front with no bra, and short blue jean shorts. When Leah looked up she saw not only Casey, but Tommy as well. Leah could then tell they were up to something. Tommy bent down and took hold of Leah's wrists keeping them pinned above her head. Then when Leah looked at Casey she saw something she didn't like.

Casey began digging into Leah's underarms with his fingers. Leah became hysterical. "Oh, God you wouldn't!" but they did. "Heeeehehehehehehehehehehee!!" "No!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!" "Aahahahahahahahahahaha!!! No more!!". Leah was helpless to do anything. She tried to kick, and get away but the guys were too strong for her. "Nahahahahahahahahahaha!!!" Leah cried, twisting back and forth as much as she could. "No
please! Pleehehehehehehease! Pleasedon’tAHAHAHAHAHAAAHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAA!!" Wait! Can't we talk about this! Pleeeeeeease!! Aiiiiieeeeheheheheheheheheeeee!!!!!" and they agreed. "Tell what happened between you and Russell or else" "Or else what" "Or else this" "he he heeh heh heh nevvvvvvveeeeerrrrr he he heheh giivveee he hee-hee innn heh he hee-hee he heheh to youheeheh ehehe eheheheh!!!" "Have it your way", and Casey continued tickling her. "Goochie goochie goo," The laughter was flooding from her mouth now. Her self-control was being shattered. Her underarms were so hyper ticklish, she just couldn't bare it. "HE HEH EHH EHH HE HEHH EHHE HEH HEHE HEHEH HEH H HEH HE HE HEH HE HEHEH HEH". "Tell us what we want to hear" "he ehe ehehe HE eh ERHEH hE EHE EHE EHAEHE EH EHE eh eh EH Eh Eh eh NOOO HE EH Eh EhEHE EHE HE ehe ehe eh Ehe eh EHEH I I Cannttttt" "very well so be it" Casey then began racking his fingers over her ribs and mid-section. "Hee. Heee. Hee. Hooo. Hooo. Hooo. Hee. Heeee. Hahahahaha." "No, no. P-Please don't let him do this to me," "Heeeee. Heeeeeeee. Heeeeeeeekkk. Heeeeeee.Heeeeeee. Haaaaahaaaaa. Haaaaaahaaa." The beautiful face usually so cool and controlled was transformed into the grinning clown mask of the terminally ticklish. Tears began to emerge from under her tightly clenched eyelids and smear her perfectly applied makeup. "Haahahahahaaaaaaaa. Noooooonoooooooonoo. Heeeeeheeeeeeeeheeeeee. Dooooohooohoohoonoo nooonttt." "OooooOOOOOOOOHHHHHooooooohhoohhhhhhhooOOOOOhoooooo oo hoooooHeeeeeeEEEEEEEheeeeHeeeeee." "Heeeeheeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeheeeeeeee hhhhehaaaaaahaaaaahaHAAHAAAHAHAHAHAHHEEHHHHHHHHHHE ." Her tightly clamped eyes were now streaming tears that flew off in all directions as she frantically shook her head from side to side. Her mascara was leaving black streaks down her flushed cheeks and her hair began to mat to her face with sweat. Her face started turning red. "Ho hohohoh hohohohohohoh stoooooooppppppppp hehehehehehehhehe cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn'ttttttttt stttannnnndndndndndndndn hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe He hehehheheheheheh neevvvvvverrrrrr hehehehehehhe neeevvvverrrr surrrrrrhhehhehehehhehehehehehnd nevvvvverrrr givvvvvvvvvvvvvv eeeeeee upppppp heheheheh!!!!" Casey then stopped and let her rest as Tommy continued to hold her wrists. Casey had an idea.

Casey went to the kitchen and came back with some thick string. using the string they tied Leah's wrists to the leg of the couch. now it was Tommie’s turn to have some fun. Tommy got into the same position Casey was in earlier. before Tommy started Casey removed Leah’s shoes and socks. Then took both feet in his arm, and began sucking, and licking her toes, and tickling the bottom of her feet with his fingers. "OH, SHIT NOT BETW...HAHAHAHAH BETWEEN OH MY GOD MY TOES!" "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH, STOP! STOP! THAT'S TOO MUCH" "AAAAAAAHHH, shit that NOOOOOOOO TICKLES! Then Tommy began on her armpits. "NOOOOOOOOOOO, YOU BITCH AHAHAHAHAHA STOP IT! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE." Although Leah's tickle session with me helped her in this situation there were only one of me. But now she had to resist both Casey, and Tommy. She wasn't sure she could do it. Leah thru her head back and howled with
As Casey continued on her feet Tommy got off Leah, and moved to the side. Tommy then slid his hands down her shorts breaking open her button, and zipper, and started
to tickle Leah's inner thighs and pussy area. All poor Leah could do was
Then Casey put Leah's feet down and helped. Now both Casey, and Tommy were tickling Leah's legs and pussy. Oh God, O-ooo God ha ha ha haa hah." The tickling went on for quite some time and Casey began to finger her pussy and just when Leah was about to climax, he removed his finger and started to tickle her again, and after a while he would fondle her, and right before she was about to have an orgasm, he removed his fingers and Leah was trying so hard to climax, to sooth her throbbing pussy, but he would not allow it. tommy then took a feather and slid it down the front of Leah's black low cut spaghetti strap. You heh heh make me heh heh heh sick heh heh heh." "Hehe hehe heh heh heh he h heh heh heh heheheh heh noooooooooo!!!!!!
The feather was gliding over her breasts as soft as a swan’s wing, making her nipples redden and enlarge, she peed herself laughing, and the guys laughed and tickled her some more till she had no more to pee and she was crying with laughter and drooling from exhaustion. Leah had tears running down her face with laughter her body glistened with sweat and there was a damp patch on the ground below her where she had peed herself laughing. Her orgasm was now so hard to control she upped her efforts by telling the guys to tickle her breasts, and that they did. Casey took a feather and joined Tommy. Although this move would relieve the pressure on her private she would still become so horny from the breast tickling.

Tommy, and Casey took their feathers and slid them down her shirt and over her breasts, and nipples. "OH, GOOOHOHOHOD IT TEEEHEHEHEEHEKLES TOOOHOHOHOHOHOO MUCH". It was too much, but she knew if they tickled her pussy again she would surely orgasm, so she insisted they continue to tickle her breast. "tell us we can tickle your boobs with our fingers or will tickle your private again” “he ehe ehehe HE eh ERHEH hE EHE EHE EHAEHE EH EHE eh eh EH "YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!" "ANYTHING!!!!!!!! JUST DON'T STOP!!!!!".
Tommy took his left hand, and slid it down the front of her shirt, and took his right hand, and slid it up in through the armpit area, and began scratching his fingers across her right tit and nipple. Casey did the same with her left tit. TTTOOOOOMMMMMMMMMYYYYY HHE HEH HE HEH HEHE HE H HEH HEH HEHH HEH HEH HEHEHEHEH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPP HEH HEH HEH HEHHHHHHEHEHE." This went on for thirty minutes then Tommy went back to the feather. But told Casey to do something else. "Why don't you give her what she wants!" "NOOOO!!!!! Don't touch my HA HAH HAH HAH HAH HAHAHH AHA AHA AHA AHAAHAH AHAH AHAHA AAHA AHAAHAH A AHAHAH AHAH HAHA HAHAHHA HAH AHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” “HA HA HA HA NOOOO HA HA HA DOOOONNN'TT HA HA HA HA PLEEEAAASSSEEEE SSTTOOPPP HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! DOOON'T IIIITTT TIIIICKKLLEEESS HA HA HA HA HA HAGOOOOOODDD!!!" Casey took the feather and slid it down her shorts, and down inside her panties. " I HA HA HA HA CAAAANNN'TTT STTAAAANNNDDD IIITTTTT!!!!!"Casey continuously slid it over her vagina. "HA HA HA HA HA HA NOOOOOO NONO NO I CAANNN'TT HA HA HA HA HA STOOOOPPP I I DOOOO ANNYYYTHIING HA HA HA HA JUUUSSTT HA HA HA HA HA HA STOOOOPPPPPPP."leah began to complain that her tits, and nipples were now so hard they were throbbing in pain. She was laughing so much that you wouldn't have thought that her tears were now tears of pain. she was in pain "NOOOOOO HEHEHEHEEH HEH EH EHE EHE EHEHEH EHEHHE GOOOOODDD !!!!!! finally Leah exploded. This went for an hour. Leah's laugh was silent for a whole hour. throughout the hour, the guys could tell Leah was in pain. With her nipples being so hard and laughing so much she thought she was going to die. Her lungs and stomach were hurting, and her face and entire body were so red she looked like she was seriously sun burned. After an hour of silent laughter, they stopped. Casey and Tommy realized that Leah was happy with her new boyfriend, and untied her and told her she could leave now. Leah wanted revenge she was determined to find out how the guys found out about me and her, and would give them what they deserved.