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Synopsis: Xu takes a combat-exam with Quistis. Xu is tickled by Quistis, mostly on her feet, but with a bit of stomach and hips in there as well as some breast tickling near the end. I intended for it to take on an erotic tone towards the end, but you might not interpret it that way. The tickling is non-con, though Xu is given an out at one point and refuses to give up.

The Trepe Treatment (F/F feet/breasts)

The moon gushed its faintly blue hues, spewing a silvery-white glow upon the wavering fields that surged across the hills, cresting towards the horizon. At the command of the clouds, shadows leapt and played, gulping up the begotten light that drifted over top the grass like a sickly fog. A hushed whisper of wind blew, the grass cackling at its touch while the rustle of leaves caressing one another wrinkled distantly. The hollow rumbling of wood creaked out as the shade of a forest swayed, a dark swath of nothingness blotting out the field. Beneath her, the sound of dirt and rocks crunching echoed loudly, announcing Xu's presence to any monsters that might hide plainly in the moonlight.

Crossing her arms, she shivered as she continued forward, her footsteps falling unevenly against the spotted ground as she navigated the invisible divots and ditches. Twisting her head back and forth, her eyes darted about as her head and torso huddled forward. Quickly slapping her hands together, she rubbed them, blowing upon them before wrapping herself in her arms once again. Just ahead the ocean peeled away at the ground, smiting the earth into sand for encroaching the watery kingdom.

At the water's edge a shadow stretched from the sand like a rocky pillar. As Xu invaded that forbidden realm, her black, knee-high boot sunk into the sand, the grains attempting to arrest her for her transgressions. Shrugging off their attempts she continued onward, her knees quaking as she pulled herself free with each step, traveling deeper into the forsaken empire. Around her the sound of water rushing and crashing into the shore chipped away at the night air, the slapping and splashing of waves against one another coyly curling along the thick, salty air. The swish of sand swirling to replenish the righteous holes she dug coughed out her presence, and the long shadow whipped about, pale flesh replacing the darkness as it spun, twin banners of gold flicking alongside the face they framed.

The woman before her crossed her arms, rattling her fingers against her tight sleeve as a whip quivered in her hand, the cry of leather tightening splishing against the ground. "You're late," Quistis trilled out as she threw her arms above her head, stretching. Lowering her arms, she stretched a hand past her lean cheek, adjusting her glasses with a single finger. "Five points." Xu's lips parted ways, her tongue clucking against her teeth in defiance before she clamped them down over top of the would-be martyr.

Quistis mouth spiked upwards as she closed her eyes and shook her head. Suddenly extending her arm, the whip snapped its fangs, kicking up a cloud of sand as it issued an order of crackling lightning. Groping at the middle of her whip with her free hand, she cocked her head to the side, shooting off simple, quiet words. "Shall we begin this combat re-evaluation?" Xu leapt in place, throwing her right shoulder forward as she hooked her arms, palms perfectly flat. A mist coated her eyes as they sunk within her, the entirety of their focus upon the black clad professor before her. The stars twinkled furiously, silently vying for the crown of the sky as Quistis leaned to her right, her knee bending slightly; flicking her wrist, the whip’s head slithered and danced along the sand like a lioness’ tail as she barred her fangs.

A discourteous wind lifted up over the waves, slinging the hushed will of the ocean about the sand like small pebbles. Quistis kneaded at the sand with her right boot, contorting a small hole as she leaned further onto it. Dipping the toes of her own boot further into the sand, Xu curved forward, the muscles of her legs as taut as a trebuchet. Tilting her head down, Quistis smiled, dark lines creeping from her chin to her scalp. Quistis quickly bent forward and back up once; immediately, Xu's shoulders collapsed as her arms fell closer to her body. The head of her opponent continued to shake as she began to chuckle, tossing her hand up to her mouth as she stood straight, laughing as she cast her side to Xu. Tilting her head, her hair rocked back and forth like a pendulum as she began to speak, "You're so--" At that moment Xu leapt forward, arms spread out like a panther's raised claws.

Spinning on her heels, Quistis twirled aside like a top while Xu overshot her opponent; grabbing at the sand while her legs continued to roll forward into a slide, Xu crashed against the welcoming grains. Lifting her arm above her head like a ballet dancer, Quistis pointed forward, her whip slithering through the inky air. Pawing at the sand, Xu kicked at the mound she created, launching herself away as the whip's head fondled the very edge of the heel of her boot. Darting forward, she slipped and slid as she spun to face her opponent, the whip lashing at the points hollowed out by her boots. Panting, Xu bent her knees, raising her arms back to her head as she drew in the carefully chilled air.

Letting her whip rest upon the ground, Quistis grabbed the middle of it with her left hand, stretching it tight while her chest rose and fell rapidly, Xu's breath painting the air into a wafty puff of powdery snow. Straightening her spine and placing her weight on her right foot, Xu slid, her body lurching forward as she waved her arms in circles. Shoving her left leg forward, she slammed it down, squatting as a storm of sand whirled around her. Looking up, she caught sight of Quistis spinning her whip above her head in circles just before she slashed her arm, the viper raging at Xu horizontally. Whirling her neck, Xu whisked her body back, spinning into the air, the whip snipping at the bangs of her hair as she tumbled into the ground. The hiss of leather whizzed by, landing beneath her torso as she pushed herself up.

Tumbling into a run, Xu lowered her head and charged blindly at Quistis, the gold of her buttons drawing her like a bull. With a quick leap, Quistis bounced backwards as Xu readied a strike, landing a glancing blow against Quistis' shoulder with the flat of her palm as the sand beneath her target gave way, the professor plunging to the ground while Xu toppled towards her. Turning as she fell, Quistis pivoted into a roll, landing upon a knee and a foot as she wavered against the ground, contorting her body so that the whip swung above her, lashing at Xu's ankles while she continued to fall. A tightness forced her legs together and she fell face first into the sand while grains flew up then rained down like a salty summer shower.

The running sound of sand shifting bit doggedly at her ears while the word "Fail," chimed from Quistis. Planting both hands into the sand, her arms sank forward as her shoulders worked circles. Lifting herself slightly, her arms quivered tirelessly before the sand abandoned her, dropping her face first again. Suddenly she felt herself drug against the sand by her ankles followed by a warm tightness on her arm. Turning, she looked up to see Quistis take the noncompliant arm and set it on her back as she twisted the other arm free, placing it alongside its brethren. Leather tightly barged around her wrists as the whip made itself at home around them.

Opening her mouth to speak, sand poured in, coercing her into a coughing fit as she choked out the greedy grains. Regaining composure and control of her throat, she spit a ball of saliva as she looked up at the puffing woman, her arms crossed. "Part two of the exam," she said as two clouds of warmth dug into her shoulders, ripping her up and on her knees. Entering another coughing fit as sandy saliva rolled down the edge of her chin, Xu threw her head perpendicular to the ground as she cursed it with her convulsed breaths. Expelling a thick wall of panther-like pride through clenched teeth, she gave a predatory growl as she lifted her head, sand sticking to the sweat on her brow. A sucking sound came from behind her as hands of the icy night air groped her feet through the darkness, a brazen breeze blew rummaging its fingers across her flesh. The two sentinels that had guarded her thus far flew through the air lazily, collapsing into a listless pile before her.

Throwing her chin onto her shoulder she looked back at the recently unearthed wealth of half-heart shaped, flat flesh, the moon‘s wicked light staining them a silvery white that oozed onto the sand. With a plop Quistis sat down, her legs stretching far in front of her as her fiery hands claimed Xu's feet, placing them on top of her leg. "You’re captured by the enemy," her voice tinkled out like an ecstatic bell's. Just as gravity attempted to capture her, pulling her back to the ground, Quistis' arm flew by, wrapping itself between Xu's neck and breasts, rescuing her from the earth’s pull. A soft feeling wrapped over her feet as a shadowy hand-shape lethargically crumpled to rest to her right. Looking down, she watched as Quistis' fleece-like palm pressed against her toes, the tips of her fingers engulfing and capturing her heels. " The enemy will use your body against you, use every weakness you have, physical and mental, to make you talk.” A piercing sensation gripped her heels, vibrating lightly. Xu shot straight up, gasping and chortling, catching sight of Quistis' finger tips wiggling against her ankles. Leaning forward, Quistis dropped her head against Xu's shoulders, her steely eyes half clothed by her lids as she whispered hot, freshly forged words that slithered past her ears, rearing back like snakes, " Let me teach you, from one woman to another… a woman's weakest spot… why we wear those boots... why we hide our feet away.” As careful as a glass blower, Quistis crafted humid words that bounced and cantered across the edge of Xu’s ear. "I call this the Trepe Treatment.”

Seconds later the tips of Quistis' fingers drizzled over Xu's heels, sweeping back and forth carelessly. As a smile choked her lips into submission she rattled her shoulders, slapping at her captor with them, her knees sifting deeper into the villainous sand. With each swing of her shoulders the sand retaliated, pulling her deeper, submerging her knees as she succumbed to the incantation Quistis worked onto her soles. Huffing, Xu slapped her shoulder against the stony woman behind her, her speed decreasing with each blow until she fell back limply. Lurching forward, she hid her face in her armpit as she chortled lightly, her soft laughter bespeckling the sand like a dusky shower of rain.

Peeking above her shoulder, Xu caught the sinisterly mutinous smile of the professor. Around her the world rocked like a wailing storm furiously laying claim to a simple vessel. Waves crashed into the side, spilling over the deck as the ship flew from tight angle to tight angle, hoisting the desperate crew about. Stripping Xu of her captain's coat and throwing it over her own shoulders, Quistis threw her onto a lone, dingy plank bordering the ravenous water. Lightning shattered the water as Quistis raised her hand, striking Xu's heel with a single nail as she shrieked, the board beneath her wobbling as she turned back, her eyes on their knees, pleading. Raising a single leg, Quistis slammed it onto the board’s edge as a heavy wave demanded tribute, threatening to capsize the vessel. Flashing her sword at the swirling clouds, Quistis' fingers edged forward, laying to rest within the subtle hollows that formed Xu's arches. Opening her mouth to beg for recourse she was silenced by the board giving way, the starved tide reaching up to devour her as Quistis flayed Xu's feet with her nails, swiftly raking them.

Through the bubbling waves that gnawed at what little light that existed, Xu sensed words wafting around her like safety lines. Slowing her assault, Quistis' lips quivered, well heated words splattering against Xu's neck. "So tell me," she began, the nails limping away though one doggedly drug itself about, determined to undermine Xu's sanity, "Tell me about all of your most ticklish spots and maybe I'll stop." Looking up, Xu watched Quistis' eyes flutter, her mouth pinching together as a wicked wind smothered her neck in a welcoming way, her lower spine retching up as goosebumps prickled her skin. Clamping her jaws shut she threw her head back towards the ocean as Quistis chuckled, her hand seizing either ends of Xu's feet, the gentle brush stroke of nails reclaiming their dynasty.

Slamming her eyes shut, Xu threw her shoulder forward as the well spun muscles of Quistis' arm tightened, reeling Xu in. Shrugging her hips, Xu stuck her chin out, giggling as she collapsed into the cloud of warm flesh that hailed her. The uncompromising sturdiness of a fisherman‘s safety line fumbled for her, wrapping around her, coiling just beneath her shoulders as it dredged her from the abyss. Gasping for breath her head shot up, eyes darting around. Words prowled around her, rearing up as a sylphlike presence revealed itself against her toes. "I want to help you, Xu," she said slyly as Xu's head crested back, lying limply against her shoulder. "If you just tell me your secrets, I'll stop. Let’s start with the secrets of your feet, hm?" A pang trembled at the bottoms of her toes and her shoulders seized together, her eyes gaining a hollow shadow as they refused to blink. Quistis' fangs leapt over her lips, their claws digging in as she smiled. A gentle wave of flesh entwined her toe pads in hysterics and Xu swung her head about wildly, wailing guarded laughter for the enviously glinting diamonds above them.

Suddenly the sensations stopped. With a light, almost maniacal chuckle, Quistis cooed out, “Where, oh where, is it worst? Where are you most sensitive.” A finger tapped against the ball of her foot once, causing Xu’s spine to quiver like an overly strung bow. “Here?” Quistis chimed before her long nail slowly traced a line to the edge of her foot, “or here?” A circle began to eclipse the side of her sole a half inch beneath her wiggling toes as Xu panted heavily, her teeth fortifying against the jailbreak her ravenous giggles planned. “No, no, it must be..” the finger disappeared from her sole. A moment passed, the ocean kicking a large wave haphazardly against a nearby mound of defiant rocks. Biting her lower lip, Xu began to turn her head just as the waggling finger assaulted her arch. Cocking her head back, a smile burst back onto her face as she shimmied in place, a simple, girlish hee-hee breaking the barricade of her lips before she pursed them shut, sucking them into her mouth. Shaking her butt, she nestled into the sand, her fingers flailing as her wrists fought with the whip that bound them together, the leather creaking with pride at its work. “Is this it?” she said simply as the finger continued to torment her arch, “Or is it..” Again, the wave of flesh scoured and scryed her toes, forcing them to flex shut as her jaw dropped away, releasing a tidal wave of laughter towards the ocean, flooding and overwhelming the massive amount of water with the essence of her soul. “Yes, most definitely,” the young professor cawed. A soft, resilient presence suddenly pressed down against her toes, forcing them back; whipping her head around Xu watched as Quistis’ palm held the tips of her toes down just as her fingers descended against her trembling toe pads. Unable to resist, her head fell forward, resting her rounded cheek against the instructor’s arm as Xu laughed her tiny heart out.

Throwing her head into her chest, Xu grit her teeth and shut her eyes, her arms pressed tightly against her sides as she shook her shoulders back and forth. The word survival flashed before her, obscured by the sensations that goaded her into a smiling mass. Breathing in deeply she pushed the clouds of her mind away, turning her consciousness into a glittering black void. There she sat, pulling her knees towards her, huddling as she continued swatting away the fog that coiled the ground, lapping at her naked feet. Distantly she felt the waves spitting their envious contention at her, the flecks freckling her tulip-tinted cheeks. The sound of a rake herding leaves wandered aimlessly past her, casting a sheepish look to her. It stopped, smiling as it raised its arms for an embrace. Shaking her head, she struggled against her bonds, biting her lip in punishment for allowing the smile to reclaim it as she acknowledged the scraping of nails against her flesh. Smiling like a fireplace in winter, the sound took her hand, lifting her up and embracing her with thick compassion as the nails wafted towards her arches again. Falling backwards, the two fell into the pile of leaves, splintering the void away. Peeling her eyes open, she shrieked, throwing her weight to the right as Quistis tumbled slightly, the sound of sand rocking like an ocean. The safety line fell lax and she drifted below the waves once again.

As though a war horn trumpeted, she howled with fresh laughter, the nails blazing paths of awareness down her soles. As though awakening from a deep slumber Xu shot up, the flames threatening to claim her. Breathing heavily through her clenched teeth she strode forward, pushing off her knees into Quistis' arm, the word escape burrowing its roots into her mind. The grip around her tightened as she thrashed, repeatedly rearing back and throwing her weight forward, her head leading the charge. Feeling her strength melt into a supple puddle of burning aches, she thrashed more violently, contorting her whole body as she whipped around like a tree trying to free itself from the ground in a wind storm. Flailing her hips, she sprung out again, falling forward as she panted, falling limply into Quistis' arm as she twisted about, hanging loosely in the air, giggling.

Looking back, her eyelids attempted to shield her eyes from the torture that her feet withstood. With tightly pinched lips she let her weight drop into Quistis' arms, writhing her hips about as she commanded her legs to move, to wiggle. Instead they defied her, shifting only slightly in place as they abandoned her feet to their fate. Shaking her head as she opened her mouth to release laughter, she tried again to rally her ankles into fleeing. Unsure of their orders, they hesitated, her feet flapping together loosely as they huddled together, her toe-tips tunneling into Quistis' leg, stretching her arches for her captor. An icicle like chuckle came and a silky warmth slipped behind them, returning her feet to their rightful place as they shifted from side to side, then clenched their toes, refusing to do more to save themselves.

Delving into every crevice of her mind, she sought ways to laugh harder, to please the feet that cried out, begging for more. Swaying her head back and forth as it hung limply she forced her stomach to toil away, mining up more and more forbidden laughter from the near empty shafts. Tiring of the labor, she felt her gut clench up into a tight boulder, rocking back and forth as it demanded a break. Her eyes closed as her shoulders fell slack, her widely open mouth curving down at the ends as she exhaled silent, hollow air. Displeased, her feet beseeched more of her, the sensations slashing out across her soles as she desperately screamed at her body to produce more music. Tilting her head, water formed at her eyes as she trilled out hushed tones.

The storm that claimed her feet diminished slightly, turning from a raging disaster into a quiet trickle. Clamping her teeth down, Xu gently lifted her head from the arm that held her, catching sight Quistis' hand oscillating about beneath her. With a flick of her wrist, the glove flew through the air, haphazardly crashing into Xu’s boots as her former compatriots decried her for abandoning them. Quistis‘ fingers circled the top button of Xu's black, gold-lined coat, flicking at it lightly. "Tell me," Quistis said, her breathy words as thick as the salty air around them.

Panting, her lips trembled as they dug through an avalanche of papers searching for the correct words. With a fortuitous flick, the top button shot through her coat as the thing sagged open. "I—I, I--" she wheezed out, her head falling heavily into Quistis' elbow as she watched the woman circle the button beneath her breasts. "I-- no mo—no more, I cah—can't--" A second flick resounded, the button shirking its duties as her coat drooped open further, her breasts spilling out the sides.

“I suppose,” Quistis trilled out, her tongue clicking against her teeth, “Failure is an option.”

Xu’s eyelids narrowed as her spine hardened and her teeth slammed shut. Sniffing thickly, she gave a palpable gasp and shook her head, dispelling the net of hair from her face and returning her chestnut locks to their rightful posts. With resolve akin to expertly crafted steel, she spoke slowly through her clenched teeth. “Do. Your. Worst.”

With a purring chirp, Quistis ran a finger between Xu’s breasts; Xu smiled again, tilting her head as she shook her legs, batting her feet against Quistis' leg. Heaviness fell onto her shoulder and she looked back, seeing Quistis' devilishly innocent smile as she rested her sharp chin upon Xu’s shoulder. Pinching her lips together, Quistis blew a warm breeze past Xu's ear as she chuckled as she buried her face into the woman's bicep. A pressure came at her belly as a long finger tapped against the last button. Shimmying, her body pressed backwards into Quistis, and though she clenched her teeth and a defiant predator-like light decorated her eyes, Xu’s mouth whispered words of betrayal. "No," she breathed out, panting heavily as she smacked at Quistis with her shoulder, "no, no." Ripping at the whip with her hands, she shot a ferociously ravenous look at the instructor. Drawing in a deep breath, Xu quickly coughed out ragged, disobedient words that defied the performance she put on for herself. "No more," she muttered as the last button vanished, the coat forsaking her taut-stomach.

Clicking her tongue, the professor raised her hand, flourishing it like a wand. "Ah, but this is the best part," she said, chuckling lightly as she waved her hand back and forth, flitting her fingers across Xu's stomach like a brush. Swaying, her muscles evaporated into mist and she slinked forward into the arm that tormented her, the bristle-esque fingers wriggling about like a marionette. A smile carefully painted itself onto her face as she trilled out an elongated coo of a chuckle. Curling her body into a ball Xu began to writhe, the aspiring dancers wracking their craft against her flesh. Like an unwelcome gust of wind heralding a storm, the fingers that clenched her feet together disappeared, flaying her soles several times. Squeezing her stomach, she managed to force out more drops of laughter as she closed her eyes and nuzzled into Quistis' steel-beam like arm in search of reprieve.

The sensations vanished from her feet and her stomach loosed a gasp of relief. Feeling Quistis' arm tense, Xu opened her eyes, shrugging her shoulder at her mouth, vanquishing the drool that pooled up there as a tight squeeze chomped at her upper hip, fingers chewing into Xu's muscles. At once she shot up like a firework, a high pitch yelp rocketing towards the moon as her eyes screamed open. Leaping from her hip, the hand ratcheted onto her stomach, its fingernails chattering against her flesh like nervous squirrels chittering to one another at a party they were not invited to. Squealing, Xu lashed her head down, biting into the collar of her coat as she hopped in place, the emanations from her throat sawing their way through her teeth. Whipping her torso back and forth, she continued to bounce in the sand, falling haphazardly as the erratically fluttering nails scaled their way across her stomach, exploring her belly button.

The chattering silenced, offering her respite as she huffed in air. A light, buzzing flick stroked the side of her breast; releasing her collar from her mouth she shuddered out a sudden gasp as she fell backwards, her eyes split wide like a splintered crag. Looking up she fell into Quistis' evil smile as her fingers trickled across her quivering breast. “Not all torture is pain,” the instructor meekly muttered. Sucking in the left side of her lip, Xu’s teeth clamped down hard as her jaw tensed, a swirling current of pinkish pleasure sifting through her mind, the wafts of smoke blotting out her thoughts. The fingers explored, thoroughly cartographing the terrain. Stretching her neck, Xu reached back, resting her head against Quistis' cordial shoulder. Coals began to leap alive like popped corn in her stomach as she released her lips, her mouth betraying her with a moan that lingered in her throat. Wheezing out a small cavalry of giggles, she rolled her head onto its side, her upper teeth over taking her lower lip as a broad smile fought its way into her cheeks.

Cloaking herself in the pleasantly titillating miasma that prickled her mind she fell back further, weight disappearing from her, her muscles falling into a rich repose, abandoning up their guard duty as they drifted apart, relaxing. Through the clouds she felt a cool breeze brush past, a streak of sensation flash across down her arch, uprooting an elated gasp from her as she shook daintily. The nails swept their way around her nipple, leaving a fidgeting, buzzing sensation as the fingers stroked the outside of her breast, their strokes leaving a burning sensation of unrequited joy. Xu inhaled sharply between a frothy hiccup, the mists wrapping about her tightly, choking her with jubilance. Quistis' hand curved down Xu's stomach as Xu giggled, tossing her head back and forth. Coming to a stop upon her thigh, the clouds diminished, Xu clawing at their radiance as darkness seeped in once more. Dredging her from the abyss once more, Xu opened her eyes, their lids fluttering as she hoarsely called out, "Don't stop."

With a smile like the sun's, Quistis patted Xu's stomach. "Tell me," she said, the smile fading to rain clouds, her lower lip curving into a graceful pout.

Gasping, she took in air, the bitter darkness pricking her. "Anything, just—just--" Banishing the clouds for their folly, the nails raked up her stomach again, a quick gasp gripping Xu's throat. Immediately the smoke soaked in, draping her in it's comforting grasp once again as the nails circled her breasts. Purring like an elated panther, Xu rocked her head back and forth, the inferno in her stomach demanding more. The hunger spread as she felt a spongy rattle against her heels, a sobbing moan rolling from the blaze like wind into a valley. As though an image of her soles were projected in front of her, she became aware of them, the nails lashing against them rapidly, punishing them for their ticklishness. The feelings cascaded through her body as she rolled her head back and forth, her mouth cracking her jaws open into a cavernous entrance into her soul as she laughed loudly, moans bespeckling the joy that poured from her as the intense burning coursed throughout her body. Arching her spine, she pushed against Quistis' shoulder, panting like a pulsating star as wave after wave of pleasure undulated against her, tears racing one another down her cheeks.

The fluttering at her feet mirrored the sensations that plagued her breasts in such a way that it seemed one venerated the other in shameless awe. The two separate entities whistled in unison, simultaneously admonishing and applauding her for the feelings they set upon her. As though she fell into a whirlpool, she felt her mind ebb away before the simultaneous rapture and suffering that coursed through her like ice water. Confused gasps, moans and laughter spilled out at once as she quivered gently with laughter. Out of the corner of her eye she caught Quistis’ smile, pure and full of pleasure that mirrored the buckling coals within herself; their eyes met, crackling lightning whipping about, whinnying in her tormenters eyes, sparking sparkling bolts into her own. A deep enviousness subdued her feet as she felt the terrible tickling sensations ignite into a blissful , unbearable fire. The flames ate away at her, consuming her, and yet her feet vied for more wonderful suffering. Her soles pulsated, radiating wave after wave of aching, euphoric light that pulled at every muscle in her body so tightly they all felt as though they would cramp at once. Amidst a moan her mouth panted out a throaty “Don’t stop.”

Darkness suddenly crashed through her mind, the sensations disappearing as she fell writhing into the sand, her muscles contracting as she balled up. Pain winced at her eyes as the crumpled woman looked up at Quistis. Crossing her arms, she uttered words that chilled the night air. "You've failed, completely and wholly." Stepping forward, Quistis scooped up the forsaken guardians that had coveted Xu's feet. As Xu pressed her face into the icy sand, digging a hole with her chin, Quistis walked across the beach, towards the garden. "The last trial is to escape the enemy's clutches." With those words, she vanished into the ravenous night air as Xu arched her back, the ghost flames hollowing out her innards as she groaned, a vicious, throaty growl rumbling against the walls of her chest

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There was a long time where I wasn’t a big fan of fanfics. I think I wrote this in early 2015, around when I decided that I enjoyed the idea of expanding a character’s extended universe to include that they were ticklish into their world. This, however, was not the first fanfic I wrote during that time (a few Aeris things and some Legend of Zelda Malon stuff, the latter of which didn’t really work out), and, actually, I wrote the sequel to this before I did this piece. I think this one came out better than the second part, but it has been a few years since I’ve looked at the sequel at all. I am very slow at editing so don’t get too hyped because I may never post it. I do have a bunch of stuff in the works, writing and editing wise, and I just finished up what I consider a very grand piece. That’s where I’m at right now, but with my life as it is there’s a good chance I’ll just end up fucking off for a long time and not making progress on shit. Anyway, if you took the time to read this post – and the story – just know that I greatly appreciate your dedication. Really, thanks. At the end of the day knowing that even one person enjoys my contributions is about the only motivating factor I have for working haha.

Also, Im super sorry for forcing the trepe-treatment line into the piece. It was just a good name for the story and at the last minute I kind of forced it in.

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Ah, this part, I don’t know. When I finished re-reading this – it had been a few years since I looked at it – I came on to these last few paragraphs. I don’t know what the hell I was doing with it, like if I started something else and decided not to finish it or what. I cleaned them up a bit and included them in this thread because, well, they’re fun bits. When I do get around to editing part two – if ever – I made a note to have a throwback at this, but Im not really sure if its ‘canon’ or not. Iunno, it was silly and fun to look over. Anyway, its way more consensual than the first part, but its also incredibly brief and maybe not the clearest.


With a hand on each shoulder, Quistis pushed Xu from behind, forcing her to clumsily march through the doorway into the classroom. A bustle of noise immediately stifled itself into nothingness as she cobbled into the room, the students brushing their books and papers into neat files. Stopping, she gazed around the room. Two eager students straightened themselves as one nearly toppled out of the bench he shared with another. A low murmur washed from the back of the class as a few students placed hands to their mouths and chattered silently, wide, white smiles plastered onto their faces. A prod perked her spine and she straightened up, marching unevenly to a seat placed in front of the professor’s desk that faced the classroom.

Sitting down, she sat straight back, spreading her shoulders like wings as her trembling hands smoothed her skirt into well pressed cloth. Wiggling her fingers into a knot, she placed the clump in her lap, her right arm's biceps twitching with each scrape of chalk that echoed from behind her. Tilting her head slightly, she looked behind her, her jaw clamping together at the perfect avatar of herself on the board as Quistis carved the chilling words “Interrogation 122: Tickling” above the image. "The female body holds many secrets," she said, spinning around to face the class. Cupping her hand around her elbow, she strode to the far side of the board, her chin rising, becoming parallel with the ground. "A wise woman will cloth herself so as to hide away these weaknesses." The woman turned to her and nodded. Bowing her head, she dug her fingers into her skirt, rumpling the recently calmed cloth. The patterns in the floor mocked her and a the tut of Quistis' clicking tongue called to her. "You simply need to expose these secrets." Leaning forward, Xu placed her hands around the ends of her boots and tugged them away, carefully placing them beneath her chair as she carefully introduced her soles to the strange, lilting patterns that she had just met, her gaze remaining vigilant upon the floor lest the patterns betray her. Sitting back, she sat straight as another tut called out, her spine stiffening as her shoulders rolled downward. Of their own accord her legs extended, giving her soles up for the class. The students in the front row leaned over their desk as the students behind them stood up. Chalk crawled its way across the board again as her hands tugged at one another, the color of their knuckles feinting away. Invisible tethers tingled at the outlines of her soles as she felt the magicked chalk trace a perfect resemblance of them onto the board; the likenesses extended from the bottom of the board to the top, exhibiting extreme detail, flawlessly recreating each curve and wrinkle, each one itching maddeningly against her skin as her toes and eyes twitched in unison. More swift scratches against the board rang out, and in her mind she could see the words that appeared behind her: Target: Xu. Rating: F.

Moving back to the image, Quistis began scrabbling the chalk back and forth over Xu's ears; Xu’s fingers brushing gently covering them as she chided out airy giggles, tossing her head into her shoulders as she tried to nudge the magicked link away. The thing crept behind her ear like a spider, leaving tingling, ticklish webs in its wake as it crissed onto her neck. The soft skin faded into her nails as they slowly scraped around her neck, her laughter cascading within light pants as stretched her neck from right to left. Circles began to carve themselves into the side of her neck and Xu sucked in her lower lip, closing her eyes. Her torso trembled as it staved off the ghostly hands that lit alive fluttering flames within her stomach. The vivid image of the classroom reappeared, this time with Quistis intently highlighting the disproportionately large image of Xu, screaming orange coursing over her neck and ears while her feet were strained with a red so bright that it blinded her when she focused upon it. A tug came at the front of her neck, stifling the gasps of air that forced their way through her slender nose. The chill of fingers dancing their merry way down her spine threw her chest forward, her shoulders abandoning her as her eyes went wide, the devious smile claiming her lips once more as the tender touches scattered downward, sending quake like ripples that pierced straight through her. The sensations dipped to the lower end of the middle of her back and crept about there, tilling her smooth back into a land prime for tickling as she balked against her captor's iron like grip. Orange stained the image of her torso, spreading like a defeated bottle of ink against a carpet. Wafting back upwards, the scratches increased in intensity until her collar released her. Relief sighed through her and was immediately run out of town by the return of the fingers glazing the back of her neck, leaving a coating that sickly stuck to her like honey.

Taking a piece of chalk in her left hand, Quistis swiped up and down the illustrations of Xu’s soles with the wide side of the chalk while painstakingly targeting strikes around the avatar’s nonexistent nipples. A swelling surge of emotion plugged her mouth as her hands clasped her cheeks, rubbing at them in opposing directions as she twisted about, smiling and gritting her teeth while suppressing the sounds that sought to uncork her. A brushstroke on the side of her breast and a tap on her toe enticed an excited eep as she grabbed the sides of her seat, bouncing in place as she desperately struggled to keep her legs in the air while her toes wiggled defiantly. Behind her, the professor’s devilish smile took hold as she gently tapped dots against the toes of the right foot, each touch sending a jolt of electricity through Xu, forcing her to bounce and toss her head from one side to the other.
The sensations stopped. Setting down the chalk and folding her arms, Quistis stepped away as the class rose, forming a noxious line to the right of the professor’s desk as the students argued about their place, pushing each other with their shoulders as each of the young men and women vied for a place closer to the front. With steely determination Xu stared forward while gripping the edge of her seat so hard her knuckles turned a dreadful white. Behind her, the first student stepped forward, lifting the magicked chalk with a sheepish grin melded to his face as he drew thick, ominous circles in the center of the left effigy linked to her sole. Lifting her left buttock, Xu shook and clenched her teeth, scattering her hair across her eyes, jerking as the circle turned to a scattered line.