View Full Version : Bananas (Woody Allen Movie)

08-04-2001, 09:12 AM
In Woody Allen's second movie Bananas there is not an actual tickling scene but a great tickle-related moment.

The very end of the movie is a sequence of Woody Allen and Louise Lasser (later from the TV series Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman) in bed on their wedding night but performed like it's a boxing match, with Howard Cosell giving "play by play" commentary while a crowd looks on and cheers. At the end, he goes over to their bedside to do a "post show" interview. He asks Louise Lasser if she had any problems and she says "Well, Howard, as you know I'm extrordinarly ticklish and I for a moment there I thought I would lose it, and I started to laugh". The best part is when she says it, she widens her eyes and smiles on the word "extraordinarily"....Woody was married to Louise Lasser at the time and I wouldn't be too sure it wasn't the truth!

Anyhow, I've never seen this scene or the one I just posted about (Rules of the Game) on any mainstream list so thought some might be interested!