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(Finally, got to Part 2 of this one...sorry for the delay - Been busy chasing buxom chicksies !)

None of us can remember who came up with the idea of tickling Mrs. Thompson, but we sure remember the first time we did ! It could have been me, Sandra, or Tina, Becky, and Sara.

Actually, it all started with her daughter Ginny. The five of us had all grown up together and we had always known Ginny's weakness; she was helplessly ticklish ! So ticklish that she would collapse into a helpless heap the minute you started tickling her ! Even talking about tickling or wiggling your fingers at her set her to giggling hysterically ! When we were teens, the four of us would always tickle Ginny just to see her collapse and try to curl herself into a ball. As we grew older, and started to fill out, it seemed to be even more fun to turn Ginny into a helpless little girl every time we tickled her !

By the time we were Seniors in High School, Ginny had blossomed into a gorgeous redhead ! She had full, 38C breasts, a very trim, flat tummy, and sexy flaring hips. And for some reason it seemed every time we got together, Ginny would go out of her way to get herself tickled ! Little did I know then what effect tickling had on our cute little redhead ! If we didn't start the attack ourselves, she would act bitchy and start hurling insults until we finally would tickle her into complete submission. Then there was the time she "accidentally" handcuffed herself to Tina's bedpost.

Another thing I didn't figure out till we were Seniors was how much the four of us enjoyed tickle-torturing Ginny ! We'd always been jazzed up after a tickling session, but one day we learned something about Ginny and something about ourselves !

It was right before we were about to graduate and we decided to have a party at Tina's house. Her parents were away for the weekend and we had the house to ourselves. We broke into her parents liquor cabinet and were having a grand old time getting buzzed onto our butts! As nobody had initiated a tickle-attack on Ginny yet, she used one of her ploys to get attention. She deliberately dumped her drink in Tina's lap, and laughing herself silly, tried to run out of the living room.

I tripped her as she passed and in a second, Tina was straddling her butt ! She immediately began an attack on Ginny's ribs, and as expected, instantly became quite helpless ! You never got too many loud laughs out of Ginny. After the first loud squeal, she would subside into the soundless laughter of the truly ticklish.

I grabbed her right ankle and began unlacing her tennis shoe. By the time I was peeling her sock off, Sara had grabbed her other ankle and was doing the same thing. At about the same time, we started raking our long nails up and down her very bare, very soft, and VERY ticklish feet !

Ginny weakly flailed her arms around and tried to buck Tina off her butt to no avail. That's when Becky grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms straight out above her head. This kept her quite effectively trapped, but also pulled her shirtail out of the waistband of her shorts ! This gave Tina an unobstructed chance at her bare, ticklish ribs !

I was fascinated by the way Ginny flexed and scrunched her toes as we tickled her feet, and decided to add a little verbal teasing.

"Ya know, I think Ginny really LOVES to be tickled silly, don't you ?"

The other three agreed with me and Sara said, "Ya ! I bet it turns her on ! Doesn't it Ginny ?"

"Well, there's one way to find out !" Tina said, "...turn her over girls !"

It was way too easy to flip the helpless Ginny over on to her back. Tina straddled her hips while Becky kept a firm hold on her outstretched arms. Sara and I went back to tickling her feet and weren't watching as Tina began to unbutton Ginny's blouse ! By the time I looked back up, Tina had pulled her blouse open and Becky had stripped it from her, tossing it off to the side. Even with her bra still on, I could see her hard nipples poking against the thin, silky fabric. I knew for sure when Tina popped the front clasp on Ginny's bra and Becky peeled it off ! Ginny's nipples were ROCK hard and poking straight up in the air even as her full breasts jiggled and wiggled with her unstoppable laughter.

Ginny's face was beet red from the non-stop laughing and tears of laughter were flowing freely from her clenched-shut eyes.

"Let's see if she likes this little tickle" Tina said, and bent over Ginny's bare breasts. Grabbing a shock of her long blonde hair, Tina used it like a brush to tease and tickle Ginny's hard nipples! I thought she would almost buck Tina off of her hips with the way she screeched and gyrated ! I also noticed that her toes were clenched into tight little fists as we scrabbled our nails up and down her wrinkly soles.

"I think we ought to strip her naked and see where else she's ticklish !" Becky added.

Ginny's hips seemed to writhe and undulate in a very sexy manner when Sara and I reached up for the waistband of her shorts. In one quick motion, we skinned her shorts and panties down her long legs until she lay completely nude before us !

I suddenly realized that I was getting incredibly turned on at the sight of this pretty naked redhead laying completely helpless before our wicked tickling fingers ! Becky started tickling her exposed armpits while Tina used her "hair-brush" to tease every inch of her very full breasts.

I don't know if it was just me, but I could swear I heard a moan or two in between the silent, hysterical laughing jags. Ginny's hips were gyrating more wildly now and it seemed she deliberately kept rubbing herself up against Tina's jean covered butt ! With ill-concealed lust, I looked up at Ginny's red furry mound, and sure enough, the sparkling dew of her excitement was easy to notice.

"Hey Tina !" I yelled, "...we really ARE turning her on ! If she keeps going at this rate, we're gonna tickle her till she cums !"

This back and forth verbal teasing was not only having its effect on Ginny, it was having an effect on us ! I Glanced over at Sara and noticed that her nipples were quite hard. To my surprise and amazement, I glanced down at my own and noticed they were as hard as pencil erasers ! Tina turned around to look at me and I could see that she and Becky were experiencing the very same thing !

With a look of pure evil, Tina smiled and slid off Ginny's hips. Her left hand began tickling just below her lower belly while her other pulled Ginny's left breast up to her waiting lips ! Hungrily, Tina sucked and nibbled on Ginny's nipple and I thought the helpless redhead would shoot through the ceiling !

She writhed and wriggled, and giggled and moaned, all the while trying to force her pussy closer to Tina's teasing fingers !

I couldn't resist ! I grabbed her left foot and began sliding my tongue in between her toes and sucked on each one as I made my way back and forth ! I knew Ginny was close to the edge of a thunderous orgasm (and so was I !)

That's when Tina's tickling fingers buried deep within Ginny's tawny fur and began a tickling that she'd NEVER forget ! Her body bowed up tight as a drum and she began to violently shake and shudder ! I could see the cords and veins of her neck clearly outlined against her pale skin as a tremendous orgasm took hold of her muscles and would not let them go !

But wicked Tina didn't stop when the first massive shudders began to subside.

"Oooooooohh !!! Poor lil' Ginny !" she gushed, "...think your gonna get away with only one ?"

Tina dove her tongue into Ginny's belly button and began giving her a furious tongue tickling while her right hand squeezed and tweaked hardened nipples, and her left hand began a furiously fast tickling of Ginny's most sensitive parts !

Ginny went WILD ! The tremors of her first orgasm had not even stopped when she started building towards an even more explosive display of ticklish helplessness !

It was when she started to squeal-gasp-moan-groan that I finally lost it and exploded with a joy of my own ! I feverishly attacked her bare foot with my long fingernails and sucked hungrily at her red-painted toes !

Sara straddled over Ginny's right foot and was rubbing it up against her own pussy as she tickled Ginny's bare sole from behind her butt !

Becky had leaned down to Ginny's beet red face and would lick and tickle her ears and neck while she verbally taunted her.

"Ginny, we're gonna keep tickling you until you cum so many times that you'll pass out ! How does it feel to be so completely helpless that we can tickle you until you cum ?? Hmmmmm ??? Whether you know it or not, you're our little tickle-slave now ! And if you don't start behaving, we're gonna tell everyone when we get to college all about our ticklish redhead !"

Poor lil' Ginny exploded again as sweat poured freely from every pore on her sensitive body ! I now understood that she was in seventh heaven and would willing let us tickle her to death as long as this intense pleasure continued.

Tina was enjoying it immensely herself ! Having abandoned Ginny's breasts, she had her hand shoved down into her jeans and was tickling herself in time with the furry tickling that Ginny was getting !

It wasn't long before we were all completely exhausted. For a moment we thought we had gone too far with Ginny, as she just lay there giggling and writhing in her own little world of happiness for almost a half an hour after we stopped tickling her !

Finally, she dragged herself up onto the couch, still quite nude, and began to snore loudly as she slept more soundly than she ever had in her life !

The four of us talked about what we had just experienced and realized that we were all incredibly turned on by tickling Ginny into complete submission ! Just talking about having her completely helpless before us started getting us all hot again. That's when we realized we were addicted ticklephiles who had an addicted ticklee for a close friend.

Throughout that summer, Ginny always seemed to end up in 'ticklish' situations whenever we got together. She got tickled and stripped so many times, I wondered why she even bothered to dress when we came around !

That's when one of us asked "I wonder if her mom is as ticklish as she is ?....."

Well, that thought stayed smoldering in our devious little minds for the next week until finally we came up with a plan. Ginny's Mom Terry was pushing 40 but still looked like she was barely out of college. Like her daughter, she had brilliant red hair and bright green eyes. But that's where the resemblance stopped. Terry was no where near the height of her daughter, standing only 5' 5” tall, yet she outdistanced Ginny in other aspects. Ginny is trim and curvy while Terry is down-right VOLUPTUOS ! Her freckle-sprinkled breasts were still firm at her age even though they threatened to destroy a 40DD cup bra ! Her narrow waist flared out into wide hips and a pert butt and her shorter legs were slim and toned.

We'd always had a really close relationship with Ginny's Mom, especially since she divorced when we were still kids. We were always over there swimming and playing around and she was like an older version of one of the girls, if you know what I mean. I'd always had a kinda special feeling for her when I reached High School but was too embarassed to mention it to anybody.

The four of us had everything prepared; Ginny called Terry and told her we were all coming over to go swimming. She giggled and said “That's fine dear, I'll make us some snacks.” Little did she know that we were just getting ready to tickle Ginny into submissive helplessness ! Our redheaded tickle-toy was nude within minutes and bawling in unstoppable laughter ! With fiendish delight we worked her over for 30 minutes until she was quivering and moaning on the couch, her fingers buried deep within as she worked herself to unconsciousness. We knew she'd be pleasantly snoozing for the next 3 hours or so !

The four of us made our way over to Ginny's house. Now, bear in mind we were dressed for swimming! (Yeah, right !) We had on the skimpiest bikinis that could be legally sold; ones we would never wear to the beach ! Suffice to say we were nearly nude, with small patches of fabric covering our noticeably hardening nipples and furry little mounds. For modesty's sake (and to keep us from getting arrested) we all wore long, oversized T-shirts and flip-flops.

Terry greeted us at the door with a brilliant white smile and invited us in. She had her fiery hair tied back in a pony tail and was comfortably dressed in shorts and sandals. What caught my immediate attention was the straining tube top that barely held her buxom breasts in – much less cover them up ! For some reason, I had a yearning desire to slip ice cubes down into that yawning maw of freckled cleavage! As soon as we got in the door, we peeled off our T-shirts and kicked off our flip-flops. I noticed Terry's green eyes go wide for a second as we pranced into the living room.

Was it just me, or did I notice her nipples stiffening beneath that not-very-concealing tube top?

“Wh... wh.... where's Ginny? She stuttered for a moment.

“Oh, she was being a bitch again !” Tina said, as we maneuvered Terry towards the huge, overstuffed couch in the living room.

“Yah, we had to punish her !” Becky said as Tina and I deftly made sure Terry sat in the middle with Tina and I on either side.

“Pu...punish her ? You didn't hurt her did you ?” she asked with growing concern.

Becky and Sara plopped down on the rich carpet in front of us. Becky snickered and said “Naw, we didn't hurt her ! She's our friend ! We just tickled her a little !”

I watched Terry as Becky said this, and I KNOW I saw her nipples stiffen this time ! That, and the little nervous sheen of perspiration on her upper lip told me that she was REALLY unsettled by having four nearly nude girls essentially surrounding her !

“T...t...t...tickled her ?” she squeaked, as she shifted nervously on the couch.

“Oh yeah ! Ginny is REALLY ticklish !” Sara quipped. “She's always doing things deliberately so we'll tickle her !” she added with an ill concealed leer.

“Especially her bare feet !” Becky added, “They're SUPER-TICKLISH!”

I glanced down and watched as Terry curled her own pink-painted toes inward at the mention of ticklish feet ! I knew for sure this was a “Like daughter like mother” situation and winked towards Tina.

Tina grabbed Terry's left arm and put it over her shoulder, snuggling close against the flustered redhead. “Yeah, she's not a bad kid... just craves attention !”

I did the same, saying “Just like us, we need some cuddling now and then !” Tina and I had Terry's arms splayed out on the back of the couch and and were rubbing our bare bodies against her as if we were soliciting hugs. Of course, that wasn't our intent, nor was it the effect we had on Terry ! I could feel her rapid heartbeat and her short rapid breathing wasn't anywhere close to being normal ! But then, neither were the size of her nipples which were straining to poke through the thin fabric of her tube top !

Tina finally broke the ice when she cooed “Are you as ticklish as Ginny is Mrs. T ?”

I swear I felt her shudder when she heard those words ! She curled her toes under into such tight little feety-fists that you could see white knuckles through the furious freckles on the tops of her bare feet !

“Whu.. whu... why of course not !” she stammered fitfully, “...I ... I'm to old to be as ticklish as a little girl !”

The bright red crimson that literally beamed from her cheeks told me the whole story ! But when I traced one long red fingernail down the hollow of her smooth armpit, any further deception was fruitless !

“Not even here ?” I teased.

Terry squealed even louder than Ginny and immediately wriggled away to present her unprotected armpit to Tina's wiggling nails !

“EEEEEEEEEEHHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAA !!!!!” this buxom woman screamed as we tickled her smooth hollows from either side !

“Oooooooo !!!!” she's even MORE ticklish than Ginny !” Sara teased as she flickered her nails all around the sandled foot that lay before her. Frantically, Terry squirmed and kicked her leg, sending the sandal flying away. Sara immediately took possession of Terry's soft, bare foot and began spider-dancing her nails up and down the squealing woman's very tender wrinkled sole !

The four of us then tickle-tortured every inch of bare skin that was within our range ! Terry was bawling helplessly for the first minute, until her uncontrollable laughter subsided into the realm of silent torture ! Each writhing bounce brought her full breasts closer and closer to being bounced out of that totally inadequate tube top !

We had her absolutely helpless, and we knew it ! Sara and Becky rolled over an overstuffed ottoman and placed her legs across it while Tina and I playfully tickled her very soft sides and tummy ! Terry was so weak by then that she couldn't even pull her arms down to swat at us !

Tube tops may not hold in 40DD breasts, but they do a great job as fabric handcuffs if used correctly ! Tina and I peeled up Terry's top and spilled out those magnificent breasts of hers; her nipples so hard they would poke your eyes out !

We rolled it up over her head then looped it again and again around her wrists until they were tightly bound and going nowhere ! All this time, she jiggled and quaked with silent laughter while Becky and Sara tickled her tiny, ticklish feet ! And OH ! Were those incredible nipples of hers hard ! Standing out proudly, you could almost see them grow with each frantic beat of her heart !

Not being able to resist, I started tracing my nails teasingly around and around her frantically jiggling boobs, tickling them wickedly as I circled in on her gorgeous nipples ! An occasional mewling groan would escape her wide stretched lips and I noticed her hips were writhing in a most unladylike way !

But then, we weren't being very ladylike either as our skimpy bikinis for some reason started sliding off our bodies ! Terry's pale skin may have been sheened with a shimmer of sweat, but she wasn't the only one ! Nor were her nipples the hardest in the room !

I'm not sure if it was Tina or myself that popped the button on Terry's shorts (not that it made any difference) but her zipper was no match for our tugging hands and the four of us stripped off her shorts and panties like hungy she-wolves !

I don't know about the rest, but I know I was fibrillating just as wildly as Terry, who was a sobbing, squealing, mass of sexy nude redhead right about now ! Somehow, the idea of tickle-teasing an older, sexy woman into complete helplessness excited me more than anything I could imagine. And the fact that Terry was so lewdly enjoying being tickle-stripped by four naked nymphs only added to the erotic addiction !

Soon our lips and teasing fingers were everywhere ! Tina rubbed her own hard nipples into Terry's armpits while she greedily suckled, nibbled and teased her painfully swollen breasts ! I almost lost it the moment I slithered my tongue into a tender, inviting belly button and tickled the softest pair of inner thighs that I'd ever felt !

Becky and Sara had just finished tickling Ginny's Mom's soles into a brilliant shade of pink when they started to kiss, lick, and nibble their way up and down those tiny bare feet !

One loud "SQUEAK!!!" was all I heard as Terry frantically writhed beneath a swarm of four nude young women; each doing her best to wickedly tickle-torture this mature, buxom woman!

Finally, my own arousal dominated me and one hand went to Terry while the other went to me and I lovingly did my best to drive us both quite mad ! Tina squeezed and pinched those very hard nipples, milking them erotically, as she furiously rubbed herself against Terry's wildly grinding hips. Becky and Sara had developed their skills at toe-nibbling into a fine art and pushed the helpless redhead over the edge once again as they sucked her toes like lollipops while their fiendish nails scrabbled up and down her defenseless bare feet !

Terry sobbed loudly and squealed out her delight as she surrendered to her own desires, wildly gyrating and performing her shamelessly lewd dance for our enjoyment while we unwittingly joined her in a cacophony of uncontrolled lust ! I don't know about the rest, but stars exploding behind my eyes is the best way I can describe the orgasm that nearly ripped my tummy apart ! After nearly passing out, it was at least 20 minutes until I could uncross my eyes !

....After snuggling in a pile of nude bodies for the next hour, we four carried a still giggling, and still aroused Mrs. Thompson to her bed. We tucked her in (with many tickles and kisses) and gathered our things to leave (we wanted to be out of there before Ginny got home !).

Mrs. T pulled me close, and whispered into my ear "Ginny has to work tomorrow... could you help me with a few things around the house ?"

The smoldering invitation in those blazing green eyes nearly made my knees buckle ! Lovingly caressing a still very hard nipple, I blew into her ear and replied "..I think I better bring my feather duster !"

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