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Part 1 (There's always a Part 1 ... Dunno 'bout Part 2 yet)

Katy wasn't a bad student, she just had problems staying focused and applying herself to the task at hand. Nor was she the typical “dumb blonde” that so many people write jokes about; although she could certainly pass for one. She'd bloomed since she left high school and now the nearly 6 foot tall girl was a smashing stunner who turned heads wherever she went. She did have an attitude though, and this only complicated things for her.

Her college years started off badly as she had trouble adjusting to the changing schedules and rigorous demands of higher education. She'd entered on a scholarship and that too was a problem for if she didn't maintain a 3.0 GPA she'd be tossed out on her very shapely behind ! The college kept a close eye on such students, because if they let them slip through their fingers, they'd lose the enormous dollars pouring in from the state lottery. They probably didn't care if they learned anything; just keep that GPA up enough to keep the cash flowing !

The solution they arrived at was a mentoring program. Those students that were at risk, and lived in the dorm, were assigned to live and study with a mentor. Members of the faculty who lived alone in campus provided homes were given a stipend for mentoring a live in student and most grabbed at the chance !

One who didn't necessarily grab at the chance, but had to anyway because of her low salary, was Jennifer Brooks. Jenny was an assistant librarian and didn't make nearly as much as the highly paid professors. As it was, she could barely make ends meet. For Jenny, the mentoring program was an unavoidable necessity – she needed the money and was willing to share her two bedroom house with a student who needed help.

Jenny was a shy, quiet sort of woman who, at 35, didn't really expect to advance much higher at the university. She appeared to be a mousy looking sort who filled the stereotypical role of a nerdy librarian to the full. Which was rather a shame as her appearance belied the truly sensuous female that lay beneath that thin veneer. Her long, dark brown hair was normally pulled back in a severe bun, she never wore makeup, and her tiny glasses that perched on her nose completed the picture of a staid, studious, librarian. Her shyness and appearance no doubt contributed to the fact that she rarely dated, nor had any men calling for her attention.

Yet beneath that exterior shell, and hidden from her own mental picture of herself, lay a voluptuous young woman who yearned to be set free. A trim, flat tummy bisected her wide hips and buxom bosom and this hourglass figure sat atop a pair of very shapely legs. Alas, hidden beneath her frowsy full dresses and blinded by her own shyness, it was unlikely that this gorgeous beauty would be set free – that is until Katy came to stay !

When Jenny met Katy, she had the impression of a quiet, respectful student who was really in need of someone to help her with her studies. She was conservatively dressed in white blouse, knee length skirt and flats; much like Jenny with her long billowy dress and sensible shoes. Elated that here appeared to be someone very much like her, Jenny welcomed Katy into her home. When she shook her hand in greeting, Jenny was momentarily amazed at how much taller the young blonde was; forcing her to look up at her.

“Let me help you with your things, and I'll show you to your room !” Jenny gushed. “Then, once you're settled, we can start right in !”

Jenny didn't see the wicked smirk on Katy's face as they worked their way up the stairs. Katy had no intention of turning into a bookish nerd and abandoning her nighttime partying. “If ya can't join 'em, lick 'em” she thought with fiendish delight.

Once she had Katy settled in, Jenny joyously set about preparations for tutoring the sweet young woman. Being Friday night, they'd have all weekend to get her caught up with her studies. Nervously, she sat on the full, over-stuffed couch, wondering fretfully if she could really make a difference with Katy.

She heard Katy coming down the stairs and Jenny's nervousness immediately evaporated, to be replaced with shock when Katy entered the living room. The tall blonde was nearly nude, wearing only a skimpy thong and what once was a t-shirt ! It was strewn with holes and the bottom half was ripped away – revealing the bottom half of her firm, full breasts ! Jenny was speechless ! As Katy undulated towards her, bare high arched feet seeming to float over the carpet, her breasts jiggled seductively and her all too visible nipples stood out proudly against the thin fabric of the t-shirt !

"Wha.... wha....." was all Jenny could force from her throat as Katy curled up next to her on the couch like a sensuous cat, and snuggled close to the flustered librarian.

Jenny had never been this close to such a gorgeous woman before and she was completely flustered and stunned. Nervous perspiration adorned her upper lip as Katy slipped an arm around her shoulder and purred into her ear.

"Now, where are we going partying tonight, Jenny ?" she asked with a sexy, throaty growl.

"Pa...puh-pa...." Jenny stammered again. Strange emotions were crashing through her brain, making butterflies dance around her tummy as she smelled the musky sweetness of Katy's perfume.

"Of course !" she cooed, "...you certainly don't expect us to stay cooped up here all weekend now do you ?"

Jenny started to nod her head yes, but never got the chance to finish.

"You need to lighten up a bit, dear – have a little fun in life !" Katy teased as she danced the nails of her left hand firmly but quickly up and down Jenny's side !

"NEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!" Jenny squealed with immediate high pitched laughter !

"Oooooooo !!! Someone's a little ticklish, aren't they ?" Katy teased. "Koootchy, kootchy, kooooooo !!!!" she teased as she started tickling Jenny's sides and tummy with wicked intent !

The diminutive brunette exploded with helpless laughter, trying to wriggle away from her blonde attacker and bat away her tickling hand at the same time. Unfortunately, all she managed to do was snag her fingers in Katy's t-shirt and roll back on the couch at the same time. With a gentle RIPPPPP ! She stripped Katy's t-shirt off, exposing the blonde's gorgeous full breasts and shamefully rigid nipples !

"OH ! You like to rip off clothes do you ?" Katy asked with an evil leer. "Two can play that game Miss Ticklish ! Kitchy kitchy kitchy !!!!!!" she giggled as she used both hands to play Jenny's ribcage like a piano !

Jenny was cackling hysterically now and felt her strength and resolve drain out of her like water from a sieve ! She had to get away before her body responded in its own perverse way to the severe tickling she was receiving at her young student's hands !

Having always been insanely ticklish, Jenny fell apart like a house of cards the moment the laughter started to bubble across her full lips ! But after a few minutes of prolonged tickling, her body started to respond in a most shameless manner ! This was one of the reasons why she avoided dating ! If anyone were to find out what being tickled did to her, well, suffice to say she didn't want to be known as a strumpet or trollop !

But Katy's tickle torture continued, and the squealing brunette could even now feel her nipples hardening in response; her body betraying her once again ! Her last sentient thought was that she HAD to escape Katy's tickling fingernails ! With her last ounce of strength, Jenny wriggled to the front of the couch and tried to slide to the floor !

Guessing she would try this form of escape, Katy used her left hand to snare the hem of the brunette's frowsy dress and her right to tickle the wriggling librarian right off the edge of the couch !

Jenny plunked to the carpet on her butt, but something was wrong ! Her dress was hiked up around her full breasts and she sat on the carpet on her pantied-panty-hosed derriere ! Her squealing laughter was soon muffled as Katy swiftly peeled her dress up, leaving her arms trapped above her head which was still buried in the fabric of her dress ! The sudden realization that she was exposed in her underthings from the armpits down sent a shudder of humiliating joy through the older woman !

Wrapping her right arm around Jenny's feebly flailing arms, Katy set her long fingernails to work on the brunette's very soft, and very ticklish underarms !

"Ohhhhhh ! I bet we're ticklish here aren't we ?" she teased as she swirled deeply within those super-sensitive hollows !

Jenny's laughter went up the scale another notch to a throat rasping squeak as she wriggled, totally helpless now, under Katy's tickling torment !

Katy licked her lips sensuously as she watched the older woman's full breasts jiggle from side to side in the confines of her thin bra ! It was barely able to contain them, nor hide the fact that her nipples were threatening to pop through the silky garment ! Katy's own nipples grew harder, realizing that her tickle torture was arousing the mousy librarian quite effectively !

The fiendish blonde tickled her captive brunette's underarms until she worked her into silent laughter; knowing full well the older woman was now completely helpless and unable to stop her from anything she wanted to do ! Nimble fingers unsnapped Jenny's bra which popped forward from the strain of containing her full, wobbling breasts ! Snaking it upward, she used the stretchy garment like a rope and wound it again and again around Jenny's dress-trapped wrists !

Jenny slid like a cute bowl of jello to the carpet on her large breasts as Katy used the last lengths of her bra to firmly bind her wrists to one of the sofa's legs. Any strength that would have let her kick her panty-hosed legs had long ago left the wheezing librarian as she struggled to drag much needed air into her lungs !

Laying across the quivering brunette, Katy leaned to whisper in her ear, teasing her even further with her seductive tickle-talk. "I'll bet you're even ticklish on your back, aren't you?" she said as she SLOWLY dragged a single nail down Jenny's spine !

No sound would come from the brunette's throat but her violently quaking body and quivering buns told Katy the entire story !

"And what about these gorgeous boobs ?" she giggled as her other hand danced long nails across the sides of Jenny's boobs that ballooned out from either side !

Jenny's heart was pounding in her chest, forcing a veritable flood to fill her nipples till they were achingly hard and swell her already moist lips until they pulsed with every beat of heart.

Knowing she had to give her new little toy a chance to breathe, Katy slithered down her legs until she could turn her attention to the brunette's shapely buns. While Jennifer wheezed beneath her, she started to roll down Jenny's panty-hose and panties until they were tight around her thighs, leaving her tender bare buns laying completely naked before her! Wickedly, she started tracing little circles around and around the brunette's buns, making her squeal and giggle as she tried to writhe her butt away from the blonde's sensuous tickling ! Jennifer knew that if Katy tickled much closer to the backs of her thighs that she would explode in a shamelessly humiliating orgasm !

Simmering with lust herself, Katy spun around and laid across Jenny's thighs – contemplating then, the penny loafers that lay trapped before her ! With a flick of a finger, the blonde plucked off Jenny's left shoe and beheld with lust the small, hose covered sole that she had revealed.

In a subconscious reaction, Jenny tried to keep her other shoe by curling her tiny, size 5 foot within it, but it was a futile battle as the blonde easily stripped it off, and now had two wrinkly soles begging for her wicked attention !

Wanting to tease her new toy even further by stocking foot tickling, but unable to avoid her own relish for cute bare feet, Katy decided on the best of both worlds ! Long nails easily ripped and peeled away the stocking from Jenny's right foot, while Katy kept the left one encased in all of its nylon glory. She marveled at how tiny and soft the brunette's feet were; playfully nibbling on her fingernail before deciding which one to tickle first!

Deciding on nylons first, Katy playfully danced her nails up and down Jenny's wrinkled left sole ! The brunette squealed out an hysterical scream that threatened to break glass as ticklish electricity shocked through her small body ! Her feet were absolutely the most ticklish part of her body and she was experiencing heaven and hell simultaneously ! Violently, she slammed her hips against the floor and buried her nipples into the carpet in an attempt to break loose the logjam of her lust that was burning inside !

The blonde student was feeling her own building rapture as her mentor slapped her firm buns again and again against her own svelte behind. She knew both of their times were near and wanted soooo much to keep tickling Jenny's violently wriggling nylon sole. But the sight of that soft, pink bare foot – writhing invitingly before her – was too much for the now very excited student !

With loving care, she grabbed Jenny's right ankle with both hands and started to voraciously nibble and lick her way up the brunette's very tender bare foot !

The feeling of those soft lips and that hellishly flicking tongue was all that it took to send Jenny over the brink ! Hoarse, gut-wrenching moans were torn from her throat as a mind-searing orgasm took control and threatened to wrench every muscle in her body ! She'd never felt anything like this before in her life, and like a druggie, was now completely addicted to the feeling ! Sweat and tears pouring from her violently shaking body, Jenny screamed with delight as her love juices were forcefully pumped from her by a wicked six foot blonde !

Katy's own shudderings began the second she started to make love to Jenny's incredibly sexy little bare foot ! She kissed, nibbled, and licked the brunette's unbelievably soft bare sole; reveling in the sweet perfume of leather and nylon. But she was beyond control when Jenny started to shamelessly and violently cum beneath her ! In seconds, her skimpy thong was drenched with her desire and she dragged her aching, hard nipples across the back of Jenny's trim calves.

Neither was certain how long this tickle-fest lasted. But both were pleased with the result. Katy snuggled up to a still passed out Jenny, and lovingly fondling her breasts, whispered into her ear. "If you're going out partying with me tonight, we have to get you ready ! " She kissed a widely grinning Jenny who still chuckled and shivered in her unconsciousness, and rose on quivering legs to prepare her mentor for a night on the town!

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