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This story contains adult material, F/m tickle torture, and F/m domination. If that might offend you, then don't read it. All of the characters in this story are over 21 years old.

Warning: This is quite a long story, and there is considerable plot development before the tickling action.

Billy's Bliss
by Milagros

Part One

William had a lot of time on his hands, and was spending his evenings checking out restaurants in the greater LA area. He relied on Zagat's survey, and was making his way through restaurants rated high for food quality, and not so high for decor and ambience. He hated overly pretentious places.

It was not the high prices of pretentious restaurants that bothered him--at 43 years of age, he called himself a software consultant, but he was actually retired. By the end of 1999, while his younger colleagues thought that the internet boom would go on forever, Bill felt that the bubble would soon burst. He exercised all his stock options, and sold his holdings in MagicSoftware.com, the company that he and his friend Joseph had founded six years earlier. He netted $30 million after taxes, but was deeply resented in the company for his lack of confidence in their future. When the NASDAQ crashed, and the company went into bankruptcy by early 2001, his former colleagues resented him even more, for having been correct. He no longer kept in touch with any of them, now that he had moved 400 miles south, to his large house in Playa del Rey.

Tonight's restaurant, Il Violino, certainly did have excellent food, Bill thought. It was a shame that he had nobody to dine with. He had thought, away from the pressure of working over 80 hours a week, with his new liesure time, that he would have an active social life. He had tried three different dating services. Women were certainly impressed with his big house, right on the beach. But once it became obvious that he was extremely interested in getting them barefoot, they usually stopped returning his calls, or even told him to seek help from a psychiatrist. Three dating services, a dozen women, and he never even got to mention, much less indulge, his other interest, his desire to be tickled by a beautiful woman. He had given up on dating services, and wasn't the type to cruise the bars.

I don't need a shrink, thoght Bill, as he ordered dessert. What I need is a woman with pretty feet who doesn't mind them being admired, and who loves to be an aggressive tickler.

On his way out of the restaurant, Bill noticed the paintings on the wall. One in particular struck him--a pretty blonde woman, with fabulous legs and very lovely feet, running on a beach. She was wearing a modest one-piece bathing suit that didn't expose any skin on her breasts or bottom, but one sole was clearly shown, as she ran across the artist's view.

Bill was surprised to see it priced at only $100. The other oil paintings there, all of similar size, were in the range of $250 to $500. The artist's signature was 'K. Wallace,' and it was the only one on display from that artist, he noted.

When Bill inquired about buying the painting, and about how to contact the artist, the restaurant manager laughed.

"Artist? She does paint, but she's one of our waitresses. Monday and Tuesday are her days off, so she's not here today. Come back Wednesday if you want to ask her about more paintings. This is the first time that anybody has bought one here, if you're actually serious about buying this one. I just let her keep one painting at a time up on the wall here, as a favor. She's a good waitress."

Bill showed that he was serious by taking a $100 bill out of his wallet and handing it to the manager. As the painting was being wrapped for him, he spoke to the manager.

"I'll be back Wednesday, to eat here. The food is quite good, actually. Make a reservation for me at 7pm. Put me at one of Ms. Wallace's tables, please. I do want to see more of her work."

The manager refrained from shaking his head in disbelief until after Bill had gotten the painting into the back seat of his Lexus, and driven off.


Bill arrived promptly at 7pm on Wednesday, and was seated immediately. He had noticed, on the way in, that another painting signed 'K. Wallace' was hanging in place of the one now in his house. It showed the same woman, in the same bathing suit, swimming in the ocean. One leg was out of the water, with the sole showing. A minute later, he was very happy to see that both paintings were self-portraits. The waitress was obviously the woman in both paintings. She was very tall, clearly over six feet, but her long legs were covered in slacks, and her feet were concealed in those comfortable walking shoes favored by waitresses and nurses. No way to tell, thought Bill, if they're as lovely as she painted them. They were about size 12, he estimated.

Bill just ordered his meal, not mentioning that he was the buyer of her painting. His food was once again excellent. Later, when she asked if he wanted coffee or dessert, he revealed himself as the purchaser.

"No, no dessert, but I do want to buy another of your paintings, the one with you swimming."

She didn't look surprised, just nodded, and said, "Harry told me who you were, the one who bought my painting on Monday. I guess you still liked it when you got it home."

"Yes," said Bill, "and I'd like to see more of your work."

She looked at him carefully, very intently, and then seemed to make up her mind. She spoke to him softly, so that nobody at nearby tables could hear her.

"I don't like bullshit. Are you interested in my work, or in me?"

"Both, Ms. Wallace," said Bill, also speaking softly. "I'm buying the one hanging here tonight, whether you tell me to buzz off and never bother you again, or not. But let me be honest--I was interested in the woman in the painting before I knew it was a self-portrait. I was going to ask the artist who the model was. That may seem absurd, in that I'm 5'8" tall, and 43 years old. My name is William Lamb, by the way. I don't expect you to be interested in me as a date, but I would genuinely like to see more of your paintings, especially if you're in them, to be frank."

"Alright," she answered. "I appreciate that you're honest. My next day off isn't until Monday. I don't see why Harry should get half of the price of my paintings, just because he lets me hang them here. He doesn't even like them--he's afraid that I'll quit. I'm one of his most reliable people here, and he knows it. Give me your daytime phone number, and I'll call you Monday morning with directions to my house. My full name is Karen Elaine Wallace, but you can just go on calling me 'Ms. Wallce.' I liked that, that you showed me some respect."

"Of course, Ms. Wallace," said Bill.

Bill bought the painting with Karen swimming, paying Harry $250 cash for it. His low opinion of Karen's work hadn't stopped him from raising the price, now that he knew he had an interested customer.


Bill was anxious for Monday to arrive, and it seemed like a month until the five days did pass. When the phone rang at 11:30am, he forced himself to wait unti the end of the second ring to answer. No need to let Karen know that he had been waiting by the phone for hours.

"Hello, William Lamb here," he said.

"Hi, it's Karen Wallace. Still interested in coming to see my paintings?"

"Certainly. When would you like me to arrive?"

"I don't hear office noises. Are you off today?"

"I'm a free-lance software consultant. I work at home, mostly, and make my own schedule."

"Alright, I just want to be careful. I'm a woman living alone, and I like to know who I'm dealing with. You can come right over, and I'd appreciate it if you brought me lunch from my favorite Chinese restaurant."

"I'd be happy to, Ms. Wallace."

She proceeded to give him the name and address of the resataurant, and her own address. She told him exactly what she wanted for lunch, and to add to the order whatever he would like himself. She concluded with a warning.

"I don't want there to be any misunderstanding. I'm inviting you to my home, but as a potential buyer of my paintings. If you're tempted to get fresh, you should know that I'm 6'2" tall, 180 pounds, and I've taught self-defense classes for women for several years. Is that all clear?"

"Very clear, Ms. Wallace, and I assure you that I have the utmost respect for you. I'm on my way."


Bill pulled up to the house, a small one, perhaps six rooms, on a side street just off Sepulveda Boulevard in Culver City. It was within sight of some fast food outlets on Sepulveda. He rang the bell, and Karen let him in. She was wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans, and he was delighted to see that she was barefoot.

When they sat down at the kitchen table to eat the food he'd brought, she used two chairs, sitting in one and putting her bare feet up on the other.

Her feet were large, but seemed to be the perfect size in proportion to her height. Her arches were high, and the flesh of her soles was a creamy light pink, paler on her arches, and darker on her heels. Her toenails were perfectly trimmed, and painted with a clear polish, for a natural look. As she ate, Bill just stared at the most beautiful feet that he had ever seen.

Karen stopped eating and smiled at him.

"So you like women's feet, do you?"

"Yes, I always have," said Bill, blushing.


"Yes, as far back as I can remember, anyway. Among my earliest memories, from when I was four years old, are looking forward to visiting the little girl next door, who was five. So I could see her bare feet."

Karen laughed, and wiggled her toes at him.

"It's great that you're honest about it. I can't stand men who lie about their preferences. I take good care of my feet, as you can see, and lots of men are always staring at them, when I wear sandals. Most of them won't admit it. But eat your food, now, it will get cold."

When they had finished lunch, she took him into her studio. It wasn't a real studio, just the second bedroom of the house, in which a large picture window had been installed. About a dozen finished paintings were there, but none that he could see was another self-portrait.

"I doubt there's anything you'll want to buy," said Karen, "there's only one painting here with me in it, and I'm wearing shoes."

She moved aside a seascape, and he saw a medium sized oil painting behind it, showing Karen and another woman playing one-on-one basketball. Both wore basketball shoes and white socks. The other woman looked a lot like Karen, but had black hair, and was even taller.

"Is that your sister?"

"Yes, Susan is two years younger than me, but, as you see, I can't call her my little sister any more. She's 6'4". She spouted up between the ages of 14 and 15, and became bigger and stronger than I was. Too bad."

"Why 'too bad'?" asked Bill. "Surely you didn't beat her."

"No," said Karen, "I didn't beat her. But I was quite a cruel older sister. You see, unlike me, Susan is ticklish. Extremely ticklish."

Bill blushed again, and licked his lips, but he didn't have the courage to say anything. He didn't even notice that his arms went down, reflexively, to protect his sides.

"When we were little, I tickled her all the time. I'd never let her stop laughing, once I got going. It was so much fun!"

Bill gulped, found his courage, and spoke.

"I'll bet it was. And have you had fun like that lately?"

"No. I did drive away one boyfriend, two years ago, by tickling him too much. He really hated the fact that I _could_ pin him down any time I wanted."

Bill blushed again, and hoped that she hadn't noticed his erection. He turned away and pretended to look at the paintings.

After half a minute, Karen spoke again.

"Bill, there's no need to pretend that you want any of these. I have a proposition for you. I'll do a self portrait for you, barefoot, but otherwise fully dressed, in whatever size will best fit where you want to hang it. What pose would you like?"

Bill turned back towards her, having adjusted his pants so that his excitement wasn't so obvious.

"I'll show you," he said. "This is generally known as 'The Pose' in foot fetish magazines and websites."

He got down on the floor, lying on his stomach, head raised towards Karen, and bent his legs at the knees, so that the soles of his comfortable Rockport shoes were pointed straight at her.

"You see? The models face and soles are pointed at the viewer," he said, and then he got up off the floor.

"I see," said Karen, "and I'll do it. I'll paint myself dressed as I am now, in blue jeans and a T-shirt, and, of course, barefoot. In just that pose, on a bed, with a smirk on my face. To show that I just _know_ that you're staring at my soles. I do need to know how large a painting you want, before I quote you a price for this commission."

"As large a painting as will fit on my bedroom wall," said Bill. "I can measure the wall and call you."

"No, I'd better see the whole room, and where the wall is in relation to you, the viewer, in your bed. I can guess what you'll be up to."

Bill blushed bright red.

"Well?" said Karen.

"Oh, sorry," said Bill. "Of course, I'll drive you to my house right now to see the room, Ms. Wallace. It will be an honor to have you visit."

"If you don't mind, Bill, I prefer to do the driving. Although we'll use your car."

"Of course, Ms. Wallace," he said, handing over his car keys. Karen paused at the door to put on flip-flops.

[to be continued in this thread]

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Part Two

Karen drove south following his directions, and soon reached his house in Playa del Rey. He was happy to see that she was impressed at the size of it, and by the fact that he had a beachfront property.

When they got to the master bedroom suite, she kicked off her flip-flops. She got onto his bed, which was king-sized with brass headboard and footboard. She put a pillow near the foot of the bed, and lay on her stomach, chin on the pillow, looking at the wall beyond the footboard. She put her hands under her groin, and smiled at him. He blushed again, and she removed her hands from there. She studied the wall, which was huge, and quite a distance from the foot of the bed. Finally, she assumed 'The Pose', and looked right at Bill as she spoke to him.

"That's a large space, and it's quite far from where your head will be when you're, ahh, appreciating the art. As I said, I don't like bullshit, and I'm not going to pretend I don't know just how you're going to appreciate the painting. It will have to be 5 feet high and 7 feet long to fill the space. I'll be literally larger than life in the painting. It'll cost you a bundle, I'm afraid."

She smiled at him, and wiggled her toes.

"But from the fact that you own this house, you can afford it."

Bill nodded, red-faced, and sat down in a chair. He adjusted himself to make his erection less obvious.

"You don't have to blush, Billy," she said, "it's perfectly obvious that you're really attracted to me, and there's nothing wrong with that. You've been very polite and well-behaved, even when I teased you. I like you that way, so just remain a perfect gentleman, and we'll get along just fine. I'm going to charge you $6,000 for the painting, frame included, and I'll even hang it for you. I want cash, that the IRS needn't know about. Half in advance, before I buy the materials. Agreed?"

"Yes, Ms. Wallace. And thank you for accepting the commission. I'll bring the advance payment to your house tomorrow, if you wish."

"That will be fine," said Karen, rising from the bed and putting on her flip-flops.


As Karen still had the car keys, Bill waited by the passenger side door, expecting her to drive back to her house. She used the electronic remote to unlock it for him, and indeed got behind the wheel. After inserting the key into the ignition, she asked him a question.

"Are you sure your seat belt is securely fastened, Billy?"

As he looked down to check, she reached over and tickled him under the left arm with one hand, and on the left side of his rib cage with the other hand.

Bill laughed and shrieked, and tried to move away, but his seat belt _was_ secure. After about two minutes, she stopped.

"I thought so!" said Karen. "You're even more ticklish than Susan. I could tell, from the way you reacted when I told you about tickling her. Very amusing, Billy."

She started the engine, and drove north towards her home.

"What time tomorrow should I come over?" asked Bill.

"Come over at noon. And this time, bring food from a Mexican restaurant."

She proceeded to give him the address of the restaurant, and her lunch order. Then she put on the radio, and changed it to her favorite music station.

"Program that to be one of your favorites," she said.

Bill did so, and reported that it was now stored under FM number 1.

"Ssh!" said Karen, "I'm listening to the music."

The rest of the ride passed without conversation. When they arrived at her house, she gave him a quick tickle.

"You're very sweet, Billy," she said, as she tickled under his left arm. "I'll see you tomorrow at noon."


Bill arrived promptly on Tuesday, with exactly the lunch that Karen hd requested, and more for himself. He was disappointed to see that she was wearing thick blue socks and running shoes. He put the food down in the kitchen, and handed her an envelope with thirty $100 bills in it.

"I'm sure it's all here, I trust you," said Karen, not counting the money inside, and taking the envelope to her bedroom.

As they ate lunch, she asked Bill if he had always lived in such a luxurious house. He took the opportunity to explain his career and backgroud. His father had been an accountant, and his mother a teacher, and they had lived in a modest two bedroom house right here in Culver City, where she lived. He explained that his wealth had come later, in the 1990's, from having founded a successful software firm, and having cashed out before the speculative bubble had burst. He admitted that he hadn't really been workig since moving back to southern California, and he that he saw no need to work now.

Karen didn't reveal much about herself, just that Susan was her only sibling, and that her parents were living back in Nebraska, where she had grown up. She did describe how the joy of her childhood came about because her mother went back to work when Karen was 12.

"So with both of them working, and rarely getting home before 6pm, Susan and I were home alone every afternoon on school days. I would tickle her for a couple of _hours_, every afternoon. Like I told you, I would never let her stop laughing. I alternated between sitting on her chest, and tickling her underarms and ribs, and sitting on her legs, and tickling her feet. I drove her mad. It went on for years, and she hated it as much as I loved it."

Karen smiled, and observed that Bill was squirming in his chair, trying to conceal an erection again.

"Don't be embarrassed, Billy. It's alright if you find the image arousing. Actually, you're even more ticklish on your ribs and under your arms than Susan was as a child. Remarkably ticklish, for a grown man. I found that out yesterday. I'd like to discover more today, if you don't mind."

Bill blushed deeply, but managed to speak.

"That would be fine with me, Ms. Wallace."

"Would it?" asked Karen with a grin, and Bill nodded.

Their plates were now empty. Karen grinned again.

"So you liked it. Good. We're done eating, so why don't you go into the living room. Take off your shirt and undershirt, and your shoes and socks. Lie on the rug on your back, and stretch your arms over your head. Wait for me in that position, and be prepared to trust me. Do you trust me, Billy?"

"Absolutely, Ms. Wallace," said Bill, in a state of ecstasy. "May I use the bathroom first?"

"Certainly," said Karen, and she went off into her bedroom.

Bill took a few minutes in the bathroom to calm himself down; only then could he manage to empty his bladder. He went to the living room, and followed her instructions exactly.

"Good," said Karen, entering the living room and seeing him stretched out on the rug, naked to the waist and barefoot, as ordered.

"Now, we'll see if you _really_ trust me."

She showed him a stocking that she was holding, knelt by his wrists, and began to tie them together. Bill made no protest, and held his hands still for her.

"Good," she said, and dragged a heavy couch over to where one of its legs was near his bound wrists.

She lifted the couch by that corner, and carefully planted the leg inside the bonds. Then she used another stocking to tie his wrists to the couch leg, and a third stocking to tie his elbows towards each other.

"Very good, you're such an obedient boy, Billy, that I find you very sweet. Now, don't be upset, Billy, but I'm going to undress you. Is that alright?"

"Yes, Ms. Wallace, buy why?" asked Bill, with just a tiny bit of fear in his voice.

"To be able to explore _all_ of your body for ticklish spots, of course. But that's not the only reason. For you to be stark naked while I'm fully dressed will further establish the power dynamic between us. Don't you agree, Billy baby?"

"Of course, Ms. Wallace," said Bill, with awe in his voice. He was no longer afraid.

She proceeded to pull off his pants and his white cotten briefs. Then she got more stockings, and tied his legs together above the knees, and also below the knees. She tied his ankles together.

She went into the garage, and returned with a barbell. With the massive weights on both ends, Bill douted that he could have lifted it at all, but Karen carried it easily, and put it down near his ankles. She lifted his legs, and rested his ankles on the bar between the weights. Soon his ankles were tied to the bar, and heavy books were placed around the weights, to prevent them from rolling on the rug.

Karen took a shoelace out of her pocket, and tied his big toes together. She pulled them back, and tied them to the stocking that bound his ankles. Finally, she stood up and surveyed her work.

"You're very cute when you're totally helpless, Billy. Very cute and very sweet. I would have to describe your present situation as ... ticklish! Now, to begin."

Karen knelt by his chest, and began by digging her fingers into both sides of his rib cage. Bill shrieked, and howled, and laughed uproariously. He laughed so loudly that Karen frowned.

"This won't do, Billy. This house is on a small lot, and the neighbors' windows aren't far away. I'm going to have to gag you. But at least I can make it, ahh, interesting for you."

Without further explanation, she got up and went into her bedroom. Bill was sorry that the tickling had stopped so soon, but saw her point. The last thing they needed was the police, investigating a domestic disturbance.

Karen returned, wearing the same running shoes, but with white socks. She held a soiled blue sock in one hand, and a stocking in the other.

"Open wide, Billy," she ordered, "and stick out your tongue."

Bill did so, and soon the grimy, sweat-stained sole of the blue sock was wrapped around his tongue. Then the whole sock was shoved into his mouth, and the stocking was drawn between his teeth and tied behind his head.

"Now, I can tickle you to my heart's content, with out alarming the neighbors," said Karen, as she got down on the rug, and dug her fingers once again into his ribs with all ten fingers.

Bill bucked, and thrashed, and laughed into his gag. She tickled and tickled, going up and down his ribs. After about ten minutes, he was clearly tiring, and struggling less. Karen gave him new energy by poking under his arms. He jerked so hard that the couch moved a quarter of an inch forward.

"My, my, what sensitive armpits, Billy baby. Tickle, tickle, tickle. How amazingly ticklish you are! Tickle, tickle, tickle. And we've got all afternoon to play, too. Tickle, tickle, tickle."

After ten minutes on the armpits he was sweating, and after ten more tears were streaming down his cheeks. She decided to give him a break, and got up to get some brushes. Returning in just a minute, she used some soft brushes, intended for water color painting, on his neck, in his ears, on his moustache, and in his nostrils.

"That does make you twitch, but it is a break for you, from the hard laughter. Enjoy it while you can. Actually, I can see that you really do enjoy the whole experience."

She gave his erect penis one stroke with the paint brush, and then began to tickle his neck with her fingers. She got an incredibly strong reaction when her fingers strayed to his collarbones.

"Oh, you have _very_ ticklish collarbones, Billy baby. Who knew? A whole new area to torment. Tickle, tickle tickle! Oh, tickling on your collar bones drives you wild, doesn't it? Tickle, tickle, tickle."

It wasn't too long that he was laughing so hard that he was crying again, and she stayed on the collarbones.

"I've never known anybody to be so ticklish in that particular spot, Billy. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Endless scrabbling of my nails on your collarbones, Billy, that's what you're in for. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Just endless."

After a full thirty minutes on his sensitive collarbones, Karen picked up the brushes again, and proceeded to draw pictures on his belly and thighs. She made excusions into his navel.

"Now you know how my canvases feel. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Such soft brushes. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Oh, your belly does quiver so nicely when I do this. Tickle, tickle, tickle."

Moving further down, she found that his kneecaps were only slightly ticklish, but digging her nails in behind his knees produced another violent reaction.

"Wow! You moved the whole barbell, maybe half an inch. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Very sensitive behind your knees, baby? Tickle, tickle, tickle. Oh, yes, your are. Tickle, tickle, tickle, Billy baby."

His calves proved not to be a productive target, so she moved down to his feet, with a variety of implements.

"Her feet are Susan's greatest weakness, her most ticklish spot of all. I'm hoping the same is true of you, Billy. I'll start with chopsticks. Tickle, tickle, tickle."

Moving the chopsticks around his soles drove him wild. Switching to a dry ballpoint pen was not as successful, but her fingernails proved to be even better than the chopsticks. He was soon in tears again, and she kept right on tickling and tickling his vulnerable soles.

The tines of a fork were excellent, about the same reaction as her fingernails. A toothbrush was not too effective, nor were the paint brushes.

Best of all, she found, was a plastic hairbrush. The pointy spines of the hairbrush drove him absolutely insane, applied anywhere from his heels to the base of his toes. It drove him mad, and soon she was taunting him again.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle, Billy baby. This does drive you crazy, it truly does. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Too bad I only have one of them. Tickle, tickle, tickle. But I'll buy another brush, just like it, don't you worry. Tickle, tickle, tickle, baby. I'm _so_ glad to see that your feet are your most ticklish spot. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Just like Susan. Tickle, tickle, tickle."

Karen glanced at her watch.

"It's only three o'clock, can you believe it? Tickle, tickle, tickle. I've only been tickling you for two hours. Tickle, tickle, tickle. It must seem like forever to you, baby. Tickle, tickle, tickle. And I just know that you love it, love every minute of it. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Well, we both had a big lunch, so there's no need for an early dinner. Tickle, tickle, tickle. I'm just going to put on some music, and then stay at your feet for _hours_ more. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Yes, Billy baby, I did say 'hours.' Tickle, tickle, tickle. You're my sweet, cute, dear, little tickle toy, and you just love being tickled. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Yes, you do, baby, you love it when I tickle you. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Utterly helpless, entirely at my mercy, with all of your most ticklish spots exposed. Tickle, tickle, tickle. And stark naked, when I'm fully dressed. Tickle, tickle, tickle. That's just the way it should be, Billy. Tickle, tickle, tickle. And just the way it will be. Tickle, tickle, tickle. I have all the power, and you have none. Tickle, tickle, tickle. And you'll be tickled forever, baby. Tickle, tickle, tickle. I love it, Billy, doing this to you. Tickle, tickle, tickle. And I know you love it, too. Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle."

Karen checked that the CD player was loaded with six discs, and turned it on. Then she sat down by Bill's bare soles, and tickled, and tickled, and tickled, as the afternoon passed into the evening. She never let him stop laughing, and never let him faint, either. Hour after hour.

When she had finally had enough of tickling him, she increased the intensity for a grand finale, until he fainted dead away. Then she went to use the bathroom. It was 7pm.


Upon returning to the living room, she saw that Bill was awake again. She untied the stocking from around his head, and pulled the sodden sock from his mouth. He breathed deeply. It took ten minutes to get him untied. When she was finished, he surprised her by speaking.

"Thank you ever so much, Ms. Wallace. That was the most wonderful tickling that I've ever had in my life. That was so fabulous. Thank you."

"You're very welcome, Billy. You're to go to the bathroom now--you must be desparate to--and then take a shower there. I've certainly gotten you all sweaty. Then come back here, and lie down, parallel to the couch."

As Bill showered, Karen put the barbell back into the garage, and moved the couch back where it belonged.

Bill emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a towel. He removed it, and laid down on the rug, naked, parallel to the couch, as ordered.

"Very good, Billy. You realized your mistake, and corrected it. Explain it to me, so that I know that you fully understand."

She sat down on the couch, and put both running shoes on his chest, pressing down on him just a bit.

"You're the one who stripped me naked, Ms. Wallace, so it was a mistake to come back into your presence wearing a towel. I should have remained naked until you ordered otherwise."

"Exactly, Billy. I just knew that you're the kind of man that I like. When you came in today, you were disappointed that I was wearing socks and shoes, I could see it in your eyes. But you didn't say a word about it, not one word. Why not, Billy?"

"It's not my place to comment on how you dress, Ms. Wallace. You'll let me see your very lovely feet whenever _you_ wish to. And I'll be ever so grateful when you do, but it is never my place to even ask."

"Very good, Billy. I'm more than sick and tired of men who try to dominate me. You do seem to have the right attitude. I see a chance for you to be more than just a buyer of my artwork. So keep still while I talk, and just listen. When I'm done, you may answer."

Karen paused, and pressed down hard on his chest with both feet, until he groaned in pain. Then she let up, just lightly resting her feet on his chest.

"The bad news for you first--you won't be seeing me for a while. I work five days a week at Il Violino, as you know. The lunch and dinner shifts, and the kitchen doesn't close until 10pm. So I'm rarely home by midnight. The only time I have to paint is on Mondays and Tuesdays."

She paused again, but Bill said nothing.

"Well done, Billy, you passed another test. If you had offered to pay me the equivalent of my earnings as a waitress, so I could finish your painting sooner, I would have ordered you out of this house, and never seen you again, except to deliver the painting when it's done. But you're smart enough not to throw your wealth in my face. Good. That would have been a way to try to gain the upper hand. I see that you accept the fact that I give the orders, and that you belong under my feet. Very good."

She emphasized the point by crushing his chest again, and then let up.

"So, working two days a week, it will take about three months for me to do a painting that large. During that time, you are not to come here, or call me, or eat at Il Violino. You are not to attempt to contact me in any way."

She paused again, and Bill kept silent.

"Here's what I _do_ want you to do. First, I'll give you the phone number of a holistic health center on Jefferson Boulevard. Most of the classes they offer are crap. But they do have a class in reflexology, for beginners, and you're going to enroll in it. Call them tomorrow, the class starts in two weeks. Ah, you're smiling. Yes, I _may_ allow you to massage my feet. When _I_ want you to, for as long as _I_ wish. You will never ask for that privilege, and you will thank me, profusely, whenever I permit it. Good, I see that you understand."

She smiled down at him, and continued.

"Second, I'll give you Susan's phone number. Wait a week until you call her. She will advise you on a renovation project that I want you to do in your house. It's a large house, I didn't see all of it, how many bedrooms have you got, and how many have their own bathroom?"

"Six bedrooms, including the master bedroom suite that you did see," said Bill. "Of the other five bedrooms, two have a bathroom attached."

"Good. Pick the smaller of those two to renovate. It is to be made soundproof, both the bedroom and the adjoining bathroom. You have that done before you call my sister. As you may have guessed, I want it as a playroom. For us, for your tickle torture. Sometimes I'll gag you, but sometimes not, hence the need for soundproofing. Get that done quickly, you may have to pay extra for a rush job, but do it. My sister will then supervise further renovations."

Karen paused again, and Bill stayed silent.

"Well done, Billy, you didn't pry, or ask why Susan is an expert. You've passed today's final test, Billy. I never did tell you her profession. For the past four years, Susan has worked as a dominatrix, in a dungeon near LAX. Her professional name is Mistress Diana. You will call her that whenever you speak to her. You will obey her instructions absolutely, and she will see that that bedroom is converted into a private dungeon, just for us, a very well-equipped private dungeon. Very well, you may give me you answer now, Billy."

"Thank you ever so much, for contemplating such a future relationship with me, Ms. Wallace. I am very flattered, and very grateful to you. I will obey all of your instructions."

"I expected no less, Billy. Now you may get dressed and go home."

[to be continued in this thread]

05-01-2003, 02:30 PM
Part Three

Getting the soundproofing done is a week was easy. Bill just asked a contractor to come over and give him an estimate, and then offered the man double that price if he could finish the job in one week. Working up the courage to call Mistress Diana was harder. He was lucky, in that he got her voice mail, and left a message.

"Mistres Diana, this is Bill Lamb. Your sister told me to call you. I wanted to report that the soundproofing is finished. Let me know what you want me to do next. My number is 310-555-4304. Thank you for your time and effort in helping with this project."

Susan called back an hour later, and he was very nervous speaking to her.


"Mistress Diana here. I'll be at your home at 10am tomorrow, with some furniture in a truck. All you have to do is let us in, and have some money ready. For tomorrow's delivery, and for all the rest of the work. $8,000, in cash."

"Yes, Mistress Diana, I'll have it ready for you."

She could hear the fear in his voice.

"Don't be so scared, Billy. Karen has spoken to me about you, and she really likes you. Be just as docile and obedient with me as you have been with her, and we'll get along just fine. I'm not going to harm you in any way. Be wearing only a bathing suit when we arrive."

"Yes, Mistress Diana."


At 9:55am, a Honda car and a Ford truck pulled into his driveway. Bill had been waiting for the truck, and opened the door as three women arrived, even before they knocked. Susan had come out of the Honda, and two women out of the truck. Susan stood 6'4" tall, and looked younger than her 26 years. The other two were about 5'10" and 5'11" respectively, and looked enough alike to be sisters themselves. They appeared to be in their mid 20's. All three of them wore black T-shirts, black jeans, and black work boots with black socks. The T-shirts said "Pleasure Chest West" in large purple letters.

Bill was embarrassed to be wearing only a bathing suit, but tried to be casual. He invited them in, and gave the envelope in his hand to Susan.

"My sister said you were trustworthy," she said, putting in her back pocket, not even looking in it, much less counting the money.

At her nod, the other two went back out to the truck. They unloaded a bondage table from the truck, and carried it through the double front doors of the house. Then they brought in a punishment horse, and a bondage chair. Bill led the way to the soundproofed bedroom, which he had kept empty for them. After all three pieces of equipment were in the bedroom, the two of them got back in their truck, and departed without a word.

Susan turned to him, and said, "Take off your bathing suit, go into the bedroom, and wait for me on your hands and knees, next to the bondage table."

Bill scurried to obey, and then waited and waited. His knees began to hurt, on the hardwood floor, but still he waited.

Twenty minutes later, Susan entered the bedroom, holding a cloth tape measure.

"I'm going to measure you, for some custom made stocks and such. Lie flat on your back on the table."

Bill obeyed. Susan came over, and measured the circumference of his wrists and ankles, and of his neck. She measured the length of his limbs, and the distance from his wrists to his ankles when he was stretched out, with arms overhead. She spread his legs, and measured the length and circumference of his penis. He looked surprised at this last procedure, but kept quiet.

"Karen is having a chastity belt made for you, Billy," she said with a malicious smile. "Now, for the next few weeks, those two women you just met will be coming over here to do carpentry, leatherwork, and installation. Of things like brass rings in the floor, to tie you to, or hooks and rings in the walls. Don't worry, they're experts at this. They built the interior of the dungeon where I work. You're not to bother them, or even talk to them. They'll also install a new lock on the bedroom door here. Don't ask them for a key--Karen and I will have keys, but not you. Stay right where you are, Billy, until I've driven away. Don't move a muscle, and close your eyes. Don't move at all, until you hear my car drive off."

Billy obeyed, staying still on the bondage table, with his eyes closed. He heard her leave the room, her boots clomping on the wood floor. He heard the door of the room close. Then he couldn't hear anything--the room was soundproof. How could he ever hear her drive off? He didn't know what to do. He stayed still, and thought about it. She was testing his obedience, he concluded. He stayed still. He waited and waited. Could he have been wrong?

After what seemed like an eternity, he heard the bedroom door open, and Susan's boots clomping over to the bondage table.

"Excellent, Billy. You obeyed me. I left you here for 45 minutes, and here you are with your eyes closed, waiting, in the same position. I'll tell Karen that you're very obedient and docile, really a sweet little boy, worthy of serving her. I'll really be going now. I don't ask the impossible, you won't hear me leave. But count to one thousand before you move."

She left the room again, and shut the door. Bill, to be sure, counted to 1200. Then he opened his eyes, and got up. He went out to the living room, and checked. Her car was gone.


The work went quickly, not that Bill was allowed in the room to see it. By the time his reflexology classes started, the remodeling was almost done, they reported. His classes were from 9am to 12 noon, so they arranged to come by at 1pm each day. In just another week, they were finished remodeling the soundproofed room. They also installed two large picture hooks in the master bedroom, on the wall where the painting was to hang. As Susan had indicated, they left the soundproof room locked, with a new deadbolt that they had installed, that he had no key for.


Then came the hardest period for Bill, the long wait. He continued with his reflexology classes for another three weeks, until the course was complete. Then he was bored, and anxious, wondering if Karen had changed her mind. He forced himself not to contact her, nor Susan. He lived on hope, the memory of how lovely her feet were, and the memory of how she had given him the greatest tickling of his life. He also had the two paintings, which he had hung in the living room.


It was a Sunday night, not quite 13 weeks after he had last seen her, that Karen called him.


"Hi, Billy, it's Karen Wallace. Don't talk, just listen and obey. I'll be over to your house tomorrow, at 10am, with the painting tied to the roof of my car. Have your front door unlocked, and be waiting for me, on your hands and knees, naked, in your bedroom. Good-bye."

She hung up without waiting for an answer from him. Bill could hardly sleep, in anticipation. He ate breakfast at 7am, giving up on getting any more sleep. He took a long bath, and waited in his bedroom. At 9:50am, he took off his robe, and got down on his hands and knees.

He heard a car pull up as he was disrobing, and soon heard the front door open and close. At 9:55am, he saw a beautiful sight. Karen, toting the painting, dressed in the same T-shirt, blue jeans, white socks, and running shoes, as when he last saw her.

She leaned the painting against the wall, unwrapped it, and then tickled Bill under the chin. He laughed, but tried not to move.

"Good. Keep still until I order otherwise."

She had the painting hung in a few minutes.

"You may look at it."

Bill look up, and smiled. It was _so_ beautiful.

"You may speak."

"It's magnificent! It's a real masterpiece. Thank you ever so much for doing it for me."

"You're quite welcome Billy. Although I do believe that you owe me the second half of my fee."

"It's in the envelope on the dresser, Ms. Wallace. I've had it ready for weeks."

Karen went over to the envelope, and put it in her hip pocket. She left the room, and went out to her car. Bill was terrified that she would just drive off. But the engine didn't start--she came back into the house, and back into the master bedroom, where he waited. She was holding a dog collar, and she fastened it around his neck. It was a perfect fit. She attached a leash to a D-ring in the collar, and began to walk, slowly. Bill followed on all fours.

She took him to the renovated bedroom. She took two keys out of her pocket, and unlocked both the deadbolt, and the lock in the doorknob. She went in, and Bill followed on his hands and knees. Inside the room, she shut the door behind them, removed his collar, and then spoke to him.

"Up on the bondage table, flat on your back, arms stretched over your head."

He obeyed. Padded stocks had been added to the table at both ends. She locked his ankles in, and the fit was snug, but not painful. The heavy wooden stocks were well padded with foam. She spent some time tying all ten of his toes back to wooden rods that stood up from the top of the stocks. She tied his legs together just above the knees with soft rope which she got out of the supply cabinet. She then tied each knee to a ring in its side of the bondage table.

Moving to the head of the table, she locked his wrists into movable stocks there. She turned a wheel, drawing the stocks and his wrists aways from his body. When he was stretched taut, she stopped turning the wheel, and locked it in place. The fit of his wrists in the holes was perfect, and the holes were well padded. She tied his elbows towards each other, and then tied each elbow to a ring in its side of the bondage table. She leaned over him, and kissed him tenderly on the forehead. Her light blue eyes looked deep into his eyes as she spoke.

"My dear little Billy, how sweet you've been to me! Following all my instructions, to the last detail. Obeying my sister, as I told you to. Now comes your reward. I've taken two weeks vacation from the restaurant. Not that we get paid vacations from those cheapskates, but I can afford it with the fee for your painting. For two whole weeks, you're going to be in foot slave heaven, and you're going to be my constant tickle toy. Will you be able to stand such joy?"

Bill didn't answer, but rather shrieked with laughter as she dug into his rib cage, and began to tickle each rib in turn, with all ten of her fingers. Up and down his rib cage she went, never pausing, as he laughed uncontrollably, and his face turned red. After 15 minutes she could see that he was having trouble breathing.

Karen went to the supply cabinet, and got a variety of implements, most of which she put down on the bondage table. She kept two toothbrushes, and went to his armpits.

As she poked both toothbrushes under his arms, he howled and tried to thrash. But the stocks and ropes held him nearly motionless, and he could only quiver under her assault.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle, Billy. So very ticklish under your arms, my own ticklish little baby boy, to play with, and tickle, for hours. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Yes, hours. I do believe that we'll have a late lunch today. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Poor baby! You're laughing so hard that the tears have begun to flow. Tickle, tickle, tickle. And I've hardly even begun to tickle you. Tickle, tickle, tickle. All cozy in our very own soundproof suite. Nobody will hear you, baby. Tickle, tickle, tickle. I may never stop. Tickle, tickle, tickle, little Billy."

When his armpits had turned red from her poking, she dropped the toothbrushes and attacked his collarbones with her nails. Crying and laughing at the same time, he was unable to utter a sound, in the stage of silent laughter. He was too weak to even try to move. He was just a blob of ticklish flesh, jelly under her fingers, amusing her greatly as he quivered and twitched helplessly.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle, Billy. You have no idea how much I'm enjoying this. I just love to tickle you when you're totally helpless. Tickle, tickle, tickle. It gives me a warm feeling inside to have such power over you. Tickle, tickle, tickle. To know that I'm in total control, that it's up to me if you get tickled for five more minutes, or five more hours, or forever! Tickle, tickle, tickle. At my whim, at my mercy. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Your collarbones are so ticklish, I think I'll pull up a chair and settle in here for an hour. Tickle, tickle, tickle, little Billy."

She paused for ten seconds to pull a chair over, sat down, and resumed tickling his collarbones with gusto. She kept him in a desperate state, and never let him stop laughing. She was having so much fun, that it was actually about 75 minutes later when she decided it was time for a bathroom break. She used the facilities, and Bill could hear the toilet flush, as he gulped in precious air.

Karen returned from the suite's bathroom holding a bedpan, and put it under him. He could feel a strain in his limbs from the extra stretching.

"Go ahead, don't be shy, you're going to be kept in bondage pretty much 24-7 for the next two weeks, so you'll have to get used to performing all of your natural functions in front of me."

Bill managed to urinate, and she wiped him with a baby wipe, then carried the bedpan to the bathroom. He heard another flush, and her washing her hands. This time she returned with a disposable diaper, which she put on him.

"Keeping you in diapers may be even more humiliating than keeping you naked. It's certainly more practical, as you may lose bladder control while being tickled. It's already 1pm, so I guess I'll restrain myself, and tickle your feet for only an hour."

She picked up two plastic hairbrushes, and held them up in front of his face.

"I told you I'd buy more of these, Billy."

She moved a chair to the foot of the bondage table, and began raking both of his soles with the hair brushes. He laughed, and howled, and was soon laughing uncontrollably.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle, little Billy. Oh, how very ticklish you are on your feet. Tickle, tickle, tickle. It's your most ticklish spot of all, Billy baby. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Even more ticklish than Susan was as a child. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Strange for a grown man to be so ticklish. Tickle, tickle, tickle. But you are, and that makes it a lot of fun to tickle you. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Poor little baby Billy, I'd feel sorry for you, but I know that you love it. Tickle, tickle, tickle. I've got you quivering and quaking, like a bowl full of jello again. Tickle, tickle, tickle. With your toes tied back, your sensitive soles are just _so_ vulnerable, Billy. Tickle, tickle, tickle. All mine to play with, Billy. Tickle, tickle, tickle. All mine."


It was actually 2:20pm when Karen had had her fill of tickling his feet, and began to untie him, as he still quivered and cried. When he was untied and released from the stocks, he got down on all fours on the carpet and waited, as she put the dog collar back on him.

"Very good, Billy, you're always to be on your hands and knees, awaiting my orders, when your not in bondage. You're never to speak, unless I ask you a direct question, or expressly allow it. Now, you may speak. And when I say that, I mean fifteen words maximum. You're never to be a chatterbox."

"Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful tickling, Ms. Wallace."

"You're very welcome, Billy. And you'll be happy to hear that it's not the last tickling that you'll get today."

With that, she led him on the leash to the kitchen, and she examined the contents of his refrigerator. Removing the leash, but keeping him in the collar, she ordered him to make ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch, and serve them with potato salad and coffee. She sat at the table as he scurried about, making the sandwiches and coffe, setting the table, and serving the food.

She began to eat her first sandwich, and noticed that Bill was back on his hands and knees on the floor, although food was in his plate. She laughed.

"No, Billy, you don't have to wait. When I order you to serve a meal, you may presume permission to sit at the table and eat, once I've begun to eat."


After lunch, Bill cleared the table, and put the stuff in the dishwasher. Then he got down on all fours. Karen attached the leash, led him to the living room, removed the leash, and sat down in a comfortable armchair, putting her feet up on the matching ottoman.

"Go to the dungeon, Billy, and get me an Ace bandage from the supply cabinet."

As he started to crawl away, she added, "No, when I order you to fetch something for me, I want you to run, not crawl."

Bill got up and ran to the dungeon, running back with an Ace bandage, which he handed to her. He then got down on his hands and knees beside the chair.

Karen removed her running shoes, and her white socks. The sight of her lovely feet gave Bill an immediate erection, inside his diaper.

"Open wide, and stick out your tongue," she said.

Bill obeyed. Karen turned one sock inside out. Its sole was grimy and stained with sweat.

"The part that was pressed against my sole will be wrapped around your tongue, Billy."

She proceeded to wrap it so, and shoved both the sock and his tongue back into his mouth. Prssing the Ace bandage between his teeth, she tied it securely behind his head.

"And now," she said, wiggling her bare toes, "show me what you learned in that reflexology course."

Bill scurried over to the spot beyond the ottoman, where he could easily reach her feet. He did exactly as he'd been taught. He massaged slowly and deeply, using mostly his thumbs to press into her feet. He spent extra time on the key spots from the reflexology chart. When he got to her toes, he rolled each one, tenderly, between his fingers. He had been working on her left foot for about ten minutes when she spoke.

"Switch feet. I'm glad to see that you weren't entirely wasting your time in that class."

After the faint praise, Karen picked up the universal remote which had been in her lap, and soon had her favorite radio station on his home entertainment system. She closed her eyes, and listened to the music. About every ten minutes she told him to switch feet.

Bill was in heaven, actually touching the lovely feet that he had been dreaming about for months. He worked tirelessly, overjoyed to be able to have his hands on her feet, and his face just inches from her lovely soles. He ignored it when his fingers started to tire, and just kept working.

About 4:30pm, he couldn't ignore his full bladder. The second cup of coffee at lunch had been a mistake. He didn't stop massaging, and, even if he had not been gagged, he wouldn't have dared to speak. He just let it go into his diaper, as he worked on her right foot.

"Very good, Billy," said Karen, "I heard you wet your diaper. You're here to serve _me_, to massage my feet just as much as I wish. You did seem to realize that, and kept massaging without a pause. Well done, Billy. Now switch feet."

Bill smiled as he switched to her left foot. Her sock, in his mouth, was now sodden, and the wet diaper irritated him, but he didn't care. She had praised him. He vowed to himself to serve her, to the best of his ability, as long as she would grant him that privilege. To serve Karen, his love.

[to be continued in this thread]

05-01-2003, 02:31 PM
Part Four

At 5:30pm, as a song ended, Karen turned off the music, and told him to stop the foot massage. He got on his hands and knees, and awaited her orders.

"Go to the dungeon, Billy, and take a shower in the bathroom there. Also wash the bedpan. Then put on a fresh diaper. Get ankle cuffs and two lengths of rope from the supply cabinet. Also, in the closet, you'll find one garment hanging. Bring them back with you. Don't wear them, just carry them."

Billy ran to follow her instructions. After his shower, he washed the bedpan and got the ankle cuffs and rope. When he looked in the closet, which had been emptied before the remodeling, there was a straightjacket there. Presumably Susan had ordered it brought from Pleasure Chest West. He grabbed it.

He ran back to the living room, and handed all of the items he had fetched to Karen. He got down on all fours, and waited.

Karen tossed the straightjacket back to him, and said, "Put your arms in, and lie on your belly so I can buckle the straps."

He obeyed, and soon she had him securely fastened into the straightjacket. She locked the ankle cuffs onto him, and tied his legs together just above and just below the knees. She clipped the cuffs together. She flipped him over onto his back, and easily picked up the heavy armchair, putting it over his chest, so that his head stuck out in front of the seat. She sat in the chair, and placed both bare feet on his face, pressing on both his eyes and the Ace bandage.

"Every time you serve me, Billy, I'm going to rate the service. On a scale of 0 to 100, just like an exam in school. 60 is a low D, just barely passing. Any score below 60 will get you punishment points. So a score of 44, for example, means 16 punishment points. Understand?"

Bill nodded slightly, all he could do, still gagged with her feet pressing on his head.

"Scores of 60 to 80 will get you neither punishment nor reward. Above 80, very good or excellent service, and you earn reward points. Now, you massaged my feet for well over two hours, and your service was very good. I'm giving you a score of 86, Billy, so you have 6 reward points. Lunch was only a 65, Billy. I like twice as much ham as cheese on my sandwiches, and brown mustard, not yellow. I'll call Susan and have her buy groceries on her way over here--you don't have any decent mustard in the house, among other lacks. Susan will also bring dinner, and be joining us this evening."

She removed her feet from his face, untied the bandage from around his head, and pulled out the white sock.

"Where should I get the money to reimburse her, Billy?"

"My wallet is on the dresser in the master bedroom, Ms. Wallace. There's maybe $250 there, and my ATM card, if you need more later."

"That's fine, Billy. I'll call my sister now."

Karen was gone for ten minutes, and then went out to her car and brought in a suitcase, which she carried to the master bedroom. She returned to the armchair, and pressed her feet into Billy's face.

"I have both good news and bad news for you, Billy. First, the bad news. You went over the fifteen word limit when I asked you about the money, way over. I'll tell you now for the second time, and I don't like having to repeat instructions. When you're permitted to speak, keep it to 15 words maximum. One thing I can't abide is a man who is a chatterbox. I didn't count exactly, but you spoke about 25 to 30 words, depending on whether 'two hundred and fifty' counts as four words, or one. Contractions always count as two words, Billy, and an acronym, like 'ATM', counts as one word for each letter. Because you say it that way, 'aye tee em'. So, since this is your first punishment, I need to be rigorous. That way, you won't repeat your mistakes. I'm going to assess you 30 punishment points, Billy. Now, those don't cancel your six reward points, no. Points never cancel. You get the rewards and punishments that you deserve."

She paused, and pressed her bare feet hard into his face.

"Now, for the good news. I'm going to give you an additional reward, over and above your points, out of the goodness of my heart. Just because I really like you, little Billy. Because you're such a cute little tickle toy."

She removed her feet from his face, and leaned over to look deep into his eyes.

"You will now be permitted to lick my soles. Do it slowly and reverently, the full length of my sole, from heel to toe, with your tongue fully extended. Ten licks on each sole. You may begin when I put my foot in reach."

Karen placed her left foot on his lips, and he licked, slowly and reverently, ten times, with enthusiasm. Then he did the same with her right foot, when she placed it there.

"You may speak," said Karen, when he was done.

"Ms. Wallace, thank you ever so much for allowing me to lick your lovely soles."

"Very good, Billy, exactly 15 words, and quite appropriate. You will always, I'm sure, be very grateful to me when I allow you such an honor. Now, Billy, you'll have the chance to do me a service with that very same tongue. After you've gargled."

Karen got up, and returned with a bottle of Listerine and a bowl. She sat on the floor, and propped up Bill in a sitting position, leaning against her. She gave him a swig of the mouthwash, and had him gargle. Then again, and a third time, spitting into the bowl.

Taking the bottle and bowl with her, she went to the dungeon, where she put them in the bathroom. She took a blindfold from the supply cabinet, and brought it to the living room. It had large black leather eyepatches, lined with fuzzy black wool. She securely blindfolded Bill, and put a towel under his head and shoulders.

"There certainly is no need for you to see just now, Billy."

He heard her unfasten her belt, and remove her blue jeans. He heard the whisper of her panties being removed. He felt the warmth of her legs on both sides of his face, and then her moist private parts right on his mouth. She made it quite easy for him, really. Opening herself for him, and moving herself into perfect position for his tongue to reach the desired target. She then gave him directions on how to lick.

He licked and licked, with enthusiasm. In about fifteen minutes, he was gratified to feel a flood on his face, and hear her exclaim.

"Yes, oh my, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, ... stop licking now, Billy, that was fine. I'm going to have you do it twice more, but don't start again until I order you to."


Actually, she had him give her three more orgasms. By the last one, she didn't have to give him directions any longer. He had quickly learned just what pleased her, and he did it tirelessly.

Karen went to clean herself up, and put her clothes back on. Then she spoke to him.

"I'm giving you a 90 for the oral service, Billy. 10 more reward points. You may speak."

"It was a great honor to be allowed to give you pleasure, Ms. Wallace."

"Yes, it was, Billy. A very great honor, and I'm glad that you understand that. I don't want you becoming presumptuous. You'll serve me as I order, when I order, and you will never refer to it in a vulgar manner. Now, my sister will be here soon, and you know that you will always refer to her as 'Mistress Diana.' So you should call me by a name that indicates even deeper respect for me. From now on, you will refer to me only as 'Senior Mistress.' You are not permitted to even say my name. Understand?"

"Of course, Senior Mistress."

Susan's car pulled up then, and the doorbell rang. It was 7:30pm. Karen let her in, and they both unloaded the car of groceries and dinner.

Seeing and smelling all of the vaginal fluid on Bill's face and the towel, Susan laughed.

"It seems that he's serving you well, Karen."

"Yes, he's earned 16 reward points so far. But also 30 punishment points."

Susan laughed again. "That will be fun, at least for me it will."

Karen removed Bill's blindfold, and cleaned up his face with some baby wipes. Susan set the kitchen table with three places, and put out the dinner she had brought from Ovens of Bombay. The two sisters carried Bill, still in his straightjacket and ankle cuffs, to a kitchen chair. Susan got more rope and tied him tightly to the chair. Karen fed him, as Susan went back to her car, and brought two suitcases into the house. She took them to the guest bedroom suite, the larger one, which had not been remodeled.

Bill ate each forkfull that Karen fed him. She never asked what he wanted, or even if he liked Indian food. She fed him what she wished him to eat, and informed him that his dinner was over when she felt he had eaten enough. She invited him to speak.

"Thank you ever so much for feeding me dinner, Senior Mistress."

"You're quite welcome, Billy. And you do realize that I'm in charge of your diet for the next two weeks. You'll eat whatever I provide for you, and just as much as I say, no less and certainly no more. Understand?"

"Of course, Senior Mistress."

"Good. Oh, look, Susan changed into one of her professional outfits."

Susan came back to the kitchen, wearing a black leather bustier with metal studs, black leather pants, and black leather platform boots. The boots were 4" high at the toe, and 8" high at the heel. They went up almost to her knees, and the pants were tucked into their wide tops.

"I'm 6'4" in my bare feet, and a full 7 feet tall in these boots! Don't I look good?"

"Absolutely, sis," said Karen.

Bill wisely kept his mouth shut, as he stared at her in awe. The direction of his gaze was obvious.

"You like to stare at my boots, don't you, Billy?" asked Susan. He recognized the question as rhetorical, and didn't answer.

"You're welcome to look. And at my bare feet, which are size 13, just one size larger than Karen's, when I allow you to see them. Tomorrow, I'll have you massage them for me. But you'll never be allowed to lick them, Billy. Karen told me that she won't allow it--her feet are to be the sole objects of your devoted worship. Sole! I made a pun."

The women proceeded to eat dinner, and chatted, ignoring Billy, still tied to the chair. After they had eaten their fill, Karen asked what the groceries and dinner had come to.

"$40.49 for the dinner, and $80.13 for groceries," said Susan.

"His wallet is on the dresser in the master bedroom. Reimburse yourself, and bring me his ATM card. I already took his car keys and house keys. Billy, do you have a spare set of house keys?"

"Yes, Senior Mistress. Top drawer of my desk, master bedroom, left side of the drawer."

"Very good, Billy. Fifteen words exactly, you learn quickly. And what's your ATM code?"

"LOG30103, Senior Mistress," said Billy, pronouncing each character separately (ell owe gee three zero one zero three).

Karen wrote that down.

"And the code for your home security system?"

"MIKSIS1947WSPR," he answered, again pronouncing each character separately.

"I'll forgive you for not addressing me as 'Senior Mistress,' Billy. I see your problem with a 14-character password counting as 14 words. I never ask the impossible, Billy. Only obedience."

She wrote that down also.

"OK, Susan, get your money, and keep the spare set of house keys for yourself. Bring me the ATM card."

When Susan returned and handed her the ATM card, Karen put it in her own wallet, and headed for the door, still in her bare feet.

"I'm getting some more cash, we'll need it for food before long, ordering in from restaurants. While I'm gone, set him up for a foot tickling session."

Karen went outside, and drove off in Bill's Lexus. Susan untied him from the chair, and carried him, over her shoulder, down the hallway and into the dungeon. She placed him in the bondage chair, still in his straightjacket and ankle cuffs, legs still tied together.

Straps on the bondage chair went through D-rings on the shoulders of the straightjacket. Another strap went around his waist, and another secured his thighs to the seat of the chair. Susan removed the ankle cuffs.

Then came a surprise. From under the bondage table, she produced another set of ankle stocks, just like the ones affixed to the foot of the table. She also took a heavy wooden bench from under the table. The sturdy bench, placed under the stocks, raised them to the perfect height to receive his ankles, as he sat in the chair. Soon his ankles were locked in, and all of his toes were tied back.

Susan got four of the plastic hairbrushes from the supply cabinet, and put them on the bench, two near each of his feet. She drew two chairs over. Then she stood up to her full height, 7' tall in her platform boots.

"You're going to enjoy this very much, Billy. Your soles are immobile, and totally helpless. You haven't got a prayer of even wriggling, much less escaping our attentions. And your ever-so-sensitive, extremely ticklish soles are going to have our undivided attention, Billy, I assure you of that. For _hours_!"

Just as she said this, Karen entered the dungeon, shut the door behind her, and sat in one of the chairs, near Bill's left foot. She spoke to Susan.

"Now is a good time to explain to Billy how the next 13 days will work. First, show him who is the head of this household, Susan."

"Of course, Karen," said Susan.

To Bill's astonishment, she flung herself prostrate on the rug, and kissed each of Karen's bare toes, over and over, until Karen told her to stop.

"Thank you, Susan. You may sit now."

Susan sat in the chair near Bill's right foot.

"This is a Victorian household," said Karen. "A very strict Victorian household, and I am its head. I make all the decisions. Susan is my sister, but my younger sister. So she has the right to discuss things with me, and I'll often consult her. I'll often delegate responsibility to her. But the final decision is always mine, all authority is mine. She has just shown you that she will always show me the respect that I am due."

"I always will, Karen," Susan said.

"Now you, Billy," said Karen, "are in the position of a sometimes naughty four-year-old boy in this household. Never trusted, never consulted, never to speak unless invited to do so, and never to be a chatterbox, even when invited to speak. We will show affection for you, the way one often shows affection for a four-year-old, by tickling you. That will be fun for all of us. But only when we wish to, you are never to request it. Understood?"

"Of course, Senior Mistress."

"Your punishmet points will be redeemed tomorrow. By Susan, I delegate that job to her, because I find it disagreeable. But she enjoys it."

"Yes, I make a living enjoying that kind of work," said Susan.

"Your role in this household is also to serve me," said Karen. "To serve me, to obey me, and to learn to please me. To amuse me as my tickle toy, also, of course. You are to obey and serve Susan, at all times. You will respect her as my sister, and be eager to obey her every command. You will be kept in bondage, and our judgement of your service will determine your rewards and punishments. Well, it's already 9pm. So let's give you your evening tickles."

They picked up two plastic hairbrushes each, and began to rake them over his soles. His bondage was so secure that he could barely twitch as he laughed and laughed. Susan began to taunt him.

"Karen sure didn't exaggerate. Tickle, tickle, tickle, little Billy baby. You're more ticklish than I ever was. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Aren't I expert with these stocks, Billy? Tickle, tickle, tickle. You can't budge your feet, not one millimeter. Tickle, tickle, tickle. So cute, so helpless, so ticklish. Tickle, tickle, tickle. I've moved into the other guest bedroom suite, Billy. Tickle, tickle, tickle. I'm taking the two weeks off from work. Tickle, tickle, tickle. It's a sacrifice. We mistresses only get paid for the time that we actually work. Tickle, tickle, tickle. But I want to help Karen show you what slave heaven is like, Billy. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Just think of this as a two week taste of heaven, Billy. Tickle, tickle, tickle. What you've always wanted, in your heart of hearts. Tickle, tickle, tickle. We know that you love every minute of this, Billy. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Even as the tickling drives you insane, you still love it. Tickle, tickle, tickle, Billy. And we are going to tickle you into madness, Billy. Tickle, tickle, tickle, little baby!"

Within half an hour, Bill had tears streaming down his cheeks, and was unable to laugh out loud. He quivered, in the jelly state, as four busy hands tickled and tickled his soles with the hairbrushes. His diaphragm ached from laughing so much, and he peed in his diaper, as they went on and on, without mercy. They kept him in the delicious simultaneous agony and ecstasy of tickle torture. Every minute seemed like an eternity to Bill. Finally, at 11:30pm, Karen announced that it was time to get him ready for bed.

As he sat in the bondage chair, gasping, they went to the bathroom in the master bedroom suite and got all of his toiletries, putting them in the dungeon's bedroom. As Susan untied his toes, and released him from the stocks and straps, Karen invited him to speak.

"Thank you both so much for giving me a truly wonderful tickling session."

"You're very welcome," said Susan.

"Yes, you are," said Karen. "Billy, I'll be staying in the master bedroom, which should now be called the 'Senior Mistress bedroom,' I suppose. You'll be sleeping in here, on the bondage table. We'll bring in a pillow and some blankets for you. You'll sleep in the straightjacket, with its shoulder D-rings tied to the table. And with your ankles in cuffs, tied to the table. We'll not have you wandering about at night, nor pleasuring yourself, I might add."

At this point Susan was done, and he sat in the bondage chair unsecured, still in the straightjacket. He was ordered to stand up, and did so. Susan unfastened the crotch straps of the jacket, and then removed his soiled diaper, and wipe him off carefully.

She took a plastic device out of the supply cabinet. It was clear plastic, in the shape of a pair of testicles and a penis, the latter in a downward-pointing, non-erect state.

"I'll bet," said Susan, "when I mentioned a chastity belt, months ago, you thought of a hideous metal contraption with a waist strap. No, this is a 21st century model, all plastic, no strap around the waist needed."

She locked it over his organs with a small but sturdy padlock.

"It was designed to be worn indefinitely, without irritating the skin. It has a hole to drain your piss. But you can't have an erection in it--your dick will just hit the plastic, and the discomfort will calm you down."

"You're lucky that I'm kind," said Karen, "and I didn't order the spiked ring insert."

They both laughed at Bill's look of horror.

"With the spiked ring insert, it would be pain, not discomfort. And what a great fit! Susan, you did a fine job measuring him."

"Yes," said Susan, as she put a new diaper on him, over the device. She then refastened the crotch flap of the straightjacket with its straps.

Karen got two blankets and a pillow. She put one blanket on the bondage table, and hoisted Bill onto it, on his back. She put the pillow under his head. She tied the D-rings at the shoulders of the jacket to brass rings at the head of the bondage table. She reapplied the blindfold to Bill, as Susan put his ankles back into the cuffs. Susan locked the cuffs together, and tied the D-rings in the cuffs to brass rings at the foot of the bondage table. Karen put the second blanket over him, and pulled it up to his chin.

Susan kissed him, tenderly, on the forehead, and gave him a friendly tickle under the chin. Karen also kissed him, but fully on the mouth, and then spoke.

"Sweet dreams, my dear sweet little tickle toy."

[to be continued in this thread]

05-01-2003, 02:32 PM
Part Five

Bill awoke, bound and blindfolded, on Tuesday morning. He knew neither what time it was, nor when they would come to the dungeon, and his bladder was full. So he just urinated into the plastic device, from which it drained into the diaper. He waited. The room had been well soundproofed, and he heard nothing when the women awoke and had their breakfast.

At 8:30am, the door to the dungeon opened, and Bill heard Karen speaking to him.

"Good morning, my sweet little tickle toy! We'll have you unbound in a jiffy, and then you're going to have your shower, and put on a new diaper."

With both of them working at it, he was free from the bonds, blindfold, and straightjacket in just a few minutes. He went to the bathroom as ordered, and tossed his soiled diaper into the plastic trash can there. He took his shower, still wearing the chastity device. He put on a new diaper, and dropped to all fours upon returning to the dungeon.

"Sit on a chair, and drink your breakfast," said Susan, handing him a Slimfast diet shake. He drank it down quickly, and then got back on his hands and knees.

"Such a sweet, obedient little boy," said Karen. "So docile, and I never have to correct you twice about the same thing. Dear little Billy, it's time for your morning tickles. From both of us today. Now, get up on the bondage table, and stretch your arms above your head."

The table had been cleared of the pillow and blankets, he saw, as he obeyed. In a matter of minutes, he was stretched out, and totally helpless, bound as he had been the morning before.

"For the first hour, dear one, I'll tickle your feet, and Susan will get your armpits, ribs, and collarbones. We'll switch for the second hour. Oh, this is going to be so much fun, Billy!"

Susan had brought a boombox into the dungeon, and they listened to her favorite CD's as they tickled. Within 15 minutes they had Bill in the jelly state, sobbing and quaking as they tickled him, unable to struggle, in the unbearable but ecstatic state of extreme tickle torture. They kept him that way, thoroughly enjoying themselves, as they tickled and tickled.

At 10am, Karen announced that the first hour was up, and they switched positions. Susan now sat by his feet, and raked the soles relentlessly. Karen dug into his collarbones, looked deep into his eyes, and spoke to him.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle, dear little baby! Tickle, tickle, tickle. You do love this, I know you just love every minute of it. Tickle, tickle, tickle. We'll keep you in breathless ecstasy for another hour, until 11. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Then, poor baby, comes your punishment, I'm afraid. I won't even watch it. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Susan is my designee for that responsibility. Tickle, tickle, tickle, little baby. I'll always be the one who decides on your rewards and punishements, but the latter will be given to you by my dear sister. Tickle, tickle, tickle. We're going to tie you the punishment horse, that leather covered thing there. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Your 30 punishment points will mean 300 spanks on your bare bottom. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Poor baby! You do deserve it, but I feel sorry for you. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Because she spanks _hard_, she does. Tickle, tickle, tickle. So enjoy your morning tickles, Billy. Tickle, tickle, tickle. You won't enjoy your spanking, I can promise you that. Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, my dearest, cutest, little baby tickle toy."

She moved to his armpits, and just listened to the music as she tickled him. Later, she explored his belly and navel with a soft basting brush. She was back at his collarbones when she glanced at her watch and saw that it was 11am.

"All done, baby Billy! Your morning tickles are over."

Susan stopped raking his soles, and they both worked at releasing him from the stocks and ropes. They removed his diaper, and let him use the bathroom. Wearing only the chastity device, he came back into the bedroom and got down on his hands and knees. Susan grabbed his arms, and Karen his legs, and they deposited him onto the punishment horse, with his bare bottom highest. Karen tied his ankles to two legs of the horse, and Susan his wrists to the other two. Susan showed him the paddle that she was going to use.

Bill gasped. Its wooden handle was like that of a ping pong paddle, but the body was much longer. The body was a rectangle of wood, 12 inches by 4 inches, one-quarter inch thick. It was padded on both sides by red leather.

"There are four levels of spanking that I do professionally," said Susan, "and I don't care for levels one and four. Level one is just love taps. It can be done with the hand or an implement, but it's just pretend. No real pain, just play acting. Some of my wuss pretend-submissives like it that way. They pay $160 an hour, so that's what they get. It's a waste of my time. Level two can also be done with the bare hand or a paddle. It consists of painful strokes, that cause the flesh to turn pink, and then bright red. It really hurts, but leaves no bruises. Ten minutes after it's done, the redness fades. I enjoy giving level two spankings."

She paused and smiled.

"Level three is my favorite. That can't be done with the hand, although I have done it wearing only a special hard leather glove. It's best done with a paddle, or, carefully, with a whip. Level three leaves the subject black and blue--bruised--but does not involve breaking the skin. Level three is my favorite, and it's what you'll get today. A firm level three spanking."

Bill began to whimper, as she paused again.

"Save your tears, you'll shed plenty. You may yell, scream, and cry, but don't speak. Not one word, or I'll start over. Where was I? Oh yes, I really don't like level four. Best done with a whip, it involves bloodshed, breaking the skin. It leaves scars. Some of my sicker clients demand it."

She shook her head sadly, and got into position to spank Bill's bare bottom.

"I really don't want to watch," said Karen. "Be rigorous, give him the full 300, and come get me when you're done. I'll close the door, so I don't have to hear his screams."

"Yes, Ma'am!" said Susan, saluting with the paddle as Karen left the room. She waited until the soundproof door was shut before starting. It would not do to upset Karen.

Susan gave the first ten strokes rapidly, all on his left cheek. He howled at the first stroke, and was crying by the fifth.

"What a wuss," she said, sadly shaking her head again, "I'm just warming you up."

She gave the next ten strokes in rapid fire on his right cheek. Both cheeks were now bright red, but not yet bruised.

The next 30 strokes were harder, alternating cheeks. Bill was sobbing uncontrollably, his tears falling to the floor. So far, only one small bruise was evident.

"That's only 50, Billy, I've hardly begun," she said, "and the next 50 will be harder, and without a pause."

The next 50 were harder, and all on his left cheek. It was quite bruised when she finished, and Bill thought that he would die from the pain.

"And now 50 hard ones for your right cheek," she announced, and then delivered.

Bill was near unconscious from the pain, and both cheeks were blue and purple all over. Susan considered, and came over to his head.

"Poor baby! Your skin is more sensitive than most people's, and I don't have the heart to hurt you any more. You're bruised enough already to show Karen. So I'll give you 150 light taps on the thighs, just to be able to say truthfully that you got the full 300."

Bill barely noticed the taps on his thighs, as the pain in his bottom was so great. He was still sobbing when Susan went and fetched he sister.

"Poor little baby!" said Karen, when she saw his battered bottom.

She got a baby wipe, and tenderly patted it, as he continued to sob. She untied his wrists, and Susan untied his ankles. They placed him on his stomach on the bondage table, and Karen cradled his head and kissed him, again and again, on the forehead.

"Poor baby. It's all over now, and I'm sure you've learned your lesson."

Karen kissed him on the lips, and he finally stopped crying.

"What do have to say to me? Speak, Billy," said Susan.

"Thank you ever so much for giving me my well-deserved punishment, Mistress Diana."

"You're very welcome, Billy. And rest assured that I stand ready to wallop you black and blue again, any time that Karen deems that you deserve it."

Karen handed him a clean diaper to put on, and he did so, very gingerly. He got down on all fours, and Karen buckled the dog collar around his neck, and attached the leash. The three of them proceeded to the kitchen.

"I ordered in lunch while your were spanking him," said Karen. The burritos and enchiladas where already on the table.

"Considering the state of his ass, it would be kinder to let him eat the way he is," said Susan, putting his plate of food on the floor in front of him, as he was still on hands and knees.


After lunch, they led Bill to the living room, and removed his leash and collar. Karen got into the armchair, and removed her running shoes and socks. She put her bare feet on the ottoman.

"Massage," she ordered.

Susan left the room, as Bill scurried to the spot in front of the ottoman, and winced as he sat down on the rug. It hurt, even through his diaper. He soon forgot his pain as he concentrated on massaging her beautiful feet. Every ten or twelve minutes she ordered him to change feet, while reading a book that she had brought. As he had the previous day, Bill ignored it when his fingers got tired, and just kept on going. He massaged with passion for his work, concentrating on the lovely soles that he adored. Several times he started to get an erection, but the plastic device put a quick stop to that.


It was 2pm when Susan came back into the living room, her size 13 feet now bare.

"Could I have a turn, please, Karen?" she asked.

"Sure," said Karen, "although I do hate to have it stop. You've been very good today, Billy, but stop now."

He did, and got on his hands and knees, awaiting orders. Karen got up, and spoke to him kindly.

"I'm giving you an 87 for today's massage, that's seven more reward points for you. What do you have to say to me, Billy?"

"Thank you ever so much for allowing me to massage your lovely feet, Senior Mistress."

"You're welcome. Now Susan is ready for you to massage hers. Make me proud of you, Billy."

Susan got into the chair, and put her feet up. Bill sat back down, and began to massage her left foot. Her feet were slightly longer than Karen's, but equally well shaped and well cared for. Bill didn't like the black toenail polish she used, but supposed it went with all of the black leather that she wore. As Karen left the room, Susan asked her to please bring the magazine she had left in her bedroom.

Bill continued massaging, and Karen returned briefly to hand Susan the magazine. He couldn't help but notice that it was titled 'Amazons' and that the cover showed a man, dressed only in frilly pink panties, lying on the floor as a tall, muscular woman stood astride him, urinating in his face. Bill couldn't help shuddering, although he never stopped giving the massage.

Susan laughed as she spoke to him.

"Change feet. And don't worry, Billy. I know that Karen isn't into golden showers. When I've described giving them to clients at the dungeon, she's shown only distaste at the idea of it. Also, I do believe that she intends to keep you in diapers, not in women's underwear."

Susan had him change feet more often, every seven or eight minutes. She told him to spend extra time on the balls of her feet, which he did.

It was already 3:30pm when Karen came back to the living room, carrying the straightjacket, ankle cuffs, rope, a towel, and the blindfold.

"How did he do?" she asked.

"Stop now, Billy," said Susan, taking the hint. "You're very lucky that I'm an honest woman, Billy. I enjoyed spanking you, and I could do it again tomorrow. All I'd have to do is rate you poorly, below 60, and I'd get to spank you again tomorrow. But I _am_ honest, and that was a very good job, Billy. I'm rating you at 89, just short of excellent. What do you say, Billy?"

"Thank you ever so much for allowing me to massage your lovely feet, Mistress Diana."

Susan patted his cheek as she got up.

"Such a sweet, polite baby. And up to 32 reward points, too."

"Would you get him ready for you-know-what?" asked Karen, pointing to the things that she had put down on the rug.

"Sure, but why be a prude? I'll get him ready for eating your pussy."

"Billy," said Karen, "my sister is often vulgar. But if you ever say anything remotely like that, you'll get 100 penalty points. So always mind your language."

Karen left the room, expecting no answer, and Billy indeed stayed silent, as Susan got him into the straightjacket, blindfold, and ankle cuffs, and tied his legs together both above and below the knees. She put the towel under his head and shoulders.

Then she sat on his legs, and playfully tickled his feet with her nails, as she waited for Karen to return. Bill was laughing and laughing when Karen came back, stark naked.

"No, don't get up, sis, stay right where you are," said Karen. "Keep tickling his feet as he serves me. What an amusing idea! I'll see if it makes it even better."

So Susan kept raking her fingernails over his soles, as Karen lowered herself into position and sat on his face. Bill tried to concentrate on licking her, just the way she liked, but he kept shaking inadvertantly, and it wasn't easy to keep licking in just the right spot.

In twenty minutes Karen felt her climax approaching.

"Ah, that's good, don't stop tickling him, this is an experiment, keep tickling him, ah, yes, yes, now, Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, that was good. ... That was good, yes. You can stop tickling him now, Susan. Keep licking, Billy."

Susan did so, and got up.

"What's the verdict, Karen?"

"Not as good a job when he's distracted by tickling, I'm afraid. It was better yesterday, and, again, now, now that he's able to give it his full attention. I do prefer his full attention, devoted to pleasing me. It was a cute novelty, having him do you-know-what while being tickled, but I'll just go back to having him do it with all of his concentration."

"You sounded quite satisfied, for a woman getting 'not as good a job' done to her."

"I was quite satisfied. And now it's even better. He's really excellent at this. It's one of his best qualities. But only for me to experience."

"Enjoy," said Susan, as she left the living room.


By 6pm, Bill's tongue was sore, and his neck hurt, but he kept right on licking. He had lost count of Karen's climaxes.

"It's near, yes, soon, soon, now, Yes! Yes! Wow! Yes! Wow! Oh, Billy, that was just fabuous. Oh, my heavens, oh. Stop now, Billy, stop."

Karen got up, and smiled down at Bill. His face, the blindfold, and his neck were all covered with her cum.

"Dear little baby Billy! You're incredibly talented at you-know-what. I can't believe I had seven orgasms! Before you, I hadn't let a man do that for me in, well, over two years. What do you say, Billy?"

"It was a great honor to give you pleasure, Senior Mistress. Thank you so much."

"You're welcome, Billy. And I'm rating you at 95 for it. That's 15 more reward points. Just because I'm _so_ happy right at this moment, so very pleased, I'm going to give you a bonus of three more points, to make 50. 50 points is what gets you a reward, Billy. That will come right after dinner, dear one. I'd better go and clean up now. I'll send Susan in to clean you up."


Dinner was delivered at 7pm, Susan paying the delivery man from Tuscany Grill at the door. Bill, with only his blindfold removed, was tied to a kitchen chair, still in his straightjacket and ankle cuffs. Karen fed him, and had him say thank you after each bite, and after each sip of wine.

By 7:30 he'd been fed, and sat silently and watched the women eat. His diaper was already wet, and having had the wine caused him to wet it yet again. At 8pm, they released him from all of his bondage, leaving him in diaper and chastity device only. They ordered him to clear the table, and load the dishwasher.

Done with that, he waited on his hands and knees, alone, in the kitchen. Susan returned, and told him to go shower in the dungeon's bathroom, but not put on a new diaper. He did so, and waited on his hands and knees in the dungeon, naked except for the chastity device.

Karen and Susan came to get him. He'd expected them to put the collar and leash on him, but they just grabbed him by his arms and legs, and carried him to the Senior Mistress bedroom. They tossed him onto the bed, and he noticed a pillow at the foot of the bed, and a towel on top of the blanket. Karen approached him, holding a tiny key.

"It's time to cash in your 50 reward points."

She rolled him onto his back, and unlocked and removed the chastity device. His penis came to an immediate erection. Both women laughed, and they grabbed his arms and legs again. They placed him, lying on his stomach, with his head on the pillow at the foot of the bed, and his body on the towel. Karen spoke.

"You have an excellent view of the painting, don't you? You will be allowed the next ten minutes to gratify yourself, while looking at my soles in that wonderful painting. This is the only way you'll ever be permitted release--when I allow it, when you've accumulated 50 reward points, right here, in that position, with me watching. Never any other way, only with my blessing, under my gaze. You may begin."

Bill needed no further urging. With the pent up desires from the day's activities, he stroked himself furiously, and he came in two minutes flat. Both women laughed at him again.

"Just two minutes of fun, not much considering the service it took to earn 50 points," said Susan.

"What do you have to say, Billy?" asked Karen.

"Thank you ever so much for allowing me to gratify myself, Senior Mistress."

Susan wiped him off with a baby wipe, and locked the chastity device back on him. She handed the tiny key back to Karen.

"You're welcome, Billy," said Karen. "It is a privilege that you must earn, by giving very good or excellent service. And now you're back to zero reward points, so think about how to earn them again, dear one."

The women laughed at him again.

"Guess what time it is, Billy?" asked Karen. "It's time for your evening tickles!"

They grabbed him by the arms and legs, and carried him back to the dungeon. He was soon once again in the straightjacket, strappped to the bondage chair, with his ankles in the stocks, and his toes tied back. His bottom, very sore and bruised, really hurt pressed into the seat of the chair. But that didn't stop him from laughing, and laughing, and laughing, and eventually crying from too much laughter, as they raked his helpless soles with the four plastic hairbrushes.

At 10pm, when they had him reduced to the jelly state, as he quivered in silent laughter, as he squirmed is tickle torture ecstasy, Karen decided to talk to him.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle, baby Billy! You are such a dear. Tickle, tickle, tickle. I just love you to pieces, Billy. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Because you have such fine qualities. Tickle, tickle, tickle. First of all, you are incredibly ticklish! Tickle, tickle, tickle. Really super ticklish, and that's so much fun. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Second, you certainly have a great talent for you-know-what. Tickle, tickle, tickle. And you're going to employ that talent, every single day. Tickle, tickle, tickle. For me, exclusively. Tickle, tickle, tickle. For hours! Over and over, to my heart's content. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Third, you're quite good at foot massage. Tickle, tickle, tickle. That particular talent is to be shared with my sister. Tickle, tickle, tickle. As much as we want, whenever we want. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Fourth, you have the right attitude. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Docile and obedient. Tickle, tickle, tickle. You were eager to take my orders, from the beginning. Tickle, tickle, tickle, baby Billy. And I'll see that you stay that way--very docile, and totally obedient. Tickle, tickle, tickle, my dearest little tickle toy. Because if you ever disobey, or even fail to provide enthusiastic servive, well, Susan swings a mean paddle. Tickle, tickle, tickle. This is so much fun, Billy! Tickle, tickle, tickle. And I just know how much you love it. Tickle, tickle, tickle."


At 11:30pm, they allowed him to use the bedpan, and secured him to the bondage table, in his straightjacket, for the night.

[to be continued in this thread]

05-01-2003, 02:34 PM
Part Six

The next eleven days, which were the 3rd through 13th of his captivity, went very much in the same pattern. At 8:30am, the women came into the dungeon and released Bill from his bondage, having already had their own breakfast. They gave him a diet shake to drink, and had him shower and put on a fresh diaper. They gave him his morning tickles, while he was stretched out on the bondage table. This lasted until 11:30am or noon.

Some days he was ordered to prepare sandwiches for lunch, and some days they ordered lunch delivered from a restaurant. His rating when he prepared lunch was always in the high 60's or low 70's; never bad enough for punishment, nor good enough for reward points. He always cleared the table after lunch.

The afternoons were devoted to foot massages, for both women, and cunnilingus, for Karen. His ratings for these services ranged from the mid 80's to the mid 90's. He averaged about 25 to 30 reward points per day. He performed these services with genuine enthusiasm. When massaging Karen's feet, he was overwhelmed with warm feelings of love for her.

About every third day, Karen allowed him to lick her soles, but only ten licks on each sole. These were his moments of supreme joy, the moments of bliss that he lived for.

Dinner was always ordered in from a restaurant, and Bill was always fed like a baby, tied to a chair in his straightjacket. After dinner, he was released and ordered to clear the table.

On the days when he had at least 50 reward points accumulated, he was then taken to the Senior Mistress bedroom, and freed from the chastity device. Karen adored the way he stared at her soles in the painting, with such a look of love on his face.

His evening tickles were always given in the bondage chair, using the ankle stocks. This lasted up to three hours, and consisted purely of tickling his vulnerable soles.

They always left him for the night in his straigtjacket, tied to the bondage table, and blindfolded.

He was never punished during these eleven days, and he was truly and deliriously happy.


On the morning of the 14th day, after his shower and diet shake, things went differently. They put him back into the straightjacket and ankle cuffs, and carried him to the living room. He was placed on his back, and the armchair placed over him, in just the position used when he was allowed to lick Karen's soles. She sat down, and put her bare right foot to his lips.

"You may lick, dear one, fifty times."

Bill complied, enthusiastically. He was shocked at her generosity. Susan counted the licks out loud for him.

Karen withdrew her foot after the 50th lick, and put her left foot to his lips.

"You may lick, my beloved Billy, 50 times."

Tears of joy were in his eyes at her words, as he licked and licked. Susan kept count, and Karen withdrew her foot after the 50th lick.

"What do you have to say, Billy?"

"Thank you ever so much for allowing me this privilege, my most beloved Senior Mistress."

"Excellent, Billy," said Karen. "Exactly 15 words, and you returned my declaration of love, while showing me the utmost respect at the same time. Excellent."

She paused, and placed both bare feet on his face. Susan drew a chair near by, and placed both of her feet, also bare, on his thighs. Karen spoke again.

"There are two possibilities for future, Billy. One is that Susan and I pack up and go back to our respective homes now. In that case, you'll never see me again. Unless you eat at Il Violino, of course, but even then I won't speak to you. You'll have the painting that I made especially for you, and your memories of these two weeks. Is that what you want? Speak, but only one word."

"No!" said Bill, loudly.

"Then listen carefully to the second possibility. It is not negotiable. Either you will accept all of my terms, or not."

She paused again, and pressed her feet down hard into his face. Susan pressed hers down hard on his thighs.

"Here is the second possibility. We will take a long drive today, northeast on Interstate 16. All the way to Las Vegas. We will be married there. A lawyer will be there with an agreement for you to sign. A marriage settlement. In exchange for giving up all rights to ever inherit anything from your estate, you will give me $10 million."

She paused to let that figure sink in, and rubbed her soles lightly all over his face.

"I will greatly enjoy telling Harry to take my job, and shove it up his ass, but that doesn't concern you. Many things that do concern you need to be explained. You will never be permitted to see my private parts, nor my breasts. Only my bare feet, Billy. Your only sexual outlet will be self gratification, when you've earned it, exactly as you have these past 13 days. Only I will have the key to your chastity device. I will redecorate the Senior Mistress bedroom to my liking, with just one promise to you: the painting will stay where it is, for you to gaze upon, lovingly, when you're taking your reward."

She tickled him under the chin with her toes, and then returned her feet to his face.

"I will remodel the bedroom with the southeastern exposure to be my studio. I expect to paint three or four mornings a week. Susan will give you your morning tickles by herself on those days."

"Yes," said Susan, "I'll move in here to the room where I'm staying now, at no rent. I do like my work at the dungeon, and I intend to go back to my current schedule there, which is the afternoon shift on Mondays and Wednesdays, 1 to 7pm, and the evening shift on Thursdays, 7pm to 1am. I'll always be available for your morning tickles. And it's only fair to remind you, Billy, I'll also be available to beat your ass black and blue, if Karen deems it necessary."

"I have every confidence," said Karen, "that he'll be a very obedient, extremely docile husband, who always gives good service. So it shouldn't come to that. But make no mistake about it, Billy. I will remain the head of the household, absolute in my authority over you. I'll be in charge of every aspect of your life. You'll never venture outside this house, unless I'm with you. I'll change the security code, and keep charge of the keys. You will belong to me, body and soul. You will rely on my love for you, my kindness, and my wisdom, for your security. You will worship me in exactly the manner that I've taught you, and you will obey me absolutely, at all times. You will be my greatest work of art, Billy. I will mold you into the perfect tickle toy, and the perfect foot slave. Not to mention the perfect provider of you-know-what. I will be the goddess of your universe, and you will exist only to serve me, and to amuse me as my tickle toy. Well, Billy, it's time for your answer. You may speak, only one word."

"Yes!" he said, with love in his heart, and a look of utter bliss on his face.

-the end-