View Full Version : Great night at the Munch & Play party!!

01-15-2018, 08:36 AM
Hey all!

Many new faces turned up this past Saturday at the gathering and it turned out to be probably the best one yet that I'd been in attendance of! I want to thank our lovely 'Lees for being such good sports as I'm sure they woke up a bit sore from all the squirming and laughter they endured (and their endurance was quite impressive)! The 'Lers were very respectful and all in all made for a fun night of indulgence! This is a trend I really like to see being a long-time member of this little 'secret club' (my parents wound up coming into town that day so I had to say I was going to a birthday party, lol). Cheers and hope to see you all (and many more) at the next one! :D