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05-09-2003, 01:39 PM
Jolly Tickler Lovitzky and the Thief

Katie broke into JT's home in hopes of stealing some cash. She wanted to meet her friends at the mall after school, but had accidentally been locked out of her house and only had a few dollars. Katie was a senior at St. Anthony's High School down the street. She felt silly robbing someone in her uniform, but by being locked out she was unable to change.
As she opened and closed several drawers of a desk, Katie was unaware of the large, looming figure standing in the doorway.
"AAahh,"she screamed and jumped, as a tall, tubby, widely grinning man grabbed her by the wrist!
"Who are you," he demanded?
"Katie," she replied fearfully, looking up into the face of a man nearly three times her size.
"And what are you doing in here," he asked, this time shouting at her?
Katie cowarded, replying honestly,"Stealing. Please don't have me arrested".
"Oh? And why shouldn't I," he asked, smirking at her pathetic request?
"I'll pay you. I'll come back with the money. My dad will give it to me," she said hopefully.
"Oh he will, will he," Mr. Lovitzky replied sarcastically,"Does it look like I'm hard up for cash"?
"Well, is there something else I can give you, do for you? Anything," Katie started to whine?
"No, I think I'm just going to call the police," JT reached for the phone with one hand, while the other hand remained clamped to Katie's wrist.
"No," Katie shreaked, "Please! Isn't there a way out? I'll do anything you want! Anything"!
"Anything," JT asked, now raising an eyebrow?
"Yes," she said.
"Are you sure"?
"Absolutely," Katie affirmed.
Mr. Lovitz ky paused to eye his accomodating captive. Smooth skin, maybe slightly tanned. Tight, cutsie little brown curls surrounding her face. Bright, baby blue eyes and a small sprinkling of freckles on her nose.
It was obvious she was from the local catholic school. Katie wore a long-sleeved, linen blouse, a pleated wool skirt, and fuzzy, white, knee-high socks. JT also took note of her extra soft hand and freshly manicured finger tips, leading him to wonder if her feet were just as well kept.
"I think we just might be able to work this thing out after all. Come with me," he said as he left the room, pulling Katie along right behind him.
Mr.Lovitzky took her to a room like no other she'd ever seen. All sorts of large gadjets and gizmos that looked like they were ment to restict someone from moving. Katie's eyes scanned the walls. They were covered with mounted feathers, pipe cleaners, amongst some objects she couldn't identify.
Katie suspected what JT was about to do to her.
"What a dope," she thought,"I'm not the least bit ticklish".
But still she thought she might as well play along for a while.
"What are you going to do to me," she pretended?
"Well, whatever it is, it can't be worse than prison, now can it," he asked, rolling his eyes,"Get up on the table".
Katie did as she was told, then asked,"You're not going to r*** me, are you"?
JT laughed as if it were the most ridiculous question he'd ever heard,"You should be so lucky. This is for MY benefit, not yours".
Now Katie was the one making faces. She thought of responding with something snippy, but decided against it. Cooperating completely, she flopped down backwards placing her arms and legs in the spread eagle position.
Surprised, JT said to her,"If I didn't know any better, I would think you had already done this before".
"I've seen my brother's p*rn*$," she responded dryly.
JT strapped both of her arms into place, blind folded her, then strapped her legs, still leaving her socks on.
"I'll get to those later," he thought. It was his style to start from the top and work his way down. Saving the best for last.
Mr. Lovitzky began wiggling five fingers against Katie's neck while inserting the other five into her sandy locks to prevent the anticipated thrashing of her head. But instead, she gave no response, maintaining a stern expression. JT then moved down to the armpits. With two fingers each he began to tickle with speedy precision. Katie put on a half-assed performance of fake laughs.
"Stop that," he shouted down at her, causing her to flinch,"I know fraudulence when I hear it. You're dealing with an old pro".
Katie's eyes lit up,"Hey, didn't you use to star on Saturday Ni-"?
"I'm talking about tickling, not acting".
"Oh," she replied.
JT began unbuttoning her blouse as he prepared to seriously work her over. Mr. Lovitzky proceeded to try everything from furious ten finger tickling of the ribs and side, to rapidly dragging a corse feather back and forth across her tummy. Zip. Even after having removed her socks, she gave no response.
"Beautiful feet," he thought,"What a waste".
Feeling truly defeated, he was ten seconds away from letting her walk free.
Breaking JT away from his thoughts, Katie spoke,"You know, you'd better not get any ideas about turning me into the cops now, just because your stupid little plan to tickle me didn't work. Then you'd be incriminating both of us".
Mr. Lovitzky's eyes widened as he viewed the bound and blindfolded figure smiling smugly. The vey idea of Katie beating him at his own game was insane, he thought.
"Come hell or high water you are going to laugh until you cry," he snarled.
"Keep talking like that and I just might," she scoffed,"Come on Little Tickle Man, do your worst".
She was frustrating him to know end. Then suddenly an idea fell upon him.
"Maybe I'm going about this all wrong," he rubbed his chin thoughtfully. A new game plan formed and he went to work.
JT pulled a mirror on wheels, tilting it just right. Then he whipped off her blindfold.
"What are you doing," she asked curiously?
Mr. Lovitzky ignored her. The smart mouthed little brat would find out soon enough, he thought.
"Hey," she exclaimed humorously,"I can see myself. Top to bottom. Not bad"!
JT, shook his head in disbelief of Katie's arrogance as he pulled a chair right up next to the table and sat down. Once again, he slipped one set of fingers into her hair, pulling her head back far enough to fully expose her neck. Katie's eyes turned toward the mirror and watched as Mr. Lovitzky slowly moved his free hand to her neck and extended one finger. Slowly and gently, he traced it down her neck.
Katie's eyes bugged out in horror. She'd always taken such joy in tickling other children mercilessly, all her life, without ever having known the feeling. Suddenly, she knew all too well why her victims had laughed, spasmed, and begged so frantically.
She clenched her teeth together and tried to relax her expression realizing once he'd discovered he'd gotten her, he'd never stop. What seemed like an eternity to her, only took a matter of seconds. The giggles she'd been holding back finally escaped in one big heap.
"Please stop," she screamed in between laughs,"I'm sorry"!

With this, now JT was laughing. He'd finally struck gold. Now she'd pay. Dragging his finger back up, he took it all the way to the tip of her chin and back down again. He watched as Katie's body began to loosen and listened joyfully as her helpless giggles turned into long, endless streams of laughter. The look of shock and fear upon Katie's face satisfied him all the more. He was just getting started.
As Mr. Lovitzky observed, he noticed how dramatically sensitive the area right where her chin and neck came together was. With that, he took a white gull feather and began to exploit the small, yet hyper-ticklish spot by tracing the soft end in tiny, agonizing circles.
JT tightened his grip on her head as Katie finally lost what little self-composure she'd retained to this point. He smiled with devilish delight as her entire body trembled. Katie squealed and laughed uncontrollably under the tormentingly repetetive motion of the feather.
She managed in between laughs to beg,"Stop it! You're killing me"!
"Oh, if only that were true," Mr. Lovitzky taunted her in a sing-song voice,"But no, my dear. Much to your gross misfortune you'll be very much alive throughout every last bit of your punishment".
JT got bored with her neck and returned to her armpits. Flipping the feather around, he took the quill and began to tease her flesh as lightly as possible. Katie's laughs quickly turned into outright screams, and this time it was no act.
Once again, she begged,"Pleeeeeaaase stop, stop,stop! I'm too ticklish"!
"What," he mocked her,"You? Ticklish? Nah, I don't believe it. I think you're just putting me on again, Little Tickle Girl".
"Noooooooo," Katie cried,"Please! Somewhere else"!
"You're the boss," he said, dipping the quill into her belly button.
Katie released a super-charged shreak that made Mr. Lovitz ky grateful that he had invested in properly sound proofing his Tickle Tomb.
"Stop, stop, stop!!! Heeheeheeheehee!!! Aaaaaaaahhh"!
Her screams became so hysterical, they even made Mr. Lovitzky a bit uncomfortable. He decided to waste no more time, and went down to her feet. Katie watched as he took one of them in his hand and lowered his head. She knew what she was in for. JT's tongue trailed a long, delicate line from the tip of her heel, all the way up to her toes. It wasn't tickling her as much, and yet still produced the same giggling madness as when he'd began. Upon reaching her toes, he carefully inserted his tongue, slowly between each digit.
Katie's laughter now possessed a sugar coated quality that made Mr. Lovitzky raise an eyebrow. He suspected that he had just unleashed the p**v**t in Katie and felt quite proud of himself for having done so.
"Had enough," he asked her?
As her laughs began to die down, she became silent. Katie had an impish look on her face. With that, Mr. Lovitzky continued licking her feet, working both of them over and over. Finally, after about 20 minutes, it was over.
JT had left Katie breatheless. She'd been convinced that upon being unstrapped, she would flee that awful torture chamber as quickly as possible. But at this point, she was so exhausted, she could barely move at all. Her body was covered in sweat from becoming over heated.
"So, have you learned your lesson," Mr. Lovitzky inquired?
"Yes. The next time I try to rob you I should wear lighter clothes".