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05-19-2003, 02:46 PM
okay fans, here is the latest installement of this series. it has been a while, but since some posters requested it, i shall start it up again. feedback always welcome.

Jennifer looked up and saw Bertha staring down at her. Jennifer was still in the clutches of two African American inmates, Latifah and Shonda, and they were tickling her. Jennifer looked up through her tear soak eyes and was actually happy to see Bertha. maybe Bertha would rescue her from this torment she was experiencing.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?!!!!!" Bertha roared.

"just teaching this snow princess a lesson, that's all.." Latifah responded.

"yeah Bertha, we're just having a little fun!!" Shonda chimed in.

"GET OFF OF HER!!!!" Bertha screamed.

Shonda and Latifah released Jennifer and stood up. both women were nervous as they knew Bertha's reputation. Bertha then walked over to an exhausted Jennifer and scooped her up in her arms. Jennifer laid her head on Bertha's chest and strangely felt safe.

"dont you two know that this is MY tickle toy?!!!" Bertha asked.

"she is? we didnt know!!!" Latifah replied.

"yeah, we were just watching TV, then snow princess here started talking shit to us. we didnt know she was yours..." Shonda replied as well.

"MY tickle toy has been bad?" Bertha asked.

Jennifer raised her head. "NO BERTHA!!! they just jumped me. they called me names!! they attacked me!!!!" she pleaded.

"Is this true girls?" Bertha asked, her eyes turning to slits.

"Bertha, snow princess here tried to smack me across the face. you know what happens to bitches that try to start shit, right?" Latifah responded.

Bertha nodded her head. she looked down at Jennifer who was looking back at her. Jennifer was getting nervous. her eyes grew as big as saucers and she hoped that soon, she would be taken away from here.

"well, if she was bad, then it's time to punish her!!!" Bertha told Shonda and Latifah. "let me show you how!!!" Bertha then plopped Jennifer down on a table and Jennifer immediately began to squrim. she knew what was coming. Bertha then stuck an index finger in her face and looked at her with anger. "STAY STILL!!!!!"

Jennifer froze. then she heard Bertha tell Shonda and Latifah to hold her wrists and her ankles. the two other women responded and stretched poor Jennifer out, Shonda holding her wrists above her head and Latifah holding her ankles. soon, other women entered into the TV room and started laughing at Jennifer's plight. Bertha then stood by her side and began to address the small crowd.

"Ladies, i want to show you my toy. isnt she just adorable?" Bertha asked the crowd.

sounds of "aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!" and "she is soo cute!!" were shouted in the room. Jennifer blushed. this was humiliating.

"but the best thing about her is that she is very, very TICKLISH!!! WATCH!!!!" Bertha shouted.

Jennifer immediately roared in laughter as Bertha dug her fingers into her ribcage. her body jerked, but was held still by Shonda and Latifah. Bertha attacked the ribs playfully and enjoyed listening to Jennifer's laughter. Jennifer felt Bertha's strong fingers dig into her. she tried to evade the fingers, but there was no escape.

"tsk tsk!! this wont do!! her clothes are in the way!!!" Bertha smiled.

"NOOOOOOOOO DONT!!!!!!" Jennifer wailed.

Bertha grabbed a fistful of Jennifer's orange shirt and began to shred it open, then tore it off, exposing Jennifer's bra. she felt the cold table on her back and goosebumps formed. she then looked at Bertha who began licking her lips. Jennifer began to panic as she saw Bertha's tongue get closer to her belly button. she braced herself, then impact!

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Jennifer screamed as she felt Bertha's tongue wiggling in her belly button. she felt the moist tongue digging in and out, in and out of her navel and it sent shockwaves throughout her body. that was bad enough, but what made it worse was the fact she heard others in the room hooting and hollering. Jennifer has never been tickled in front of this many people before. usually it was one, but no more than 4 people watching. now, it was more like 20 women laughing at her. she began to cry through her laughter and the ticklish sensations racked her body. Bertha stopped the tongue tickling and stared at her toy. she began to pet Jennifer's head.

"my little tickly tickly toy!! now, let's have the REAL tickling begin!!!" Bertha shouted to the crowd's delight.

Bertha then plunged her fingers deep into the hollows of Jennifer's armpits. Jennifer's back arched high off the table and she went into hysterical laughter. she felt Bertha's powerful fingers dig deeper into her pits and the sensation was maddening. her eyes clenched shut and tears began to form. her back was still off the table, then Bertha poked her belly button and she collapsed back to the table. Bertha resumed her armpit tickling, loving the smooth tender hollows of the armpits. Bertha saw Jennifer's head shaking side to side and loved hearing the maniacal laughter pouring out. minutes passed and Bertha kept on tickling. she was loving this. in fact, she was getting more and more turned on by Jennifer's laughing. the crowd cheering her, only inspired her to continue the torture. she then looked up at the crowd and smiled.

"now, who here wants to see her feet get it?" Bertha asked.

the crowd hollered positively. they wanted to see little snow princess Jennifer get it good!! Bertha then walked over to Jennifer's already bared feet and stared at the little pink soles. Bertha always loved Jennifer's feet. they were so soft, so tender, so damn sensitive. she lightly placed her fingers on the soles. the crowd began to chant "tickle!! tickle!! tickle!! tickle!!" Bertha then began to rake her nails along the delicate soles of Jennifer.


Bertha loved this moment. Jennifer's soft feet were under her nails and she loved it. she tickled the tender arch and Jennifer's laughter hit a higher octave. Bertha drew lazy figure 8's along the arches and Jennifer's feet wiggled wildly. she grabbed a big toe and attacked that one foot. Jennifer tried to wiggle her foot free, but Latifah was still holding onto her ankles. she could only lay there and feel Bertha's finger stroke up and down her sole. the tickling was driving her insane. she felt the tip of the finger lightly scratching the ball of her foot and more laughter poured out. Jennifer's face turned red from the brutal tickling, but also from the crowd cheering. she heard shouts of "tickle her feet!!!" and "get those piggies good!!". Jennifer laughed and laughed and laughed. then when she thought it couldnt get any worse, it did. she felt Bertha's fat, powerful fingers dig deep into her toe crevices. Bertha tickled each and every little toe of Jennifer's feet. this was Bertha's favorite spot on Jennifer's feet. the toes were so soft, the skin in the crevices were so smooth and sensitive. Bertha then bent her head down, held Jennifer's toes back, then lick the exposed and vulnerable undersides of Jennifer's toes. this sent Jennifer into orbit, and the crowd roared its approval. Bertha sucked, nibbled and licked all of Jennifer's toes and was enjoying this erotic scene. she would also nibble gently on the balls of Jennifer's foot, sending Jennifer crying in laughter. Bertha then gave one big kiss on each of Jennifer's arches, then stopped.

Bertha then went to the side of the table. she wiped her mouth from the saliva that drooled out from sucking Jennifer's feet. she was very turned on, and with the crowd egging her on, it made her really want to torment Jennifer. she reached down at Jennifer's bra and easily ripped it off. the crowd roared as Jennifer's breasts jiggled freely. Jennifer, still trying to catch her breath, felt her face flush with warm feelings as she felt the room air caress her breasts. she also heard the crowd cheering at her plight. Jennifer wanted to die. this was so humiliating, being bound and tortured in front of a tickle thirsty crowd. then she began to mewl as Bertha fondled her nipples, forcing them to become erect.

"I THINK SHE LIKES IT!!! LOOK AT THOSE TITTIES!!!" someone in the crowd cheered.

Bertha then began her assualt on Jennifer's breasts. she dug her fingers underneath Jennifer's breasts and Jennifer exploded in laughter. she tried squirming, but she was trapped. her breasts jiggled wildly as Bertha continued to torment to soft mounds of flesh. Bertha was really getting charged up. she loved playing with Jennifer's breasts and continued to torment them, by dragging her nails along the curves and then digging her fingers underneath the breasts. she then lowered her head and used her tongue to trace around the nipples and Jennifer's body shivered. Jennifer was trying to block out the sensation of her nipples being teased, but her body began to betray her. she felt the arousal building up inside her. she hated this feeling. she didnt want to be brought to sexual release against her own will. the Warden has done this along with Bertha before. especially now in front of a large crowd of women. but although her mind didnt want to, her body enjoyed the tickling, the teasing and the pure erotic sensation that was being brought to it. soon, Jennifer's hips began to writhe. of course, someone had to point it out.


Bertha stopped her nipple licking and looked at Jennifer's hips. she knew that Jennifer was going to blow at any moment. she then ordered Latifah and Shonda to flip Jennifer over onto her stomach. they rolled her over easily and Bertha stood next to Jennifer's waist. with the crowd eagerly waiting in anticipation, she grabbed the elastic waistband of the orange prison pants and white panties and pulled them down, exposing Jennifer's rear end. Bertha pulled down the pants to Jennifer's ankles, leaving just her bare feet sticking out of them. Bertha stared at Jennifer's pale, but firm rear end. the crowd of women licked their licks as they stared at helpless Jennifer. Bertha then smack Jennifer's ass hard. SMACK!!!!

"ow!!!!! nooooooooo....please dont...." Jennifer begged.

SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!!! Bertha continued to spank Jennifer and the crowd cheered with each hit, counting out the spanks. the count reach ten and the crowd cheered. Jennifer cried more. her butt was stinging from the smacks and her whole body turned red. she then began to giggle.

"nnnoooooooo...hehehehehehehe....noooooo..heheheheh ehehehe...stop!!" Jennifer begged.

Bertha was lightly tracing her finger along the crack of Jennifer's rear end. she enjoyed watching Jennifer's buns jiggle wildly, trying to escape her tickling finger. she then would lightly scratch her nails along the cheeks and Jennifer cackled in laughter. Bertha kept this going for a few minutes and Jennifer began to whimper like an injured animal. she would then laugh when Bertha traced her nails along the back of her thighs. Jennifer hips began to writhe again and Bertha was now in full lust. she ordered Latifah and Shonda to flip Jennifer and they did it easily. Bertha now stared at the blond pubic hairs of Jennifer.

"MAKE HER CUM!!!!" someone shouted.

Jennifer heard the comment and her eyes closed shut. she was utterly helpless and knew her womanhood was about to be abused. she then felt Bertha's fingers graze lightly through her pubic hairs and she began to giggle. the other women in the room licked their lips in lust as they watched this scene unfold before them. they saw Bertha's fingers tickle Jennifer's pubic area and loved how Jennifer's body responded. soon, Bertha began to fondle the "lips" and Jennifer moaned in pleasure. she didnt want to, but her body made her. Bertha then lowered her head and used her tongue. Jennfier began to laugh and moan as she felt Bertha's thick tongue invade her. her hips began to buck, trying to make love to Bertha's tongue. Bertha sooned found her love button and began to lightly nibble on it. Jennifer's mind exploded in thoughts. she felt the orgasm building up in her and there was no holding back. she tried to fight off the feelings, but it was no use. once Bertha gave one more long, hard lick of her tongue on her clit, Jennifer exploded. the waves of pleasure engrossed her body as she released her love juices. her body shuddered from the intense orgasm and she felt drained. she heard the crowd erupt into cheers when her body went limp. she wanted to pass out. she was so embarrassed, so humiliated. she opened her tear soaked eyes and saw Bertha hi-fiving and shaking hands with other inmates. Shonda and Latifah let go of her, and laughed at Jennifer.

"this was way better than TV!!!" Latifah laughed.

Bertha looked at her drained toy and smiled. Jennifer's body glistened with sweat and her hair was matted to her face. Jennifer wanted to bury herself. she laid there nude, with her pants and panties around her ankles. she would giggle every once in a while as someone would poke her or slide their finger along her exposed soles. soon she heard some guards come in and everybody went about there business. the guards scooped up Jennifer and placed her back into her cell. she laid on her bed, pants still around her ankles, and cried herself to sleep. she knew that her ordeal would never end.

okay folks, did you enjoy this one? please let me know if you want this series to continue. thanks.

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Excellent! What we've been waiting for... ahaha.

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I wish that someone would post a tip on this forum about how to hide a huge erection after reading this story.

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Please continue. Pt 112? Just keep going and dont stop...

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thanks... and keep it going!

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Excellent as always Prime Time

You are definately a most creative and skilled writer!:bowing:

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I do love this series, PrimeTime.:D Glad to see it being continued.