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05-19-2003, 08:20 PM
After the tickling Bandit had attacked his victim Susan, the people she told of her experience leaked word throughout the city, and although she had promised not to call the cops, the heat and pubilicity got to be too much for the bandit, who decided he had to set up shop in another part of the country. This time, the bandit thought, he would go after a notable personality. For many years, the bandit had an intense desire for an encounter with blonde Weather Channel forecaster Kristina Abernathy. A beauty in her 30s who had worked at the Weather Channel for sometime. The bandit pulled a small pickpocket heist, rented a car, and drove straight through to Atlanta, where Ms Abernathy lived. This time, instead of randomly just attacking her, he had to be more professional. Knowing she had a family, the bandit cased Ms Abernathy at both her home and at the studio, so he could strike when the time was right. Her night work schedule put him at an advantage, as he could attack her in her house garage or her house upon her return from work. For a few days he sat outside her house. Then, he noticed for a couple of night stretch that the married Ms. Abernathy parked only her own car in the garage, meaning her husband was not home. The following night, he decided to strike. Upon her return from work, the bandit slipped into her garage as she was pulling her car in, and as she was about to get out of her car, Kristina got quite a shock, a man was sranding there with a gun pointed at her: "Okay, lady, keep your hands where I can see em, this is a robbery" Kristina tried to remain calm: "Please, I have money in my purse, please just take whatever it is you want and just dont hurt me" "Get out of the car, purse on your shoulder, hands up, no false moves, we're going into the house" "Please dont take me into the house, you can have my purse and anything else you want, please just take it and leave me alone" "Into the house, lady, now" The bandit ordered. Kristina did as she was told, and walked into the house, purse still on her shoulder, and her hands up. Finally the bandit said:"Okay, drop your purse and take off your clothes, to your underwear, and get upstairs onto the bed" "Please dont rape me, just take the money, please" "Do as I say lady" Kristina slowly took off her clothes, to her underwear, and went upstairs to her room. "Okay, down on the bed" She did as she was told, and the bandit tied her hands and feet to the bedposts: "What are you going to do to me?" She asked. "Oh, Kristina you are so hot, Iam going to give you the tickle torture of your life" She gave a nervous sigh: "Are you ticklish, Kristina?" He asked. "Yes, Iam very ticklish, ah how do you know my name?" "You are a Weather Channel forecaster, I've been watching you, now you are going to get it. Cooperate and you wont get hurt" She winced: "I despise being tickled, I cant even stand when someone in my family does it, oh my gosh, I hope I can hold out" "We'll soon see, ah most ticklish spot, c'mon, give it up!" "My feet, without a doubt, I will go crazy if you tickle my feet" she replied. "Okay, well, your feet, are going to get it, but ah, thats not the first spot I'm going for" He said. With that, the bandit began the tickle on Kristina's neck and she began squirming: Hehehehehehehehe! No! no! No! That tickles! Hehehehehehhe! Moving down, the bandit continued the tickling across Kristina's ribs, in the belly, and under her arms: Hehehehehehehehe! That That tickles! Please! she said through squeals. He continued down Kristina's body, tickling her sides and in her inner thighs, Kristina squealed and squirmed some more: Hehehehehehehe! That tickles! No Please! hhehehehehehehe! He gave Kristina a brief tickle behind her knees, and then gradually moved down to her feet, he tickled Kristina with his fingers first over and around her hyper sensitive soles, and underneath her toes, Kristina flexed her toes very hard, pulling them toward her almost violently, and shrieked with uncontrollable girlish giggles! :Hhehehehehehehehe! Oh my god! I give up! No! hehehehehehehe! Please dont! That tickles! Hehehehehehehe! I'm I'm very ticklish! No! hehehehehehehe! Savoring the beauty of this woman, without saying another word, the bandit gave each of Kristina's soles a quick lick with his tongue, and then proceeded to place each of her feet and toes in his mouth, sucking the toes of one foot and then the other, as she jerked and thrashed almost violently: Hehehehehehehehe! No! Please no more! I give up! No! No please! hehehehehehehehe! The bandit, true to his habit, wasnt finished, he next went down to Kristina's fridge and returned with ice cubes, which he proceeded to rub on her soft soles, causing her to flex, point and wiggle her toes violently to try and escape the maddening tickling: Hehehehehehehe! No! No! No more! hehehehehehe! No more please no! hehehehehehehe! she squealed. Next, true to form, he pulled a stiff feather from his bag of tricks and ran said feather on Kristina's soles and under her toes: Hhehehehehehe! No! No please! hehehehehehehe! No! Finally, the bandit went to his secret weapon, the electric toothbrush, as he plugged said instrument in and ran it over Kristina's soft soles and under her toes. The vibration was a killer, and Kristina squealed uncontrollably, her toes wiggling every which way, praying that this torture would stop sometime: Hehehehehehehehe! No! No! I give up! I'll do anything! hehehehehehe! No! No! No! Please! Oh heavens please no! hehehehehehehe! The bandit continued his non stop assault on Kristina's tender soles, it seemed that her reaction was even more violent then his last victim. Then, out of nowhere, a rush of orgasm erupted from Kristina's loins into her panties, and she sighed deeply, and then rested. Finally, the bandit let his victim rest, and the exhausted Kristina lay on the bed breathing heavily. "Okay, you've had enough, I'm going to untie you, since I had to come all the way down here, I'm just going to rob you and I'm not going to hurt you, but before I leave, I want to make sure that you're not in a place where you can call the police so readily, so here's what your going to do, do you have a ladder?" Kristina nodded. "Okay, you are going to get the ladder and climb up it, you are to be just as you are now, barefoot and in panties, and you are to stand there for five minutes, then I will leave the house and watch you for another five minutes, then I will leave and you are to stand there for another five minutes, by which time I will be gone and you can call the cops" He escorted Kristina to a utility closet where she kept her ladder, then made her set it up near a wall and climb it, before he did, he asked: "Have you ever stood barefoot on a ladder before, Kristina?" She nodded: "Yes, to change a lightbulb, I'm a bit afraid of heights. but of course I will do as you say" Kristina ascended the ladder almost to the top step and stood there barefoot, as the bandit watched. Time passed, and the bandit was set to exit the house, but before he did he asked: "Have you ever been mugged before?" "Yes, I was held up outside my office building once, a guy had a gun and he took my money, I didnt resist" "You have been a very accomadating victim, thank you for cooperating" "Thank you for not hurting me, ah as you know, I cant put my hands up due to the position Iam standing in, but I do give up" She said. "I know, I'm leaving now and I'm gonna watch you from the window for five minutes and take off, no police for 10 or 15 minutes, or else" "I know" she said. Finally the bandit left and she called the police, but again they didnt catch him. The bandit had hit his second victim, this time escaping with Ms Abernathy's wallet, 200 dollars, and her watch and rings. Thankfully Kristina wasnt hurt during the ordeal, and of course she reported it to the cops, and to friends and family. No one knew that this guy had struck before in a different city, and was becoming notorious in the US. This time, he had hit a famous person, and the question is, where and who would he strike next? Stay tuned for more upcoming incidents in the saga of the "Tickling Bandit"

The End!

05-19-2003, 11:19 PM
What a most interesting coincidence it is that I am also a fan of Mrs. Abernathy!:devil: