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05-21-2003, 12:13 PM
During the bandit's stay in Lancaster, PA, he had the opportunity to watch WPVI-TV from Philadelphia, and get a look at all the gorgeous women who worked at that station. Knowing they were probably all well to do and lived in the Philly suburbs, he decided to stake out the station and follow a few of them home at night, hoping to perhaps pull a job when there was a gathering of these ladies in one place. For a week, unbeknowst to them, he followed blonde anchor and health check reporter Anita Brikman, a woman who's wonderful giggle he witnessed on the air. Cecily Tynan, a knockout 33 year old redheaded weather girl with killer legs, and Michele Mccormmack, a reporter and anchor with straight dark hair. Michele and Anita were in their late 30s. All women had families, but as luck would have it, their familes and children all went on a camping trip one weekend, leaving the reporters to themselves to shop, and "spend time with the girls" After following them during a shopping day at the King of Prussia mall, he followed them to Anita's posh home in the Philly suburbs. As the women pulled into Anita's garage, the bandit slipped in, and as she went to unlock the door with her friends to gain entry to her house, the reporters received a shock. A man with a gun was standing behind them, gun pointed in their backs:"Okay, ladies, hold it right there, into the house, this is a stickup" "I have money in my purse, we all do, please just take what you want and dont hurt anyone, we wont try to resist" Anita said as the others nodded. "Into the house, cmon, unlock the door, and then hands up" Anita did as she was told as the women were herded into the house, and then stood in the kitchen facing him with their hands in the air: "Please dont hurt anyone, we'll give you anything you want, please dont shoot" Cecily pleaded. "Into the other room" he said. The women went into Anita's living room and stood hands in the air. "Okay, ladies you know the drill, purses on the ground, hand over your watches, rings, and any other valuables" Anita started by throwing down her purse and handed over her watch, rings and a chain, while Cecily put her purse on the floor and also yielded her jewelry. Michele similarly surrendered her valuables, putting her purse down, and handing over her watch and other items. The bandit, keeping them covered, rifled through the women's purses and found a total of $700 in the three purses, his largest total so far, not counting the jewelry. "Okay, shoes off, upstairs and into the bedroom" "Please, you took our money, please dont sexually assault us"Anita begged. "Upstairs ladies, do as I say, first, all of you step out of your shoes, and take off your stockings" The women complied and got barefoot as they were herded upstairs. Much to his delight, Anita had a giant king size plus bed, enough for three people to lie on. "Okay, strip, down to your underwear, all of you, and down on the bed" "Please dont do this" Anita begged. "Do it lady, c'mon!" he said. They stripped to their sexy underwear and lied down on the huge bed, as the bandit tied their hands and feet to the posts of the bed. "What are you going to do to us" Michele asked. Oh nothing much, just tickle you all to death. "No! please! I'm too ticklish, anything but that please" Anita begged. "Sorry, cutiepie, Ive seen you on the air with your nice giggle, now we'll see how nice it is, oh, and ah, redhead, nice legs" With that, the bandit began the tickle on Anita's neck first, causing her to thrash and giggle: Hehehehehehehehehe! No! Next the bandit moved down Anita's body, and tickled her on the sides, and in her ribs and stomach, she bucked as much as she could: Hehehehehehehehehehe! NO! NO! Please! she said through giggly squeals. Next, he moved down, tickling the sexy reporter with the nice giggle on the thighs and tried to get behind her knees; Hehehehehehehe! No! No! she begged. Next, came the soles of her feet, where Anita was deathly ticklish. The bandit first picked up one of her soles and smelled it, then kissed it and started sucking on the toes. Finally, he began the tickle, first running his finger slowly down her sole and over her toes and then moving more quickly back and forth over her soft soles and toes, causing squealy begging giggles and laughter; Hehehehehehehehehehe! Oh My God! No! please! Anita shrieked as her toes wiggled every which way. Next came Cecily, the girl with the killer legs. The bandit did his thing, starting the tickle at Cecily's neck, as the giggles started: Hehehehehehehe! No! she said. Next. he worked his way down her sexy body, getting Cecily under her armpits,as she bucked and giggled: Hehehehehehehehe! No! No! she pleaded. He moved his way down, giving Cecily a good tickle on her sides, ribs and in her tummy,as she squealed and bucked: hehehehehe! No! Next came Cecily's inner thighs as the bandit tickled her with his fingers on the thighs. Hehehehehehehe! No! she said through giggles. Then the feet. Cecily had very nice feet. He started by running his fingers over her soles, causing her toes to flex wildly and girlish giggles: Heheheheheheheh! No! No! Please!
Next came Michele, as he again began the tickle on her neck , and the giggles started: Hehehehehehehe! No! Then he moved down, tickling Michele on her sides and under her arms as she bucked: Hehehehehehe! No! No! No! she begged. Next came the belly and then down to the inner thighs, as he tickled Michele with his fingers as the squeals continued. Hehehehehehehe! No! Finally, the soles of the feet, as he tickled Michele on her soles and under her toes with fingers, as her toes flexed, pointed, wiggled and she howled: Hahahahahahaha! No! No! No! she pleaded. Then, before he could finish, the doorbell rang. "Who is that?" He said. It's a co-worker, Karen Rogers, shes coming to have dinner with us"Anita said. " Okay, everyone keep quiet, I'll go to get Karen" The bandit went to the door, stood behind it and opened it. Karen entered and didnt see anyone: "Hello, Anita" Then, the bandit slammed the door and jumped out:"You, hands up this is a stickup!" Karen put her hands in the air: "Oh my God, take the money, its in my purse, what have you done with my friends?!" "They are all fine upstairs, first lets settle business between us, throw down your purse and surrender your jewelry to me, now" Karen did as she was told, and threw her purse down, then handed over her jewelry: "Okay, upstairs cutiepie, lets go, shoes off" Karen removed her shoes and went up stairs, where she saw Michele Anita and Cecily tied to the bed: "Oh my god, what the hell has he done to you?" "He has us tied and is tickling us"Anita said. Okay, you, clothes off down to your undies. Hmm this is a problem, a fourth one wont fit in this bed, but this is a big house, I'll deal with you in another room" He said. Karen removed her clothes down to her undies and the bandit herded her into the guest room and tied her to the bed: 'What are you going to do to me?" His answer was to begin the tickle on Karen's neck, as she began to buck and giggle: Hehehehehehehe! No! Then, he moved his way down to her underarms and sides with his fingers. Hehehehehehehe! No! Next came her ribs and belly, as the bandit tickled her on her ribs with his fingers: Hehehehehehe! No! He then moved his way down and tickled her on her thighs, as her legs bucked a bit: Heheheheheheh! No! Next came Karen's feet and toes, as he first kissed her toes, then tickled them over the soles and around the toes, causing her to flex, point, and wiggle them wildly: Hehehehehehehehehe! NO! NO! NO! she shrieked the bandit made his way into the other room, and for his finale, tickled each women on her sole with different instruments, and then licking and sucking on the toes and licking the soles. Of the tied up women in that room, Anita had the worst reaction, shrieking with giggles laughter and pleading with her toes moving every which way, while the others laughed but to a lesser degree. Next, he used the electric toothbrush on Anita's soles, which caused her to buck, giggle and shriek so hard that tears came to her eyes: Hehehehehhehehe! No! No! Please! she begged. He then went into Karen's room again, and proceeded to run the toothbrush over Karen's soles, as she shrieked and begged and wildly wiggled her toes: Hehehehehehehehe! No! NO! No! she begged. Finally, gun in hand, he untied Karen and herded her into the other room. Then one by one, he untied his victims and made them stand there. Then , he herded them into the living room:"Okay, all of you, to the wall, facing it, hands up and reach" The women went to the wall one by one and faced it, as the bandit kept them covered with his gun. :"Okay, everyone stand there face to the wall while I make my getaway. You are all beautiful ladies, what do you do?" "We're news reporters, we all work for the same station in Philly, WPVI" Anita said. "Ah, well, then I'll be on the news then. Have fun trying to make your news reports to catch me" He said as he made his exit with his biggest haul yet, 1000 in cash and jewels. The women called the police, and this time through sketch, the FBI agent who trailed him from his last holdup had something to go on. This time he had robbed and tickled four victims. Would the law ever get him? Stay tuned.

The end

05-21-2003, 05:37 PM
Nice, very nice indeed. Well, I have one or two more ideas that I have thought you might consider integrating into the story, Mitch. Maybe you could give a history of our lone bandit. What got him infatuated to start doing this? Does he have an ultimate goal? Also, maybe later on you could throw a red herring into the mix. It could be someone that has all of a sudden decided to copy cat the bandit's crimes, simultaneously making things more difficult for our FBI agent while pissing off the real bandit. Please don't think that I'm trying to undermind your work, I'm just tossing around ideas. Anyway, I love your stuff so far and I can't wait to read more in the near future. Live long and prosper.

05-21-2003, 05:52 PM
Thank you for your praise. Actually, that is a very good idea about the history of the bandit, thank you. Ironically, I have my B. A. in history, so Iam very adept at writing historical papers and writings. Let me think a bit about just how to do it, and I'll introduce it in our next story, either at the beginning with the police going through his M.O., or the end, after they have talked to yet another victim of this fetish loving bandit. I think I have already come up with my next victims in my head, I'm just going to spend a bit of time before my next story figuring out how to incorporate his history into the next robbery. Stay tuned. Thanks again for your positive comments, they are always appreciated, and serve as an inspiration for me to keep writing.