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i'd like 2 point out that in this story, it meantions Botan's socks being removed. those who have seen the ep this story is based on will probably remember her wearing a skirt and stockings. but since stockings r harder 2 remove than socks, i instead want u 2 picture her wearing jeans and socks in this story. thank u

By MC^2


Yusuke Urameshi was a very special case. At age 14, he had become a well-known ruffian around his junior high school. His most well-known habits where skipping school whenever he felt like it, not wearing the proper school uniform, and getting into tons of fights with school punks, especially with one Kazuma Kuwabara.

Then, one day, something happened that not even those who are all-knowing could predict.

The day had started simple enough. Yusuke, in his improper uniform, had gone to school, but was skipping class, resulting in him being chewed out by his semi-girlfriend Kayko Ukimura and their principal Mr. Takanaka. Yusuke had been sent home from school, and even there, he was being chewed out by his lazy young mother Atsuko. Frustated, Yusuke went for a walk, where the unthinkable happened.

A little boy's ball fell into the street, and when he went after it, a car headed right at him. Selflessly, Yusuke pushed the younger out of the way and was killed by the oncoming vehicle.

Yusuke's spirit was then suddenly approached by a beautiful girl named Botan. Dressed in a pink kimono and riding an oar the way a witch rides a broom, Botan is the Ferrygirl of the River Styx, also known as the Grim Reaper. Botan had the body of a VERY beautiful young woman with shiny blue hair tied up in a pretty ponytail. Botan approached Yusuke with shocking news: that no one in the Spirit World had predicted his death. that without his interference, the boy would have survived anyway. In other words, Yusuke's death was completely pointless.

Because of these circumstances, Botan had brought Yusuke to the Spirit World, where he was introduced to Koenma, son of King Yama, ruler of the Spirit World. A wise being with the body of a toddler, Koenma presented Yusuke with the opportunity to come back to life once he'd done some good deeds for the living. Through the help of Kayko and Kuwabara, Yusuke was able to complete these tasks and come back to life. But once he did, Koenma and Botan had a new task in store for him. Koenma had appointed Yusuke Spirit Detective. Yusuke had been granted certain powers to help enable him to bring in demon criminals, particularly the fox demon Kurama, who now inhabited a human body, and the fire demon Hiei.

After Kurama and Hiei were brought to justice, they and Kuwabara began assisting Yusuke on many more perilous cases. But now, they were on a very dangerous journey indeed. They were forced to compete in a very dangerous tournament called the Dark Tournament, where demons and humans alike were pitted against each other in violent battles. To make matters worse, Yusuke had once again abandoned Kayko, and Kuwabara had abandoned his older sister Shizuru, without any explaination as to where they were going and for how long.

Now, Koenma and an ogre servent were watching the brave fighters on a monitor in Koenma's office. In order for them to have a complete team for the tournament, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei had recruited a mysterious masked fighter, the identity of which only Yusuke was aware of.

"Alright, Koenma, sir" said the ogre, watching the monitor. "who's this new fighter they've got on their team now, huh?"

"Beats me," replied the toddler replied, resting his head in his hands.

"You can tell me, sir!" exclaimed the ogre almost child-like. "I keep good secrets!"

"I honestly don't know," said Koenma, irritated.

The ogre gasped. "But I thought you were the official owner of Team Urameshi!"

Koenma moped. "Well, yes, technically speaking."

"And you don't know its members?!"

Koenma wept like a baby, which looked normal for someone with his body. "Nu-uh! No one's even bothered to tell me yet!!"

The ogre scratched his head. "Wow, it's like no one cares about you. Like you don't even matter."

"Oh shut up!!" yelled Koenma as he jumped up upon his desk. "I'm the chief administrator for all of Spirit World! Of course I matter! Why do they treat me like such a BABY?!" Angrily, he threw aside all the paperwork on his desk and began throwing a temper tantrum.

"Calm down, sir!" urged the ogre. "We'll find out!"

Koenma suddenly stood up. "That's it! Where's Botan?! Why hasn't she given me her report by now?! That girl is getting spankings!"


Meanwhile, Botan had her own problems to deal with. She was in Yusuke's apartment. Atsuko was in the corner sleeping, drunk. Botan found herself on her bum, being backed into Yusuke's bed by Kayko and Shizuru.

"Easy now," she said nervously. "No need to get....violent. Ehehehe."

"We know that you know, Botan," said Kayko. "Tell us where Yusuke is."

"And my baby brother, too," said Shizuru. "He hasn't come home for days."

"And neither of them even gave us a phone call!" continued Kayko.

"Yes, I-I understand you're worried," replied Botan. "But boys will be boys!" She continued to laugh nervously, when suddenly she found Shizuru in her face.

"Now, I want you to tell me exactly where Kazuma and Yusuke are!" Shizuma said threateningly.

"Please! For our friendship!" Kayko urged.

"I......I'm sorry....I can't." Botan looked down, ashamed.

Shizuru and Kayko looked at each other and nodded. Shizuru cracked her knuckles and she and Kayko resumed advancing on poor Botan, who continued to try to back away, but was trapped against Yusuke's bed.

Botan held her hands out in front of her to ward off her attackers. "No! Please, don't! Stay away!"

The next thing she knew, she was tied spread-eagle by her wrists and ankles to Yusuke's bed.

"Let me go!" Botan cried, struggling uselessly.

"Please, Botan," Kayko pleaded. "Tell us where they went!"

Botan shamefully looked away from her. "I can't....I swore to secrecy!"

Shizuru grinned wickedly. "We have ways of making you talk." And with that, she pulled something out of her pocket: a wicked-looking white feather!

Botan's eyes widened at the sight of the feather. "W-w-w-what are you going to do with that?"

Shizuru just smirked and nodded at Kayko.

"Umm...Shizuru?" said Kayko nervously. "Should we really be doing this? I mean....torture..."

"Just do it," Shizuru insisted.

Kayko nodded, walked to the foot of the bed, and proceeded to remove Botan's socks.

"Hey!" exclaimed Botan, struggling. "W-w-what are you doing?!"

But Kayko just silently pulled off Botan's socks. When she was done, she gasped. "Oh my god! Botan, your feet are so....beautiful! I'd never be able to get my feet to look like this!"

Botan blushed slightly at the compliment when Shizuru suddenly waved the feather in her face threateningly.

"Last chance," she said. "Where are they?"

Botan looked at the feather fearfully. "I'm sorry, I can't tell you!"

"Ok," said Shizuru. "You asked for it."

And with that, she walked to the foot of the bed and lowered the feather to Botan's beautiful right foot.

Botan scrunched her foot up fearfully. "No! Please don't! Don't, please! I'm terribly tickLIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHISH! Hahahahahahahahaha!" Her foot began flexing and wiggling about under the soft kiss of the feather.

"I can see that," replied Shizuru calmly. "Tell us where they are and I'll stop."

Botan shook her head. "Nohohohohohoho! I cahahahahahahahahahan't! Hahahahahahahahahaha! I hahahahahahaha I promihihihihihised! Hahahahahahaha!"

"Very well, then," said Shizuru. She began to gently slide the tip of the feather up and down Botan's smooth arch.

"NOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" Botan squealed. She curled her toes up tightly and tried in vain to pull her foot away from the torturously soft feather.

"Cootchie cootchie coo," said Shizuru in a teasing voice. "Yes, who's got ticklish feet, hmmm?"

Botan shook her head about as she continued to laugh her musical laugh. "Nohohohohohohoho! Ahahahahahaha! No coohoohoohootchieheeheeheehees! Hahahahahahaha!"

For quite some time, Shizuru just continued to torment Botan by gently gliding the feather continuously up and down her perfect arch, ocassionally switching from her right foot to her left foot and back.

"Nohohohoho! Plehehehehease! AAAAhahahahahahaha! Please stahahahahahap it! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

But Shizuru just began to slide the feather up and down Botan's right instep.

"AAAAH! Nohohohohohoho! Hahahahahahaha! Not thehehehehehehehehehere! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

"I can go on like this all day, you know," replied Shizuru. "Can YOU?"

Botan shook her head, continuing to laugh. "Hahahahahahahahahaha! Tourahahahahahahaaha! Tournahahahahahahahahaha! Tournamehehehehehehehent!"

"Hmm?" Shizuru paused in her feathering as Botan fought to catch her breath.

"Tour.....tournament....they.....they entered a tournament."

"It figures they're off fighting again," replied Shizuru irritably.

"What kind of tournament, Botan?" asked Kayko.

Botan looked away.

"Ok, then," said Shizuru, and she began to gently stroke the feather back and forth under Botan's dainty toes.

"NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" squealed Botan as her toes began wiggling up a storm. "Nohohohohohohahahahahahahaha! Not the TOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOES! Hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha!"

"Then tell us what kind of tournament this is," said Shizuru calmly.

"Hahahahahahahahahaha! Dahahahahaahahahark hahahahahahahahahahahaha Dark Tournamehehehehehehehehehent!"

"Huh? You mean they're going to be fighting in the dark?" asked Kayko.

"Don't be stupid," said Shizuru. She turned her attention back to Botan. "What exactly IS this 'Dark Tournament'?"

Botan just shook her head violently as tears of laughter began to form. Shizuru smirked and began to flick the very tip of the feather lightly between her constantly wiggling toes.


Shizuru smiled smuggly and stopped feathering. She waited patiently as Botan fought to catch her breath, which took quite a while. For 10 whole minutes she lay there giggling sweetly. Kayko was actually starting to envy how pretty her laughter sounded. She thought back to how Yusuke would often tickle her. Her tickled laugh was very cute and girly, lots of giggles, however Botan's, she had to admit, was like the voice of a siren. Shizuru twirled the feather between her thumb and forefinger to show Botan that she was waiting for an answer.

"Okok!" said Botan. Koenma's going to kill me, she thought. But, so be it. "Ok....but promise not to faint.

Shizuru and Kayko nodded and listened.

"Here goes....."

*****5 minutes later*****

Shizuru and Kayko both gasped.

"So this 'Dark Tournament' is some kind of SUPERNATURAL competition?" asked Shizuru.

"Against teams of monsters from an entirely different world?" asked Kayko.

"That's right," said Botan sadly.

"O......k......." Kayko just couldn't hold up to her promise. She fainted.


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Very nice work MC! :redheart: :bowing:
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Very enjoyable, now she has to get them back.
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