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04-23-2001, 03:23 PM


The ladies awoke in a dungeon-like room. They were each stretched out on wooden tables with their wrists and ankles securely bound in padded stocks. They knew that it was hopeless to even think of struggling. All they could do was wait and see what inhumane and sadistic ideas Edward had come up with to tickle them well beyond their endurance levels.
“Are we comfortable, ladies?” inquired Edward.
“P-Please n-no more.” Begged a terrified Johanna. “I’ll go down on you again. This time I’ll do a better job, but please n-no more tickling. I’ll go insane.”
“You did a wonderful job, my dear, but now it is time to laugh, and I have very special people to come and tickle you ladies for one week.”
“One week” They each thought. He has never tickled any of them for such a long time. A day or two, but never a week.
“And here they are.”
In front of each of the ladies materialized a male and female. The ladies were totally shocked to see that the man and woman were their own parents.
“Mom? Dad? Please get me out of here.” Michelle asked as she struggled with a sense of renewed hope.
“No Michelle” spoke Edward. “These people are just androids of your parents. I have instilled in them a major tickled torture fetish for their little girls. Parents, please take your places.”
Each of their parents took their spots. The fathers sat at their little girls’ naked feet while the mothers sat next to their daughters.
“Please, Mom. Don’t do this. I’m begging you.” Pleaded a terrified Teresa. “I love you.”
“And I love you to dear.” Replied her Mom. “I love your ticklish underarms, your ticklish belly, and your Father simply loves your excruciatingly ticklish feet.” Teresa fought all in vain to get freed from the stocks.
“Save your strength, sweetheart.” Her Mom suggested. “You are going to need it.”
“Well, parents.” Spoke Edward. “Looks like I will bid you farewell and leave you alone with your beautiful and insanely ticklish daughters.”
Edward simply vanished.
Without any hesitation the parents began to sadistically tickle torture their daughters.
All four of the ladies began screaming and hollering in total hysterics.
Each of the parents used different methods to torture their little girls.

Michelle’s parents used vibrating instruments. Her father tied her toes back and used a vibrating pen-like tool and lazily “wrote” on the soles of Michelle’s feet. He made sure to pay special attention to wrinkles of her soles. The vibrating pen was slim enough to easily slide in between Michelle’s toes despite the string holding her toes in place. This plunged Michelle even deeper into a vast ocean of agonizing hysterics.
The fingertips of Michelle’s Mom vibrated. Michelle tightly closed her eyes and held her breath as she awaited the inevitable. Michelle just about jumped clean out of her skin when her Mom’s fingers made contact. Michelle was bucking and thrashing about as best as her restraints would allow her. The way she was reacting one would have thought that her parents were jolting her with electricity. Michelle felt all ten of her Mom’s fingers as she gracefully glided her fingers across her daughter’s unbearably ticklish flesh.

Johanna was begging her parents not to tickle her. Her begging and pleading simply ended up being incoherent babble since she is so terrified of being tickle anymore.
Her father rubbed baby oil all over her feet and her mother did the same to Johanna’s body. Johanna felt her Mom’s perfectly manicured fingernails sliding over her naked body. The baby oil made the tickling sensation so many times more intolerable. Johanna simply dissolved into silent screaming laughter. Her body trembling in absolute titillating hysterics and her sweet angelic face contorted in pure agony. Her feet were flailing about as her Dad was tickling her feet with a stiff turkey feather. Johanna was driven deeper into insanity whenever her Dad slid the feather in between her toes.

Carmen’s parents used lotion on their daughter. Her Mom began to tickle at Carmen’s wrists, slid down her arms. Carmen could feel the tickling sensation growing as her Mom got closer and closer to her armpits. Carmen tried to be strong, but it was no use when she felt her Mom’s fingers make contact with her armpits. Carmen erupted in a shower of sheer hysterics. She squirmed wildly about in a failed effort to evade her Mom’s tickling fingers. Her Mom slithered her fingernails across every inch of Carmen’s horribly ticklish flesh. At first the look on Carmen’s face was that of enjoyment.
“Are you enjoying this, baby?” her Mom asked. Carmen shook her head in complete protest.
Her Dad used shaving brushes to tickle his daughter’s feet. Carmen’s feet had become so susceptible to tickling that she felt every stiff bristle as it slid and swirled across her baby soft feet.

Teresa’s parents used soft fine tipped artist brushes. The brush bristles came out of the pores of her Mom’s fingertips. Her Mom’s fingers sadistically snaked their way all over Teresa’s naked body. Teresa could not stand it. All she wanted was for this nightmare to stop. The tickling was so unbearable as Teresa violently thrashed her head back and forth, screaming and hollering in total hysterical agony.
Teresa’s Dad tickling her feet was no help at all. She felt the brushes stroking the soles of her feet. It felt like her Dad was using her feet as canvases for some imaginary painting.

The horrible night terrors of tickle torture continued all week with no breaks. The ladies just wanted to either pass out or die, so the gruesome nightmare would end, but it did not. The parents had such apathy for their daughters. They had a look of sadistic bliss as they mercilessly tortured their little girls.
The week came and went. Edward appeared as he always did.
“So did we have a nice quality family time together?” he sarcastically asked.
The parents agreed that they did enjoy the time with their daughters.
“Well, parents. It is time to go.”
The parents kissed their daughters and told them that they loved them and hoped to come back soon for a longer visit. The parents stood in the same place they stood when they appeared and melted away.
The ladies’ heads were spinning. They were so exhausted one could here them whizzing with every breath they took. Their chest heaving heavily up and down grasping for every ounce of air they could get a hold of.
The lower half of their wooden table was a darker color because the ladies had wet themselves so many times.
Edward gazed upon the ladies and just thought of what other inhumane ideas he could come up with. He looked at their tired sweaty bodies with their hair plastered to their foreheads.
He turned and left the room. Instantly the torture room was transformed into the ladies bedroom. Each was in her own bed, and they quickly went into a deep sleep.