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08-11-2001, 08:58 PM
My last mainstream post.

Trouble TV seems to of gone slightly tickling mad!

They have a series of advertisements, stating T is for......one time it says 'TICKLE' and it shows a feather and makes a tickling noise.

If u go to www.trouble.co.uk you can play a game called 'Torture Fred' in which one of the tortures is tickling his sides with a feather.

A couple weeks back someone posted a subject on 'Cruel Summer' and to vote for tickling. They sort of responded! Someone even left a message for one the contestants asking 'would u like to get into the stocks' (nice one if ur reading!). Sadly the response was F/M which i CANT STAND! The gorgeous girl had to lick one of the boys foot for a minute. The announcer said 'Whats tickling his fancy?'. Afterwards the boy stated he was ok untill she put her tongue between his toes which he said was ticklish.

I imagine if more people go on and vote for a girl to be tickled then it will happen!!!