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04-23-2001, 04:39 PM

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, and Emma Caulifield had just left a Hollywood nightclub. They had an incredible night. As they got to the curb, their limousine drove up. The driver quickly came to open the passenger door in order for the ladies to get in.
“Where is Henry our normal driver?” inquired Sarah.
“Henry had an emergency, but do not worry, Ms. Gellar. I’ve never lost a person.” The Driver replied with a tip of his hat and a big grin. Sarah entered in car without a second thought.
The limo pulled away and the ladies were off to their homes, or at least they thought they were.
The limo took an abrupt right turn, which lead off of the main road.
“Hey! What is going on up there?” demanded Emma.
“Don’t worry ladies.” Replied the Driver. “I’ve never lost a person.”
Suddenly the door locks clicked shut. Alyson and Sarah tried to open the doors, but it was no use. A divider slide up thus separating the driver from the ladies.
Without any notice gas began to fill the back of the limo. The ladies passed out in seconds.
One by one the ladies awoke in a padded room. Each of them was seated on the floor in a separate corner of the room. They were in straight jackets with their feet in padded stocks. The stocks were part of a nice size box. The girls could see from looking at the others that the boxes had a mess wire lid that was hanging on the front side of the box. They struggled to get freed, but in the end it was hopeless.
“Sarah?” asked Alyson. “Are you, OK?”
“Yes.” Sarah replied. “How about you, Emma?”
“Yeah.” She answered. “I’m all right. I just want to know who did this and why, so I can kick their butts.”
“Same here.” Answered Sarah.
“Do you have any idea who would do something like this to us?” asked Alyson.
Before an answer could be spoken, the door opened.
The ladies held their breaths as the person entered the room. The person was a man.
“What do you want with us?” growled Sarah.
“You will find out in a moment, Ms. Gellar. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Peter.”
“Nice name.” Emma spoke trying to not sound too scared and worried. “What do have against us?”
“Nothing. I just brought you ladies here for some laughs. As you have noticed, I have removed your shoes and hosiery. Your toes are securely tied back making your lovely feet completely exposed and vulnerable.”
The ladies began to get nervous as to where this was going.
“While you ladies were sleep.” Peter continued. “Your feet were soaking in three different liquids. Ms. Gellar had here feet in tuna oil, Ms. Caulifield had her feet in chicken grease, and Ms. Hannigan had her lovely feet soaking in a heavy cream.”
“What’s all of this for?” Demanded Emma.
“For my cats, of course.”
The shocking looks on the ladies’ faces were unanimous.
“Y-You’re not going to do w-what I think you are g-going to do, mister.” Pleaded Alyson.
Peter turned and left the room only for a minute. He returned with three portable animal kennels.
“In each kennel.” He explains. “Is a pair of cats that will slowly lick your feet clean of the liquids. It will greatly tickle. I warn you ladies. I have seen women go completely insane from this. Now who would like to go first?”
He looked around to see only fear and terror in the eyes of ladies.
“Ms. Gellar. Would you please do us the honor of going first?”
Peter opened one of the cages and pulled out a pair of cats.
Sarah began to struggle even more adamant as Peter drew closer and closer to her boxed feet. Peter stopped and looked into Sarah’s fear filled eyes.
“Are we ready?’ he asked.
“P-Please. D-Don’t do this.” She begged. “You have n-no idea how ticklish my feet are. It’ll be torture. I’ll g-go insane. Please don’t.”
Peter casual placed the cats in the box and closed the lid.
Sarah tightly squeezed her eyes shut and tensed every muscle in her body as she awaited the inevitable.
Her eyes just about popped out of her head when the cats began to lick her baby soft feet with their warm, wet rough tongues. Sarah bucked and thrashed about as if someone were jolting her feet with electricity.
Sarah screamed and howled in complete hysterics. Her hair was whipping wildly back and forth, and there was nothing Sarah or the others could do to help her.
Peter turned to see the reactions of the Emma and Alyson. Both had their eyes shut so they would not see the horror their friend was enduring. Peter heard Emma quietly repeat to herself, ”This isn’t real. I’m not here. This isn’t real. This is just a dream.” Alyson had the look of wanting to have earplugs in her ear so she would not be able to hear Sarah’s hysterical unbridled laughter.
“How about you, Ms. Caulifield? Would you like to be next?”
When Emma heard this, she stopped her wishful thinking, and her eyes popped open with the look of disbelief in them.
“No mister. Please don’t.” Implored Emma. “I’ll do whatever you ask. Please I can’t stand to be tickled. Anything but that. I’ll wet myself. Please don’t.”
Peter slowly placed the cats in Emma’s box and closed the lid. As much as Emma wanted to curl her toes in she could not since they were tied back.
Emma jumped about two inches off the floor when the cats began to lick her excruciatingly ticklish feet. She was instantly overwhelmed by a titanic wave of complete hysterics. Emma’s lovely face became contorted and twisted in hysterical agonizing laughter.
Peter turned to get the last pair of cats, and he went towards Alyson.
“HEEEE!!!HAAA!!!” Alyson began to nervously giggle. “NO! PLEASE!!HAAAA!!! STOP! DON’T DO THIS!!HAAAAA!!!!”
Just the mere thought of being tickled was so powerful that Alyson was almost in tears by the time Peter placed the cats in her box.
The cats were in the box, and the lid was closed. Alyson’s laughter erupted into silent hysteric as the cats licked her feet. Alyson’s body was trembling as time went on.
Peter went to see if Emma was true to her word. Sure enough as he looked on the other side of the stocks, Peter saw a wet spot.
“I have to leave for a few hours.” Peter told the ladies. “Don’t worry. I’ll be back to re-coat your soles so my cats won’t get too hungry.”
He turned to leave the room. The door closed and the dead bolt slid in place.
The tickling became even more intolerable for the ladies as now there was no one there to take the cats away.
As they were slowly driven to the edges of insanity, one thought came to their minds; “Will this ever end?”


Anna Donnison
12-20-2003, 04:26 AM
Amber Benson, Iyari Limon and Michelle Trachtenburg! Please getting cracking on sequel!
Alternatively... Mercedes McNab, Amy Acker, Charisma Carpenter
OR Juliet Landau, Eliza Dushku, Julie BenzOR