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04-23-2001, 06:09 PM
Hello everyone, this is the MercilessOne passing along an exciting and TRUE story that took place several years ago. The person involved is still to this day the best ticklee I ever met, and I love her to death!

Several years ago I moved farther away from Chicago to my current home and along with having to shop at a new store,I also had to find a new person to cut my hair. One very hot July Saturday morning I was in a small village close to where I live. It is a small town with a main street and as I passed a barber shop with a real barber pole out in front I looked in and was taken aback by the sight of a beautiful Lady busily cutting hair in one of the three chairs in the shop. I kept walking along and started wondering.....hmmmmm. So I slowly turned around and said," I hope so!" I approached the shop and when I entered I was in heaven. There cutting an older gentleman's hair was a beautiful Lady who I figured was in her mid 40's. She had long reddish brown hair, was wearing a tank top that covered pretty good sized breasts, and had on cutoff bluejeans. Her feet? FANTASTIC! She was wearing Birkenstock sandals, her toenails were painted Fuschia Pink and she had ankle bracelets on both ankles. "Hi" she said, "there are 2 ahead of you so it'll be awhile." I said I was in no hurry and took a seat directly in front of her chair. It was like heaven watching this Doll cut hair and I kept my eyes on her beautiful sandaled feet as she moved around her customer cutting hair. About two minutes into cutting her next customer's hair she stopped and kicked off her sandals! She smiled at me and said, " Sorry, I'm more comfortable like this." Oh my God, I was shaking and such devious thoughts were running through my head as those gorgeous barefeet moved about. I nearly had an orgasm as I watched her toes curl every now and then.

Finally it was my turn. I sat down and as she turned to set up her instruments I looked down at her feet once more before she started cutting. She introduced herself as Janice, a 44 year old divorced mother of 2, the oldest 19 and the youngest 15. It seems she had been working at this place for 9 years prior and had bought the shop from the long time owner after he retired. I told her I was new in the area and it looked liked she would be my new Barber. "Great, I'm open on Sundays too from 9 to 1. As we talked about things in general I mentioned her feet and how attractive I thought they were, and how cute it was that she was barefooted."When it gets this hot I love to be barefoot" I waited a few minutes and asked Janice if her feet were ticklish. "No!" she quickly answered which to me meant Yes! I decide from that moment that I had to find out.

Ok, I've set up the person and here's the best part. I found that getting my hair cut by Janice on Sundays after 12:00 noon was the best time because I was usually last and could talk about things more freely. Every other week I paid her a visit and was treated to a fantastic array of sandals, flip-flops, different colors of nailpolish and at times barefeet.
It was the last Sunday in August and the temperature was up near 100 her which is not unusual in Chicago. I, as usual, showed up for my 12;40 appointment which was to be Janice's last. She had on a black t-shirt, black cutoffs and was wearing bamboo soled platform thongs. I got up the nerve and asked if she'd cut my hair barefooted to which she smiled and replied, "You like feet don't you?" I weakly smiled and said yes. "OK!" Off they came. "Do you like my toenail polish?" she asked lifting her foot up and displaying a barefoot with nails that were polished a fantastic shade of an almost neon purple. She said she was not looking forward to going home because her air conditioner was not working properly and no one could get out until the next day. I told her I could take a look at it if she wanted. I really had no working knowledge of air conditioners, but that was the last thing I had on my mind. "Really?" she asked. "That'd be great!" I don't live too far from here, if you don't mind." I said I had nothing to do so Jan finished up, locked up the shop and I followed her to her house which was a small house but very nicely landscaped. She got out of her car and walked around to the back as I waited on the front pourch. A minute later she let me in. It was hot in there. She turned on this window unit air conditioner and no cool air was coming out. I said we should check the filter. It was filthy dirty, and we took it out and replaced it with another. Well luck was on my side because when we turned it back on cool air came out. "OH MY GOD!" she squealed. "Thank you so much!" She gave me a great big hug and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I'll just have a glass of water. She padded barefoot in the kitchen and returned with the water. I sat on the couch and she sat down next to me a lit a cigarette. "Smoke?" she asked."Yes" I replied and lit up one of my own. "Jan, can I give you a foot massage?" I asked. "Sure honey, I could use one." She put her sexy barefeet in my lap and I began to massage them. The soles were slightly dirty from being barefoot. "Your feet are kind of dirty on the bottoms Janice" I cooly said. "I wouldn't be surprised" she replied. "I'd live barefoot if I could" I continued and she continued smoking and closed her eyes. After putting out her cigarette she looked at me with such a sexy look and said, "You do that so good" "I think I'll keep you!" I decided now was the time. "Tell me Janice, how does this feel?" and I took her ankles in the crook of my left arm and frantically began to scrabble my fingers all over her soles. "NO!" she screamed,"I'M TICKLISH!!!" I laughed and said, "I thought you weren't" Jancice was laughing hysterically and begging me to stop."OH PLEASE! I CAN'T STAND TO BE TICKLED ESPECIALLY ON MY FEET!!!!" "GODDAMNIT STOP IT YOU BASTARD!" It was no use she was trapped,lying on her back and her ankles locked tightly in my arm."HAHAAHAHHAHHAHHAH!" Jan screamed. "OOOOOOOO, I CAN'T STAND IT" I continued to frantically wiggle my fingers as her purple polished toes wiggled and twitched."OH GOD I'M BEGGING YOU!, THIS IS SO NOT FUNNY!" AHHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAH!" "OH PLEASE! YOU'RE DRIVING ME NUTS!" 'WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TOO ME?" "Why?" I asked, "because I'm a sadistic tickler and I've dreamed of doing this to you since I met you." "That's why" I then stuck my index finger between the big and second toes of her right foot and cruelly wiggled it."NO! NOT BETWEEN MY TOES!""AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!" Her laughing became more desperate and she began to sob and cry almost slobbering all over herself. She was sweating profusely and writhering around to no avail. Her feet began to sweat which told me her nervous systam was in full gear. "OH PLEASE!' she sobbed."I'M SO TICKLISH ON MY FEET YOU KNOW IT NOW SO PLEASE STOP!" I continued to tickle frantically. "HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAH!" Laughter mixed with crying all she could do was beat her fists in the couch and wiggle. Jasnice closed her eyes tightly as the tears fell. "Oooooooooo!" she sobbed, "I'M LOSING MY MIND!"and simply started crying as if she was at a funeral. I kept up the intensity and it was then I noticed her breathing start to get heavy and in between gasps and cries she said almost breathlessly, "I THINK I'M GONNA CUM!" "YOU BASTARD......YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM IN MY PANTS!" I kept up the tickling intensity and went back to tickling between the toes."OH GOD!......OH GOD! NOOOOOOOOOO! AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!" and she shook violently and began to scream. I stopped the tickling and she lay there trembling and breathing in raggeed gasps. I sat back and watched. It was almost 20 minuted before she settled down and opened her eyes. It was then that I thought, "Well I hope the jail in this town is nice." She sat up and looked at me and said, "You f-ing bastard!" WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME???" I just looked at her and said, "I just love tickling." 'You were driving me out of my mind!" "I think you'd better go." I could only say "I'm sorry Jan" I began to leave and as I approached the door she said, "WAIT!" I slowly turned around to face a Woman who looked like she went through child birth. "That was horrible what you did to me." "Sorry" I mumbled pretty sure there would be no Police but figuring I'd be finding a new Barber. "God as terrible as it was.....I haven't had an orgasm like that in a looooong time!" "Come here!" She stood up and put her arms around me and our mouths met. "You're not going anywhere!" "There's room for 2 in the shower and in my bed so get your butt in the bathroom because after we get cleaned up it's MY TURN to tickle!" I was grinning from ear to ear! "You get the towels, I'll start the water"

Well.....we spent the rest of that hot afternoon making fantastic love, and boy did she get her revenge. Which is another story for another time. I will tell you this though, she had me in utter torment using everything from metal combs, to nail files, to those long sculptured nails of hers and driving me to the edge of insanity and back and forth and then some.

As for Janice? I continued to keep my Sunday hair appointments and when her daughter was with her ex which happend to always be when I got my hair cut, it was over to the house for switch tickling. Boy did we share a lot of laughter....and love. She relocated to Arkansas last year which broke my heart, but I stay in touch and I'm going to visit her in a few months. She works at a shop in the Little Rock area and still cuts hair in her barefeet. To this day she says she still hasn't had as great an orgasm as she did that hot August day when she was the TICKLISH BARBER!

Sorry for the length.


05-23-2001, 01:21 AM
Hey, MO, I just read your story for the first time. I don't know how it slipped by me; I usually check the stories every day, and always read the ones marked "true." Anyway...totally loved it. Awesome story. Loved the way you plotted and planned, and finally carried it out. And what a great ending, too; I know that feeling of "oh, fuck, I've gone too far this time." To have her call you back must have been incredible. So...thanks for posting, and keep the stories coming.


05-23-2001, 01:54 AM

I too managed to miss this post somehow and I am gald that glen brought it back to our attention. This is one great true tale of tickling. I love when the ticklee can't stand it!

I started a thread in the "Discussion Forum" named "Eyewitness accounts of tickling!" please feel free to add to that thread with any additional true tales you might have. I am trying to encourage more forum members to share their true tickling tales with the rest of us.

Great post!

05-24-2001, 12:29 AM
Thank you very much glen and MTJ for you kind comments. This was a very personal situation because I really ended up falling for this Lady. Her leaving Chicago had nothing to do with that experience. I was crushed when she left. After taht incident we had a wonderful relationship. When I think of those times I smile....then I'm sad but life goes on you know? Therev are other tickling experiences waiting for me out there. And so we go on.


Ayla ny
05-28-2001, 11:37 PM
tickling, friendship and fun w/ a touch of romance... and to top it off it's true. very nice story!


05-29-2001, 07:13 PM
Thank you Ayla. Yes.......lot's of romance.Sigh!